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Annual report 2013

Better Together Camp Courage Maple Lake

Camp Friendship

Camp Eden Wood


Eden Prairie

Camp Courage North

Camp New Hope

Lake George


Camp Courage Maple Lake

Camp Friendship

Camp Courage North


Lake George

Camp New Hope

Camp Eden Wood


Eden Prairie

True Friends is the result of Camp Courage and Camp Friendship coming together to form one organization. In October 2013, the name True Friends was launched. The organization’s 2013 motto “Better Together” serves as a reminder of all that can be accomplished by combining these two organizations. Together we offer:

Summer & Winter Camp Day Camp Respite Volunteer Programs and Leadership Development Therapy Horses Team Building Ventures Travel Conference and Retreat

True Friends is a nonprofit, privately-funded agency that enriches the lives of nearly 4,000 children and adults with developmental, physical or learning disabilities annually.


Dear Friends, An exciting new era for disability services has begun. After nearly two years of effort, Camp Courage and Camp Friendship are now one entity, named True Friends. This name embodies everything we do. We provide an environment where friendships are built and renewed. The name also reflects two great organizations coming together to serve even more people with disabilities. The legacy of these camps began with Camp Courage in 1955, followed by Camp Friendship in 1964. The year began with the immense task of combining the best of both organizations. The 2013 collaboration motto, ‘Better Together,’ emphasizes this effort. True Friends is comprised of five Minnesota Camps and a Twin Cities office in Plymouth. The new organization continues the mission of the original entities by providing life-changing experiences for children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. With enrollment at more than 4,000 children and adults with disabilities last year, the impact is clear … and is multiplied as benefits extend to family members and care providers. True Friends is much more than summer camp. In addition to the 100+ camp sessions, services include respite care, therapy horses, travel programs and team building. By partnering with other organizations, True Friends hosts a wide variety of health and education camps. Focusing on dynamic program development, the organization is creating one of the most comprehensive disability programs in the nation. Sessions are designed to serve individuals with needs ranging from learning challenges, like ADHD, to complex physical or developmental needs requiring 1:1 care. Emerging programs include therapeutic horsemanship and occupational skill-building experiences, like Camp enVISION. Collaborating with organizations that are focused on autism, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, celiac disease, hemophilia and many other diagnoses, enables True Friends to broaden its reach to several new audiences. All of this is only possible with the generosity of our donors and volunteers – Thank You! Your support, combined with the hard work of the staff and the board, create a promising and exciting future for True Friends.

Floyd Adelman Board Chair

Ed Stracke President & CEO


Provide life-changing experiences that enhance independence and self-esteem for children and adults with disabilities


A world where experiences and adventures are open to individuals of all abilities


It’s always great to see campers progress, and Sebastian is one of them. Sebastian first came to camp in January 2012. He mostly used his Dynavox Communication Device to speak and was not big on



physical contact. Through his time at camp, he has gone from being a shy boy to a very open young guy who loves giving hugs to everyone. He is a ray of sunshine and staff always look forward to seeing him. He is sweet, caring, silly and quite smart. His speech has improved as he uses his verbal language more and more. Watching Sebastian grow and learn to socialize has been an amazing experience for both his family and counselors. Sebastian brings a burst of energy and a weekend full of smiles.

“I’m so proud of Sebastian and his accomplishments since attending camp. I’m proud of myself as a mother and an advocate for having the courage to let him go to a place where he is so happy and accepted. He continues to grow and develops courage through enriching experiences with staff and friends - who we call our family. The camp has definitely been a wonderful experience and is very therapeutic. True Friends’ camp brings peace and comfort to Sebastian and our family.”

-Sebastian’s mother, Melinda

What is respite care? Beyond summer and winter camp, True Friends offers weekend respite services licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. This can be a lifeline for families who have 24/7 care duties for a loved one with disabilities. Programs typically begin Friday evening and end late Sunday afternoon. Participants may stay for all or part of a weekend. True Friends offers respite on multiple weekends throughout the year.


Jacki has been attending summer and winter camp and respite weekends since


2004, and each time she’s excited to come back. Some of Jacki’s favorite activities include arts and crafts, hanging out with the counselors, helping out as much as she can and the hayride. Her hobbies outside of camp include taking walks, making bracelets and spending time with her parents. Jacki is from Plymouth, Minnesota and works at Opportunity Partners. She works Monday-Friday and loves everything about her job. Jacki is able to be who she wants at camp. Camp gives her a sense of freedom and allows her to do all of the things she loves, even something as simple as just “hanging out.”

