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We make it possible ‌to discover your career.

Transforming discovery into care

We make it possible …to transform discovery into care

We make it possible

Biogen Idec is one of the leading biotechnology companies in the world. We are a global leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of novel therapies. We are continuously searching for new standards of care in therapeutic areas with high unmet need, and for treatments that will improve the quality of patients’ lives worldwide.

Discover your career

Join Biogen Idec and you will find a fulfilling mission and opportunities to grow in your career. As a well-resourced, global company, Biogen Idec has a large array of development resources including experienced mentors, training courses, interim job assignments, informational networks, and other opportunities for an individual to continue learning and developing in his or her career. At Biogen Idec, employees take the lead in defining their career and in coordinating the various resources to achieve their long-term goals and aspirations. The Company fully encourages the development of its employees knowing that it will enhance the individual, the team and the business overall.

“Biogen Idec offers a multi-cultural environment in which departments closely interact. It is extraordinary that the Company is so employee-oriented and caring about the personal and professional development of its employees. I enjoy being part of a highly-qualified and wellexperienced team offering a motivating learning environment supported by comprehensive development programs.” Dimitra, Associate III, Distributor Business International Headquarters


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Our vision:

With passion, purpose and partnerships, we transform scientific discoveries into advances in human healthcare

We make it possible live our corporate culture

Courageous Innovation

We apply our knowledge, talent and resources to yield new insights and bold ideas. We confront challenge and uncertainty with zeal, tenacity and vision and seize opportunities to excel.

Quality, Integrity, Honesty

Our products are of the highest quality. Our personal and corporate actions are rooted in mutual trust and responsibility. We are truthful, respectful and objective in conducting business and in building relationships.

Team as a Source of Strength Commitment to Those We Serve

Our Company is strong because our employees are diverse, skillful and collaborative. We pursue our fullest potential as individual contributors, team members and team leaders. We measure our success by how well we enable people to achieve and to thrive. Patients, caregivers, shareholders and colleagues deserve our best.

Growth, Transformation

Consistent with our core values, we as individuals and as a corporation are dedicated to

and Renewal

creative and constructive growth, transformation and renewal as a source of inspiration and vitality.

“At Biogen Idec we empower our employees. We expectyou to drive for results and to assume responsibility. Our values guide your actions. It is not just achieving your objectives; it is as important to us how you do it.” Christoph Bölling, Ph.D., Vice President, Human Resources International Headquarters

We make it possible

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We make it possible …to give new hope to new patients One of Biogen Idec’s core values is a commitment to those we serve. Our goal is to help

Our commitment to improving

patients and their families live the fullest lives possible.

the lives of patients guides our actions every step of the way.

Cancer affects most people - as patients or as relatives of a patient. Despite years of intensive research, cancer rates are still on the rise. Biogen Idec discovered the first monoclonal antibody to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for a cancer indication, and today it is the No. 1 seller of cancer therapeutics in the United States. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. Biogen Idec developed the leading treatment for relapsing forms of MS. This treatment slows the progression of disability and reduces relapse. Olga Bobrovnikova is one particularly bright example of how a patient’s life is transformed by our therapies.

“The search for lost music has been a big motivator in my life and has enabled me to take the maximum benefit from my MS treatment.” Olga Bobrovnikova, MS patient

Multiple sclerosis: the end of a career? Not for Olga Bobrovnikova. Shortly after she


had completed her studies at the Moscow Conservatory of Music, the twenty-year-old

deserve our best

pianist noticed the first symptoms: weakness in her legs and minor problems with her sense of balance. These were diagnosed as a “neurological infection” with serious consequences. It was not until December 2000, following several of the characteristic episodes, that multiple sclerosis was confirmed. For Olga Bobrovnikova, who lived to play her piano, it was the shock of her life. Despite the possibility that it could mean the end of her career, Olga refused to give up. Olga was offered MS treatment from Biogen Idec and soon she began to feel a positive

We make it possible

effect. From there her health has only improved and today she plays the piano with more

for Olga to return

bravura than ever before - delighting audiences all over the world.

to normal life

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We make it possible

We make it possible Biogen Idec looks to hire the best. We’re looking for talented people who want to join an innovative and diverse set of employees with a passion for improving the lives of patients. Biogen Idec provides employees with opportunities to make a difference, to discover and grow in their careers, and to share in the Company’s achievements and success. Scott, Sr. Director, Human Resources Massachusetts, U.S.

