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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR First of all, happy new year to everyone! I want to thank everyone who read True music magazine Issue#1. We had an amazing feedback and support. However, we are never truly satisfied here and that’s why we said that Issue#2 will be even better! I personally think that this goal is achieved. Issue#2 is more fresh, more beautiful and it has bigger potential to reach more true music fans. I hope that you agree on this with me after you read Issue#2. After the first issue, I was approached by many promising bands and thankfully, I got in touch with The Original Rudeboys who gave me great and honest interview. The photography is improved as well thanks to David Doyle who brought incred2

ible pictures that are a huge part of the message of this magazine. We prepared three posters of The Script for this issue which are part of the competition of winning the printed version of Issue#2. I would recommend you to check it out, it’s very easy to join the competition and if you’re lucky, you will find Issue#2 in your mailbox very soon! Good luck! I will just say at the end that we care about every single person who likes what we’re doing and as The Original Rudeboys told us: “A middle finger to the negative people. Carry on doing what you love and let no one stand in your way.” Nicole Venglovicova


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the slow rea words: nicole venglovicova photos: earl starkie



hese guys are no newcomers in the music industry, their debut album released in May 2012 has had airplay on BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing, NME and many other radio stations. So how long it is exactly since the birth of The Slow readers club? “We have been together since 2008, although three of us were in a band called Omertà before that since about 2002.”


There are a lot of bands who have a name that it’s difficult to remember or it’s easy to get mess up This band is definitely different as well as their music. The Slow readers club is a name that I remembered very well after the first time because it’s so unsual. How and why this has been created in the first place? “As far as the name is concerned I always found the notion that kids are assessed at a young age and put into sets is a bit frightening. I remember going from Junior School to Senior School and being shown round all the class rooms. There was one room called ‘Special Needs’ I remember that scaring me, the thought that you might be put in there and that was it. The Slow Readers Club is a version of that, it is supposed to be a two fingers up to the notion that you can ever box people in like that. It also conjures up an image of a group of underestimated outsiders, which I like.” Through out their career, they had many highlights but the biggest one was in their words the release of their first album. I wondered when can we hear some

aders club new material and enjoy another dose of Manchester’s cup of tea? “We are hoping to have a new single/ EP out in April. We have been writing for the past few months and we are really excited about people hearing the new material.” Every song is very different but still has that “slow reader” identity in it. That is exactly what I personally like a lot. I think musicians should always experiment and not stick with their sound and use the same recipe over and over again. I can mention a song Feet on fire which is an upbeat song with the rhytm that makes me wanna move. Very good electronic music combined with a great voice of “singing slow reader” Aaron. Similar catchy tune is a song Sirens that has the power to be stuck in my head in few seconds. Interesting lyrics and great tune. But what about popular song Block out the Sun with the dark music video and lyrics? “That song was around for a good while with different lyrics, it was a love song of sorts. I was never happy with the

lyrics though and wanted something more in keeping with the feel of the music. The inspiration for the final lyrics came from lots of things, I was trying to write about loss, be it a break up of a relationship or a bereavement. I wanted to write about the period in life that I think everyone has when you just want to shut things out.” I don’t know many bands from Manchester that would suck at live shows and The Slow readers club is no exception. What do they love the most about live shows? “Hearing the response to a new tune for the first time :).” New year has come and the schedule is getting full sooner or later. How does it look for “slow readers”? “We hope to be back out with new material in April and will probably do a small tour.” Can’t wait! More info on The Slow readers club:


under the radar

evora The sentence “another talented band from Dublin” is a sentence that is repeated countless times but what else should I say? This band impressed me with beautiful sound, pure talent and raw emotions in their songs. These guys don’t care about cool style or spending the whole salary on clothes. They care about music.