“I enjoy being with my friends and making memories with staff and other campers.” -Jacki

’ y b w e D ‘ bRian

Many campers look forward to camp throughout the year. Their hearts are filled with memories and experiences of past summers. Brian “Dewby” is a shining example. Dewby has been a

camper at Camp Courage since the early 90’s and still gets excited when his camp catalog

“We have saved every letter and booklet background of a phone call laughing with from camp over the last anticipation of his upcoming session. The images couple years that we and thoughts of his future camp sessions bring read to him almost Dewby to a place that is very special for him, his every night. Brian said home away from home, Camp Courage. At camp, no to every pair of shoes until I decorated Brian is always smiling. He loves the pool and them with Camp hanging out by the lake. Brian communicates with Courage stuff. He a yes/no system. He also has memorized more literally lives for camp.” than 1,000 numbers that coordinate to a word list, which he uses to chat with the counselors and -Brian’s Program Manager fellow campers. at his residence arrives in the mail. He can always be heard in the


Group Spotlight: Minnesota FFA Association What is a Corn Drive?

Donor Since: 1955 Donated: Over $5 Million Mission:

The Minnesota FFA chapters have been holding corn drives for Camp Courage, now True Friends, since 1955. It started after a storm went through fields near Freeborn, MN. The Freeborn FFA advisor asked the farmers if he and his chapter could pick up the corn from the ground. The chapter walked the field, gathered the corn and sold it at the elevator. They collected $87 and decided to donate it to help children with disabilities. This became known as the FFA Corn Drive for Courage. Today, over 60 chapters participate annually.

FFA (formerly called the Future

Farmers of America) makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Fundraiser: Annual Corn Drive

s r e e t n u l Vo

Presidential Volunteer Service Award True Friends is a certifying organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. This award was established as a way to thank and honor those who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service.

Eligibility - Gold Level: Young Adults: 250 hours or more Adults: 500 hours or more Family & Groups: 1000 hours or more

Recipients receive: Personalized certificate of award, an official PVSA lapel pin and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States.

Dan started volunteering in 2000 and has put in over 5,000 hours of work since then. He helps with maintenance, yard work and anywhere else he is needed, always with a smile on his face.

Gold Level recipients: Individuals Callie Anderson Mariah Aiyawar Paula Asmus Stephen Aultman Abby Barankiewicz

Thank You, Dan!


Taylor Beuch Bob Dolan Hayley Engle Madelyn O’Reilly Kayla Marie Randall Emily Rasmussen Dan Workman

Groups Camp Courage Alumni St. Thomas Academy Group Mission Trips, Week of Hope First Plymouth Church

Corporate Spotlight: C.H. Robinson Donor Since: 2007 Donated: Over $85,000 2013 Grant: Used to build a Multi-Sensory Environment at Camp Eden Wood Volunteers: Annual day of volunteering, prepares Camp Eden Wood for summer campers

What is a Multi-Sensory Environment? In 2013, C.H. Robinson gave a generous grant to fund a Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) at Camp Eden Wood. This environment greatly improves programming for individuals with autism and sensitivity to sensory stimuli. The Multi-Sensory Environment helps relieve stress and anxiety and engages clients through their senses. Through individually guided use, campers and staff make it either a calming or stimulating place to increase coping skills and engagement. The equipment includes bubble tubes, light sprays, aromatherapy, vibrating mats, a climbing apparatus, bumpers, various swings, interactive panels, weighted blankets, sound and music systems and more.


Financial Highlights True Friends For the Twelve Months Ending December 31, 2013

Balance Sheet 2013


Assets Total Cash



Total Accounts Receivable















Total Current Liabilities





Total Long Term Liabilities









Fund Balance





Net Surplus (Deficit)





Ending Fund Balance





Total Liabilities & Fund Balance





Total Current Assets Total Long-Term Assets Total Assets

$ $

6,458,081 6,616,936*


Total Liabilities

* This differential represents a transfer of investment assets that did not occur by December 31, 2013.


Fund raising ended on a strong note in 2013, adding $299,041 in the last month. Increased giving from current donors, renewed support from lapsed donors and the addition of a number of new donors helped boost overall results. Total assets at Dec. 31, 2013 were $22,071,575 – which includes the investment assets of True Friends Foundation (aka the Friendship Foundation.) True Friends Foundation Update The True Friends Foundation, established to provide financial support to True Friends, continues to be a valuable asset to the organization. The True Friends Foundation investment portfolio had a good year, with the return on core investments at 10.4%.

