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Time for celebration


his issue of Celebrations focuses on weddings. Though steeped in tradition with many aspects of the ceremony remaining the same, changes also bring new trends over the years. Couples in the Millennial Generation, for example, often plan and celebrate their weddings differently from the way their parents and grandparents did, and in doing so create their own personal traditions. Among the constants of weddings is the exchange of vows, when the bride and groom proclaim their love and commitment to each other in the presence of witnesses. Sharing the joy of the day with friends and family is an important part of the wedding for most couples—one reason this milestone event is recorded for posterity, as seen in this series of four photos below, extending from 1912 (a somber photograph, indeed), to the 1930s, to two present-day weddings. In this issue you will find articles about trends among today’s millennial couples planning a wedding; a charming story of an improvised wedding; for DIY couples, there’s an article about picking your own flowers for the big day; plus some suggestions for brides who wonder how they might reuse that all important dress after the wedding day is over; and a look at some local wedding venues in the Upper Delaware River Valley. We hope you enjoy this 2014 issue of Celebrations, and if you’re getting married this year, we wish you a good and happy marriage.

Jane Bollinger Editor, Celebrations Editor

Table of Contents

Millennial Weddings

By Isabel Braverman Page 4 Millennial couples like to do things their own way when it comes to planning and celebrating their weddings. From the proposal to the invitation to keeping a record of the day, millennials rely on digital technology and social media to help create their own unforgetable event.

Seven Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

By Isabel Braverman Page 8 Why wear your wedding dress just once? Many practical brides choose to find another use for the dress they wore on that special day. We have seven suggestions.

Flowers for a Summer Wedding: Why Not Pick Your Own?

By Anne Hart Page 10 Living in the country, as we do, presents opportunities for picking your own flowers for your wedding day. Gardener Anne Hart, of The Cutting Garden, offers tips for how to achieve the best results.

The Wedding Planner: Some Country Venues

By Jonathan Fox Page 12 The Upper Delaware River Valley, with its abundance of natural beauty, offers a variety of venues for holding a county wedding.

The Improvised Wedding

By Linda Drollinger Page 16 How an unexpected event changed a couple’s plans to have a quiet wedding.

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How millennials Pick your own The improvised bouquet wedding wed A RIVER IVER V RR VER REPORTER REPORTE LIFESTYLE F M MAG ZINE MAGA

