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True Coffee is one coffee product supplier that believes in going all the way! Apart from ensuring that you have the best fair trade coffee beans and brewing machines within easy reach, this company has also taken it upon itself to provide you with the choicest and most interesting coffee recipes so that you never fall short of variety in your morning beverage. In a recent release, the company has just uploaded a detailed recipe of the all time favorite – Americano! Visit and learn how you can brew this fantastic drink for yourself within minutes! True Coffee is one of the best online providers of coffee and coffee products in the United Kingdom. The website is well known for offering a huge variety of coffee beans, various gourmet roasts as well as other high quality products related to coffee such as coffee makers, grinders, mugs and many more. “An Americano coffee is basically a rich full bodied coffee made with an espresso and hot water. The term Americano was first thought to have come from world war 2 when American soldiers wanted an espresso but with more volume, this was achieved by adding more water to the basic espresso so the GI's would get more sips out of their coffee beverage, other sources say the Americano coffee drink comes from American Spanish and dates back to the 1970's. The Cafe Americano drink has become popular throughout the whole world and can be seen on menu's in cafés and restaurants. To create a café Americano – a coffee that satisfies the American preference for more sips in every cup – Europeans simply add hot water to their espresso, the Americano is similar in strength and taste to American-style brewed coffee, there are subtle differences achieved by pulling a fresh shot of espresso for the beverage base.” explains Mr. Ben Henderson, owner of True Coffee. From Fair trade coffee beans to bean to cup coffee machines to the best brewing techniques and recipes – all information related to coffee is available under one roof with True Coffee. They truly deserve to be your beverage partner. For more information about the coffee recipe guide or for purchasing branded coffee beans, various gourmet roasts as well as other high quality coffee related products, please visit the website

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