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Unless you have been away from the world, you must have heard about the alkaline diet. Since the diet is a tough one and demands some massive changes in the overall eating habits, most people settle for alkaline water. Ionized water, as it is also known to many, has some amazing benefits. Here are five of them.

One of the prime benefits of 9.5pH Alkaline Water is the reduction in the acid buildup in the body. This keeps the body healthy and ensures that the natural energy levels are maintained.

Tru Balance Alkaline Water comes with added vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, and we have taken extra care to ensure that your body gets the right essential nutrients.

Limited research shows that alkaline water can help people in dealing with chronic pain, especially with regards to arthritis pain.

The presence of antioxidants also helps in reducing the signs of aging. Also, there is an improvement in the hydration rate, which is great for overall health.

Facts about 9.5ph Alkaline Water