Every day has its challenges so you have to be creative to overcome obstacles and I love that part of the job. I get the resources I need to achieve my goals. You make a decision in the morning and see the result in the afternoon, that’s fantastic. Janne, Associate Director, Medical Affairs Nordic Commercial Denmark

Aside from the wonderful benefits, I joined Biogen Idec knowing it was going to be a rewarding career for me. I sensed that this is an employer who invests a lot in their employees and wants them to be successful. I wasn’t wrong. Shelley, Associate II, Human Resources North Carolina, U.S.

It is exciting to work on novel research that may one day help the patients that I see as a practicing neurologist. Everyday I work with people who are committed to discovering the next scientific breakthrough that will advance the treatment of chronic and debilitating diseases. I’ve got a passion for the work we do and it’s fulfilling to work with others who feel the same. Al, Senior Vice President, Neurology Research and Development Massachusetts, U.S.

We make it possible discover and develop your skills

Transforming discovery into care, working in an international environment, managing diversity, assuming responsibility, developing yourself through challenging assignments, exploiting new career opportunities are just a few reasons to join Biogen Idec.

At Biogen Idec, we are each afforded the opportunity to demonstrate the leadership

Leadership is our strategic

characteristics and behaviors that result in growth, transformation and renewal for

competitive advantage

ourselves, our Company and our patients. Together, we will assess your competencies, help build and implement an individual development plan, and progress your career in our global organization. We believe that the individual makes a difference. In order to attract the best, we offer a


comprehensive compensation and benefit package. As you contribute to the Company’s growth you should expect to benefit from the Company’s success. This philosophy, which is based on the principle of meritocracy, is strongly reflected in our total rewards practices. Find a list of current job openings in the career section of the local country websites or

Current job openings

on our corporate website, For additional contact information, please refer to the addresses listed on the last page of this brochure. If there are no opportunities that currently match your experience and career interests, please send us your CV via the corporate website as we are continuously searching for top talent. Should you find opportunities that could be of interest to your friends or acquaintances, we would appreciate if you would forward the job description to them by using the “send to a friend” function.

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We make it possible

We make it possible work in an international environment

The Netherlands Canada · Ontario United States · Cambridge, MA

UK & Ireland Sales · Maidenhead

United States · Washington D.C.

Ireland · Dublin United States · Research Triangle Park, NC

Belgium · Brussels

Portugal · Lisbon

Spain · Madrid

France · Paris

United States · San Diego, CA

Biogen Idec is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and maintains its International headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, with additional centers of excellence in Hillerod, Denmark, San Diego, California and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The Company operates a global distribution network in over 90 countries and has offices throughout the world.

✓ Direct Commercial Capabilities in 25 Countries ✓ Distributor network and partnerships extend sommercial reach to over 70 additional markets ✓ Manufacturing (and customer service) in North Carolina, Denmark in 2008 (expected) We make it possible

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Brazil · Sao Paulo

Norway · Oslo Denmark · Hillerød

At Biogen Idec, I have had the opportunity to work in various areas of the operation and to shape and take initiative in my job - naturally within the boundaries and guidelines that the Company has set. Within Biogen Idec, a job is not something that you are stuck in, but it is the next step on the road towards your personal development.”

Sweden · Stockholm Finland · Vantaa

Arjan, Manager, Contract Manufacturing The Netherlands

China · Beijing

Slovak Republic · Bratislava Czech Republic · Prague Japan · Tokyo

Austria · Vienna Germany · Ismaning

Slovenia · Ljubljana

Italy · Milano

India · New Delhi

New Zealand · Auckland

Switzerland · Zug Australia · Sydney

Discover more at

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We make it possible

Discover more at… Massachusetts Biogen Idec 14 Cambridge Center Cambridge, MA 02142 Tel: (617) 679-2000 U.S.