Revenues Service Fees

$ 4,598,091

Public Support/Contributions

$ 1,956,174

Other Sources


Realized Gains/Losses on Assets

$ 1,295,334


$ 7,938,820

Public Support/ Contributions 29.4%


Other Sources 1.4%

Service Fees 69.2%

Expenses Direct Services*

$ 6,434,865

Administrative Expenses**



$ 7,184,734


Direct Services 89.6%

*Direct Service Expense By program Resident Camp Programs

$ 3,472,944

Education & Training Services

$ 1,031,540

Specialized Travel Programs

$ 1,148,367

Respite Care/Family Services


Administrative Expenses 10.4% Resident Camp Programs 48.3%


**Administrative Expenses by type Fund Raising



General Management



Education & Training Services 14.4% Specialized Travel Services 16% Respite Care/ Family Services

General Management 3.1%


Fund Raising 7.3%


: r o n o D al u d i v i d In ey l d u D l Bil

True Friends is grateful for the generosity of each and every individual, business, foundation, fund, trust and interest group. Their gifts of time, supplies and money help expand our mission of creating experiences and adventures for children and adults of all abilities. We are especially grateful to Bill Dudley, of Dudley Arabians and retired senior executive for Ameriprise Financial, for his extraordinarily generous contributions. Over the past 26 years, Bill has donated more than $800,000 along with countless hours of his time and effort as a member of the board of directors to help True Friends succeed. His major focus was in starting and growing a therapeutic horsemanship program, now called True Strides, and making it one of the best in the country. Bill grew up around horses and owns his own business raising Arabian horses. His interest in camp started when he moved next door to Camp Friendship and campers would walk over and feed grass to his horses grazing in the field. Although he did not have family or close friends with disabilities, Bill felt compelled to be involved in camp and has been an integral part of its success. The new riding arena project at Camp Courage was made possible by his funding, and we could not be more grateful for Bill and his contributions to camp.


“I’m excited for the center to bring people to camp. Anyone who has seen it, and the joy of a camper on a horse’s back, can’t help but be impressed. As long as we always keep in mind what our mission is - which is to help people with disabilities.”

-Bill Dudley

Donors Forev

er Fri Socie ends ty

Members of the Forever Friends Society included True Friends Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or estate plan or created a named endowment fund with a minimum gift pledge of $25,000. Christine M. Adolphson Ruth M. Anderson Mary F. Andresen Linda Bataglia Janet Bigham Joan E. Blanch Hilda Borscheid Anne and Donald Bowen-Olson Doris and Lawrence Brumm Lucille N. Christianson Mable Coombs Robert Day Gerald Deeney Doris E. Deschene Helen Doherty Gerald and Margaret Dokka Bill and Jane Dudley Muriel and Leslie Erickson Darlene and Cyril Erkens Donna Fortune Jean Grossman Richard and Mabeth Gyllstrom Rebecca and Jerry Hafner-Fogarty Jean Hunt Hanratty Paul and Karen Hansen Melvin and Dorothy Heckt Steffen and Janet Helgaas Bernt and Suzin Helgaas Eugene and Gloria Hippe

John and Rosalind Holahan Anne E. Holahan Jon and Colleen Hollinger Petters Steve Holst William Humphries Marion A. Hunter John and Stephanie Jacobson Tom and Anne Jones Mark and Dorothy Keymer Mel and Barb Knudsen John Kokula Bonnie and Burdette Kraemer William and Joan Krippner Jane Kviberg Mirth B. Langer Gene and Eileen Leary John and Kathy LeMay Donald and Donna Lemke Marie Lynch Stephanie Mann Joseph and Lucille Maun Marlene and Brian Miller Robert and Carol Muller Elsie Ney Elma C. Nolan Walter and Mary Noreen Raymond A. Ostlund Lyla and Raynold Otto Patricia K. Peterson



Marion Picha Irene Ploen Elizabeth Reed Anna Roberts Bill and Wanda Royle Royce and Janice Sanner Alice B. Scanlan Virginia Schoenbohm-Clymer Linda Schwichtenberg Lillian Spiering Betty G. Stark Edna A. Steffens Jesse Stewart Jack and Kim Stinogel Ed and Kris Stracke Lester and Theresa Strom Fern R. Swanson Ruth M. Teslie Ray and Barb Thomes Linda Tillman and Tim Hjelmeland Vernon M. Tischler Scott and Jeri Veldman Robert L. Webster Pat and Ann Welch Richard and Mary Wesley Helen Wipplinger Honorable Order of Blue Goose International-Minnesota Pond Anonymous (8)

