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The Friday Toast

From From the the President’s President’s Desk Desk As the year end approaches and our Thomson Reuters Toastmasters Club winds down for the year 2013, it is a time to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments and to start thinking about what we want to achieve next year. And boy has it been an eventful year!!! We had a District 82 Evaluation Champion Dhanuja Singh making us proud, Manjula Devi who won accolades for her brilliant organizational skills in organizing the Reverberation. Representations in Area district level, we have constantly been evolving. Every time I renewed my subs, I often look back on the last six months and think of some great memories: of a speech I had heard, of some really motivational advice I had received in an evaluation, of seeing a new member grow, of friendship and fun at the meeting, or even just a sense of belonging. Most importantly, I didn’t want to lose the chance to have those same experiences again in the next six months. To all members of Thomson Reuters Toastmaster s Club, I wish you a joyous and safe holiday season. I look forward to watching everyone grow in 2014. With a new leadership team I am very confident that our club which is filled with great listeners and even better speakers and leaders, will be set in a right direction. Talking of right direction, it brings DCP to my mind and we are nicely on track for another 10 / Sajna Kaveriappa - ACB , CL 10 this year. Club President You may wonder if you are getting what you need out of Toastmasters, but to quote Thomas Edison’s advice “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”. Don’t give up on Toastmasters too soon. I am so glad that I stuck it out. You would be too. Together we Achieve, Together we Grow!!!

Breaking Breaking News News :: We We are are now now District District 92 92

Club’s Achievement

Rajesh K Club Treasurer As a club we have made great progress in building and retaining membership in the last few months. I would like to thank my entire team of officers and a special thanks to our Treasurer Rajesh K who made this happen so seamlessly. I’d like to welcome the new members of our club and wish them great success in their journey with Thomson Reuters Toastmasters Club. - Sajna Kaveriappa

Welcome New Members

Anantharaman Bharanidharan Vinod Benedict Vinod Kumar Chandran Jossy George Arun Mahadevu Vidyashree Muralidhara Gururaja Raghu Girija Rangaswamy Padmaja Sunder Sachinkumar Kantilal Tailor Vignesh Vijayakumar Thoppay

The Friday Toast Achievers of The Club – July – Dec 2013

Pyramid of Success As the fourth term and the year 2013 comes to an end, it’s time for a recap of the major events and milestones which lead to the success of the Club.

TM Rajesh K Competent Leader

TM Debjyoti Sanyal Competent Leader

TM Dhanuja Singh Advanced Leadership Bronze

TM Brinda C Competent Leader

TM Manjula Devi Advanced Leadership Bronze

It is no wonder that success cannot be spelt without a ‘U’, which stands for every individual member of the Club. I found many of my Toastmasters colleagues tell me that they could not contribute as much as they would have liked to. Well, I myself was part of the same school of thought. But then there is a saying that there is always room for improvement in

Debjyoti Sanyal – CL VP - Education

whatever we do. These little improvements which we try to imbibe within us with every passing meeting we attend at the Club, is part of the secret recipe for success! Here are the golden moments as we move on to the 5th Term and complete 2 successful years of Toastmasters “Club Life”, as I being the ‘DJ’ would like to put it 

The Friday Toast Club’s Achievements 1.

Membership Status • 11 new members added • Smedley’s Award - 5 New Members Aug– Sep 2013 • 33 Members as on 31/12/2013


Distinguished Club Program • 5 out of 10 goals are already met • Aiming for 10/10 points

As you must have seen the club has already met the distinguished status as on Oct 2013. Special thanks to all the club officers and members who have contributed to this. Our aim to achieve the remaining 5 points is not too far. We need 3 CCs, 2 Advanced projects and at least 7 officers to be trained in the next Officer’s Training Program.

Our goal this year is to bring home the Golden Gavel Plus.