lan Rickard, Ian McSweeney and the power of three brothers Joe Morton, James Morton and Johnny Morton are part of another promising band from Dublin called Evora. I was in a different world after watching their music video for Tell me your name. The combination of every single instrument together with the voice of lead singer Alan Rickard is phenomenal. Not forgetting the amazing voice of talented singer Shannon who featured on the song. But let me introduce to you and give you more about Evora. How and when did you all meet and form Evora? “Three of the band are brothers (Jim, Johnny and Joey Morton). Myself and Ian grew up on the same street as the lads so we’ve all known each other pretty much all our lives. We’ve all always been big into music and I guess


it just seemed perfectly natural for us to start playing music with each other, so that’s what we did.” Musicians get inspired by a lot of different things. What about you, can you get the inspiration from anything around you or do you need something special? “Inspiration can come from anywhere, from reading a book, watching a film, meeting someone new, losing someone old, anything really.” Do you write songs about your own experience? “Yeah, I think all the songs on the record except one were written from pretty personal experiences. Something will happen and it’s almost a gut reaction to write a song about it.”  Well done to your record Tell me your name. It’s a beautiful song and you did a great job but also your guest - very talented singer - Shannon is the reason why this song is so amazing. How did you get together with her? “A friend of ours, Eoin Macken, is an actor/film maker. He was in my house drinking tea one evening and I mentioned that I’d love there to be a duet on the record but that it was hard to find the right voice as a lot of female singers over sing in a very manufactured fake kind of way. Eoin told me about Shannon who he was shooting a video for the following day and played me a demo of hers. I was instantly blown away by how beautiful the tone of her voice was. So I got in touch with her, played

under the radar

her the song and asked if she would be interested, thankfully she agreed.” Evora is a band producing true and pure music because that is what they believe in. Their songs are full of different instruments and the

“I’d love there to be a duet on the record but it was hard to find the right voice as a lot of female singers over sing in a very manufactured fake kind of way.” harmony of that all is amazing. Their debut album is not out yet but when the time comes, it will be something we all need. True music. “I think Tell Me Your Name is a good taster of what’s to come on the record, although it is one of the softer songs. There was a real focus on melody and creating something that had an authentic sound for this record. Lots of piano, acoustic guitar and harmonies. As well as some stuff that has a bigger/rockier sound but still with a real focus on melody. We’re just putting the finishing touches on stuff now so hopefully the album will be out at some point before the end of February.” What was the best moment of your career so far? “We were lucky enough to have Vyvienne Long play cello on a few tracks on the album. As huge fans of the work she has done over the years and having seen her in concert so many times, it was an incredible treat to meet and work with her. She’s the sweetest woman and just incredibly incredibly talented.” I’m glad I got to know this band and their music. Very modest


but extremely talented musicians contacted me one day to present their music to me. I’ve been so busy that I hesitated to write review on them and publish it in this magazine. I think that sometimes we all forget to listen if we are in the middle of busy world. I’m just happy I realized my mistake and it was my pleasure to write about Evora.

I can say I strongly recommend to check out these guys and take time to listen to their music. They play different style from rock, pop, folk, alt country to indie but every song has something that is always same the truth.


under the radar

transition, baby It’s transition, baby! Four lads James Cotterill, Joe Dobes, Dan Arrowsmith and Andy Forshaw coming from the hometown of bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses, New Order and Hurts, only begin their journey but we can surely hear the potential already. These cheeky guys write songs that make you move and definitely give you a positive energy. The first song I heard from Tansition, baby was Manners are wasted on you which is an upbeat song with a great rhytm. I had smile on my face immediately and my legs wanted to move. After hearing another songs, I was convinced that these guys know how to work with the rhytm. Well done to the drummer Andy Forshaw who gave me the same feeling when I heard Glen Power’s skills for the first time. But I surely have to mention the good work with the guitars and very decent singing by James Cotterill. As a new band I asked them to introduce themselves to our readers who might never hear about them before. “Transition, Baby! are a straight-up no-nonsense rocking indie band, refreshingly catchy with a dynamic live sound.” So tell us what’s the whole story behind forming a band and when did you form it?


“The band was already three-quarters in existence before we settled as ‘Transition, Baby!’. James Cotterill, Andy Forshaw and Dan Arrowsmith had been jamming together in college doing the odd gig here and there. Things didn’t get serious until Joe Dobie was invited to join the band in 2009, who James and Andy knew from school. From then on we’ve hit the ground running in terms of playing top quality venues all over Manchester and further afield (IndigO2, London/ The Cavern, Liverpool). We’ve continually worked hard over the years and we are seeing this improvement manifest itself in our songwriting and live gigs.”