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Millennial weddings

them to YouTube. She did this because all of her bridesmaids live in California, so she ountless articles have been couldn’t ask them in person. She sent them written about millennials (those a package with a mini bottle of Prosecco born between 1980 and 2000). It and instructions telling them to pour seems they are a group who like themselves a drink and click on the link. to do things their own way, and getting The video is a montage of Breann and her married is certainly included. They are also friends with cute captions set to the song a generation who heavily uses technology “Raise your Glass” by Pink. and do things the digital way. Whether you The Planning are a millennial, older, or younger, consider Most couples these days create a wedding this your definitive guide to all things website. These can include photos, the millennial weddings. Here at The River story of how the couple met, where to stay Reporter office, we have our very own and what to do in the area of the wedding, millennial, Breann, who is now preparing information on how to get there and more. for her fall wedding to fiancé Steve. Breann and Steve made their own website The Proposal using Wordpress. Even invitations are When it comes to marriage proposals, it going digital, as many couples email their seems that bigger is better in this day and invites or ask people to RSVP online. Contributed photos age. By that I mean proposals are becoming Many brides-to-be create inspiration Many millennial couples create their own wedding website for guests to look at extravagant: hot air balloon rides, musical and get information about the wedding. This is a screen capture of Breann and boards on the website Pinterest. These numbers and flash mobs are the norm. Steve’s wedding website, created on Wordpress. visual digital boards can have pictures of Only in this digital age could a marriage wedding gowns, venues, food, decorations proposal go viral (meaning someone filmed it, put it on and more. Breann said she has created inspiration YouTube, and it now has over millions of views). Flash boards and has even created a group board with her mobs seem to be very popular, which is when a large bridesmaids to help decide on dresses. group of people perform a dance to a song (“Marry The Wedding Me” by Bruno Mars seems to be a popular choice) in Millennials are often known for their DIY instincts, a public space. If you want to see them for yourself, making everything from homemade jam to their own just look up on YouTube “marriage proposal.” There’s clothes. At many millennial weddings, a touch of DIY one called “Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!” can be spotted, from the food to the decorations, from Warning: watching these videos may induce crying. table seating cards to wedding favors. There are other Steve’s proposal to Breann was quite the production. signs that you’re at a millennial wedding: the officiate It was Easter Day, and when Breann woke up she is the couple’s friend who got ordained online, the was sent on an Easter egg hunt, opening plastic eggs food is locally sourced and organic, people are using to find clues inside them. There were 4,999 eggs, smart phones to take photos and are uploading them Millennials are known to be creative and digital people. representing the number of days they had known instantly, and the band is the couple’s friend or they Breann made her own videos to ask her friends to be her each other (they met on a cruise in 1999). The last have a DJ. Much like wedding proposal videos going bridesmaids. clue led to their remote control. She turned on the viral, many millennials are making extravagant TV, and a video that Steve made played on the screen. entrances and walks down the aisle. One of the most the video was over he got down on one knee and It was a montage of photos of them together set to famous ones is called “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” proposed, and of course she said “yes.” a few songs including “State Lines” by Matt Hires ( and Once the proposal is over, many couples announce (the song has a special meaning to them because it’s features the wedding party doing a choreographed their engagement on Facebook. Breann said they did about a couple “crossing state lines,” which they have dance down the aisle. It has over 83 million views. it only after they told close friends and family. done; Breann lived in California and he lived in New After the Wedding The other type of “proposal” is asking your friends Jersey, as friends. Then when she moved to NYC, she’d Once the wedding and celebration are over, it is to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Breann did commute to New Jersey on the weekends to see him, time to share photos and stories from the day. Many this in a very creative and digital way, creating and “making up for lost times” speaks to them being personal videos for each of her friends and uploading friends from across the country for 10 years.) When Continued on page 6 By ISABEL BRAVERMAN


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One big wedding trend that millennials are doing is creating Pinterest inspiration boards to post pictures of everything from wedding dresses to decorations.

Millennial weddings

newlyweds create Flickr accounts (or other similar websites) where guests can upload and share photos they took at the wedding. You’ll also see many photos on Facebook, Instagram, and maybe even a wedding hashtag on Twitter. The biggest event after a wedding is the honeymoon. While there are no trends that stand out, many millennials are opting not to go on a honeymoon. Breann said after the wedding she and Steve will take some to relax at home and clean up the mess left from the wedding (which is being held in a rock quarry on their property). Other millennials who choose to go on a honeymoon will most likely research destinations online using websites like and


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Millennials are the generation known to love and obsessively use the Internet. Can you count how many websites/social media sites were mentioned in this article? Answer: Nine


he Red




They say...


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Seven ways to repurpose your wedding dress Y

By ISABEL BRAVERMAN ou tried on hundreds of dresses. You picked the perfect one. The big day came and went. Now what? For women, their wedding dress can be one of the biggest aspects of their wedding. But now that the event is over, chances are your dress is just hanging in your closet. While you might admire it from time to time, maybe there might be another use for it. Listed below are some ideas to repurpose your wedding dress.


2 3


Donate to theatre or charity If you don’t want to put needle and thread to your dress and also want to help a cause, consider donating your gown. Many local theatre companies will gladly take it (to be used in “The Bride of Frankenstein” possibly?). Or there are many charity organizations that will give your donated dress to those in need, such as Brides against Breast Cancer (, which will give dresses to cancer patients.

Christening gown This requires sewing skills (or sending it to a tailor), but you can take the beautiful white material from your wedding gown and turn it into a Christening gown (possibly the only other type of gown that should be white). It’s a great way to pass on the memory of your wedding dress to your children.

