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Well I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of #NUFC this summer. Twitter that is, not the club (but I’m sure some have found le it difficult to dissociate the two at times). I like Twitter on the who as it provides a heap of information and amusing divertissements. I’m always curious to know what’s going on at @OrkneyLibrary for example. One day I may go. And I always have a chuckle at the e captions at @PastPostcard. It’s like watching last of the Summer Win but without having to endure the comedy bits. I like @IanMartin’s columns on architecture, too. I don’t know what he’s on about but I know they’re digging some magic vibe. Even though I don’t like architecture. Wading through Twitter’s backwater can be very soothing. Like checking out old ‘90s websites that look like Heath Robinson contraptions. Like the one that used to plot the of daily course of sea vessels round the British Isles on a graph. We need these things to remind us we are human. But this close season on the #NUFC timeline is like watching the February 1917 revolution unfold. When is the palace coup? When will

the workers strike? When will the sailors mutiny? When will #NUFC lighten up? Remember when we played silly word games with player names or songs? Banterwankers, Gropers and #LGBT flags (To quote the much missed The Long Blondes) here comes the serious bit. This rainbow flag banner busin ess. I was saddened to see the recent reaction to the

idea by a number of Mags. I know social media often serves as an online fly tip for opinions, and people post things on Ye Web they’d never say outside of their own digital “safe space”. But some of the comments to justify no LGBT flag baffled me. Especially the ones based round the idea of “keeping politics or people’s sexuality out of football”. To start with

politics. If that’s the case, if that’s what we really want at the ground, then I’m sorry but wouldn’t we need to review all “political” actions and ‘signifiers’ displayed in or round the ground? Maybe no poppies on shirts , the minute’s silence for the war dead, no serving soldiers or charity runs on the pitch. Or initiatives like the food bank. Or applause for our own lost Mags. Or those suffering with or raising money for

, s r e k n a Banterw d n a C F U # LGBT, # N c i s u M e r No Mo

RICHARRD FOSTE ry Incendzia Maga ine

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