under the radar The question about a job is a question I ask very often. Everyone knows in what kind of situation we are right now and it’s no surprise that members of the bands have crappy jobs and they do whatever to be able to pay the pills, as they wait until music starts growing into their daily job. However looking at Transition, baby I already predicted that these guys are pretty young and they are probably still studying. I think I was pretty wrong about guessing their age but anyway, I was right about their stud-

“The game plan for 2013 is raising our profile and making those next steps towards greater recognition and hopefully a record deal” ies. “We’re a four-piece band; three of us are currently doing degrees studying English Lit, Philosophy and mental health nursing. The drummer has a job in Blackburn where he is the meanest forklift driver in the NorthWest and dallies about in his own warehouse. Hopefully when the rest of us finish our degrees we could look in to getting forklifts of our own.” Funny guys with positive mood, exactly as their songs. This year only started but I’m sure you have already made some plans. Hopefully your debut EP will come out or not? “In 2013 we have our sights set on releasing our debut EP to the masses, which is ready to go. We’re waiting on some final artwork and in the process of pressing a limited number of copies. Next on the agenda is recording our follow up EP, which we are very excited about and organising a tour of the UK over summer. Expect to see us performing in and around Manchester and on some festival circuits, which we will soon be confirming. In general, the game plan for 2013 is raising our profile


and making those next steps towards greater recognition and hopefully a record deal.” Well, good luck with that! We can only spread the word about your mu-

sic and get you more fans if we can and hopefully the rest will happen soon. Keep working hard as a new band and don’t stop doing what you’re doing.


“Live your life just how you w


ORIGINAL RUDEBOYS Three lads from Dublin singing, rapping and simply making proper music. No I’m not talking about The Script, even though these guys are attacking them on the music scene. Another music bomb from the Irish capitol is rising for the stars. Three good looking guys who are extremely talented and not only that! These guys never give up and if someone tell them they can’t, they will do it! Inspiration to the others, not only with the lyrics but with their story too. Keep reading and find out what the guys told us. words: nicole venglovicova & cheryl wyngaard photos: david doyle


want it�





riginal is definitely the right the word for this up and coming band. The trio of good-looking Irish boys have successfully managed to combine hip-hop, indie rock and a ukulele… yes you read that correctly, a UKULELE!! With this bold move they’ve created a sound that is distinctly unique and amazingly good. The band, who cheekily named themselves based on the words on a tshirt, consists of three members, Robert Burch (on guitar and vocals), Sean “Neddy” Arkins (Rap vocals) and Sean “Walshy” Walsh (Ukulele). These North Inner City lads might have forged their friendship at a very young age but it would be years later before The Original Rudeboys was born. Their songs have gained incredible success in a very short time and everyone loves them because they are full of truth. The message that these guys are trying to transmit to us through their songs is that you can do anything if you really want it. You can live your dreams and never ever let the others bring you down. Looking back, their coming together was somewhat of a fortunate accident. Having written and performed their music individually for years, it would be at an impromptu jamming session together where the magic happened. “Before The Original Rudeboys none of us where in bands. Rob played guitar and done the odd pub gig here and there playing covers while myself (Ned) was writing songs and playing guitar as a hobby. Walshy had only picked up his instrument the ukulele about two and a half years ago, so from a band point of view and live shows we are still very new to it all.” Their musical chemistry was undeniable and this was proven when their video Stars In My Eyes went viral on Youtube. The overnight fame doesn’t come as a surprise though as there is something instantly likeable about The Original Rudeboys. Somehow you know that the band is destined for great things when they are able to completely captivate you with one of their acoustic songs. In a world where it seems that musicians focus less on the music and more on the bells and whistles and expensive music videos, it is rare that you come across a band with no pretences in their music. Instead, what you get are honest lyrics addressing hard topics like domestic violence, suicide, discrimination coupled with lighter songs speaking of dreams, hopes and perseverance. “We never set out to be good enough, We just made music that helped us express how we felt about a certain topic or event that had happened. These songs where purely created out of expression and not in hopes that people would like them. It never even occurred to us to put our stuff out there to the public through Youtube, Facebook and live shows. It was a close friend of ours who suggested we do, so we went along with it having no idea what the outcome would be. “ The recognition gained from their Youtube video had catapulted the band into the limelight gaining them numerous interviews and appearances on national radio

stations and television shows. Invitations to events came pouring in and The Rudeboys found themselves playing festivals like the Strawberry fest and Oxegen and very soon after, headlining their own show at Dublin’s Academy 2. But before we continue with telling the story of a band that is becoming more successful every day, we’ve been curious how their lives looked before the entered music industry. “Rob was an apprentice electrician who was let go due to the recession and ended up working in a super market to pay the bills, while Walshy worked a temporary office job deciding what to do with himself and I had just finished my second year in college studying something I wasn’t hugely interested in. So the band taking of was a huge welcome to us all.”

