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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR An idea of creating this magazine came to me because I was too tired to see magazines and internet full of people who call themselves musicians and artists even though they care more about what they wear and how they look other than how they sing and what they sing. This magazine supports music with soul, music with the lyrics that have meaning. An artist is a person that writes his own music because he/she wouldn’t feel satisfied by singing somebody else’s songs. True artists are born not “made” or “created” by some commercial TV. Artists know exactly what they want to do and they won’t stop until it becomes true. I’ve been honored to get in touch with so many talented bands and it 2

really overwhelms me. Big thanks to Kodaline for giving us an interview even though they were extremely busy. I just can’t wait until their debut album comes out next year. They not only stole my heart with their music but they also represent everything I’m trying to do in my life. As they said: “Do what you love doing and put your heart and soul in it because you only live once, don’t you?” I thank everyone who helped me with Issue#1 and I can’t wait to bring you another issue very soon. Nicole Venglovicova


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The Chase Written in Kings The Sherlocks Crystal Seagulls


The Script takes on America






hat is True Music? That is the milion dollar question. I believe that music means different things to different people. For some, it’s just the mixture of white noise and sounds to drown out the silence whereas for others it’s what speaks to their very souls. To me Real Music should induce some form of reaction from you whether it is to sing, dance, laugh or cry or even if it’s just to turn the music off. It is the type of music that reverberates through your whole body and evokes the feelings that you bury deep inside. It’s the music that has the power to transport you to a time and place that is filled with memories and nostalgia. In years before, music was an evolution constantly pushing the boundaries of society. Musicians were daring and bold in their



craft and nothing and no one could stand in the path of great music. It was that philosophy that helped give birth to some of the most timeless songs in history. Classics like Hey Jude by The Beatles, I’ll be there by The Jackson 5, What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong are just some of the brilliant songs that have weathered the test of time and that are still inspiring ordinary people and musicians all over the world today. Gone are the days where musicians used their music as a form of expression and as an elixir to heal raw emotions. The mark of a true musician was always their ability to reach you either with their lyrics, their musical skills or with the sweet melodic tone of their voices...either way they managed to touch you. Today it seems however that pour-

in is bo w dr an tr qu in fa st Ar ju w w th it







by c


ng l wy

ng your heart and soul onto a sheet of music a thing of the past and almost slightly taoo. You’ll find that up and coming musicians want to fast-track their careers and are easily rawn into the stereotypical notion that looks nd image sells records. This is mainly atributable to record labels moving away from uality music to churning out mindless noise n order to fill their coffers. But amidst all this ake and soulless music you still find those truggling artists who refuse to conform. rtists like Adele, Coldplay and The Script are ust a few of those who still believe in writing what they feel and we as listeners, we feel what they write. It’s these artists that give us he hope that True Music is still alive and that will somehow prevail.



hogan Another talented band from Ireland! What a surprise? No, no, no! This time we’re talking about Mark Hogan (vocals, guitar), Wayne Brereton (guitar), Johnny Westman (bass) and Ronan Nolan (drums & mayhem) who formed indie pop/rock band called Hogan, 5 years ago in Dublin.


xcept writing songs that are stuck in our heads, they are excellent performers. Where does this confidence on stage come from? “We have been together almost 5 years now, practicing hard and writing all the time. We love to play gigs, this is where Hogan is right at


words: Nicole Venglovicova

home on the stage.” But you always seem very relaxed. Don’t you get nervous sometimes? “Well as with every gig, we all get nervous but we also get really excited as well because we just love to play live, and we feel that we put on a pretty good show when we get up on stage as we use all the nervous energy to let loose. We like to get everyone involved in the show because we like to give anyone that comes to see us a show they will remember.” The song that made Hogan known to broader audience is definitely No, no, no. If you wonder why, then have a listen. But let’s go back in a history first. I was curious about the decision to call the band Hogan. “The name HOGAN actually is taken from Mark’s surname, before the band actually became the name Hogan, Mark was a solo singer/ songwriter who had released a

radio single Here I go again, and put the band together for the live shows, but as the music evolved, it became evident that this was not your typical singer/songwriter stuff, so because of this we decided to go with the name HOGAN.” Hogan say “No, no, no” but we say “Yes, yes, yes”! I believe they are not just one-trick pony and they will bring us more great songs in the future. They’re talented, they work hard and they write songs with their heart and soul. They have a huge gift to write songs that people can relate to and like almost immediately. What’s the story behind this? “Wow well every song Hogan (Mark) has written have all been drawn from personal experiences of both himself and all band members, but probably the song that collectively means the most to the band is Five years on from our debut album BOOM!. The song is