Dye it While a white gown universally says “wedding dress,” dyeing it a different color and slightly altering it can translate it into a dress for any occasion. Simply buy a bottle of dye, which is inexpensive, in your favorite color and do a DIY dye job.


Make fabric flowers A creative use for the fabric of your dress is to make it into a fabric flower bouquet. It’s a beautiful addition to a future wedding or any special occasion, or even to decorate your house.

6 7

Quilt or pillow cover Another way to pass the memory of your wedding dress on to another generation is to use the fabric to make a quilt or to cover pillows. One good idea is to use it as a ring pillow for a relative’s wedding.

Cocktail dress This one is a more practical approach to wearing a wedding dress once the wedding is over. While you will only wear your wedding dress once, chances are you need a fancy dress for special events on more than one occasion. Again, this will require sewing know-how. Turn your dress into pretty cocktail attire that isn’t too formal.

Sell it online or to a thrift shop We all know bridal gowns can be expensive with a capital “E.” If you want to get back some of the money you spent on it, consider selling it on eBay or other websites like, or to a second-hand shop that will pay you on the spot for it or on consignment.

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Flowers for a summer wedding T


Photos by Anne Hart

This Crocosmia “Lucifer” is perfect for picking.


he region boasts many talented floral designers and florists who work creatively and diligently to make your wedding flowers stand out. However, there is another option for those of you who take a handson approach and/or have a strict budget. You can grow, pick and arrange your own wedding flowers, or choose some combination of the above. If you are a gardener, your seed and bulb orders for the annuals should be completed soon. Pick varieties that will be in bloom at the time of your wedding and make sure to start the seeds at the right time. There are many easy to grow annuals that will provide gorgeous flowers; take care to select for color, height and number of days till bloom. If you have perennial gardens, note when those plants are in bloom and incorporate them or their foliage into your plan. If you don’t have a garden, you may have a gardening friend or two who would be honored to grow flowers as their wedding present to you. Picking flowers is the easy part. Whether you pick in your own garden, a friend’s garden, or at a pick-your-own garden or farm, this simple advice will help you to select the freshest, most beautiful flowers available and keep them that way. Pick early or late in the day: The best time to pick flowers is early in the day when their stems are full of water and their sugar content is higher. Second best time is early evening. Select for freshness: Flowers such as peonies and roses should be picked when the bud is just beginning to open and is starting to show color. Spiked flowers such as foxglove or gladiolus should be picked when the bottom three or four buds are in bloom. Delphinium and lupin should be picked when most of the spike is in bloom. Flowers such as zinnias, daisies, sunflowers and dahlias should be picked when they are fully open, but before they develop any pollen (a circle of yellow). Use a clean bucket and sharp, clean flower shears: Cut the stem cleanly and at an angle so that there is more area for water uptake. Don’t mash the stem as you would if picking by hand, you will damage the stem and it will not be able to take up water. Place directly into a bucket filled with warm but never hot water, minimizing the

Pick your flowers when they are picture-perfect like this Sunflower “Starburst Lemon Aura” and the other flowers shown here.


Rudbeckia “Black Eyed Susan”