Named ts n e m w o End Maude Abbey Fund, Rochester Area Foundation Alice & Orvel Bakke Memorial Campership Fund Jerald Peterson-Travis Bakke Fund Bangsberg/Boucher Endowment Fund Paul and Lois Bangsberg Family Fund Lucy Winton Bell Fund Dowling Brown Memorial Fund for Camp Courage Evelyn Buckley Estate Laurie Bureau Memorial Campership Fund Lucille Christianson Gift Agreement Benjamin Drake Memorial Fund Dudley Family Scholarship Fund The Martin Ehlers Endowment Fund Jennifer Erkens Memorial Scholarship Fund Lawrence Fallander Trust Dorothy Feinberg Fund James Fullerton III Family Fund Arthur B. Geer Memorial Fund Sid Gislason Fund Golden Family Memorial Scholarship Fund Richard and Mabeth Gyllstrom Scholarship Fund Gyllstrom Family Scholarship Fund W.W. Haldeman Fund No.1 Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Hale Fund Eleanor S. Hanson Fund The Robert E. Hanson Endowment Fund W.P. Heffelfinger Memorial Fund Two Tree Fund (Helgaas Family) Anne Holahan Scholarship Fund

John and Rosalind Holahan Scholarship Fund Jane E. Houlton Fund for Camp Courage Aquatics Hubert H. Humphrey Fund Marion A. Hunter Endowment Fund for Courage Camps Grace M. Jefferson Fund for Camp Courage Camperships Joel Jenson Scholarship Fund Marvin E. Johnson Memorial Fund Lucile B. King & Clarence M. King Courage Trust Mary Jo Kwako Memorial Fund Edna Landmesser Fund James Richard Larson Memorial Campership Endowment for Camp Courage Flossie & Floyd Lasher Campership Fund Leary Trust Don & Donna Lemke Scholarship Fund Ina E. Lindsley Crippled Child’s Fund Loesch Family Scholarship Fund Jaime Lynn Campership Fund Lorraine & Lester Malkerson Fund James Truman Matthews Memorial Fund for Camping Scholarships Lucille and Joseph Maun Scholarship Fund McKnight Adult Campership Fund Jean McVeety Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C. Meierbachttol Endowment Fund Agnes & Harold C. Metcalf Fund Kelly Mueller Memorial Scholarship Fund Walter Noreen Endowment Fund Lyla M. Otto Campership Endowment Fund for Camp Courage Edward M. Ozias Charitable Trust Kent Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund David L. Picha Fund


Marion Picha Scholarship Fund Jim Pierce Memorial Fund Rotary Fund for Camp Courage Bill and Wanda Royle Scholarship Fund Katherine Sanderson Trust II The Obert & Esther Sather Family Endowment Fund Schoenbohm Garden Fund Kim Senske Memorial Scholarship Fund Ruth Sherman Fund The Shores Fund of the St. Paul Foundation Phillip & Maurice Sieff Fund Elliot Christian Sholtis Stealey Scholarship Fund William A. and Rita D. Taylor Fund for Camp Courage Tearse Garden Fund Jennifer Tellijohn Memorial Fund Lions Campership Fund - Rustan O. Thayer Memorial Anders R. Thompson Memorial Fund The Bernard M. (Bernie) Ulmen Endowment Fund Scott Veldman Memorial Scholarship Fund Melvin O. Vollhaber Fund Jack Voss Junior Leaders Scholarship John Voss Memorial Fund Lillian F. Wallace Charitable Trust Donald Weesner Charitable Trust Donald Weesner Fund The Wilkens’ Camp Courage Endowed Fund Scholarship Paul and Elenor Wilkinson Scholarship Fund The Thomas Wolfe Endowment Fund for Camp Courage Sara Young Fund Anonymous (2) Organizational Funds Courage North Endowment The Camp Courage Lions Fund Blue Goose Scholarship Fund

In this list, we recognize individuals, businesses, service organizations and foundations who supported the work of True Friends in 2013. Gifts from these donors totaled $1,956,174, which includes cash contributions and the market value of donated goods, services and stocks. $100,000 and above Individual Donors Bill and Jane Dudley Barbara and David Koch Janice Sanner Businesses Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Circle of Friends

$25,000 - $99,999 Individual Donors John R. Cross Mark and Debbie Steen Robert and Jeanne Stracke Service Organizations Camp Friendship Auxiliary Foundations, Funds & Trusts C. H. Robinson Foundation Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation The Shores Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation The Wasie Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999 Individual Donors John and Nancy Bartlett John Kokula Brian and Whitney Lutz Businesses Dorsal Capital Management, LLC Gold'n Plump Poultry, Inc. Hipp Construction and Bonnie Canesi LLC Morgan Stanley Smith Barney FFA Alden-Conger FFA Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop FFA New Ulm FFA Randolph FFA Wabasso FFA Service Organizations Tee It Up

