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As a keen purveyor of the more interesting debate amongst our support on social media, I think it’s fair to say that little in recent times has been as divisive as the subject of Newcastle’s current number 45. It’s pretty clear that his supporters, (the very vocal minority) held sway for quite some time. And are now being outnumbered by a once silent majority in keyboard warrior land. My take is that the more ‘switched on’ amongst our ranks appear to have seen enough. Talk of Mitro certainly raises pulses in chatrooms & Taverns alike, but why is this so? The more basic element of Newcastle’s following just adore the kid. People who lurk behind handles such

as ‘Toon 4 lyf’ or (Christian name) NUFC (Surname) won’t have a word said against him. I believe that he encompasses all that the less complicated adore in a centre forward. They know the score. After all, they & him bleed black & white yee knaa. His appearance is one of casual menace. All buzz cut and body art with a burly frame & crooked smile to boot. A guy with his heart on his sleeve who loves nothing more than attempting to lift the crowd like a delinquent

Balkan cousin of Steven ‘Tayls’ Taylor. His lightswitch temperament and penchant for a ridiculous red seem only to endear him ever more amongst his fanbase. What about his talent? This is where it becomes a bit trickier for me. Certainly, he has some pedigree. He has notched in Champions league and is an important member of his country’s strike force. If I cite his first ever goal for Newcastle & his most recent for Serbia. Both were Shearer

The curious case of Aleksandar Mitrović. tf 52

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