Pick your own possibility of air pockets in the stem. It is best to strip the bottom leaves before placing the flower into the bucket. Dirt can get into the water, blocking the stems and bacteria can begin to grow. Bring friends and family: The time you or your friends and family spend picking and arranging flowers becomes an event within the entire wedding experience. Members of the wedding party and friends will spend time together catching up or getting to know each other as they work their way through the garden. Look around the yard: Garden foliage such as ivy, fern, and hosta can add depth and interest to your arrangements. Look for wildflowers such as Queen Anne’s lace to help provide filler. Avoid plants such as ragweed, which aggravate allergies. Let the flowers “rest” a while before arranging: Store in a cool, dark place for several hours or overnight to help “condition” the flowers. Re-cut the stems, remove any remaining leaves that will be below water level and place in a clean bucket with fresh warm, but not hot, water. Some flowers need special treatment. If they have a soft stem and a heavy flower head, such as a tulip, wrap loosely in paper to prevent drooping. Woody stems should have an additional vertical cut to aid in water uptake. We don’t advocate the use of any floral preservative because the flowers are truly fresh and the use of clean water, vases and shears will ensure their freshness throughout the event. Treat the flowers as you would your most delicate guest—keep them well watered, shaded and cool. Many brides are lucky to have friends or family who are accomplished flower arrangers and who gladly volunteer to help. While making wedding plans, include a plan for the number of arrangements you want and where they will be placed. Is there something special at your venue that will be made even more so with flowers? Make sure that you have vases, ribbon, and other supplies on hand. Vases should be clean, and there should be ample working space. Consider how the arrangements will be transported. Plan well in advance, be flexible and enjoy the added participation of family and friends. The white Gladiolus is the one most perfect for picking; the buds are still closed at the top. A RIVER REPORTER MAGAZINE • 11

The wedding planner


By JONATHAN FOX hile trends change over the years, one thing is clear: weddings are here to stay. Whether you’re planning something extravagant or intimate, the choices for venues here in the Upper Delaware River Valley are many, and with spring just around the corner, many couples are exploring their options here. Exchanging vows in the country appeals to residents and visitors alike, and with so many bucolic settings available, there is something for everyone, regardless of budget constraints. Results of the American Wedding Study (www.weddingindustrystatistics. com) show couples “doing more with less; overall wedding spending has decreased slightly, but there are more events surrounding weddings (double-digit increases for wedding weekends, destination weddings, engagement and bachelorette parties), and the wedding itself incorporates more elements and more personalization than ever before.” In addition, “Couples are blending old with new, preserving select traditions like the first dance and cake-cutting but bidding farewell to sit-down dinners and buffets in favor of cocktail hours and passed hors d’oeuvres.” LGBT weddings are on the rise and “nearly 10% of all weddings feature a man of honor or best woman; 14% of couples are married by a friend or family member ordained for the occasion; and 11% of couples make charitable donations on behalf of their guests.” This destination guide is a good place to begin your exploration of wedding locations, but with so many choices, it can only serve as a slice or two of the manytiered cake. After all, your journey down the aisle begins with one small step. ECCE Bed and Breakfast (www. located in Barryville, NY provides “panoramic views of the river valley and surround-


Contributed photos

ECCE bed and breakfast is located along the Delaware River in Barryville, NY.

Fox Hill Farm, near Honesdale, PA, with its beautiful summer flower garden and a comfortable, spacious barn (see page 2), offers a beautiful setting for a rustic county wedding.

ing mountain ranges of NY and PA from nearly all of the rooms.” Outdoor events can accommodate up to 75 guests and “luxurious bedrooms compliment this incredible setting.” For large-scale events, the Villa Roma Resort in Callicoon, NY (www.villaroma. com) offers 40 suites, (110 deluxe) a “newly renovated banquet room offering spectacular Catskill vistas, personalized service with a wedding planner” and “specializes in destination weddings.” Hills Country Inn in Callicoon Center, NY ( boasts both indoor and outdoor locations “overlooking stone walls, beautiful landscaping and a lovely field by a pond, which makes an ideal location for a tented wedding event.” With 15 rooms to rent on premises, and inhouse catering available, this country setting could be ideal for many couples seeking a retreat. De Bruce Country Inn ( is located within the Catskill Forest Park on its own private preserve. This B&B offers a vantage point for entering nature’s domain. The inn offers visitors the opportunity to “experience the wooded trails, wildlife and game, the famous Willowemoc stream and country walks, with views of the valley and mountains beyond. Just 90 minutes from NYC, Honor’s Haven in Ellenville, NY offers larger wedding parties on “250 breathtaking acres, complete with formal gardens, sparkling lake and views of the Shawangunk Mountains.” Specializing in weddings, the resort and spa (www.honorshaven. com) is “proud to supply a product unlike any other in the region offering a historic location immersed in modern touches.” Searching for the ideal rustic wedding experience? Near Honesdale, PA you’ll find Fox Hill Farm, which is “a small farm with a big vision. Owners Katharine and George Brown use their 50-acre farm