United Way of Greater Twin Cities Foundations, Funds & Trusts Blue Rock Charitable Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Butzow Family Foundation Fred and Elvina Mathison Fund Laura Christianson Fund Lillian F. Wallace Trust Miller-Dwan Foundation Minnesota Community Foundation Minnesota State Arts Board Northwest Minnesota Foundation Razoo Foundation Royce and Janice Sanner Fund of the St. Paul Foundation Katherine Sanderson Trust The Patch Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999 Individual Donors Robbie and Ivy Burkhart William and Deborah Danell Bruce and Kimberly Gust Bernt and Suzin Helgaas Greg and Becky Jagger David and Julie Jones Greg and Julie Lindberg Chris and Mary Rodenkirchen Jerry and Janet Stracke Barbara Stracke Ed and Kris Stracke Keith and Rebecca Swenson Robert and Mavis Voigt Businesses AVR, Inc. Engineering America H & S Heating & A/C Mauer Chevrolet Midwest Asphalt Corporation Polar Securities, Incorporated

Scopia Management, Incorporated Starwood Real Estate Securities Wolters Kluwer Health, Clinical Solutions FFA Atwater-CosmosGrove City FFA Dawson-Boyd FFA Fillmore Central FFA Hancock FFA Lac Qui Parle Valley FFA Lewiston-Altura FFA Long Prairie-Grey Eagle FFA Maccray FFA Morris FFA Owatonna FFA Sibley East-Arlington FFA Truman FFA Service Organizations Annandale Snowmobile Club Burnsville Lions Club Children's Charities of America Circle of Friends Golf Classic Clear Lake Lions Club Eden Prairie Lions Club Lions District 5M5 Midwest Motorcycle Club Osseo Lions Club Ramsey Lions Club Rogers Lions Club United Way of Wright County Area Foundations, Funds & Trusts Andersen Corporate Foundation Hugh J. Andersen Foundation The Bieber Family Foundation Blandin Foundation Buuck Family Foundation Casey Albert T. O'Neil Foundation Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation


Hardenbergh Foundation Math Fischer Foundation, Inc Poehler Stremel Fund TJX Foundation Melvin O. Vollhaber Fund

$2,500 - $4,999 Individual Donors Floyd and Andi Adelman Bill and Phyllis Bryan Robert and Gail Buuck Carolyn and Wayne Dondelinger Jeremy and Amy Engel Mark and Natalie Fosland Gaylen and Penny Ghylin David and Mona Harmann Robert J. Harnett Dennis and Tammy Holland Christopher Hughes and Christy Timm-Hughes Gregory and Becky Jaeger Dennis Lenzen Jan Malcolm Virginia Schoenbohm-Clymer Ned S. Sorley and Virginia Haggart Jack and Kim Stinogel Andrew P. Zwack Businesses BTD Manufacturing, Inc. Copia Capital, LLC CZ Capital Dance Arts Centre DeZurik, Inc. Elite Foodservice Specialists Maple Lake Lumber National Philanthropic Trust DAF Pyramis Global Advisors Rothschild Capital Partners Scheels All Sports Seawolf Capital LLC Sundman Paving & Sealcoating Inc.

The Luther Holding Company UBS Financial Services, Inc. UBS Foundation USA Ziegler, Inc. FFA Blooming Prairie FFA Blue Earth Area FFA Buffalo FFA Clear Lake FFA Dassel-Cokato FFA Fulda FFA Glencoe-Silver Lake FFA Goodhue FFA Howard Lake-WaverlyWinsted FFA Marshall FFA Martin County West FFA New Richmond FFA Norwood Young America FFA Redwood Valley FFA Sauk Rapids-Rice FFA Southland FFA Springfield FFA United South Central FFA Service Organizations Dakota Fire Extinguishers Knights of Columbus Council #9139 Maple Grove Lions Club New Brighton Lions Club Plymouth Lions Club The Rummage Sale Ministries, Wayzata Community Church United Way of McLeod County United Way of Sherburne County Area Foundations, Funds & Trusts Hemophilia Foundation of MN & the Dakotas Initiative Foundation Julianne Williams Fund of the Central MN Community Foundation Kopp Family Foundation Margaret Rivers Fund Minneapolis Foundation 612 project Riverway Foundation

Three Rivers Community Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499 Individual Donors Denise and Tom Blizil Robert and Wanda Bowen Marion Burkhardt James and Mildred Cashman Joseph and Sarah Cranny Helen Doherty Ben and Rhoda Drake Robert Droegemueller John and Barbara Dumont Pattie and Steven Engel Jane F. Fargo Raymond and Mary Flaa Tom and Mimi Fogarty Dan and Theresa Fogarty Janice Hammer Melvin Heckt Steffen and Janet Helgaas Fred and Jean Herkenhoff Richard and Carrie Higgins Deborah Kierstead Douglas and Carol Lee Harold Loge Patrick E. Lynch Kevin and Kathleen Madden John and Maryanne Mahowald Ron and Geri Mauck Denise McGee Katherine Megarry and Ian Charpentier Kurt W. Meyer Brent Miller Norma E. Mueller Robert Nesheim and Marlys Johnson Beulah Opelia Walt and Mary Jo Roberts Scott and Corey Robertson Keith and Patricia Sauer Arthur D. Schlagel Brian and Lisa Schneider Hester and Lowell Schnipper Ruth Schwanke John and Jean Skinner Jim and Mary Stahlmann


