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Aren't you really interested in living a healthy life.....? Aren't you willing to discard your un-healthy living practices.....? Aren't you willing to be faithful in your lifestyle.....? If yes, just read on.... Why stay healthy? There are numerous acronyms have been developed by the scientists and nutritionists to guide people on staying healthy. The most important of them has been "the ABC-s of staying healthy", a very simple-yet-effective method of the long list of patterns that helps you live a healthy life. As the longer life expectancy of human beings is compared to the "pre-modern" age, people have started thinking about mew methods for extending their lifespan. The ABC-s of staying healthy is explained below. A - Abstinence This would specifically target more of a person's lifestyle in their daily life. A person should practice abstinence by declining the things that would not make him healthy or wouldn't make his life healthier. Abstinence is necessary on a higher level for a person who wants to be healthy and maintain being healthy. It has to be the basis of everyone to serve as a disciplinary model. He should have the discipline to say "NO", without which it would prove to be difficult to stay away from the things that people have wished to love. But, one should always keeping in mind that weighing too much or too little, both can lead to severe health problems. B - Be Faithful One has to be able to hold out and maintain focus on their "always stay healthy" objectives. It does not mean that you totally become a non-sense guy. Though the intention is not to bend the rules, but due to valid causes, it may develop into a habit of having an excuse for every single choice for a healthy lifestyle. C - Calisthenics Calisthenics is an obvious aspect for every "stay healthy" programs designed for people who are very much conscious about their health. It doesn't necessarily be the meticulous workout sessions

that you'd find in the televisions and magazines, which are primarily meant for those body-builders who would want to keep their bodies fit & well-shaped. This procedure refers to very simple-butimportant practices which would permit proper blood flow to various parts of the body thereby resulting in maximum oxygenation of the cells. Research suggests that physical activities like brisk walking and jogging can be helpful for you, which would help you feel better and stay at a healthy weight. This not only improves the cardiovascular flow within the body, it also counts for the volume of calories to be burned from your body, which would help one maintain the desired body weight and fitness levels. "The ABC-s of staying healthy" is a very basic perception for all who envision a better state of health or maintain an already good one. It is strictly personal choice as the effort being put by them is personal too. Its level of success depends on the amount of effort that each individual puts, on this account.

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What You Should Know About Staying Healthy!  

How to Stay Healthy

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