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TRUE GRIP True Grip is the official magazine of the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club











TRUE GRIP True Grip is the official magazine of the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club

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grip Editor, true


Well, that’s another incredible Summer out of the way. Well you might call it Summer but going by the pics included within these pages, you would be forgiven for thinking it was Winter! You may remember from my intro in the last issue that we were looking for people to help out and/or get involved in a trip to Newquay for a young lad named Jake down in Newquay ( well, we did it and without wanting to detract from the article on page 10 of this issue, I can tell you that it was the most spectacular success and everyone pulled together with impeccable style - to the point where the Club’s efforts have inspired owner’s clubs across the globe to pull together and make a difference wherever they may be. Good show! Moving further into this issue and we’re happy to announce that we have not one, but two new writers joining Team True Grip (Rach and I were getting lonely, lol) - The Muffin Man (aka MattyWR1) and his Adventures, bringing baked parcels of joy to one and all (Page 9). We’re also very pleased to welcome Elliott Cartwright from Cross Roads Subaru/Pro-R on board with an exciting new feature looking at life on the other side. We’ve also got coverage of both Trax at Silverstone (Page 24) & Rally Day at Castle Combe (Page 28) as well as True Grip’s Deputy Editor, Little Green Goblin giving us an insight into her day when she accepted an invitation to visit Autoglym’s headquarters at Letchworth to attend one of their full valeting master classes! That (and a very, very shiny Ruby) can be found on Page 36. I would also like to take the opportunity to officially congratulate Kim (Frenchy) on her new appointment as the Club’s Chairwoman, I’ve no doubt she’ll do a fantastic job! Lastly, don’t forget you can buy True Grip in print through HP’s MagCloud at

Stu Mason Editor, True Grip


the ro team

REGIONAL ORGANISERS Bedfordshire Kip Chris Kirby 07921 909 989

Somerset/Whiltshire Bailey73 Darren Coombs 07854 521728

Central Scotland rallye 6 Brian Smith 07979 708118

Fife Irish Al Alan Shaw 07843 606577

Devon j wrx tonkins Jamie Tonkins 07725 738658 phil r Phil Reed

Worcestershire & Herefordshire andy scoob Andy Winter 07821 663551

Central Scotland tommytcut Tam Mellon 07847 131660

Morayshire Scooby Doom Pete Stanton 07758 959550

Channel Islands JD Steve Forrest 07825 502294

Dundee BalliSTIc Glyn McCrickard 07739 036929


Aberdeenshire supremeweb Blair Nichols 07717 598841

Inverness / Highlands Scooby222 Dave Shanks 07768 230461

Edinburgh/Lothian’s Gus the Bus Angus Duncan 07725 840363

Scottish Borders cruz104 John McBay 07721 433848

Glasgow/Strathclyde STI Pretender Robert Allan 07581 068641

Lanarkshire badbaz Barry McGowan 07831 638482

Essex BRI4N Brian Stott 07828 164669 Hampshire amahrap Andy Parham 07795 296902 Harrogate sl0959 Paul Greenwood 07530 166242 North West Diablo_Blaze Andy Gill 07768 595756

No local group in your area? Interested in starting one? Contact Dave Shanks, Regional Organiser Co-ordinator Subaru Impreza Drivers Club PO BOX 26334, Clarkston, Glasgow G76 6BB or email =============================

Total Sound Protection Each car soundproofing kit (available from £120 incl. VAT) has been custom designed for the vehicle and uses a combination of materials to ensure maximum noise reduction for each area of the vehicle. Fitting a car soundproofing kit will reduce engine noise, road and tyre noise, exhaust noise and vehicle body vibrations leading to not only a quieter vehicle but helping to give a more comfortable ride for both driver and passengers. DIY or fitted by our engineers, you’ll be amazed at the results! We offer a nationwide fitting service for all our kits or you can visit our factory in Manchester. Tel: 0161 652 7080 Fax: 0161 652 4448

Unit 7, Parkside Ind Estate, Edge Lane Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DS


TRUE GRIP True Grip is the official magazine of the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club

Cover Image: Stu Mason


hairwoma sidc club c


Within the last couple of weeks you would have seen the announcement regarding a reshuffle within the Committee. Due to family and work commitments, Robert was no longer able to fulfil the role as Chairman. With full backing of the team I have stepped up and taken on this role (Chairwoman). I’d personally like to thank Robert for all his involvement over the last 10 months in being part of moving the Club forward. Robert has now taken on the role of PR & Sponsorship Coordinator.

Editor: Stu Mason (stum450n) Deputy Editor: Rachel Keir (little green goblin)

wet weather drew in 40+ members for the day. Thanks go to Pro-R for spending the day with us as well.

