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In the hills of England a girl named Malinea was walking in her best dress with her new petticoat that her grandmother gave her for her birthday. As she walked by the palace a girl waved at her. It was the Princess Matinearia! She waved back and Princess Matinearia came out the door and hugged her as tight as she could. They were best friends. They were both eleven and they both had freckles, rosy cheeks and neither could scrunch up her nose. When they saw each other they usually brought clothes to give as presents. Malina had a hat for Matinearia and Matinearia had a dress for Malina. They had fun dressing up in the old clothes in the palace attic. Matinearia dressed up in a purple dress with fancy lace. Malina dressed up in a very puffy yellow dress. They ended up laughing very hard. Just then, Matinearia realized that malina’s birthday was three days before and she forgot to get a present. Then Matinearia asked Malina to tell her everything she liked. She liked animals, running, cute things, softness and love. What could she want? wondered Matinearia. She was stumped as a cut down tree. She could mix them together but 3

what could that make? A foreign board game? No. An electronic robot? No. She couldn’t think of anything. Malina had to go home and Matinearia thought about the gift for the rest of the afternoon. No answer. She gave up. But, just after she decided to give up, her little sister, who was going to a friend’s for a playdate, shouted “puppy” because her friend had just gotten a puppy. Matinearia knew just what to get Malina. A little puppy. She went to the Victorian pet shelter to get one. It was a tiny, golden doodle with big green eyes. It was everything that Malina wanted in a gift, an animal that ran, that was cute, that was softness and love.


The Animal Dudes Setting: Outside Molly’s owner’s house. Characters: Agatha, a purple otter with pink polka dots Molly, a brown baby bulldog Cutie, a grey baby koala bear Charlie, a black and white tiger Piper, a bunny rabbit Dean, a black and white labradoodle Fred, a purple squirrel Paige Agatha: Hey dude, let’s play! (Steps over to Charlie) Charlie: Sure, where are the others? (Pretend to look) Molly: I’m here! Let’s play! (Jumping) Dean: O.K. (Jumping) Cutie: Where should we go? (Look around) Fred: The park, of course! (Points at park) Dean: Well, let’s go then! (Go to park) Charlie: What should we play? (Look around) Agatha: Ball! (Pick up ball) Dean: What kind of ball? (Look at all balls) Paige: Soccer! (Start kicking soccer ball) Piper: Here’s the ball. (Steps on ball) Oh no! I’ll go inflate it! ( Leaves the stage, count to ten, come back on the stage with inflated ball) 5

All: Yay! (Everyone pretends to play soccer)


The Knight Who Didn’t Know Once upon a time, there was a knight. The knight did not know left from right. He lived in a peaceful village. A dragon attacked on Monday. It ate one person. On Tuesday it ate two people. And the next day it ate three people and so every knight got eaten. So, the knight who didn’t know much went out walking because all the horses got eaten. He went through the village. He came to a man who said, “Give me all of your coins.” The knight said, “Excuse me?” The mugger said, “You know what I said.” “Ok,” the knight said. He gave the coins to the mugger and was on his way. He came to a field and there was an ogre. The ogre was green with sharp teeth and big green eyes. He was bigger than the knight. He said, “I’m going to eat you!!!! So the knight said, “ok.” Out of nowhere a dragon swooped down and ate the ogre right up. The knight was relieved and puzzled. He 7

kept walking. He then saw a bridge. He was crossing it and then a troll popped up. He had horns and a big nose and was very furry. The troll said, “I’m going to kill you if you take one step on my bridge.” So the knight took a stone path across the stream. And the troll said, “ok?” as he looked after the knight. The knight just ignored him. The knight kept on walking. He came to the cave and walked in and kept going miles and miles. And he saw the dragon that ate the people, the horses and the ogre. It was a Chinese dragon that was very long and had a big head and big teeth. The knight pulled out his sword and…GULP! The dragon swallowed him up and lay down to take a nap. A few minutes later the knight crawled up the dragon’s throat and came out of the dragon’s mouth and cut the dragon up with his sword. And then the knight got some sense.


Chapter One

As soon as we got there, I knew it was the right place. “Oh, Mama, is this where we are going to live?” “Yes it is, Dina,” my mama said. I was amazed. I had never seen anything like it. I got out of the car and stared up at the amazing house. The Thomas Wolfe house. I had known this was to be our new house but I didn’t know it would be this big. I opened my car door and ran up the walk. I stopped as soon as I saw the swing, surprised. Even more surprising was the ghostly man sitting in it. “Hello,” he said, “I’m Thomas Wolfe. This was my home once. I hope you enjoy it.” “Mama,” I screamed and ran to the door and called inside. “There was a man, a scary man, a ghost. He said his name was Thomas Wolfe and this used to be his house.


but as soon as I called you, he disappeared.” I felt as if a cold hand was squeezing my heart. I knew my mother would never believe me. She was a scientist. An FB. A factual believer. However, it was like my day was just going to be full of surprises. My mom said simply, come inside a minute and we’ll talk more about that.” I guess it was then that I got scared. Why couldn’t mama tell me out here. I had seen a look in her eyes that I hadn’t seen since Dad died. Fear mixed with sadness. I guess you were wondering how my dad died. And the truth is, I don’t know and I don’t know exactly how he died. All I know is that he died for a good cause. I don’t know what that good cause is, though. So, back to the story. As soon as we got in the house my mom sat down and said for me to sit down. “I suppose,” she said. “It’s time for me to tell you about the guardians.” “The what?” I screamed as loud as I could. But I could 10

tell my day was going to get a lot worse. My mother told me that the guardians were a force that watched over people. She also said there were the ancients that would first destroy the guardians and then, if possible, the world. “But mama, why could you not tell me outside?” I asked. “Because the more you know, the more powerful you become. The ancients smell a guardian and know you as a threat. Your scent is stronger when you are outside.” To be continued…

To be continued.


water, screaming and yelling. The seagull started to walk away,


The Seagulls By Sophie Roth

The waves rose up to the bottom of my shorts. I jumped, trying to not get wet in my regular clothes. I saw a glint, a shimmer. Bending down, I picked up a perfect conch shell. But there was an animal inside. I threw it far out. Splash. My sister laughed. “Got you.” Splash. I hit her. She stopped laughing. “You did not!” After a few more splashes we were almost completely soaked. We turned to see if my mom was back. She wasn’t, but we saw a seagull circling our stuff. We didn’t bother getting out. I looked for shells in the freezing, crystal clear water. Claire and I looked up ten minutes later and there was the seagull with Claire’s pink and yellow bathing suit top in its beak. We ran out of the


then run, but Claire, having longer legs than a seagull, got close enough that the seagull finally dropped the bathing suit and flew away. Claire put away her bathing suit and we both laughed. We got back in the water. We looked up several times after that and on the last time there were two seagulls circling our stuff. I guess you will think we were stupid not to scare them away right then, but we didn’t. Then, the next time we looked up, one seagull had Claire’s top in its beak and another one had the bottom in its beak. They were trying to sneak away without us noticing. They were walking but as we got out of the water and ran across the sand toward them they started to run, looking back over their shoulders as they did so. But, of course, we chased them down and they finally dropped Claire’s bathing suit.




True Ink: Cool Scribbles I  
True Ink: Cool Scribbles I  

Creative anthology by the participants of the True Ink Summer Camp program