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everybody needs sweet friends

Hello ! First presentation of the project "Sweet Friends" T-shirts

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smile ! you’ve been hacked !

what are they? Sweet? Cute? Funny? Wierd? Yes, but that is only an apparence. While we love them, they are thinking about the next stupid thing they will do to make us pissed off. Curtains in the bedroom, Daddy’s favorite armchair, Antic books on the shelf, ‌ So many things to envisage. Behind those black creatures, see the dark side sleeping in each one of lovely pets we have in our houses. Imagine a devil under a cute and lovely skin, a politically incorrect, vulgar and sarcastic creature which would be able to speak just like you, give you opinions about the last dress you bought, your new haircut, your way to cook, to drive, which would take all your bed to sleep and which would never hide his thoughts. But in the wait, have fun with the adventures of our new sweety naughty friends. Adopt them at your risks !

WE ARE happ

Actua We arelly… not


the power of love Masters, this is time to make you heard ! You will not have to say anything, your friend will do it for you ! Something hard to say? A truth? A thought you would like to scream but you can’t? Your friend understands because it thinks everything like you. It will be always close to you, ready to protect you, to say everything you can’t say, to reveal your thoughts to help you to get rid of people you can’t stand anymore ! It will never leave you down. Use with caution. Remember, it doesn’t know what it politically correct… for your pleasure !

the power of love 1 - "Sometimes, I wish he was able to tell you to shut it up !" 2 - ”Hey ! Stop looking here perverse" 3 - "Hey Guy! It’s not useful to lie more, she knows you only want sex !" 4- ”It’s funny as hell ! She tells her life like if we gave it a damn !" 5 - "Her face is one floor up ! / Dumbass" 6 - "Try to talk with her and I eat you !" Many more ready… Many more to come…

"Hey ! Stop looking here perverse" girly t-shirt 2009

the love of power Masters, get ready for hell ! You are about to adopt a devil inside. You are not an enemy but he will love to play with you games you will never win. If you had bad moments at school, you should not adopt one except if you love to laugh on yourself and if you are ready for many kinds of embarrassments, solitude moments and every forms of shames. It’s your choice but it will be worst than you could ever imagine. Be strong !

the love of power 1 - "The guy above is a dumbass" 2 - ”Oh my God, this guy stinks so much !" 3 - "Free me from this f*cking t-shirt !" 4- ”You can : Kick / Shoot / Spit out / Play darts / Whatever but DO IT !" 5 - "I hope you’re not allergic to silicon" 6 - "Don’t worry Jenny, I know what it is to live with an asshole like this one. Be stong !" Many more ready… Many more to come…

"Free me from this f*cking t-shirt !" guy t-shirt 2009

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Sweet Friends - t-shirts  

First presentation of the Sweet Friends project T-shirts part

Sweet Friends - t-shirts  

First presentation of the Sweet Friends project T-shirts part