Together We shall Achieve

We have the following criteria to be met to qualify for the Golden Gavel Plus : OTP – Jan  Achieve Talk up Toastmasters / Beat the Clock  Moments of Truth  Train atleast 7 officers in the Jan OTP Link to visit the Toastmasters International Website:

The Friday Toast ‘ My First Impression’

I remember the first time I set foot in this club as a guest, how excited I was! It’s the same even today as a member four months down the line. Every meet has been a stepping stone for me. The encouragement, support and guidance from my mentor and fellow toastmasters are so impeccable that I have been growing in the path of learning and in leadership roles. This is a platform which guides an individual to improve one’s communication – verbal and non verbal. I am proud to be a part of Toastmaster family today. – Padmaja Sunder, VPE Elect

A Message from the Area Governor

Thomson Reuters Toastmasters Club turned 2 this Dec 01. As the club jubilated the 2nd anniversary, you reached one more significant Manjula ManjulaDevi Devi– –CCCC, ALB , ALB milestone. Area AreaF3F3Governor Governor Thomson Reuters Toastmasters Club is now an official Mentor for EY Express…. A baby club that was born on ‘13th The Friday’. The Club VPE – DJ , VP-PR Venugopal and Padmaja have extended their tremendous support in helping with the demo meeting. We recently held a Toastmasters demo meeting @ Bagmane tech park and our Past President Dhanuja was the MC, who enthralled the audience with her charming magic. At the end of the session, they were all excited to start a new club. This is indeed a proud moment for all of us as the indomitable optimism from the club members has now started to propagate outside the home club to mentor the budding Toastmasters. I wish the club member great success as they spread their wings to explore the world outside the home club. Today we have a pool of dynamic mentors within the club that the other could leverage on. ‘ What makes you tick ?’ I still recollect the magical moments of the club when they took the centre stage. Contest Chair – Area F3 Contest – Padmaja Sunder & Jossy George You Youare areaabomb! bomb!All Allofofususare; are;capable capableofofexploding explodingwith with Contest Chair - Reverberation 2013 – VPE – Debjyoti Sanyal District Champion – Reverberation 2013 – Dhanuja Singh the thesound soundofofthunder thunderfor forallalltotohear, hear,but butare areyou youheard heard yet? Instead you sit and read of stories and testimonies yet? Instead you sit and read of stories and testimonies District Council Meeting – Reverberation 2013 – Debjyoti & Padmaja Debate Contest Runner Up– Smedleys Speakers Society - Debjyoti & Nikhil ofofsomeone someoneelse; else;how howbig bigaanoise noisedid didsomeone someoneelse else Master of Ceremony – IndraNagar Pride Club – Venugopal G make. make. Mentor – Speech Craft – Dhanuja Singh I Ijoined joinedininToastmasters ToastmastersininJune Junethis thisyear yearnot notknowing knowing what whattotoexpect. expect.But Butsoon soonenough enoughititwas wasclear cleartotome methat that Division Level Speech Contest Runner Up – Div E – Muralidhara K Area Level Speech Contest Runner Up – Nikhil G this was one platform where I could make some noise this was one platform where I could make some noise and andbe beheard heardand andbe beappreciated. appreciated.InInToastmasters, Toastmasters,there there Mentor – EY Express – Nikhil & Venugopal ………..and many more. isisno nolimit limittotohow howbig bigaanoise noiseyou youcan canmake. make.AAperfect perfect Congratulations……. And Kudos to the brave efforts!!!! place placetotolearn learnand andpractice practicewhat whatyou youlearn, learn,aaplace place Exploring the world outside the home Club is an incredible experience. where whereyou youwill willfind findmentors mentorsand andfans fansalike. alike.AAperfect perfect There are lot of opportunities to develop and learn. One must step out of place to showcase you. place to showcase you. the four walls to see what lies beyond. I wish you break the barriers and Come Comeand andbe beheard heardininToastmasters! Toastmasters!Come Comeand and step out to develop youself and grab new opportunities. explode! – Samuel Khaiba, VP-Membership explode! – Samuel Khaiba, VP-Membership