Advertising Sales: Kay Scott, KJS Advertising. T: 01943 461679 E: Designed & Produced by: Stu Mason E: Published by: SIDC, PO BOX 26334, Clarkston, Glasgow G76 6BB Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without prior permission of the Editor. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not the SIDC. All contributions, whether they bear the names, initials or pseudonyms, are accepted on the understanding that the author is responsible for the opinions expressed and that they do not necessarily reflect or comply with those of the publisher or editor. Although every care is taken, the publisher, designer and editor cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to material submitted. Whilst every care is taken to ensure contents are accurate, the publisher and editor assume no responsibility for any effects arising from errors or omissions. Acceptance of material is not a guarantee of publication in any particular issue, since space is often at a premium. The publisher and editor cannot guarantee to return original material and photographs. © SIDC 2011

We’d also like to welcome the resident Muffin Man aka MattyWR1 to Team True Grip as well as Elliott Cartwright from the Pro-R team at Cross Roads Subaru, both as features writers. Keep an eye out for their articles later in the mag. As the 2011 show season comes to an end; I’m thrilled to report that the SIDC has seen a fantastic attendance at events on a national level. First being Trax @ Silverstone 4 September which saw 30+ members attend with their pride and joy, along with Richard from the Pro-R team and the Cosworth Impreza. On Saturday 17 September the Club held the third Knock Hill Track Day of the year which was a total sell out – well done to John Stewart for organising this event; I hear the weather wasn’t too bad either. On the same day the Club attended Rally Day, Castle Combe which was the last English event of the year and despite the extremely

You’ll have heard by now that Jon Mathers; driving the Hatch Impreza on behalf of the Pro-R team won Club Class in Time Attack this month. Huge congratulations go to Jon and his team for a fantastic win, with only 1 point in it I understand! With the show season now over, it gives the Club time to assess the success of the shows we’ve attended. With 2012 only round the corner, the team will be busy behind the scenes making plans for next year’s events. With this in mind, we’ll be renewing some of our show equipment; you may have already seen the new flags and signage that the Southern part of the Club have just purchased, we hope to be able to roll out more of our new, fresher branding to the rest of the Club in due course, when funds permit. And finally, we hope you enjoy this Quarter’s mag….

Kim French Club Chairwoman



Subaru have unveiled the new Subaru XV as a world premiere at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show. Subaru plans to introduce the new XV to the European market as its strategic model to provide customers with “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” through Subaru’s new “Confidence in Motion” brand statement.

This vehicle’s interior provides unmatched comfort levels to all passengers and best-in-class spaciousness.

The fundamental product concept that Subaru adopted for the XV is “Urban Adventure.” In specific terms, a vehicle that would be perfectly suited to exciting, lively, yet stress-free use in the city. Thus, Subaru balanced optimal performance factors such as fuel efficiency and enjoyable driving (Fun to Drive) with a stylish, highly distinctive exterior design.

The door opening dimensions have been enlarged and the higher seat position allows much easier ingress and egress.


The XV features an extremely roomy passenger compartment, a cargo area that is both spacious and convenient, and excellent riding comfort.

With a focus on convenience, ample storage space for small objects is provided at ideal locations. The MultiFunction Display (MFD) is highly visible in the upper middle section of the instrument panel for comfortable driving.

EXTERIOR DESIGN Coined from the terms “professional tool” and “trendy design,” Subaru’s “Protren” design concept symbolizes the fusion of SUV functionality and urban persona. It features a new type of crossover design that combines a stylish, flowing form with a high body and side cladding that enhances the sense of functionality of SUV. Equipped with a hexagon grille and hawk eye headlights, these design features emphasize the unique identity of Subaru vehicles. The innovatively designed alloy wheels and cut-away cladding give the XV a sporty and attractive appearance. The corners of the front and rear bumpers were designed with special edges that enhance the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle and also contribute to better fuel efficiency.

and blind angles were reduced. A stylish profile with a more streamlined rear roof edge was designed without impairing the rear field of view. In addition to SRS driver’s/passenger’s airbags, SRS side airbags and SRS curtain airbags, SRS driver’s knee airbag are installed as standard in all models. VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) is installed in all models as standard. Its intervention timing was optimised and incorporates control logic that demonstrates effectiveness in danger avoidance situations. A brake assist function is also incorporated into the VDC system. This provides the XV with world leading danger avoidance performance and increases driving confidence. Subaru Ireland will preview the Subaru XV to customers November 2011 with pre selling, and first deliveries mid January 2012. Retail prices to be announced shortly.

