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Realistically just where can Newcastle United expect to finish next season? Being a Newcastle United fan can be a blessing and a curse. Undoubtedly one of the biggest clubs in the country, with an incredible fanbase, there isn’t many greater feelings as a fan than watching Rafa Benitez’s men do well. However, despite claiming to be some of the best fans in the league, supporters have a tendency to unnecessarily worry. A lot.


In some respect, the overthinking and paranoia can be justified. Mike Ashley’s reign has been shrouded with broken promises and mind-baffling decisions when it comes to the running of this great club. But you only have to look on social media this summer to see Newcastle fans just love to worry. For that reason, I am excited for the transfer window to

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close and for the season to get underway, simply so I don’t have to hear fans moaning about the possibility of a signing who may not even be interested in a move to Tyneside. However, once the season starts there will be a new worry on fans’ minds and I sense it will be about where the club can finish this season. It’s an interesting situation and a tough one to call, but realistically,

where should Newcastle be aiming to end the season?

Being realistic A large amount of followers will probably be happy with a mid-table finish, as long as the club aren’t involved in another relegation battle. However, there will be a section of the fanbase who assume due to having Benitez in the dugout, Newcastle HAVE to be aiming for

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True faith 132  

Newcastle United back in the Premier League with Rafa Benitez serenely assembling his squad for the new challenges and receiving every possi...