The Friday Toast Volume 2,First Issue 2Person Padmaja’s 20 of Deca2013 Account visit to the IIMB Orator’s Club

Past Presidents of the Club Muralidhara K – Dec 2011 – June 2012 Dhanuja Singh – July 2012 – Dec 2012 Manjula Devi – Jan 2013 – June 2013 Sajna K – July 2012 – Dec 2013










Motivating Dedication

It was an honor to have received an invite from IIMB Orators club, on celebration of their achievement of a historic milestone. Padmaja Sunder They celebrated their 200th meeting of excellence through dedication and perseverance. Their theme stated “Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other”. It is leadership that helps to formulate the emphasis on learning, and learning helps to improve our leadership. As a guest, I personally had a fabulous learning experience and much to take away from every Toastmaster I met and learnt the sky is not the limit for S”U”CCESS.






It was a great experience for me to perform the role of Sergeant At Arms (SAA) in this term. When I was approached to take this role up, I didn't know the responsibilities. I have seen SAAs opening the meeting every time. But the role of an SAA was new for me. Arranging the meeting room, having a good ambience with all necessary arrangements, and coordinating with the facilities team, are all done by the SAA.

Felicitation the District 82 Evaluation Contest Champion Dhanuja Singh / Thomson Reuters Toastmasters Club - 2nd Anniversary Celebrations /

DJ and Venugopal helped me a lot to perform my duties in the initial days. Getting an opportunity for 2 minutes to talk in every meeting improved my confidence levels. Toastmasters has improved my public speaking and leadership skills for the last one and a half years. Our club is blessed to have many talented and enthusiastic club officers and members. We have been soaring heights in every term and I am very sure that we will continue

Sudheesh Shanmughan - SAA

to deliver the good results, creating more CCs, CLs, ACBs and Champions in the next term too. All the very best!

The Friday Toast Volume 2, Issue 2 20th Dec 2013

The Dream Team

Thomson Reuters Club Officers President Sajna Kaveriappa VP – Education Debjyoti Sanyal

VP – Admin Brinda Chengappa

VP–Public Relations Venugopal G

VP – Membership Samuel Khaiba

Secretary Varsha J

Treasurer Rajesh K

Sergeant @ Arms Sudheesh

Jt. Sergeant @ Arms Nitesh G

Jt, VP-PR Hema Karadi

Toastmaster A K Prabhakara is one of the best mentors in the Toastmasters fraternity and he has mentored many stalwarts including DTM Nagaraja Rao. We had the privilege of having an educational session from him on how to select a speech topic. He had two elements in his educational session. Developing speech topics based on: 1.Ice Breaker Speech 2.News Paper clippings

On the same day of his session, we had our new member Varsha, who gave her ice breaker speech and he picked up many topics from her speech which could be developed into a speech project as per Toastmasters manual.

He came up with a simple proposition that Jt, VP- Membership knowledge is what everyone knows and Arul Raj wisdom is to be obtained by churning knowledge. He had come up with few newspaper clippings and neatly made up a file of clippings of related topics. From a set of 3 to 4 clippings on related subjects, he told the audience to identify a number of Jt. Secretary speech topics, which could be developed Anand G into a speech.

In the second part of his session, he showed a demo icebreaker speech and gave an example of how the points covered in the speech could be separate speech topics. This would help mentors and mentees to identify speech topics and work on the same and will help each and every member of the club in progressing with our goals. He has also suggested having table topics with those ideas which came up in the icebreaker speech will help both the mentor and the mentee gave the Caption describing picture(who or graphic. icebreaker) new lights on the theme and help them come up with a better content for the speeches. As a Toastmaster, you need to come up with topics where you are comfortable, which is of interest to the audience and relevant for all of us. If you are not sure whom to contact in case you run out of ideas, you can contact any one of the officers of the Toastmasters Club. I guarantee you that you will have more than 10 topics out of which you can develop the topic closer to your heart for your next project.