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The wedding planner to produce fresh-cut seasonal flowers, raise 100% grass fed beef and pastured poultry, and provide an atmosphere for appreciating the beauty of nature.” Their website ( is informative and claims that “There is nothing better than seeing a bride’s face when she sees her bouquet for the first time, except when the flowers are straight from the farm!” Hawley, PA is home to yet another stunning wedding venue—Woodloch Pines. A premier resort ( located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains Lake Region, The Pines “would be honored to have the opportunity to make your Woodloch wedding everything you dreamed of and more! Say ‘I do’ by our sparkling lake or over at our golf course with a breathtaking backdrop of the mountainside, and be assured that your wedding will be one that your guests will reminisce about for many years to come.” Woodloch offers each couple a “personal wedding coordinator will be with you for every step along the way of the planning process to ensure that your big day is a complete success.” Whether your wedding plans are grandiose or low-key themed, the glorious countryside offers many opportunities to make your special day memorable and unique, providing large and smaller scale venues that are sure to please. Fresh air, stunning vistas and the promise of “happily ever after await.” Cheers!

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The Improvised Wedding HH


OUSTON, TX – The Krasinski-Duncan nuptials are not the stuff of fairy tale romance or television wedding reality show extravaganza. But they are a viable option for the pragmatic couple in a hurry, on a tight budget and willing to work without a script. Here’s their wedding story. Nancy Krasinski is a New Yorker (born and raised in Narrowsburg, NY) transplanted to Houston in the ‘70s, where she holds a management position with a well-known Japanese oil company. John Duncan was, at the time of this story, a wholesale coffee salesman and lifelong resident of the Deep South. They met through a mutual friend and, for the better part of a decade, shared a home in Houston’s famous Heights district, a picturesque neighborhood of Los Angelesstyle bungalows and 1920s craftsman homes replete with white picket fences. Aging baby boomers, each had been married before, and neither was particularly interested in marrying again. Their decision to marry came in response to crisis and with the blessing of their accountant. Seemingly out of the blue, Duncan suffered a massive heart attack. Medical tests indicated the need for an immediate quadruple coronary bypass. Although both Duncan and Krasinki had health insurance plans courtesy of their corporate employers, Kransinki’s plan offered more comprehensive coverage for major medical expenses. The cost of surgery would be exorbitant, and the lengthy subsequent convalescence could mean the loss of Duncan’s job and health insurance. The couple’s accountant urged a quick wedding, with Duncan added to Kransinki’s health insurance plan immediately thereafter. Krasinski recalls, “The doctors wanted to operate yesterday. We needed to hold the wedding as soon as possible.” Because Texas has a mandatory three-day waiting period for completion of the marriage license process, the decision was made to hold the wedding on the bride’s upcoming birthday, one week to the day later. After seeing the anticipated wedding date on the marriage license application, the city hall clerk informed the couple that their date of choice coincided with a conference for judges and justices. The chance of their finding a justice on that date was, at best, remote. Skeptical at first, a dozen calls to justices


within a 100-mile radius confirmed confirmed the clerk’s prediction. Plan B was hatched. Longtime friend and neighbor Simone knew of a progressive, nondenominational organization willing to marry almost anyone on short notice, no questions asked. While thumbing wildly through a phone book, Simone became the de facto wedding planner. The Unitarian minister who answered that phone call agreed to perform the ceremony at the couple’s home. Krasinski chose that venue because, “It’s the place where all of our most intimate memories are