about everything that band has done on their own for the last 5 years and a thank you to everyone that has helped us along the way.” I can’t wait for the new material! What’s the plan? “Well after our sold out show of the Academy 2 in Dublin in October, we are back into the rehearsal room to start writing the follow up to our first album BOOM!, which we have planned to start recording in Berlin in mid-January 2013, but hopefully we will be playing a few small shows over the Christmas period in Dublin and around Ireland. We would say to everyone just to keep an eye on the website www.hoganband.com (which has all our media links) for gig announcements.” I wish you a good luck and a lot of success in 2013! 7

CONNECT WITH HOGAN www.hoganband.com

photo: Mark O’Connor



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under the radar by Nicole Venglovicova


under the radar

the chase There’s no need to say or read where these guys come from, just listen to one of their songs and you will know immediately that this is a proper English rock band. Michael Turvey (guitar, vocals), Harry Street (rhythm guitar), Luke Jerome (bass), Ralph Humby (drums) and Ben Riley (saxophone, backing vocals, keyboards) formed in 2010 and they’re already working on their third album!


ou never know what to expect when you listen to an unsigned band you’ve never heard of before. In this case, I was really impressed because their songs are not just well sung but also very well played. The rhythm, guitar solos, melody; everything works just great. They know what they’re doing and they do it well! I had a little chat with the front man Michael and I asked him who writes the songs and what’s the inspiration behind them. “I write all the songs myself. I’ll demo the tracks and then everyone brings their own style to each song. Mostly our songs reflect things that go on around us; if not our direct experiences, then certainly our observations. Tracks


like Home & Tea from the last album are about everyday life that a lot of people can relate to.” I’ve been also curious if the name of the band means something like if they chase their dreams. The answer I got convinced me that I’m dealing with a guy that’s a fun to hang out with, without a shadow of a doubt! “The name The Chase came from, as all good band names should, a road sign! I moved into a new house around the time we were looking for a name and the site my house was built on was called The Chase. It seemed to fit. There are a few different meanings that can be read into the name, which we like. I’ve still got the sign as well!”

under the radar For people who like Oasis, Kings of Leon, The Who; this band is a win. They not only prefer similar cup of tea but they also have their own identity and style. So what they think about covering somebody else’s songs in order to get the attention from public?

“We’re more concerned with making our own music better. I don’t think we would ever release a cover as a single.” “I can see why people do it. It’s a lot easier to get people interested in a song they’ve heard before. We’re more concerned with making our own music better. I don’t think we would ever release a cover as a single or on an album but we have played some covers live. Bands like The Small Faces, The Who and The Jam. We might giveaway a live version of one of these tracks eventually.” I will watch this band very closely and as they told me, their fans have a lot to look forward to! “The 3rd album is earmarked for release around summer 2013. It’s still in the early stages but already sounding massive. We want to take our time over this set of songs and make sure we finish up with the best album possible. It will definitely be worth the wait!”

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE CHASE www.thechase-online.co.uk

BUY THEIR ALBUM “SINGLE & ARROWS” ON iTUNES, CLICK HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/slings-arrows/ id487340544


under the radar

written in kings John Nicholas, Sam Taylor, Nick Taylor, Jonny Dykes, Alexander Hart, Nathan Beaton have been together for only 6 months and they’ve already recorded some great songs. When I searched for new interesting bands, I stumbled upon this band from South Wales and I was sure that there’s definitely some potential.


ot a shadow of a doubt that the chemistry is right there. What surprised me the most is the fact that they don’t have one good singer in the band! They have two and they’re both great! Even though they’re a six-piece band, they don’t have problems with making it work, as they told me. “Juggling the band, work, universities, girlfriends, bachelorhood, fiancés, wives and babies is pretty tough. We’re all around the same age but at such different stages in life. Luckily we’re all so passionate about our music and have a real ambition to make something of it so we put in a lot of hard work and hours. We’re gigging and recording a lot right now so as long as we have a rehearsal once a week we’re usually set!” I strongly recommend you to watch their videos or go to their live shows if you want to hear some proper music and being filled with a lot of positive energy. That’s what


