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Atsu - From being a fast, tricky customer with absolutely minimal positional sense his game noticeably improved especially towards the end of the season. His permanent move gives Rafa the opportunity to continue the obvious good work he’s started. tf 10

Brighton and Hove Albion - Let’s never forget that they are the Championship champions despite not actually winning it. This ‘fact’ was confirmed by a recent article on the BBC’s website. Carr - his departure is an admission that the model implemented all those years ago was failing and dead

on its arse and, above all, it looked like confirmation that Rafa had been given complete control over who came and who went out of the club. Dummett - Our very own Geordie living the dream playing for his boyhood club does seem to rather divide opinion amongst us fans Given he’s played

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Newcastle United back in the Premier League with Rafa Benitez serenely assembling his squad for the new challenges and receiving every possi...