“The critic harsh s trie d to put u s dow n at eve ry oppo rtuni ty.” The 2012 year brought about many good things for The Original Rudeboys. In March they released their first album This Life, which debuted at No.1 on The Irish iTunes charts as well as the Independent charts and No.3 on the Irish Albums Chart. The album includes their hit single Stars In My Eyes which had reached No.2 on the Irish iTunes charts the year before. The popular single speaks of overcoming hardships and achieving one’s dreams in spite of the negativity and ridicule of others. This theme is carried on in one of my personal favourite tracks on the album Live Your Life as it is equally as inspiring and uplifting as Stars In My Eyes and reminds you that you should always remain true to yourself and never give up. But the songs that support that idea are the biggest production of the trio. Maybe it’s hard to say but we want to know which song reflects the hardest time of your lives? Which one is the closest to your heart and why? “Thats a tough one. I think we all agree that Live Your Life is the album track we all relate to a lot. We all have our own personal tracks but as a band it has got to be Live Your Life. It’s basically a song about what we went through when we first emerged as a new band from Ireland with a sound different from anything else out there. While



we have thousands of amazing supporters and millions of views on Youtube, in the beginning there was still the harsh critics who tried to put us down at every opportunity. Live Your Life is basically a song encouraging people to dream big and overlook the negativity. A middle finger to the negative people. Carry on doing what you love and let no one stand in your way.” Along with Travelling Man their laid back tunes have a way of growing on you and it’s easy to see why they’ve won the hearts of listeners over. But these fearless lads are also not afraid to sing songs that touch you on a whole new level. You know, the type of songs that reaches down into your core and exposes the broad spectrum of feelings that one goes through when dealing with tough issues like suicide and domestic violence. In Sunny Days they pay homage to a friend tragically lost to suicide in 2009. The track shines a light on a topic that is rife in communities all around the world today namely the loss of loved ones to suicide. Their Blue Eyes track talks about violence against women. It’s an area that The Original Rudeboys feel very strongly about and it was this conviction that led the band to decline an offer from Chris Brown to open for the RnB star at his Dublin show last year. The lads stated that they were “against the singer’s assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna and did not want to send out the wrong message to their fans”.

“Sometim es I’ll pen 3/ 4 songs in a n hour, othe r times it w ill take days or weeks“ Now some might believe that it was a mistake turning down what might have been an opportunity of a lifetime but I believe that most will find it admirable for a young band to show the courage and confidence to stand by their morals and to not cave in to the pressure. The Original Rudeboys have a huge fanbase but many haters as well. I believe that the more successful you are, the more people hate you. Nobody should take seriously lazy people who do nothing expect looking at their computer screens writing negative crap and spreading hate