I love about Written in Kings. They have so much joy from performing that it’s a pleasure for everyone else to watch them play. Let’s find out more about them. How and when this story begun? “As a full band we have been together for five months. Before that John and Sam, our two front men, were a successful duo playing local gigs. We all know each other through various means but I guess they all stem from growing up in Church and getting to know each other based on various social groups, surfing, music etc.” I wondered how the song-writing work because everyone seems to be very connected with each song. “John and Sam are the brains behind all of the song writing. It blows our mind when Sam turns up at a practice with a new song and then we get to watch him and John bounce off each other with ideas while the rest of us jam and slot in to the song. Once the song is written and we get good feedback at our gigs we then head to the studio where Jonny works his magic producing for us.” Written in Kings have very interesting music video for their song You’re wanted. The video is the proof that less is more. No need for filming at many different places or using cool editing; that would actually ruin the whole atmosphere of the song. Very good job on the video but as I know how boring can be filming, I asked them if they liked it or not. “Filming was fun. It was a typical Welsh summers and

under the radar freezing cold but we really enjoyed it. I guess it helped working with Key Motion as those guys are so good at what they do! We’re so used to playing that the song that it was done in one take and then we enjoyed jamming to it for an hour or so whilst they took their artistic shots for the film.” Do you plan on making another one? Will it be in a completely different style or will stick with the old style? “As you can see from the video the

“Luckily we’re all so passionate about our music and have a real ambition to make something of it.” guys did such a great job and the quality is outstanding, so we’ve agreed to shoot another video with them. This time, rather than it be an acoustic video, we’re going to shoot a music video for our song Fun.” I can’t wait to see and hear new material from these nice and talented lads. Written in Kings will be very soon a band known to more and more people because they have a gift to make people like them and their music immidiately. Even if you never heard of them, you will give them a huge apploause at the end of their performance. I guarantee you that.


BUY THEIR EP “WE ARE ONE” ON iTUNES, CLICK HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/we-are-one-ep/ id586751896


under the radar

the sherlocks Oasis split up probably forever but England still gives a birth to new bands that might follow the success of brothers Gallagher. I think The Sherlocks might be one of them. Two sets of brothers; Kiaran Crook (rhythm guitar), Josh Davidson (lead guitar), Andy Davidson (bass guitar), Brandon Crook (drums) formed a band in 2010 in a small village in England.


fter 2 years, their schedule is constantly full and their first music video for their song Meantime reached 24 000 views on Youtube in four weeks. What are they saying to this? “To be honest we expected a lot of views as people have been waiting a long time for our first music video and people are loving it, but to hit that many views is incredible. But our fans have been sharing it a lot on Facebook and Twitter. Also a big thanks to people such as Tom Clarke (The Enemy) who appreciates unsigned bands trying to make it big, he takes the time to retweet artists/ bands such as ourselves to a wider audience. He has over 17k followers, I feel that will have had a good contribution to the amount of views it has had. The majority will be from our genuine fans and people sharing us from Youtube.” A lot of new bands cover popular songs in order to get views and they hope to be an overnight success but they usually end up with around 5 000 views and no real and dedicated fans. What about The Sherlocks? They work hard, write their own music, have their own style and always gain new fans because they gig a lot. And the result of this? 24 000 views in four weeks. These guys are proper


go-getters. I tried to find out what is this about the song Meantime that people like so much? “Meantime was one of the first songs we ever wrote, the song has two meanings the first meaning is all about exactly what the first line is “Chasing dreams, to make life easier”. The song is all about trying to break out of our own little area and making it big. We are all from a little pit village called Bolton On Dearne, which is at the heart of South Yorkshire. Nothing much happens round our area apart, it’s pretty boring, just a village you pass through to get somewhere else.” The Sherlocks are definitely not a band that sits around at home and talks about what they could, should or would do. They are busy gigging instead! But do they have any time to write new material then? “We do gig at least twice if not three times a week, two of the lads Kiaran and Josh meet up through the week in the evenings and get ideas down all the time and then bring the song to a practice. Lots of new material coming very soon, we have 4 new tracks for our 2nd EP which will be launched early in the new year.” 

