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EXPRESS TRUCK TAX Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

What is express truck tax? 

Express Truck Tax is an e-filing website used to file tax for Trucks. It is authorized by IRS.


This site is mainly focused to file the forms Form 2290 (Truck Tax filing), Form 8849 (Credit filing), Form 2290 Amendments (Modification and Corrections filing).

Using express truck tax, you can file: 

IRS Form 2290

IRS Form 8849

IRS Form 2290 Amendments

1. Heavy vehicle use Tax What is Form 2290?

The IRS Form 2290 is used to file Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes.

The Form 2290 Must be filed Annually for vehicles over 55,000 lbs.

What is Form 2290 schedule 1? 

IRS Form 2290 Schedule 1 is used to pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). Schedule 1 is a proof of Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax payment received from IRS when you e-file Form 2290.

When E-Filing, the IRS will apply a digital watermark to your HVUT Schedule 1. This digitally "stamped" Schedule 1 serves as your Form 2290 proof of payment.

What you need to file Form 2290?

Basic Vehicle information


Gross Vehicle weight

Form 2290 due dates? 

The IRS Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes (HVUT) must be filed annually for each taxable vehicle that is used on public highways during the current tax period.

The normal tax period for heavy vehicles begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year.

What is use of first month? 

When Filing the IRS Form 2290, you will be asked to provide the First Use month for a vehicle.

This Date refers to the time when the vehicle was placed in service during the tax period. If this vehicle has been in service for previous years and will continue to be in service this year, the First Use Month will be July.

This is because the Tax Period For Heavy Vehicle Use Cont…. Taxes is from July until June.


If a New Vehicle is placed in service during the tax period, the First Use month would be the month in which the vehicle was first used.


If a vehicle was only used during part of the tax period, the tax for the year will be prorated.

HVUT Late Penalties and interest:


If you receive a HVUT penalty for filing your return late or paying your tax late and believe you have reasonable cause for doing so, send a letter to the IRS explaining why you believe you have reasonable cause for filing late or paying late.


Do not attach an explanation when you file your return.

2. Claim for refund taxes What is Form 8849?

The IRS Form 8849 is the "Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes." If a heavy vehicle is sold, destroyed, or stolen during the tax period of July 1 - June 30, a partial refund can be claimed with the Form 8849.

The Refund of Excise Taxes will be prorated based on how long the vehicle was in use during the tax year.

What is Form 8849 and schedule 6?

The Form 8849 Schedule 6 can also be claimed for a full refund if a vehicle completes the Form 2290 and pays the Excise Tax for Heavy Vehicles, but does not exceed the mileage threshold of 5,000 miles during the tax period (7,500 if the vehicle is driven for Agricultural Use).

3. Form 2290 Amendments What is Form 2290 Amendments?

A Form 2290 Amendment is quite simply, an amendment to the IRS Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes.

Common reasons to file form 2290 : 

VIN Corrections

Taxable Gross Weight Increase

Mileage Exceeded

VIN correction:

The 2290 VIN corrections would need to be filed if an error was made on the 2290 when entering the 17 character Vehicle Identification Number. You can even file a VIN correction for Free.

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique serial number used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles. Cont…


VIN correction is filed if mistake has been made in any of the VIN during previously filed Form 2290. Earlier, VIN correction could only be done through paper filing but Now, IRS has allowed VIN corrections to be done through E-file as it is quick and easy.


You can get your VINs corrected and receive your stamped schedule 1 in minutes.

Taxable Gross Weight :


Taxable gross weight of a vehicle increases during the period and the vehicle falls in a new higher category. For instance, an increase in maximum load customarily carried may change the taxable gross weight.

Mileage Exceeded:


This type of amendment is filed if a suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage use limit. Mileage use limit for a heavy vehicle on public highways is 5,000 miles or less (7,500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles).


The mileage use limit applies to the total mileage a vehicle is on the road during a period, regardless of the number of owners.

Services provided by Express Truck Tax 

IRS Approved: -We're an IRS authorized e-file provider.


-Our technical and support team is the most experienced team in the industry. 

Safe and Secure:

-We have taken every possible step to make sure Express Truck Tax is safe and secure. 

Right Price:

-We know we're not the only ones providing this service, but we do know we're the only ones doing it at this price with this level of quality.

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Express truck tax  

The IRS has simplified the process of filing Form 2290 and paying your HVUT taxes with the ability to E-File.

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