which is only the proof of their jealousy. Rob, Neddy and Walshy keep their schedule busy but that doesn’t keep them away from their inspiration and song-writing. “The first album consisted of some new songs written from scratch like Stars In My Eyes and Live Your Life, but other songs I (Ned) had wrote previous to being in the band and presented to the lads and we would work on them switch them up and change them around to make what you hear on This Life. Now we write when ever inspiration comes. Some times I’ll pen 3/4 songs in an hour, other times it will take days or weeks to come up with just one line. But we have been lucky to get a bulk of new material down and know it’s just a case of perfecting it and recording it.” With an amazing 2012 year behind them, these ridiculously talented lads look as if they have no intentions of stepping on the brakes any time soon and have already announced that they will be supporting the 2013 Brit Awards Nominee, The Script during their tour in Europe this year. “We were over the moon about it. On a personal level we are all big fans of the lads and the music they make so to be asked to support them on their European Tour was incredible! We previously supported them in Cork and Dublin when they played small promo gigs for their new album and after each show they invited us back to the bar for a pint and a chat. It was crazy at first having pints with musicians you look up to so much but after 10 minutes it’s just like a group of mates hanging out and getting advice.” It is clear that these Dubliners have set their sights high and are reaching for the stars and at the pace they are going they will reach it in no time. So if you’re in the mood for soulful sounds mixed with hard-hitting rapping, then give The Original Rudeboys a listen and I promise you, their thought-provoking lyrics will linger with you long after the music has stopped playing. Having a great record is one thing but live shows are crucial for this kind of band. Nobody would like them if they were crap on the stage. No true music fan goes to a concert to see “singers” opening their mouth and dancing some “cool” routines for... well whatever reason. The Original Rudeboys’ live shows are incredible. If you go to their Facebook page and see that so many people post to their wall thanking them for the live show and writing about this amazing experience. Their songs are emotional even if you listen to them at home and when you hear it live, it’s very deep. People cry, people live and feel. But in the end everyone enjoys themselves and if there is a person who regrets going to their live show, please contact the editor of this magazine :) As we all know, you can get used to something but if it’s singing in front of thousands of people, you get nervous. Well as long as you’re not Noel Gallagher. How about The Original Rudeboys? “Yes! At the beginning it was the bad sort of nerves like stage fright or what will the crowd think sort of nerves but as the shows went on it became the good healthy kind of nerves. At this stage we are confident with our stage presence and enjoy going out and performing to people. Just before we are about to go on theres still those butterflies

15 15


in your stomach but now they feel good!” What was the most bizarre/funny thing that ever happened to you on/off stage? “We’ve had some crazy stuff happen backstage. Some of it we wouldn’t dare repeat haha. But there was one time we tweeted about randomly enjoying a cup of tea and then done a show where a girl had brought a box of tea bags and left them on the stage for us. The same thing has happened with cakes and beers also! And then there’s the college gigs! Our song Stars In My Eyes is an upbeat easy listening song but at one show the crowd loved it so much they started moshing to it! So of course we jumped down and joined in. This was a first for us as a band and probably one of our best shows to date!”

“Perfo r ming the more deeper songs can be tough but we love doing i t“ The last questions from us is about music. Who is your biggest musical hero and why? “Again we’ve all got our own Heroes in music. I think as a band thats why our sound is so unusual. We all take from our inspirations who are totally different from each others, but collectively we do agree on some artist/bands and one of them would have to be The Beatles. Rob would be a huge McCartney fan while Ned would be a huge Lennon fan. And then theres the legends of course like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, Rory Gallagher that we all enjoy.”

QUESTIONS FROM THE FANS KAREN STOREY @KAYY_85 What do you love about touring? “We suppose just travelling around meeting people who enjoy our music and getting to play music for them in some lovely venues is the best thing. But also just hanging out in the tour bus or van and just having a laugh with each other is great as it can get very boring on the long trips!” ALICE MAY @MAYBEALI_ If you had to pick one, what has been the greatest moment in your career to date? “We’ve been so lucky to have so many highlights in such a short time that makes this question a tough one but ultimately it would have to be first putting out our songs and getting such great feedback and strong support and then releasing an actual album and it being a success was huge for us! And then of course there’s the countless gigs we’ve had the pleasure of playing and meeting some amazing people from musicians to fans.” ALICE MAY @MAYBEALI_ Is there any song that can be difficult for you to perform live? For instance hearing In too deep live broke my heart. “Yeah we’ve all got our own tracks from the album that are personal to us and bring up memories on stage. Some of these tracks even tough we loved them as songs we had thought about not releasing as it would involve performing them and constantly bringing up memories that are sad or about loss. But when the album did go out we got thousands of messages and mails from random fans telling us how certain songs had such an impact on them and this made us smile. So performing the more deeper songs can be tough but we love doing it as we know these are the songs the fans want to hear and relate to.”