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION The new generation Subaru Boxer engine, which was introduced last year with a totally new design, is installed in 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre petrol models. Along with the usual merits that horizontally opposed engines inherently possess, this engine has improved fuel efficiency and exhaust performance. Together with the adoption of the new Lineartronic (CVT), a newly developed “Auto Start Stop System”, the fuel efficiency was further improved. Also the Subaru Boxer Diesel, which was specially developed for the European market and received very favourable reviews, is featured in the XV line-up and is the most likely model to arrive in Ireland. SAFETY By integrating the partition windows into the front doors and putting the door mirrors on the door panels, top-level forward visibility in this class was achieved, TRUE GRIP 7


The Subaru Pro-R Racing Team has taken top honours in this year’s UK Time Attack Championship, scooping the coveted overall title in the Club AWD class. The closely-fought final round took place at the Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk and saw the Cross Roads Garageprepared car clinch the trophy by just one point! Driver Jon Mathers skilfully piloted his Subaru STI to an impressive third spot, despite nursing a valve train problem and giving up a few hundred horsepower to his nearest rivals. However, thanks to faultless reliability all season, and some superb wheelmanship, Mathers results carried him through to take the crown – a feat made more impressive when you learn that Mathers’ day job is as a Dealer Principal at Cross Roads Garage, and has only had a race licence for a few months! The car itself is also noteworthy. Although it contains many tricks and tweaks under the bonnet, courtesy of technical partners, TDRacing, many of the key chassis and drivetrain components come from Subaru’s ‘over the counter’ Pro-R tuning range, and can be ordered from any Subaru dealership. Part like the brakes, bushes, filtration systems, hoses, springs and exhausts are either identical to the road car range or produced by the same manufacturers.


Commenting on his win, a clearly elated Mathers said

‘This result is just as much down to the team and sponsors as it is to me. We have had exceptional support from the brands behind the Pro-R range this season, and I think, as an object lesson in proving that a product range really works, this has done its job perfectly. There are so many people to thank, but ABW’s bodywork skills, along with TDRacing’s flawless mechanical genius have played a major part this season, but every single partner on the car has been there for us all year. Scorpion even made us a unique ‘Snett Spec’ exhaust for this round for the final, to keep us under the noise regs. I’d like to thank them all personally.’

2011 was all about the ‘carrot cake and cream cheese frosting’, closely followed by the ‘pecan and maple’ (according to the SIDC food critics). If I have to sample one more recipe then I’m going to pop or need a gastric band, so I’m taking a winter detox and joining weight watchers! This year consisted of 4 shows, 210 show muffins in 6 different flavours, equalling a total of 10,000g of flour, 70 eggs, 2000g of pecans, 3000g of butter, 1200g blueberries, 14 pints of milk and 20 family packs of philadelphia! 2012 will be all about the ‘sticky toffee pudding’ muffin with toffee sauce, currently being fine-tuned in a secret bunker in Oxfordshire, and should be ready for the spring! The muffin man is planning to travel and visit more of his Scooby brothers and sisters in 2012, and hoping to finally make an appearance on Dragons Den to source funding for up-scaling!

For more information on Pro-R, visit For more information on Cross Roads, visit TRUE GRIP 9




IT STARTS YOU SEE, AS MANY GREAT STORIES DO, WITH A SIMPLE ACT OF KINDNESS - ONE PAST MEMBER’S WILLINGNESS TO REACH OUT ON BEHALF OF A NEIGHBOUR AND ASK FOR THE HELP AND SUPPORT OF THOSE HE KNEW WOULD BE IN A POSITION TO HELP... AS IT HAPPENS, THAT WAS US AND THAT PAST MEMBER WAS GERRYH - IN HIS POST GERRY WAS HOPING FOR WAS A STICKER OR TWO: AT MOST A LOCAL CLUB MEMBER TO POP AROUND AND SHOW HIS NEIGHBOUR’S, FRIEND’S GRANDSON THEIR CAR... ...It didn’t quite work out that way though as after that first post things quickly escalated and within a matter of hours, the Jake James Impreza Invasion, Newquay was on! The benefactor of Gerry’s request was a fantastic young lad from Newquay, Cornwall called Jake James - who is quite possibly one of the biggest Subaru fans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through my years of ownership and within the club. When Jake was 2 he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects his legs but was unfortunately also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He’s had repeated operations on his eyes and regularly goes up to Bristol Children’s Hospital throughout the year... Not that you would think it having met him though, being the happy, excitable young man he is!


If ever I had seen a reason for members to rally around and come together to make the day of someone so deserving, this was it! With a plan afoot, members, supporters and businesses across the country set about donating gifts and organising a convoy of Imprezas to travel down to Newquay to surprise Jake for his big day! In as little as two weeks and with the list of attendees growing by the second, the date was set for 17th July and the list of contributors was already reading as a who’s who of the Subaru community. I’m not over-egging it when I say that even at this stage it was clear it was going to be a truly spectacular and worthwhile day!