Thomas Stealey Lester M. Strom Gregory and Leah Swaim Mary R. Vaughn Mike and Deb Veldman Michael and Kimberly Walker Greg and Jennifer Wallace Marikay and Michael Wolf Bryan Yaeger Anonymous Businesses Bituminous Roadways, Inc. Bryan Rock Products, Inc. Casserly Appraisals Donation Line, LLC Dondelinger ChevroletBuick, Inc. Doolittles EmbroidMe Enviro Electric Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First National Bank of Osakis Funfar Landscaping LLC LogoMotion Marlin Skelton Painting & Decorating McPherson Products LLC Microsoft CorporationMatching Midwest Pension and Profit Sharing Services, Incorporated MWSDC Corporation Network Data Systems Reinhart Food Service, LLC Rutherford & Bechtold LLC Ryan Auto Mall Sparboe Farms, Incorporated Stogies Inc. Tom Dolan Insurance Agency, Incorporated Truist Valspar Foundation Vollero Beach Capital Management LLC FFA Belle Plaine FFA Cedar Mountain FFA Eden Valley-Watkins FFA Fertile-Beltrami FFA

Lanesboro FFA LeRoy-Ostrander FFA Lincoln High School Ivanhoe FFA Montevideo FFA Murray County Central FFA Pine Island FFA Plainview-Elgin-Millville FFA Princeton FFA Saint James FFA Stewartville FFA Waterville-ElysianMorristown FFA Zumbrota-Mazeppa FFA Service Organizations Albertville Lions Club Brooklyn Center Lions Club Brooklyn Park Lions Club Coon Rapids Lions Club East Central Energy Edina Lions Club Fairhaven Lions Club Fairmont Rotary Club Falcon Heights Lauderdale Lions Club Fridley Lions Club Great River Energy Heart of the Lakes Triathlon, Incorporated Maple Lake Lions Club Marysville Township United Fund Mille Lacs Electric Community Trust Minneapolis Northeast Lions Club Minnesota Valley Electric Trust Montrose Lions Club Northwest Tonka Lions Club Prairie Roads Wagon Train Princeton Lions Club Robbinsdale Lions Club Saint Cloud Lions Club Saint Francis Lions Club Spring Lake Park Lions Club United Way of Dodge County VFW Department of Minnesota

Foundations, Funds & Trusts Arthur Andersen & Co. Alumni Donor Advised Fund Burdick Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Caliber Foundation General Electric Foundation Gertrude Yates Trust Estate Harold W. Sweatt Foundation Michael Adam Carroll Fund of the Duluth Superior Community Foundation Saint Croix Valley Foundation Speedy & Honey Altman Memorial Camp Foundation U.S. Bancorp Foundation Warren Foundation Westhoff Family Foundation

$500 - $999 Individual Donors Margaret E. Alldredge Tim and Penny Allen Emil and Marion Angelica Susan Bickmore Richard and Juliet Boemer Patricia L. Bosacker Gayle Carlson Heather and David Christopherson William and Monica Dawson Goldie M. DeGross David and Kelly Dolan John Donnay Mary and David Drake Emily Everitt William Fleischhacker Evelyn Franklin Robert and Caroline Fullerton John and Martha Gabbert John and Joan Gordon Richard and Mabeth Gyllstrom Duchess Harris and Jon Thomas Charles and Mary Jungmann Cindy LaMont Ann Langenfeld Joseph and Michelle Lavely Jeffrey and Mary Leadholm John and Mary Lindquist

Julie Lukawski Brian and Ronda Mathiowetz Frank Mayers John and Ginny Miller Carole and Robert Mills Don and Erin Olsen Melanie Picel-Bell and Richard Bell Lawrence Redmond David Ring Colette Routel Tom and Lynn Rusch Ann Schenkel William and Cindy Schmoker Gary Schokmiller Kathryn J. Sedo Tom and Patricia Sexton Kevin and Nicole St. John Craig Steen Frederick and Karen Steen Evelyn J. Swenson John and Diane Thorvilson Elizabeth M. Thouin Shirley Timmerman Steven G. Tix and Ami J. Tix Christopher and Kandee Watkins Sandra M. Wilkens Nancy A. Wolter Businesses Agralite Electric Cooperative Annandale Advocate Bayer Crop Science Courey, Kosanda and Zimmer, P.A. Crafts Direct Dekalb/Asgrow E.A. Sween Company First Western Bank & Trust French Lake Auto Parts Gazelle Marketing, Incorporated Hamel Firemen's Relief Association Minneapolis Television Network Moquist Thorvilson Kaufmann Kennedy & Pieper, LLC NAPA Auto Parts- Parts Dept of Northfield