Click here to buy the debut album of The Original Rudeboys This life, including tracks Travelling man, Stars in my eyes, Blue eyes and Live your life.



keywest words: cheryl wyngaard photos: david doyle


As with most Irish bands it seems, Keywest started out by friends playing music together in their backyard. In the case of Keywest the two friends, Andrew Kavanagh (lead vocals) and Andrew Glover (guitar, keys and vocals), started out as youngsters and were later joined by Sam Marder (Bass), Harry Sullivan (Drums) and James Lock (Lead guitar and vocals) who hailed from London and thus completing the Keywest band we know today.


uring the early stages, the bands talent got them noticed by Sphere Studios in London but they believed there could be a market for their brand of music in America and set off to Los Angeles to pursue that dream. It was there that the R’n’B bug had bitten the lads and upon their return the then trio, Andrew, Glover and Luke

Thomas set about writing. This paid off as it wasn’t too long after that they had caught the attention of prominent producer Mark Needham. Having worked on projects with The Killers, Katy Perry and the like, this world famous producer was able to recognise talent immediately.

a means to an end but for Keywest it was a life lesson and played a big part in their growth together as a band.

But as with many great stories these days success does not come without its hardships. After a successful release of their debut single Miss You Most the band found themselves struggling to form a line up and things slowed down considerably during 2009. However the year did not end off on a bad note as the band was finally able to add Sam Marder to their line up and through Sam; James Lock was brought on board as well. And with the addition of Eamonn Hegarty on drums, the lads set out to finish the debut album The Message.

they’d grown in leaps and bounds from their busking days. It also afforded them the opportunity to work with artists who they’ve long admired. One of these artists was Aaron Kamin from The Calling with whom they had co-written the song Feel So Cruel. If truth be told it’s easy to see why Mark Needham was so taken by these lads. With Andy’s powerful lead vocals and their amazing music compilations their music will make you want to stop whatever you are doing, turn the music up and listen to the rest of the song.

The tale of hardships does not end there as the band needed to find a way to fund their trip to L.A. in order to finish their album. There were hard decisions to be made, work and miss out on valuable rehearsal time or practice and miss and out on an opportunity to finish their album. But as true artists these lads stuck to their craft and started busking in the street of Gatway to raise funds. For some the busking might just have been

Feel So Cruel has a familiar indie rock sound similar to artists like Daughtry and The Calling. The song speaks of love and heartbreak and will no doubt have you singing along to its catchy lyrics. On This Train is an acoustic song that brings back your appreciation for real music. It was co-written by world renowned producer Charlie Midnight, who had worked with artists such as Billy Joel and James Brown. And with brilliant collaborators such

Arriving in Los Angeles they immediately started work on their album. And working alongside with Mark Needham really showed how


as Charlie Midnight it is no wonder that you find yourself wanting to just close your eyes and to simply take in this beautiful assault on your senses. The rest of their album, The Message delivers equally great songs like Straight Through My Heart and Road to Damnation. And with massive tracks Messages From God and Stuck on Replay I have a feeling that this band will never need to busk on the streets of Ireland again. With their perseverance and dedication to their art coupled with musical prodigies and talented writers they have the makings of a great band that is bound to deliver even greater music.


Click here to buy the debut album of Keywest The Message, including tracks Straight through my heart, Stuck on reply and Feel so cruel

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something I wanted to take further and turn from just a hobby into my fulltime job.”

The coolest job ever? interview with music photographer David Doyle words: nicole venglovicova

Only 21 years old David is another proof that hard work and passion for something really pay off. This young Dubliner lives his dream and he has only just begun!


am so glad that I got in touch with David because his pictures are exactly what I was looking for to express this magazine in the right way. David’s portfolio is truly amazing. He has not only shot so many different musicians (with his camera of course) but his photos are in my opinion absolutely true and high quality in every way. He’s very professional and he replies emails almost immediately! I’m not kidding! Sometimes I think he’s at three different places at the same time. I interviewed this young man who was by circumstance born exactly one day after, and I tried to find out how he enjoys this cool job. Well, going to concerts with a backstage pass, meaning no standing half a day in a qeue is pretty cool, isn’t it? So David, when did you start thinking about becoming a photographer? “I took up photography as a hobby while I was still in college studying business. It is something I have always had a big interest in and I knew it was


What did you do before you became a photographer? “I was in college studying business. Photography is my career now; I have had an amazing two years in the business working for many great artists, labels and magazines I am also very lucky to say I am working for Towers Records as shop photographer for all the album signings and instore concerts. I am very grateful for all the help and advice I received and I can’t wait to release further details on when my first photography book will be released.” I wonder how does the typical day of a music photographer look like? Could you describe yours? “My typical day would be working on new ideas for upcoming photoshoots. I am working on a new project that will see me do a series of photoshoots based on the work of Derren Brown, Dynamo and Houdini, I am sure for people reading this will be wondering what the hell I am doing. The reasons why I picked magic/illusions as a project is because as people know I work with a magician/escape artist from Limerick called Steve Spade and magic always leaves people wondering what will happen next and for me that would be my plan behind this project is to leave people guessing what