In the lead up to the big day the forums were abuzz with excitement and activity, thankfully not just on SIDC or indeed Subaru Owner’s Clubs, but regional and national forums across the country... word was spreading like wildfire and before we knew it, there was a list of 30 attendees - all travelling from different parts of England and Wales and many hundreds of people wishing us well, commending the club’s efforts and indeed, adding to the ever-expanding pile of goodies we were going to surprise Jake with on the day. If I’m honest, the next few weeks were a bit of a blur - organising convoy arrival and departure times, suitable fuel stops, press interviews, police authorisation for a convoy through the town, collecting packages from the Post Office, you name it, we were doing it and although frantic, it was

worth every second of it! If it wasn’t for the help and support offered by local owner, H Scooby however, it may not have been so straightforward... not being local we hadn’t registered that the convoy route was heading the wrong way up a one way system and that despite the police giving us clearance to be there, we knew nothing about their requirements for Marshals at every junction we would be passing - all of which was taken care of with masterful finesse by H who gladly gave up her evening and weekends to make sure everything was ticking over smoothly. Soon enough we were all set for the big day! After a morning of press and radio interviews (one of which, through nerves, I managed to throw up half way through!), the car was loaded up and I was heading down to Devon from Oxford ready to meet the convoy at Exeter Services the following morning. I barely slept the night before I was so excited (and if I’m honest, nervous) so half an hour before anyone was due, I rolled into the Services. It’s something that until now I had almost forgotten about but as I was wiping the car down and putting the convoy stickers on, I

noticed what I can only assume was another car club jeering at the solitary scoob in the centre of the carpark... I had to laugh at their reaction though when one by one, more and more scoobs entered the car park. I think we had around ten cars before they decided they would make a sharp exit!

After procuring enough coffee to see us through the first leg of our journey we set off in the rain down the M5 and up onto the A30 and across Dartmoor... next stop Okehampton before MidCornwall Services and finally, onto Newquay!

At each stop en route we met more and more owners, each as excited as the next. Some new faces, some more familiar, all from different areas, all united in a common goal. We arrived in Newquay around 10:30am to meet with H Scooby, local owners and their army of marshals who were quickly dispatched to each and every junction we would be passing on our tour of Newquay. First things first though, we had a very special young boy’s day to make..! :D Jake and his family live on a small close on the outskirts of Newquay so I’m sure you can imagine the scene as 30 Imprezas, popping, banging and burbling started rolling into the street - to say it was a sight to behold is about as far as you can get from understating it! Even though I knew Jake’s family and friends had been speaking to their neighbours about our visit, I was still


slightly nervous about how our arrival might be received - after all, big cars with big exhausts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It was instantly clear though that my trepidation was completely unfounded, the streets were literally lined with people, neighbours had parked their cars streets away to clear room, the police stopped by to wish us well and there was even one lovely

(who are all so incredibly nice!) it was time to let Jake into the secret... On the stroke of midday every Impreza in the street roared into life something which writing about even now is giving me goose bumps! Never before have I heard such a cacophony of Flat Four burble, pops, bangs and

ON THE STROKE OF MIDDAY EVERY IMPREZA IN THE STREET ROARED INTO LIFE - SOMETHING WHICH WRITING ABOUT EVEN NOW IS GIVING ME GOOSE BUMPS! NEVER BEFORE HAVE I HEARD SUCH A CACOPHONY OF FLAT FOUR BURBLE, POPS, BANGS AND WHOOSHES IT WAS GENUINELY MAGICAL! old lady offering up cups of tea! I must point out that at this stage Jake still had absolutely no idea what was going on right outside his front door - his mum and dad had (very artfully) stowed Jake away up at the back of the house with the TV up louder than usual - although how he didn’t hear us even with the TV turned up escapes me! After some photos, interviews with the local media and an opportunity to meet Jake’s mum, dad and family TRUE GRIP 14

whooshes - it was genuinely magical! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard Imprezas start up in unison many, many times before but there was something very special about being there, en masse in a residential street with the sole intention of getting one person’s attention... believe me, we did that - and then some!!! There’s certain moments in life with such poignancy that they will stay with you forever - seeing Jake’s face as he burst through that front door is one of them for me...

Seeing his face light up with that beaming smile of his was just something else! I’m sure I wasn’t alone in having to dry my eyes shortly after! We didn’t see that smile disappear for the rest of the day - even after all the action and excitement had taken its toll on the majority of us, Jake was still beaming! Before that though, Jake had his fleet for the day to inspect..! Despite any difficulties Jake has as a result of his disabilities, he wasn’t going to let them hold him back and after a few more photos for the assembled crowds, Jake was off from car to car as though all his Christmases had come at once! To be honest, who could blame him amassed outside his house were some of the finest Imprezas in the country and for a 7 year old scooby nut I can’t imagine much that exceed that one. Blimey, if it were me at 29 (yeah, yeah - tough paper round I hear you cry!) I would be over the moon! :D After some time to meet and thank Jake’s family and neighbours for their efforts and support (and a highly embarrassing interview with the local evening news - the less said about that the better!) we were assembled

by anyone’s standards! The impact was phenomenal and with Jake (and his beaming grin) leading the charge, Newquay was about to be brought to a stand still! Crawling along through the town with everyone doing their level-best to make as much noise as possible certainly got a LOT of attention - of everything I overheard only one negative comment leapt out: “effing chavs with their effing loud cars wanting everyone to effing look at them” the burberry attired young lady walked haplessly into a lamppost. Karma if ever I’ve seen it!