The Friday Toast

When I heard of Reverberation 2013 I was very keen to explore what it was and how this event brings together our toastmasters. I was amazed to see our Toastmaster and my mentor Dhanuja Singh reaching the finals for the 2nd time and I thought I should be there to encourage her. The event definitely was a step above my expectation and to my surprise I felt the reverberations after attending the event. I would like to share my first time experience at Reverberation and what I took back from it This was a forum to network with different Toastmasters I witnessed semifinals of the Humorous Speech Contest wherein out of 8 Divisional contestants only 3 of them moved to District 82 Finals. I was amazed to see the skills each individual portrayed and understood how difficult it was to make the audience laugh within your stipulated 7 minutes. Being a spectator of the semifinals evaluation contest I witnessed how competitive it was as our exceptional toastmaster Dhanuja had a tough fight to get into the finals. With her unique way of evaluation using the Sandwich method, she successfully emerged as the 2nd runner up in the semifinal which paved way into finals. I could see a lot of flavors in the way evaluation was done and my learning from this was “To be a good leader or a good evaluator we should first be good listeners.” The grand opening of Reverberation showed how the young talents are getting groomed to become better leaders in future. It was amazing to see a small boy taking the role of an MC (wow!) thus providing opportunity to young blood to become a toastmaster. Our fun night started from the travel we had from Tata Auditorium to Taj Vivanta as it was raining heavily and we enjoyed meeting other Toastmasters at Taj and dance & dine with our Toastmasters.

The second day was an eye opener for me when I heard the education and motivational session by Dhananjaya H from Sri Lanka on the lesson learnt by him on his journey leading to success. Then after this sensational session I witnessed one more gentleman who has revolutionized lives of many young children. He was none other than Syed Sultan.

Venugopal G VP Public Relations He spoke about his personal experiences and what differently he does to change children’s life. Hearing to him, I felt I also should contribute some way in bringing a change in young children’s life. After all these wonderful sessions came most awaited evaluation and humorous speech contests. I witnessed our own leader Dhanuja giving her best and winning the Evaluation contest. You had to be there to witness the joy and to experience what it was to be a winner in front of 600 audiences and to be named District 82 champion. I would surely want to be one of the competitors in the next Reverberations!!!

Dhanuja Singh District 82 Evaluation Contest Winner

The Friday Toast

Nikhil G - CC

As a person, I love to interact with different people and meet new people. But when I joined Toastmasters, I didn’t think about building a new network. I have joined Toastmasters purely with a selfish reason to improve my communication.

My stay with the Thomson Reuters TM club helped me build confidence with my communication skills. But joining a community club like the Indiranagar PRIDE gave me benefits beyond my communication skills. Every meeting we have guests from different fields of work or community or age group or region. We have to ensure that our meetings welcome people from different backgrounds and that everyone attending the meetings should have a unique learning opportunity. I am proud of my contribution to PRIDE, because we have 25 plus members after 40 meetings. More importantly, I have developed an open mind set towards each and every thing happening around me. I am respecting people without considering their designation, education, looks or the region they come from. I used to do this earlier as well, but I had my own perceptions. Now my perceptions are not controlling me. I am mentoring a lady who is mother of 15 years old child and also someone who has recently passed out of college. I am able to connect with them.

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Any speech is neither too bad that it has no good in it at all, nor is any speech so good that it cannot be improved.

Samuel K VP Membership

The Session on “Evaluate to Motivate” was very insightful to me, educating me on the appropriate format of providing a feedback. To me this session was more about learning a set of steps that somehow guarantees the success of being a mentor. And listening to the dynamic personality, Dhanuja who herself has mentored many at the club; this session was an insight to be a better leader. I had the privilege to give a demo speech for the session which was well received by the audience; the only purpose of the speech was to hold the attention of the audience which I believe it did manage to achieve; however what followed next was a treat. I had members from the audience evaluating my speech and providing their insights on what and how I had delivered my speech, and it was such an enriching experience to be able to listen to completely different types of reactions from different kinds of people in the audience. Finally to add a cherry on the pie, the Zen Master herself shared her critical feedback with me instantly revealing the strengths of the speech and what could have made it even better, such knowledge that can only come by experience. Evaluate to Motivate was one such session that would benefit anyone looking at mentoring; leading or even supporting someone in their lives. We all are critics by default; we always criticize, we always comment; but if we could add a purpose to the critic we already are, we could be so much better at it in helping others grow.