National Courier Service, Inc NW Mech Service DBA Bobcat of Bemidji Nystrom, Inc. Precise Plumbing, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. Saga Hill Wine & Spirits, Inc. Snap Fitness Stairway Partners, LLC Sysco Asian Foods, Inc Thielen Motors Todd M Baumgartner, CLU, CHFC Townsquare Media Wiese Law Firm, PA FFA BOLD FFA Forest Lake FFA Hawley FFA Renville County West FFA Service Organizations Alexandria Lions Club American Legion Post #131 American Legion Post #552 Anoka Lions Club Anoka Women of Today Baxter Lions Club Busy Needles Claremont Chamber of Commerce Community Shares of Minnesota Coon Rapids North Star Lions Club Eagles Aerie #4120 Eden Prairie Lioness Club Knights of Columbus Council #11941 Knights of Columbus Council #1804 Knights of Columbus Council #2764 Knights of Columbus Council #3659 Knights of Columbus Council #3827 Knights of Columbus Council #4381


Knights of Columbus Council #5296 Knights of Columbus Council #5548 Knights of Columbus Council #6608 Knights of Columbus Council #6772 Knights of Columbus Council #6825 Knights of Columbus Council #7057 Knights of Columbus Council #901 Knights of Columbus Council #9585 Litchfield Lions Club Luxemburg Lions Club Meeker Cooperative Minneapolis Riverview Lions Club Minnetonka Lions Club Northern Lights CFC Northwoods Saddle Club Redwood Electric Cooperative Rosemount Lions Club Saint Paul Park Newport Lions Club Sauk Rapids Sportsman Club Scandia Marine Lions Club South Saint Paul Lions Club Stacy Lions Club Staples Host Lions Club Straight River Women of Today United Way of Montevideo Area Vadnais Heights Lions Club Waseca Sleigh & Cutter Festival Wayzata Lions Club White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundations, Funds & Trusts Bank of America Charitable Foundation Knitcraft-St. Croix Foundation Paul Adelman Children with Disabilities Endowment Fund

$250 - $499 Individual Donors Robert Albers Thomas R. Arlander, M.D. Sharon Armus and Marilyn Thompson Garry and Shannon Banks Todd and Carin Baumgartner Jason Bernick Lynette Black Dawn Blankenship and Rafeal Fernandez Randy and Susan Boser Sandra and Gerald Carlson Stanley Crist Kevin and Andrea Dietrich Thomas and Brenda Dolan Scott and Vivian Donaldson Douglas B. Dudgeon W. Ted and Marianne Dudley Jeffrey and Patty Engelsgjerd June Fairley Donald and Donita Fick John and Laurel Glisky Arnold and Ruth Gruys Wilfried and Sue Hahn Donald Helgeson and Sue Shepard Thomas and Carol Herkenhoff Gene and Pat Hetland Robert and Margaret Heuer Katharine Hill and Christopher Matthews Paul C. Holthaus David K. Hopkins Erica Jensrud Melinda and Marvail Johannsen Tom and Anne Jones Johanne and Frank King Angela and Jonathan Knutzen Frank and Elizabeth Koch Jane K. Koenig Hank and Vicky Kohorst Bob Kovell Alpha and John Kreidler Ronna and Terrance Linroth Michael and Carol Lorenzen Emily Lynch Bridget M. Marquez

Stacie M. Marquez Dean and Kate McCall Eric and Mary Meester Rebecca and Paul Melby Paula J. Miller Valerie Nelson Vern and May Nordling James R. Olson Oliver and Karen Orth Paula Pohlkamp Robert and Barbara Polland Deborah and James Propes James and Joan Rhude Benita and Douglas Rueckert Robert and Marilynn Scherrer Gordie and Ione Schmitt Carol and Tim Schneeweis Susan and Charles Schoenbohm Robert and Charlotte Shadduck Paula J. Snider Patricia Stone Brian and Melody Sweeney Christen A. Szymanski, Ph.D. Kristen and Matthew Thurber Roger and Carol Upcraft Rosemary "Toy" K. Ward Businesses Backyard Relfections Bernatello's Pizza Blizil's Repair Carver-Scott Educational Cooperative Chevron Corporation Eaton Corporation Henry Schein Dental JW Nolan Inc. L.E.K Consulting LLC M & M Bus Service, Inc McKinley Finance, Inc. Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Minnesota Timberwolves Moen Management Moving Pictures, Inc. Nametag International, Inc. Portolite Products, Inc Sabby & Reyes LLC Select Communications, Inc Thermo-Tech