together for some photos for the local papers. After Jake was asked which was his favourite, we crowded around Jamie’s car (j wrx tonkins) and Jake climbed in side with us around. At this point the press asked Jamie to start the car and being the legend that he is, Jamie obliged... after a couple of blips of the throttle followed by what seemed an eternity bouncing off the limiter, the photos were done and Jamie could be

picked up off the floor again, lol. Well, to be fair, he did take it on the chin and like a father seeing his firstborn go off into the sunset, he stalwartly bit his lip and braved it out. Top marks dude! :D

After shaking loose every window in the town we headed up to Jake’s school for some more photos and the chance for him to steer one of the cars around the car park - and, unfortunately to also check over Jamie’s scoob after it threw up a CEL. As it happens, after Broxi took a look, the knock sensor just needed plugging back in! Phew! :D

Photos taken and Jamie sufficiently recovered, we set off in convoy along our route around Newquay... If the mass start-up was impressive, the sight of our fleet of scoobies winding their way through the streets was epic TRUE GRIP 15

With the cars beautifully assembled and stacks of photos taken, we went in convoy down to the Marina Hotel on the sea front to enjoy a wonderful buffet that was very kindly put on for the attendees by the hotel - an incredibly generous gesture I’m sure

Little Green Goblin, T5NYW, Hammer and many, many others, including a large number that took gifts on the day! Thank you all, it was incredibly generous and as you can see from the pictures, Jake loved each and every one of them!

IF THE MASS START-UP WAS IMPRESSIVE, THE SIGHT OF OUR FLEET OF SCOOBIES WINDING THEIR WAY THROUGH THE STREETS WAS EPIC BY ANYONE’S STANDARDS! you’ll agree! Suitably fed and with spirits running high after the day’s activities we had one more surprise for Jake... well, two boot loads of surprises! Unbeknown to Jake, we had all the gifts that had been sent for him - that grin of his that I mentioned earlier got bigger and bigger as we presented each and every one of them to him stacks of goodies from Subaru UK/ IM Group, Pro-R, The McRae Family/ Vision Charity (Special thanks to Imy for that one!), ScoobyClinic and members across the country including, but not limited to Warrior08,


Such an amazing day and one that will stay in the memories of everyone that was there on the day! Thank you all for your efforts, it couldn’t have happened without you! An absolutely epic day by anyone’s standards!

Whilst we may all have seen in advance what a fantastic day it would turn out to be, I don’t think any one of us could have imagined the response afterwards! It seems that in doing what we did for Jake (for whom it was an eternal pleasure), we have inspired others to continue in the same vein - not only within the UK but internationally as well with threads in reference to our little Impreza Invasion popping throughout the world - in fact, there were three similar events last month alone off the back of a discussion on NASIOC!!!

Was it all worth it? Yes! Will we do it again? Hell yes! Just watch this space...


S E D I R S ’ R E AD

sidc member cars





she’s receiving at the hands of owner Felix79, she’s likely to be showing her face a lot more regularly from now on! Besides, who else can boast that they’ve video evidence of Vicki Butler-Henderson squealing with excitement in the front seat of their car eh!?!


WANT A FEATURE? Just send 4/5 high-resolution images and a brief spec of your ride to

Complete accident support for Subaru drivers

Free legal support and accident management services exclusively for SIDC members and their families As a Subaru owner and member of the SIDC your car is your passion. But the SIDC goes beyond highlighting the latest Subaru news and offers more than just a community of like-minded drivers. As an SIDC member you and your family are entitled to free accident management and professional legal support services in the event of an accident. Holmes & Hills Solicitors and the SIDC have

created a free accident management and legal support package that will:    

Organise repairs Provide a courtesy car Cover loss of earnings (and other expenses) Seek compensation for any injuries

If you or a family member are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, call the accident hotline below and your free support can spring into action as part of a claim for compensation.

Holmes & Hills LLP Solicitors

Accident hotline - 01376 529 299: quote your membership number when calling

NOTES FROM THE OLD FOSSE WAY... Musing on life and all things Subaru from those in the know Hello to all! Firstly I’d like to introduce myself... Elliott Cartwright, Sales Director of Cross Roads Garage Ltd, and secondly, I’d like to tell you what I’m doing here. Stu and the guys at True Grip have kindly allowed me a regular column in this very magazine. I’m not here to try and sell you something, well, I will if you want me to, but my main goal for this column is to talk about Subarus old, new, past, present, and cover a wide range of topics on a monthly basis. I’m planning on covering all bases, what we are up to, what’s new and on the horizon, covering the special edition Imprezas of the past, blasts from the past, tips, advice, special offers, basically, everything that could possibly be of interest to the owner of a high performance Subaru. There may even be a bit of ‘off the wall’ stuff too, but more on that another day...


