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In latter years, the true faith Podcasts have become one of the most popular elements of our content. Now led by Pod-Father, Alex Hurst and his PodSquad we are now putting out regular episodes to an ever-growing band of listeners across the Black & White planet. They are becoming MASSIF.

T S A C D O P Y L TF WEEK W O H S O I D A R AND Tune in on radio northumberland 7.00pm Friday night Listen here The Podcasts regularly include guests and special features. Like everything true faith does, they are absolutely FREE.

to and from matches via public transport, in the car, or just as anyone would listening to the radio in the house etc

Our listeners tell us they variously listen to the true faith Podcasts via their smartphones on the way

The Podcasts aren’t a closed shop and if you would like to join the podcasts as a contributor,

just get in touch with Alex via the TF Weekly Podcast Twitter account and we’ll see what we can do. More recently, the Podcasts have taken a further step forward by adding a weekly Radio show and Friday

nights at 7pm via Radio Northumberland. We are also now taking calls from listeners and attempting to develop a real Mag-led Talk-In show feel which will be something of a first in fanzine culture. Get involved and make it happen.

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