Viterra Dakota Growers Pasta Company Wright Hennepin Co-op Electric Assoc. FFA Mora FFA Spring Valley-Wykoff FFA West Central Area FFA Service Organizations American Legion Post #621 Annandale Improvement Club Belgrade Lions Club Brooklyn Park Lady Lions Club Brown County Rural Electric Trust Butterfield Lions Club Carlos Lions Club Cedar East Bethel Lions Club Cokato Community Chest, Inc. Eagles Aux. #622 Elk River Lions Club Goodhue County Cooperative Electric Ham Lake Lions Club Hopkins Noontime Lions Club Knights of Columbus Council #11345 Knights of Columbus Council #12231 Knights of Columbus Council #13122 Knights of Columbus Council #1556 Knights of Columbus Council #2018 Knights of Columbus Council #3613 Knights of Columbus Council #3628 Knights of Columbus Council #3656 Knights of Columbus Council #3657 Knights of Columbus Council #5078 Knights of Columbus Council #5276 Knights of Columbus Council #8571

Knights of Columbus Council #961 Knights of Columbus Council #9657 Lake Elmo Lions Club Lakeville Lions Club Le Sueur Lions Club McGregor Lions Club Minnesota Valley Coop Light & Power Assoc. Mt. Hermon Evangelical Lutheran Church Pierz Lions Club Rice Lions Club Rockville Lions Club Roseville Lions Club Saint Cloud Metro Lions Club Saint Joseph Y2K Lions Club Saint Paul Midway Lions Club St. Michael-Albertville Women of Today Stearns Electric Association Trust Stillwater Lions Club Taylors Falls Lions Club United Association of Plumbers Local Union #15 VFW Post #5460 Wells Lions Club Wildwood Lions Club Woodland Township Community Chest Foundations, Funds & Trusts Hubert H. Humphrey Foundation Jackson Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Minnesota Vikings Children's Fund Shopko Foundation Tri-State Charitable Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

$100 - $249 Individual Donors Brett and Heather Abrahamson Leonora E. Akers Lynne B. Alexander Curtis and Stacy Anderson Luverne and Janice Anderson James and Susan Anderson Denis Bakke Lloyd and Susie Barthel Mark and Debra Basco Christine and Paul Beard Janet Berning Michael Bishop Thomas and Margo Blomberg Aldrich and Meredith Bloomquist Joseph and Kimberly Bohlke Julie K. Bollmann Mark and Janice Bornhoft Anna L. Bosacker Phil and Gale Braun Elizabeth Brown Darrell and Beth Bruestle Paul and Luane Bruggers Ralph and Lori Buettner Paul and Kathleen Campbell Bruce and Cathleen Campbell John and Sandy Carlson Gary and Jane Carlson Kathy Carlson Michael and Carole Casey Joel and Jan Cederholm Susan and Robert Chang Brian and Lisa Citak James and Helen Cole Suzette B. Conley Cathy Cooley Charles and JoAnn Copeland Jim Cossairt Delores M. Costello Samuel and Mary Jo Cote Lewis and Darlene Cradit Douglas O. Dahlquist Virginia Dale Jeffrey Davidman Art and Marlene Dingmann Arthur J. Downey Michael and Kimberly Doyle

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Camp Locations Camp Friendship, Annandale Camp Courage, Maple Lake Camp Eden Wood, Eden Prairie Camp Courage North, Lake George Camp New Hope, McGregor

4 282

Clients served annually

Camp options

Years of camp operation


Summer Winter Respite, Weekend Care


3 1

Provide life-changing experiences that enhance independence and self-esteem for children and adults with disabilities


Non-Profit US Postage


PERMIT No. 49 Annandale, MN

10509 108th Street NW Annandale, MN 55302

Board of Directors

True Friends

Floyd Adelman

Gaylen Ghylin

David Jones

Jeff Bangsberg

Bob Harnett

Jan Malcolm

Jerry Caruso

Duchess Harris

Carole Mills

Mimi Fogarty

Greg Jaeger

Greg Wallace

True Friends Foundation Floyd Adelman

Mel Heckt

Ed Stracke

Jean Grossman

David Jones

John Tollefsrud

Becki Hafnar-Fogarty

John Kokula

Greg Wallace

Bob Harnett

Mark Steen




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True Friends 2013 Annual Report  

True Friends 2013 Annual Report