My automotive career started back in 1996, where I worked for a Saab main dealer as the resident tea boy/floor sweeper/trainee salesman. Then I quickly moved on to Subaru and have stuck with this great brand ever since. That’s 14 years... I can hardly believe it. 14 years of being around one of my most favourite cars of all time, and I’ve got as much enthusiasm and love for them now, as I did then. They are a car that somehow just gets under your skin, sure other things come along from time to time, some of them even make some pretty convincing promises, but I, and thankfully many of our customers keep coming back to the institution that is the Subaru Impreza! Whilst we love our new state of the art stuff, we also hold just as dearly our retro Subarus, we have here a ultra rare Subaru XT Turbo coupe, worth a Google search if you’ve never seen one... This we are planning on restoring and rolling out alongside the new Subaru XRV Coupe that is debuting next year.

We also have a totally original MV Pick Up, the old farmer’s favourite... This one even has the period ‘Brat’ decals & stripes, and is a real slice of retro heaven. No doubt, those of you who know us, may well know of our affections for various other retro cars, so you’re guaranteed to find something interesting & original at Cross Roads... This month however, I thought I’d fill you in on something of the present our very own special edition WRX STi TA340C (Time Attack, 340bhp, Clubman Class). The idea behind this car, was to create something in tune with our Time Attack focus of recent times, plus, we were fed up of seeing BMW and Mercedes products in the latest craze of satin or matte paint finishes so decided we’d create our own. Only better.

We plan to build just 15 of these cars, the main changes appearance wise being the Moondust bodywrap, expertly applied at our premises, needing none of the special attention of some painted matte finishes, 19” GT1 alloy wheels in Bright flitter silver, and Alcon Pro-R 365mm front brakes with semi floating front discs & monobloc lightweight callipers. Also, the return of that lovely high level rear spoiler. The 19” GT1’s are wrapped with our favourite tyres, Pirelli Trofeos that have been developed specifically for the Time Attack series. Changes you cant see, include Eibach hollow anti roll bars, Eibach springs, and Superpro suspension bushes, the extra vocals are supplied by Scorpion rear boxes which are handcrafted from aerospace T304 stainless steel. The 340bhp is developed from a gentle re-map over and above the 320bhp Pro R performance package, plus the

interior is fitted out with the now standard Recaro front seats trimmed in Alcantara, premium Satellite navigation, so its a nice civilised road car for when you need to call upon your car for daily duties, yet lives up to all of its promises when called into action. And the icing on the cake, is that the standard 3 year/60,000 miles warranty package remains. Each car will be individually numbered, and come supplied with bespoke badging. This is a car that can be used everyday, like a car should, and deliver on all of its abilities. Well, that’s all from me for now, thanks for looking, thanks for listening, see you same time, same place next issue!



ial photo spec


Trax to me has always been one of those shows where you’re never quite sure what to expect - every year I’ve been it’s been different and with such a variety of cars there from show cars and track weapons right the way through to drag cars and monster trucks - it’s easy to see why the organisers pride themselves on having more modified cars on show than any other show in the UK! The one consistent thing I’ve found each year that I’ve been is that A. it invariably rains and B. it really is one of the stand-out shows of the year!


This year really was no exception and despite a damp start I don’t think anyone’s spirits had been dampened in fact, I would be confident in saying that based on atmosphere around the stand alone, this really was the best year yet! It was for that very reason I barely even saw any of the track action - too busy enjoying a bloody good laugh (and plenty of bacon rolls) on the stand! For 2011 we were offered the use of Pro-R’s display trailer which I have to say really did set the whole stand off rather nicely! Huge thanks to Richard from Pro-R for organising it! Being along the path to the track from the Live Action Arena meant that the stand was consistently busy!


Backwards Racing

VF RACING UPDATE VF-RACING ‘CLASSIC THUNDER’ 3RD SEPTEMBER @ CADWELL PARK For round 11 of the BARC’s “Classic Thunder” Championship, Vaughan Fletcher and the “VFRacing” retuned to a long term favourite circuit, in the shape of Cadwell Park. By missing the second race at the last event at Thruxton, meant the driver and his “ScoobyClinic” prepared Subaru Impreza had slipped to joint 4th in the overall championship standings, but was still comfortably in the lead of the 4WD class.

but to keep his concentration in order to bring the car home. Spilt oil from a fellow racer’s blown engine caused some excitement towards the end of the race, as the lead cars came across the incident before the marshals had realised what had happened. Thankfully, with the spillage under control, Vaughan continued the race unhindered to finish 4th overall and 1st in class, setting a new class lap record in the process.

From a grid of 21 cars, Fletcher piloted the Subaru skilfully around the narrow and twisting 2.18 mile circuit, which is located in the glorious Lincolnshire countryside to achieve a grid position of 4th place.