The plan was to get married with as little fuss and expense as possible. They would go to a justice of the peace, and it would all be over in five minutes. ...It didn’t happen that way. made.” The minister asked if at least two witnesses would be present. Simone would be one, Duncan’s son the other. The guest list didn’t stop there. “Your friends will never forgive you for not letting them be part of your wedding,” Simone insisted. So, two days before the wedding, Duncan called 15 of their astonished close friends and neighbors to invite them to the ceremony being held at 6 p.m. on a work day. All accepted on the spot. Simone took charge, insisting that there be at least a cake and champagne for a toast. Known to their close friends as particularly gracious hosts, Duncan

ott at least serving couldn’t risk that reputation by n not hors d’oeuvres to tired, hungry people coming from work. He prepared them all himself, from fancy cheeses to shrimp cocktail and mini-meatballs. The cake was ordered from a fancy French bakery. Just when they thought everything was set, Simone reminded them that they would need rings. Then she persuaded the bride, who was content to wear something from her closet, to buy a wedding dress from a thrift shop and room decorations from a local craft store. It took about five hours for Krasinski, Duncan and Simone to decorate the ceremony space. Things went wrong. Assured by the jeweler that the rings couldn’t possibly be sized and inscribed in two days time, the plan was to use cigar bands for the ceremony. The baker assured them that the cake would be done on time and decorated to read, “Krasinski-Duncan Wed 12/2.” But the French-speaking bakery staff misconstrued the decoration wording as pickup instructions. The cake was ready on Wednesday for a Tuesday wedding. The rings were done on time after all, necessitating a last-minute race through downtown Houston’s notorious rush hour traffic. One of the guests got hopelessly lost on her way to the wedding. Duncan spent an hour directing her on the phone. Twice she passed the house. As she was closing in for the third time, the other guests ran into the street to flag her down. The five-minute civil service turned into a 20-minute wedding ceremony with unity candle lighting. Bride and groom were pleasantly surprised by that part of the ceremony; “Candles played a large role in creating our ceremony space atmosphere. We must have had 50 of them burning, so this seemed like an extension of that theme.” The low-key ceremony concluded with the traditional pronouncement, and bride and groom were shocked when the guests burst into spontaneous applause and raucous cheers. Simone turned to Duncan and Krasinski and said, “I told you this would be important to them.” Duncan’s heart surgery, held a week later, was successful and his recovery rapid. Krasinski boasted that, ring purchase aside, total wedding cost was less than $250. Duncan’s adult son videotaped both the ceremony and reception (which lasted about two hours). And Simone took hundreds of photos, all since misplaced. The marriage continues to thrive.

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Suits,Tuxedos Rentals and Sales, thousands of colors and combinations, dress alterations, dress preservation, accessories, and much more! We Come To You!!! If You Cant Make It To The Store For A Fitting Schedule Your Free Home Fittings! (With a party of 5)

Find us on Facebook! 311 East Broadway • Monticello, N.Y. • Phone-845-796-1039

Book three nights and your wedding is FREE! Our Free Wedding Package includes:

SUGAR BLOSSOM FLOWERS Freshly Arranged for Any Occasion

Fresh Flowers Available Year-Round Locally Grown Flowers in Season

• 4 Days/3 Nights in our Champagne Tower Suite • Intimate indoor or outdoor ceremony • Champagne & Flutes for the Bride & Groom • 2 Tier Wedding Cake • Photography • Personal Romance Concierge

Contact: Ann Manby | 845-701-3565 Follow Us on Facebook! | 888.444.8058


Are you looking for just the right venue for your special event? [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [

Weddings Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties Bridal/Baby showers Birthday parties Corporate luncheons Award ceremonies Holiday parties Bus/Limo tours Fundraisers

Come and experience a serene setting, a spectacular view, and a wide selection of wines offered to you all year round!

Retail Location Altier’s Complex 728 Route 6 Scranton Carbondale Hwy Mayfield, PA 18433

(570) 876-3275

The Winery Tasting Room 32 Cabernet Drive Scott Township, PA 18447

(570) 254-9977 20 • CELEBRATIONS 2014

Retail Location The Alpine Restaurant 1106 Texas Palmyra Hwy Rte. 6 East of Honesdale Honesdale, PA 18431

(570) 251-7878

Celebrations 2014  
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