Toastmasters about improving our Toastmastersisisnot notjust justThe aboutFriday improving ourpublic publicspeaking speakingskills. skills.ItItisisalso alsoabout aboutgiving givingback backtotothe the Toast society what we have learnt. On 28th Nov we, the members of TR Toastmasters club proved this right by society what we have learnt. On 28th Nov we, the members of TR Toastmasters club proved this right by volunteering volunteeringtotohelp helphigh highschool schoolstudents studentson onthe theart artofofpublic publicspeaking speakingatatVathsalya VathsalyaCharitable CharitableTrust. Trust.Our Our club cluband andDistrict District82 82Champion ChampionDhanuja DhanujaSingh Singhand andBinu BinuRaj Rajwere werethe theproject projectleads leadsfor forthis thisprogram programand and were assisted by a team of energetic toastmasters Venugopal Gopalakrishnan, Debjyoti Sanyal, Jossy were assisted by a team of energetic toastmasters Venugopal Gopalakrishnan, Debjyoti Sanyal, Jossy George, George,Vinod VinodBenedict, Benedict,Siddharth SiddharthSrinivasan. Srinivasan. ItItwas a group of 50 odd high school was a group of 50 odd high schoolstudents studentsfrom fromboth bothEnglish Englishand andKannada Kannadamedium mediumschools. schools.Our Ourgoal goal was wastotohelp helpthem themovercome overcomethe thefear fearofofspeaking speakingininfront frontofofthe theaudience audienceand andwe wedid didnot notemphasize emphasizeon onthe the use of English language. In order to energize and help them get to know each other, we started with an iceuse of English language. In order to energize and help them get to know each other, we started with an icebreaker breakersession. session.We Weasked askedthe thestudents studentstotoeither eithersing singorordance dancetotoaasong songofoftheir theirchoice. choice.Few Fewofofthem them volunteered volunteeredand andentertained entertainedeveryone everyonewith withtheir theirperformance. performance. We Wehad hadchocolates chocolatesasasaagiveaway giveawayand andthis this encouraged more students to come forward to showcase their talent. Post this we had conducted few encouraged more students to come forward to showcase their talent. Post this we had conducted few team teamactivities. activities.We Weconcluded concludedthe theicebreaker icebreakersession sessionwith withaaDancing DancingDuck Duckperformance. performance.Dhanuja Dhanujashowed showed them the steps and everyone went quack quack quack, it was really funny and everyone enjoyed it. them the steps and everyone went quack quack quack, it was really funny and everyone enjoyed it.After After the theice-breaker, ice-breaker,we wesplit splitthem theminto intosmall smallgroups. groups.

Vinod Benedict

Shares experience from his recent Community Service Program with a team of Toastmasters at Vathsalaya Charitable Trust

Students Studentswere weregiven givenaatask tasktotowrite writeaaspeech speechon on aatopic topicofoftheir theirchoice. choice.Team Teamleads leads(Members (Membersofof TR Toastmasters club) were assigned TR Toastmasters club) were assignedtotoeach each group group toto mentor mentor and and help help them them deliver deliver the the speech. Post lunch break, the students delivered speech. Post lunch break, the students delivered the thespeech speechthat thatthey theyhad hadprepared. prepared. Topics Topicsthat that they had selected were interesting and a few they had selected were interesting and a fewofof them themdelivered deliveredthe thespeech speechwith withease easeasasthough though they they were were seasoned seasoned toastmasters. toastmasters. We We distributed stationery items (Gel Pens) to all the distributed stationery items (Gel Pens) to all the kids kidswho whoparticipated participatedininthe theevent. event. Training a group of students Training a group of studentsininsuch suchaashort short span spanofoftime timeand andcoming comingup upwith with50 50prepared prepared speeches, speeches,WOW!!! WOW!!!Even EvenininReverberation Reverberationyou you wouldn’t have witnessed this. We had a little wouldn’t have witnessed this. We had a little more moretime timeon onour ourhands handsand anddecided decidedtotoconduct conduct mad ads. It was an amazing experience and mad ads. It was an amazing experience andthe the energy energylevel levelofofthe thestudents studentswas wasunimaginable. unimaginable.