The points achieved from Cadwell have cemented 1st place overall in the four wheel drive class of the 2012 “Classic Thunder” championship, with one event still to go and have moved the pair up to 3rd overall.

After a clean start and the subsequent first few laps, Fletcher pulled away from the chasing pack to comfortably hold 4th place. With no answer to the leading trio’s power advantage, there was nothing more for Vaughan to do


Crazy Dutch reverse-gear racing

If you didn’t think the Dutch were mad as a box of frogs before, you will after watching this! Top Gear have nothing on these lot when it comes to crazy antics!

Lost: Darth Vader’s very own Celica It seems that the hunt is on for Darth Vader’s 1977 Star Wars Celica Liftback GT - the nerds treckies Star Wars fans have lost it and Lord Vader Captain Pickard nobody is pissed! Okay, it’s a old Celica that hasn’t been seen or verified to exist alright! A non-story but interesting all the same... Now, about this going back in time Flux Capacator thing... AND WHERE’S MY F$!%ING HOVERBOARD?!?!

Goodwood Hooning! Ken Block returned to Goodwood this year and spent the entire weekend sideways or in circles on Goodwood’s hillclimb and rally stages. Honing at its very best!




Little Green Goblin’s

AUTOGLYM DAY WORDS Little Green Goblin

IMAGES Little Green Goblin

When I first approached Autoglym earlier this year to ask if they would be kind enough to supply us with some prizes for the True Grip competition I never expected to not only receive the requested prizes but also a personal invitation to visit their headquarters at Letchworth and attend one of their full valeting master classes! To say I was a little bit excited over the proposition is more than likely an understatement and I seized the opportunity to attend before they had time to change their minds!


So, four weeks after initial contact with Autoglym and PFPR Communications (their PR company) I was to be found heading down the A1 on a beautiful sunny Monday morning in July armed with a slightly grubby WRX (I hadn’t washed her since I’d found out I was going to attend) and a brand new camera so that I could capture their work to a hopefully decent standard (I’m no Bailey 73 but I tried my best)...

From the moment I walked in through the front doors I couldn’t have asked for a more hospitable reception, never mind the two Royal Warrants that Autoglym hold, I felt like royalty myself! The whole of the company has a really good vibe about it, everyone I spoke to was really enthusiastic and no matter where you went within the company you were made to feel really welcome. Along with the valeting master class (which I shall come to shortly) I was also given a full tour of the premises by Mark Docherty who himself has worked there for ten years – starting off in the production area and working his way up through the company. This was something I found to be common within Autoglym – they recognise that the skills and wealth of knowledge their employees hold are very much important to them and this experience is of vast benefit to the company and it’s ongoing success in the future and if the amazing food offered within the company canteen was anything to go by, they reward their employees well – I have NEVER been served such a “generous” portion of Lasagne in my life, I felt terrible for not being able to eat it all but my god, I swear it would have fed three averaged sized people! Another thing that struck me was how small the premises were when you consider that they supply products to over 45 countries – I had imagined it to be a colossal building covering who knows how many thousands of square footage but Autoglym actually only employ just over 100 staff at Letchworth but do not for one minute think that this is of detriment to the company it is quite the opposite in fact, they run such a well organized, efficient company that this is all that is required, the only additional building to the ones I visited


rs baru deale national su

MEMBER DISCOUNTS The following Subaru dealers offer discount to Members on the production of a valid Membership card. Always confirm the level of discount on parts, (some Prodrive parts may not be discounted at all dealers) labour or accessories with the dealer prior to work commencing, or ordering parts.

A F Noble & Son Penicuik 01968 678002 Adams Brothers Ltd Aylesbury 01296 434343 Aird Motors* Invernesshire 01463 782266 AMC (Chelmsford) Ltd Essex 01245 235030 Ashburton Motor Works Ltd Ashburton 01364 652302 Barry Curran Ltd Isle Of Man 01624 817050 Beechdale Derby Derby 01332 372555 Bell & Colvill (Horsley) Ltd West Horsley 01483 281000 Bramley Kensington* London 0208 838 3113 Bramley Kensington (Sales) Kensington 0207 937 8487 Bulldog Twyford Twyford 0118 932 1331 Carstins Ltd Coventry 01676 533145 Chandlers Grantham Grantham 01476 590077 Chandlers Horncastle* Horncastle 01507 527211 Cheam Motors (Ewell) Ltd Ewell 0208 394 2266 Christopher Neil Cheshire 01606 41481 Concept* Birmingham 0121 313 6100 Conders Subaru Cambridgeshire 01733 893704 Constitution Motors Ltd Norwich 01603 411111 Cotswolds* Witney 01993 776622 Cross Roads Garage (Tredington) Ltd Shipston-on-Stour 01608 661544 Culverwell Cars Robertsbridge 01580 880567 Cutlers Of Streetly* West Midlands 01 922 472250 Cvc (Cardiff) Cardiff 02920 222100 Davies Motors (Cardigan) Cardigan 01239 621222 Dennis Common Morpeth 01665 570542 Desmond Eastwood Motors Ltd Lisburn 02892 621293 Dicksons Of Inverness* Inverness 01463 712800 Donnelly Belfast 02890 375000 Eaglesham Garage Ltd* Eaglesham 01355 302685 Emg Bury St Edmunds Suffolk 01284 775900 Emg Spalding Spalding 01775 767651 Evans Halshaw Newcastle-upon-Tyne 0191 266 4055 F R Pulleyn Wigginton Garage Ltd* York 01904 690742 Fiskens Of Forfar Forfar 01307 462980 G C Stanbury & Son* Dulverton 01398 323545 Gatwick Crawley 01293 429800 Gilesgate Ltd Hexham 01434 605825 Gmd Car Sales Durham 01913 840070 Greenwood Manchester 0161 301 5000 H Robinson & Sons (Rochdale) Ltd Rochdale 01706 716655 Haddocks Colchester 01206 230331