“I joined Keywest on stage to take a shot of the band and the crowd and that feeling will stay with me for a long time.”

live review

David with Ryan Sheridan

will happen next and asking themselves how did they do that.” What are your favourite bands/artists? “Some of my favourite bands/artists would be The Script, Keywest, The Original Rudeboys, Ryan Sheridan, The Coronas, Bipolar Empire, Riptide Movement, Royseven, Ed Sheeran, Bowling for Soup, Labrinth, Lawson my list goes on haha.” How did you get from shooting small bands to getting in touch with bands like Keywest, or artists like Ryan Sheridan? “To be honest I really have worked my butt off and always done my job to the best of my ability. I first shot Keywest and Ryan Sheridan in Tower Records for album launch gigs. I work for Tower Records as store photographer. I talked to the artists on the day and sent shots to them, I kept in touch their management with my portfolio and now things have worked out for the best. I went on tour with Keywest and worked as Ryan Sheridan’s Photographer for 4 Arthur Day gigs and a show in Mullingar.” You’re a hard worker and

you’re always busy. What are your goals and plans for 2013? “I have few things planned for this year I am currently working on my first photography book I will also release a series of calendars for 2014. One thing I can announce is I will be going on tour with Limerick magician/ escape artist Steve Spade when he tours his new show “Voodoo” later this year. I will also be doing a couple of exhibitions around Ireland.” Nowdays, many people who buy a good camera call themselves photographers but they spend more time behind the laptop editing their shots than actually taking them. But I think that the magic of a true photographer is his talent and raw atmosphere in the picture that he can catch. What do you think? “I want my shots to look as natural as possible, the only changes I would make would be changing certain shots from colour to B&W.” You’ve been to so many concerts, but try to tell us what was best one that you’ve ever been to and why? “Very tough question when I think best concerts I have shot,

four string to mind but one stands out the most for me, Keywest at the Marquee in Cork. I was on tour with Keywest and first two dates was opening for Olly Murs at the Marquee, the crowd was crazy and I joined Keywest on stage to take a shot of the band and the crowd and that feeling will stay with me for a long time.” Where do you look for inspiration? What inspires you the most? “Some of my inspirations are David Lloyd who is a Wildlife photographer, this may sound crazy but another person who is an inspiration is magician Dynamo.” What was the most bizarre moment in your career so far? “I think the most bizarre moment was when I shot the Childline concert in the O2 Arena in Dublin I posted the full set of shots up the day after the concert and it was great to see the shots shared everywhere but then out of the blue I was seen some of my shots of The Script shared in France, England and American then 24hours later the shots went global hitting shares and tweets in Brazil China, Indonesia it was crazy. But I hope it’s grand to say one


David in action

David’s shot of Keywest and Olly Murs

more bizarre moments, for years I listened to Bowling for Soup and I got the opportunity to shoot them at The Academy in Dublin they tweeted my shots now as a fan for the last 10+years this was a dream come through.” You’ve gained a lot of experience already, what advice would you give to wannabe photographers?


“My advice would be never give up if you have goals then don’t give up on them, never be afraid of asking for advice. I am more than happy to give advice to upcoming photographers. I have done bit of teaching in Dublin and Belfast and it’s always great to give advice. I know if it wasn’t for the advice I got when I was upcoming photographer I am not sure where I would be

today. As Dynamo says “Nothing is impossible”.” Thank you David for an interview. It was my pleasure to work with you and I’m sure that the collaboration between you and True music magazine will continue. I can recommend you to everyone who is looking for a responsible and hard working photographer with lots of talent.