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE SHERLOCKS www.thesherlocksmusic.co.uk

BUY THEIR EP “CONFLICT” ON iTUNES, CLICK HERE: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/conflict-ep/ id531251805

under the radar

crystal seagulls They only met this year and they already wrote a song that catches your attention immediately and you can’t get it our of your mind. I’m talking about London based indie band called Crystal Seagulls in formation of Jim Lawton, John Armstrong, Elliot Whitty and Ben Heliczer!


his band is very new but I decided to write few lines about them because I really enjoy listening to their music and I can see a huge potential for the future. They have a gift to write songs that are so pleasant to listen to at any time. I interviewed these young lads to find out what’s the story, morning glory! “We all met in London, and the band gradually grew that way…we’ve been together since January of this year; Jim is from London, John is from Birmingham, Elz is from Cheshire, and Ben is from Hertfordshire, but we’re all in London permanently.” Their songs are like one story and by singing and playing, they’re taking everyone on the journey. They put a lot of different elements into their songs and I feel that reflects the music they listen to which is full of variety. Am I right? “We don’t really write in terms of influences, but I sup-

pose it’s impossible not to have echoes of the past! We all listen to a whole bunch of stuff like The Beatles, The Coral, Echo and The Bunnymen, Kate Bush, The Small Faces, The Kinks, Sex Pistols, The Specials, T Rex, The Jam, and loads more… So basically a bit of everything, anything and the juicy stuff in between!” The song that created a buzz around them is Yours for as long as you keep me. I love the lyrics and the sound but that voice nails it. Especially the falsetto at the end is an ace! As I said in the beginning, they’ve been together for quite a short time but they certainly discovered their identity as a band. I believe they will improve with every new song they write and I couldn’t resist to ask them when do they go back in the studio to do some magic. “We are constantly churning out songs, and are recording two brand new top secret tracks this weekend in John’s hometown of Birmingham. There are also a few videos on the cards, but these two new tracks might well be up around Christmas time.”




“All We Want Is”

KODALINE Who never heard of this band from Dublin before, surely will very soon. If I had to write down all the success they had in the last few months, it would be a very long list. However, this band is set for even bigger success in 2013 because their debut album will come out. I haven’t heard all of the songs yet but I got my socks blew off by the ones I have heard. I believe that Kodaline will make a history and I’m glad to share their story with you. WORDS: NICOLE VENGLOVICOVA, CHERYL WYNGAARD PHOTOS: LOU LE GUILLOUX


t took some time for Kodaline to answer our questions but to be fair, we had prepared a lot of them! Maybe way too many for such a busy band!? However, we tried to get as much info from these future stars as we could. I don’t like using word “star” for a musician but in this case I meant well respected people who achieved something that’s been appreciated by a lot of people. And maybe it could include few screaming girls as well. Let me say that these lads shocked me with modesty and politeness! That sometimes doesn’t happen with unsigned bands with 1 000 Youtube views! Despite all the success they’ve had so far, they don’t think it’s something they should brag about. However, in the eyes of every true music fan, this band is an absolute ace! And that has nothing to do with their Youtube views. The most important thing is that they are truly talented musicians who write incredible songs. They put their heart and soul in it and that’s all that matters. Their debut album called In a perfect world will come out on March 18th and I’m more than sure this will be a big day that changes lives of Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast, Vinny May Jr and Jason Boland forever. I couldn’t be prouder to bring you 17

“The best thing to do is love what you’re doing and put your heart and soul into it.”


this special interview with them. Let’s go back in time and see how great musicians are born. Your love for music started at a very young age. What made you gravitate to music so young? And when did you decide you want to be musicians and seriously started building your career? “Well we all started playing our instruments at quite a young age. When you start out an instrument usually you’re playing other people songs. We started writing pretty young too and because of that we started a band.” Having come from the same neighbourhood and practically growing up together, do you feel that has somehow made an impact on your music? Does everyone collaborate together when writing a song? “Yeah definitely, because we’re all such good friends we work very efficiently together musically. Sometimes we all write together but most of the time the songs are written by Steve stripped down on an acoustic or a piano.” Who were your greatest musical influences growing up? “The Beatles, The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, Sam Cooke, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Etta James, Radiohead.... And well many many more..”