Students at Vathsalaya Charitable Trust - A voluntary program by Thomson Reuters Toastmasters Club Members

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The Friday Toast

For a club which has been lead by stalwarts like our Founding Father, TM Muralidhara Kempasagara, District 82 Evaluation Contest Champion TM Dhanuja Singh, Current Area F3 District Governor TM Manjula Devi and current President and Humor Queen Sajna Kaveriappa, I am humbled and honored to succeed these great leaders who have ensured a lingering presence of our Club across District 82. Two years of their dedication and hard work has instilled a renewed hope in each and every Club Member - that we can achieve what we believe in! As the Vice President Education for the current term, I got an opportunity to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of our Club. It also helped me know each and every member more closely. As the incoming President, I will strive to make the dreams of all the Members of our Club come true. A Club can reach great heights only by recognizing the potential in each one of its members. My mantra for the new term would be fourfold •Increasing the level of Member Engagement – by having Fun Bashes, Picnic and Outdoor Meetings  •Improving the quality of the Club Meetings by having joint meetings with other Clubs; would encourage the members to attend meetings in external clubs and bring back home the best practices; have themed meetings and many more. •Increasing the Membership count by leveraging the talent which lies in both the Thomson Reuters offices at the Technopolis and Infinity •Streamline the current processes within the Club to make it more efficient and transparent by maintaining meeting records, tracking goals of members and Club Officers and increasing the general involvement of all members I am confident that with the support and guidance from the leaders (future and current) and the members, we will be able to take our Club to the next level and make all of you proud of our accomplishments in the new term! Raising a Toast to all members of the Thomson Reuters Toastmasters Club. Yes, we can do it!! I welcome and congratulate my Team of Officers for the upcoming term in 2014 VP Education – Padmaja Sunder VP Admin – Venugopal G. VP Public Relations – Brinda Chengappa Jt. VP-PR – Vinod Chandran VP Membership – Sudheesh Shanmughan Jt .VP – Membership – Jossy George Sergeant-At-Arms – Vinod Benedict Jt .SAA – Dhanuja Singh Secretary – Vidyashree Muralidhara Jt. Secretary - Gururaja Raghu Treasurer – Muralidhara Kempasagara

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The Friday Toast

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Contacts to participate in the external club events VP – Public Relations : TM Venugopal Gopalakrishna Or Joint VP – Public Relations : TM Hema Karadi

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Who we are:

We are communication enthusiasts. We want to explore and experiment on how to enhance our skills in public speaking, storytelling, creative thinking and much more. Otherwise, we work for Thomson Reuters.

What we do

We take on different roles (some you choose, while for some the roles choose you). The roles vary from speaking, listening, evaluating, time keeping to leading, encouraging, mentoring, organizing, and most of all creating a fun learning environment.

When & Where do we meet:

TGIF @ Technopolis Multipurpose Room. Join us between 9 and 10:30 on Friday mornings. Bring along your seat belts or a friend/colleague, because Friday mornings ain't gonna be an easy ride at the Toastmasters!!

How to join/participate:

Drop in a line here - Toastmasters@Thomson Reuters Bangalore asking for details, and we will get in touch with you. Say hello to: Want a glimpse of what this madness is all about before you drop in a line? Walk in and get a flavor of what it is.

Why join

Because YOU want to join!! And also because a membership in Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself.

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