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==== ==== Samsung40-Inch LED HDTV (Black) Review ==== ====

Samsung and Sony have been slugging it out for the hearts and wallets of the consumer for years. In 2007 Samsung moved forward as the leading and most popular consumer electronics brand in the world. This fact alone gives many consumers the comfort of knowing they are working with one of the top three electronics brands along with Hewlett Packard in America and Siemens of Germany. The Samsung 52 inch HDTV is a result of their years of commitment to customer satisfaction. This unit features: • Internal Flash memory of 1GB • Integrated Woofer for premium sound • DNLA for electronic compatibility • 50,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio • Info link- get free RSS feeds of news, weather and sports • V chip • Gaming mode and much more! As high definition televisions go, the Samsung 52 inch HDTV is definitely the top of the line. Review The picture quality of this model is stunning; this is in part due to the replacement of the typical plastic face of a traditional LCD TV with a natural black panel with anti glare shield. This reduces the reflection of external light and leads to the deepest blacks. Washed or gray looking blacks are a common problem among LCD televisions. The 50,000:1 ratio dynamic contrast will give you whiter whites and the darkest blacks. When it comes to picture quality the two biggest determining factors are contrast and brightness levels, and the Samsung 52 inch HDTV delivers on both counts. One fantastic aspect of the Samsung 52 inch HDTV is the Digital living network alliance. DLNA is a collaborative effort of the world's leading electronics companies. Together they created guidelines that will allow many new consumer electronics to work together. This means the photo

slide show stored away on your pc can be displayed on your Samsung 52 inch HDTV when the inlaws come over. The only complaint about this TV was a reflection from the beveled glass edges on the case. This was a minor situation and is only a problem is select situations however, it does bear mentioning. Reviewers have been very positive on all aspects of the Samsung 52 inch HDTV, picture, sound and connectivity all rate five stars. Price too has come down on this type of TV until you can get a nice one from Amazon for just under $2,000. Consumers and professionals alike agree that this model is a very well put together unit for the price and type of television it is. You will find similar models somewhat cheaper but many of them will have contrast ratios of 10,000:1 or less leading to picture quality loss.

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==== ==== Samsung40-Inch LED HDTV (Black) Review ==== ====

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