North Carolina Biogen Idec 5000 Davis Drive Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Tel: (919) 993-1100 California Biogen Idec, Human Resources 5200 Research Place San Diego, CA 92122 Tel: (858) 401-8000 Australia

Biogen Idec Australia Pty Ltd. · Level 26, 100 Miller street · North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia · PO BOX 1406 · Tel: +61 2890073300 Fax: +61 289073332 ·


Biogen Idec Austria GmbH · Lemboeckgasse 63/2 · 1230 Vienna · Austria Tel: +43 14844613 · Fax: +43 1484461311 · Biogen Idec International N.V./S.A. · Rue de Colonies 11/Koloniënstraat 11 B-1000 Bruxelles/ B-1000 Brussel · Belgium Tel: +32 22191218 · Fax: +32 22192356 ·


Biogen Idec Denmark A/S · Ørestads Boulevard 67 · 2300 Copenhagen S Denmark · Tel: +45 77415757 · Fax: +45 77415799 ·


Biogen Idec (Denmark) Manufacturing Aps · Biogen Idec Allé 1 DK-3400 Hillerød · Denmark · Tel: +45 77416000 Fax: +45 77416070 · Biogen Idec Finland Oy · Äyritie 12 A · SF-01510 Vantaa · Finland Tel: +358 977437000 · Fax: +358 977437040 ·


Biogen Idec France SAS · ”La capitole” · 55 Avenue des Champs Pierreux 92012 Nanterre Cedex · France · Tel: + 33 141379595 · Fax: + 33 141370915


Biogen Idec GmbH · Carl-Zeiss Ring 6 · 85737 Ismaning · Germany Tel: +49 89996170 · Fax: +49 8999617199 ·


Biogen-Dompé S.r.l. · Via San Martino · 12-12/A · 20122 Milano · Italy Tel: +39 02583831 · Fax: +39 0258383477


Biogen Idec International BV · Tokyostraat 31-33 · 1175 RB Lijnden The Netherlands · Tel: +31 205422022 · Fax: +31 205422300 ·

The Netherlands

Biogen Idec BV · Robijnlaan 7-8 · 2132 WX Hoofddorp · The Netherlands Tel: +31 235668181 · Fax: +31 235668182 · Norway

Biogen Idec Norway AS · Karenslyst Allé 8B · Skøyen · N-0278 Oslo · Norway Tel: +47 23120638/39 · Fax +47 23120598 ·


Biogen Idec Portugal · Avenida duque d’Avila 185, 8 floor · 1050-082 Lisboa Portugal · Tel: +35 1213188450 · Fax: +35 1213188451 · Biogen Idec Iberia SL · Paseo de la Castellana 41-3rd floor · 28046 Madrid · Spain Tel: +34 913107110 · Fax: +34 913107111 ·


Biogen Idec Sweden AB · Kanalvägen 1A, Plan 2 · S-194 61 Upplands Väsby Sweden · Tel: +46 859411360 · Fax: +46 859411369 ·


Biogen Idec International GmbH · Landis +Gyr-Strasse 3 · 6300 Zug · Switzerland Tel: +41 413921700 · Fax: +41 413921710 ·


Biogen-Dompé AG · Landis +Gyr-Strasse 3 · 6300 Zug · Switzerland Tel: +41 417287444 · Fax: +41 417287440 · Biogen Idec Limited · Thames House · Foundation Park · Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 2UD · United Kingdom · Tel: +44 1628501000 Fax: +44 1628501010 ·


*Please note that some websites are under construction and will be available soon. Please go to for a complete listing of all Biogen Idec job opportunities and company information.

We make it possible

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Biogen Idec allows people to accept new challenges to broaden their experience and stretch their abilities. This creates a very rewarding and enjoyable work environment and is the reason I have been here for over 10 years. Gregory, Sr. Manager, Metrology and Electrical North Carolina, U.S.

As a physician I am fascinated with what biotechnology has done to improve the lives of so many patients across the globe. I am impressed by how Biogen Idec communicates proactively with patients and the public in order to explain this complex technology in a transparent and understandable way. Katja, Sr. Director, Public Affairs Switizerland

I wanted to work for a company whose primary goal is to help patients. I also wanted to work for a company that appreciates their employees and the work that they do. Biogen Idec meets both of my goals. Donna, Sr. Associate II, Regulatory Operations California, U.S.

Transforming discovery into care

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