The band’s first appearance was on the reality TV series You’re A Star in 2006 as 21 Demands and even though they failed to win the competition they had succeeded in gaining valuable exposure. They reappeared in March 2007 to release a download single called Give Me A Minute which reached number one in the Irish singles and made chart history by being the first unsigned band to reach number one in the Irish charts. Was it a conscious decision that you made to walk away from the music industry after the instant success of 21 Demands and was that an easy decision to make? “We didn’t exactly walk away from it, we just weren’t ready for it. We were very young, still in school and we didn’t really know what we were doing, so we went away and grew up a little. More importantly we started writing music that made us feel good, writing about various experiences that we had.” Writing their own material has proven to be the key in helping give this band their own identity and putting the Kodaline stamp on their music. Kodaline’s music has a broad appeal that doesn’t sell itself out to the bubble-gum pop songs that one has grown to expect from a group of young good-looking lads, instead you feel the emotion in every line of their music and I think that is what sets them apart from other newcomers and what will continue to set them apart from other artists. Their clever use of harmony and beautiful lyrics is far more mature than what you would’ve expected from such a new band but it’s also such a pleasant surprise. What do you think makes that difference between getting noticed and being signed and not being able to get a record deal? Is it about hard work, style or live shows? Or is it just about writing the right song? “It’s an early days for us. I think the best thing to do is love what you’re doing and put your heart and soul into it. Regardless of what that might be, football, accountancy, knitting....? As cliché as it sounds do whatever it is that makes you happy and on an even more clichéd note.....”You only live once”, don’t you?” In 2011 the young Dubliners re-emerged onto the music scene. After recruiting the last member of the band and bassist, Jason Boland, the band reformed as Kodaline and released their debut single All I Want.  Their first self-titled EP contains four songs with All I Want being the lead track and one of their most popular songs thus far, having already reached the number one spot on the Last.fm Hype chart. All I Want showcases Steven’s remarkable voice while he expresses the raw emotions and feelings of sadness after a break-up and that glimmer of hope that we’ll find love again. Upon hearing this song it’s immediately apparent why the directors of the hit show Grey’s Anatomy have chosen to feature All I Want during the promo of the series. Grey’s is well known for featuring cutting edge music on the series 19

and I think they’ve succeeded once again. How did you write All I Want? What is your process when writing a song… is it just something that comes to you at any moment or do you write about your own life experiences? “Steve was just out of a breakup. He wrote about how he felt at the time. Songs can come at any moment, all our songs are about our lives and how we feel. It really depends on the situation. Each song we write is about something real, every song has a real life story behind it, we write for ourselves and if that affects other people too, that’s really great. It’s like writing in your diary and then passing it around to people, a very strange feeling.” Now very honestly! Were you fans of Grey’s Anatomy also before they chose All I Want for their promo? :D “No we never watched the show before, it’s not our cup of tea, but I have bought Grey’s anatomy soundtracks before, as the music is cool, we’re happy they put one of our songs on the show.” You have that power to impress people in a few seconds. I think it’s the pure truth in the emotions and genius combination of sound and lyrics. What do you think? “Thanks, we are brutally honest in our songs, but we don’t know, we just want as many people as possible to hear our music it’s up to them to make a decision. They might like it or they might not. We stayed together as a band only because we really love music. We’ve had dodgy jobs before while in the band but now were just lucky that we have a chance at doing it full time. Regardless of what happens or whatever happened we have always loved music and will always love playing/writing music. It’s hard to stop doing something you love doing.” Will you experiment with your music in the future? Could we hear a completely different style from you in few years? “We never stop experimenting and we’re open to anything, we change a lot. It really depends on how we feel.” LIVE SHOWS Where is that you would most like to play a gig? When playing at gigs, do you prefer a big audience, or do you like the intimacy of a smaller venue? “We were supporting The Cranberries in France and one night the audience was quiet which was cool. I just hope they were listening, well it’s either that or they were bored? I don’t know, it was fun though. Every gig is different; it all depends on the room and the crowd really. We could be playing to 20 people or a lot more, The Paradiso in Amsterdam is cool, Shepard’s Bush in London and the Olympia in Dublin. They’re like old theatres in a way, I suppose we like 20