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true legend

Currently, there aren’t many artists can say they have a successful musical career like Bryan Adams. Born in November 5th, 1959 in Ontario (Canada), Bryan travelled the world at a young age because his father was a diplomat. He lived in the Middle East, in Vienna and even in Portugal.


fter his parents divorced, Bryan returned with his mother to Ontário.Bryan’s interest in music came at an early age and, between 14 and 18 years old he worked to gather money so he could buy his first guitar. On his spare times, he would practice with his band on his mom’s rented garage. At this time, his band was looking for a lead singer but, since one never appeared, Bryan took the spot. In 1976, the band Sweeney Todd released a Single called If wishes were horses and Bryan was the lead singer, with just 15 years old. One Year Later, Bryan met James “Jim” Vallance and this partnership still lasts until today. In collaboration with Vallance, Bryan would produce some of the most important albums of his carrer. Their first work together was his self-titled album, which was released in 1980. This album was certified gold 1986. By 1981 Adam’s second album You Want It You Got It - was released, Bryan was also writing of other artists, like Kiss or Bonnie Rait.


US. With the amazing success of Reckless, the good music kept on flowing and, in 1991 came Waking Up the Neighbours. For this endeavor, Brian got together with Jim Vallance. On this album was the most recognizable song from Brian Adams and also the soundtrack for Robin Hood (which featured Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman) – Everything I Do (I Do It For You). Written by Brian, Michael Kamen and Robert Lange. This song won the Grammy for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or For Television and was nominated for an Oscar in 1992. The song was so massive around the world, that it reached the top position in Australia, the US and in Europe, staying a staggering 16 weeks on the top position of the UK singles charts.

Although his first works were well accepted, it was only in 1983, with Cuts Like a Knife, that Bryan cracked the Billboard Charts in the US. But the success of this album was very soft, compared to the acclaimed Reckless, from 1984. Songs like Summer of 69, Run To You or Heaven are considered classics till today. Produced by Adams and Bob Clearmountain, it reached the number 1 spot of the Billboard and the song It’s Only love (duet with Tina Turner) Won the MTV Award for Best Stage Performance.

One of the strengths in Bryan’s career are his live performances. As the good performer that he is, he loves to engage the audience, making them sing along, dance and sometimes cry. So, in 1997, he released another live CD, in this case an MTV Unplugged where he stripped down some his biggest hits to the bare essentials with this acoustic performance. We could be here talking endlessly about Bryan’s music but, aside that, he is also a recognized photographer. Among his many photography works, he has made campaigns for Guess, Escada, British and German Vogue, Esquire or MontBlanc, among others. In 2006 and 2012 he won a Lead Award for his photography work. He also photographed other artists like Mikey O’Rourke, Lana Del Rey, Take That, Amy Winehouse, Sting, The Who or Ray Charles, just to mention a few.

Important to say that Reckless was certified Diamond Record in Canada for selling over 1 Million copies in the country. It was also certified 5 times Platinum in the

Another feature about Bryan Adams that many may not know, but he is a humanitarian – I have no other expression for his philanthropic work across the years.

Besides the Bryan Adams Foundation (aims to provide education and advanced learning to children and young people), he’s been a part of several worldwide projects like Farm Aid and Live Aid or Amnesty International. Let’s not forget his amazing performance during the celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 and, more recently, he was a part of the Benefit Concert in Toronto, which all the profits went to the Victims of the Asian Earthquake – this was 2005. To increase their donations for this cause, there was also an auction in Quatar of a White Fender Guitar. But this wasn’t just a normal guitar because it was signed by some of the world’s greatest guitarists - ����������������������� Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Brian May, Liam and Noel Gallagher, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Ray Davies, David Gilmour, Tony Lommi, Mark Knopfler, Angus and Malcolm Young, Paul McCartney and Sting. It became the most expensive guitar in History– 2.8 million Dollars. All the money was donated to the project “Quatar Reach Out Asia”; it also helped to rebuild a school in Thailand and a Sports Center in Sri Lanka. With all of these achievements we can only say that Brian Adams deserves all of his awards, that go from Juno’s (18), to Grammys (1), MTV Awards (1) and AMA’S (1). Therefore, his mention on the Canada Wall of Fame and his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are very much deserved. Finishing like I started, not many artists have a career that spams over 5 decades (if we count his first single with Sweeney Todd in 1976) and can say they are successful throughout. We should acknowledge that Bryan putted Canada on the map of music industry and open the door for many artists form his country and influenced several generations. He took his music and converted into inspiration, trough photography. Uniting these two arts, he keeps helping the ones who in most need around the world.

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True Music magazine Issue#2  
True Music magazine Issue#2  

Second issue of True Music magazine featuring The Original Rudeboys and many other true musicians.