Halleys Garage Ltd Milngavie 0141 956 1126 Heritage (Leicester) Ltd Leicester 0116 283 1052 Holdcroft (Staffordshire) Newcastle-under-Lyme 01782 617321 Hylton Of Shrewsbury Shrewsbury 01743 450 450 Hylton Of Worcester Worcester 01905 748414 Ian Grieve Falkirk 01324 605100 J N Royle & Son Ltd (Parts Only) Oswestry 01691 610216 James Haugh (Dumfries) Ltd Dumfrieshire 01387 255291 Jennings Middlesbrough 01642 209100 John Grose Suffolk 01394 383456 John R Weir Ltd Perth 01738 477700 Jordans* Hull 01482 222500 K T Green Ltd Nr Leeds 0113 284 3535 Keith Price Garages Ltd Abergavenny 01873 811555 Kendal Motor Village LA9 6DU 01539 736666 Kenneth Melville (Errol) Ltd* Errol 01821 670242 Le Mont Saint Garage Ltd 01481 264811 Lifestyle Tunbridge Wells 01892 510005 Listers Of Worcester* Worcester 01905 640512 Lucas Of Mansfield Ltd Mansfield 01623 624244 M & R Gair Shetland 01595 693246 Mantle’s (Trefeglwys) Ltd* Caersws 01686 430202 Marlborough Isleworth Motors Ltd* Isleworth 0208 568 1414 Maugers Garage Ltd Channel Islands 01534 861388 Mckeary Motors* Coleraine 02870 351081 Mkg 3000 Middlesex 0208 894 7504 Monks Heath Motors Ltd Macclesfield 01625 861544 Monty’s Of Sheffield Sheffield 0114 221 4333 Oaken Garage Wolverhampton 01902 844441 Pewsham Garage Wiltshire 01249 654429 Prosport Ltd* Stockport 0161 432 9999 Proven Motor Company Ltd Haslemere 01428 652554 Quenby Bros Ltd Baldock 01462 499930 R N Golden Ltd Huddersfield 01484 608060 Research Garage Group Ltd Nuneaton 02476 377170 Robert Bowett Motoring Leeds 0113 277 6099 S & S Services Heathfield 01292 880080 S G Petch (Richmond) Richmond 01748 825757 Sgt Select Maidenhead 01628 605353 Showells (Garages) Ltd Nr Stourbridge 01384 422488 Simpsons Of Swindon Swindon 01793 762234

Slip End Garage Ltd Bedfordshire 01582 456888 Soul Garages Limited Buckinghamshire 01234 244300 Sparshatts Of Botley Ltd Southampton 01489 785111 St Leger Doncaster 01302 571420 Stan Palmer Ltd Carlisle 01228 525051 T H White Ltd Cirencester 01285 653354 Threeways Garage Ltd Clwyd 01745 825847 Tiley Bristol Ltd Bristol 0117 923 1231 Town & County Motors Ltd Aberdeen 01224 874333 Triangle Of Chesterfield Ltd Chesterfield 01246 454545 Vale Motors Wincanton 01963 34034 Vospers Exeter Exeter 01392 203800 Vospers Of Truro Ltd Truro 01872 226226 Walldonway Ltd Larkfield 01732 870386 Webbers Hampshire 01256 300653 Welch Group Garages Ltd Cambridge 01223 843015 Westaway Motors Ltd Spratton 01604 847245 Williams Lancing 01903 753535 Willoughby Group Nottingham 0115 925 8282 *(Authorised Repairer Only)

A large number of specialist suppliers also offer discounts to Members on the production of a valid Membership card. These include The AA, Black Circles, Scoobyworld and many, many more. Check out the Membership /Club Enquiries section of the forums for a complete list.



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True Grip Subaru Magazine | October 2011 | Subaru Impreza Drivers Club | PREVIEW  

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