“I know it’s on a matter of tim before somethi bizarre happen

the character of venues like that. Hopefully we’ll play in them someday.” What has been the craziest or most embarrassing moment on stage? It’s ok, we won’t tell a soul. ;-) “We’ve had moments were things went wrong like guitars or keyboards just not working but you just have to go with it. Things can and do go wrong, I suppose you just have to hope for the best. Nothing really embarrassing has happened yet, fingers crossed it stays that way, but I know it’s only a matter of time before something bizarre happens :-P.” You had some European shows recently. Can you say something more about it? “We had a few shows in Holland and France and Belgium. It’s great to see the different type of reactions we get in different countries, it keeps us on our toes and as I said its very early days for us at the moment in a way we’re just finding our feet.” I noticed on your website that you have the option to buy either the vinyl copies or to download the mp3’s. Do you think that CDs and vinyl sales still have a future in the age of digital music? And if you had to choose a format, for example vinyl or CD’s, which format would you choose? “I think eventually everything will be digital, CD’s are dying out fast. It’s all based around downloads for the most part these days. In terms of vinyl, it’s really an acquired taste, we’re big fans of vinyl.” When can we buy your CD and what can we expect from it? “We have another E.P coming out in early March and then an album on March 18th. We just finished the album and we’re happy with it. We hope you guys like it.” What is your message to people that listen to your songs? “Thanks for listening.”

nly me ing ns“


live review


takes on AMERICA

“On the road again…” Yes, you guessed it, The Script are touring again!!! It feels like just yesterday that we were anxiously standing in-line to buy tickets to see the lads during their Science and Faith tour and here we find ourselves again, eagerly awaiting the 2012/2013 gig announcements. words & photos: cheryl wyngaard


or the dedicated fans out there, the wait for The Script’s third album seemed endless. However the much anticipated album did not disappoint. The Irishmen made no secret of the fact that the sound of the new album would differ slightly from their preceding albums. This had many fans worried and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a little anxious as well. It’s a well-known fact that we all have our own taste in music, this is what sets us apart and gives us our individuality. In most cases people prefer to box bands into their identifiable genres, allowing them to stick only to the music they know. I believe however that The Script’s #3, will


break every mould once and for all. This new album showcases their eclectic talent and incorporates pop rock, rap, jazz and RnB all into one inspirational album. There’s no doubt in my mind that #3 will leave you completely inspired, happy, hopeful and reaching for the Kleenex all at once! In summary, it has a little something for everyone. While travelling through America from minus zero temperatures to scorching heat, there was only thing that remained constant and that was The Script’s incredible on-stage presence and brilliant performances. When in a foreign country, it’s hard not to feel like an

outsider. But the feeling doesn’t last long as out of the silence you hear that oh-so popular piano intro and the lyrics “I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing” and suddenly the crowd erupts with screams of excitement. The feelings of being outsider are long forgotten as everyone belts out the lyrics to Breakeven. Perhaps it’s the song’s catchy tune or the way we can all relate to the lyrics, whatever it is the resounding fact remains that from London to Jakarta or Chicago to Miami, the reaction is always the same…we are all united by The Script’s music. Having heard the new album so many times it was easy to forget that these were the debut performances of the tracks off #3. With so many great songs off the album to choose from it must’ve been hard to decide on a playlist but I’m glad that Hall Of Fame, Give The Love Around, Good Ol’ Days and crowd favourite Six Degrees Of

live review

The Script live in Chicago 2012 23

live review Separation made the cut. It’s hard to believe that “Six Degrees” was released only a few short months ago but I think it’ll definitely follow in Breakeven’s footsteps. I was also delighted to see that one of my personal favourites, If You Could See Me Now had made it on the list. This song will undoubtedly leave the most stoic of people with a lump in their throats. The very personal lyrics written about the pain of losing a parent will tug at your heartstrings. It’s a song that doesn’t hold back on the naked emotions and the questions we ask after such tragedies. While listening

to them sing you feel unbelievably privileged as you get a sneak peek into Danny and Mark’s innermost thoughts and their life stories. If there was any uncertainty in the past there’s none now because The Script are a force to be reckoned with and not even the forces of nature can stop them from spreading the love around. In fact it was just days after hearing the news of the storm that these Dubliners surprised their American fans by rallying to the aid of those affected by the storm and headlined the Strong Island

Hurricane Sandy Relief concert at the Huntington theatre to raise funds for the victims of the storm. They have proven once again that through their lyrics we get a taste of the flavour of their music but it is through their actions that we truly see what they stand for. They are more than just musicians, they are the friends you can count on when in need, the neighbour who always lends a helping hand, the artists amongst ordinary men with their feet planted firmly in the ground… They are this generation’s musical inspiration.

The Script live in Chicago 2012 24

live review

The Script live in Miami 2012 25

live review

The Script live in Chicago 2012 26

live review

The Script live in Miami 2012

The Script live in Miami 2012 27



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True Music mag Issue#1  

A new magazine about true musicians. No gossip or lies, just the truth.


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