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I nside t h is iss u e 4 | It’s What We Do

Moving the Needle

By Pasquale Trozzolo

Have Target, Will Travel

6 | Getting More Love From Social Media 8 | Every Agency Needs an Engineer 8 | Night Shift at the Factory


am not a gun guy, but friends who

Paladin left

actually shoot guns tell me one of

little doubt as

the Ten Commandments of Firearms

to what he did

Safety is to be absolutely sure of your

or the type of

target before you pull the trigger. Seems

customer he

like sound advice, for obvious reasons.

was trying to

It’s also rule No. 1 for successful brand-

reach. He even

ing, for essentially the same reasons.

included a call

Failure to aim for the single most important customer or audience can bring dire consequences. We’re not talk-

to action. All in

Pasquale Trozzolo

six words. Many clients instinctively want to

ing loss of life or limb here. Just wasted

appeal to as many potential customers

money and missed opportunity. On the

as possible. Who doesn’t want custom-

9 | The Passing Lane

other hand, successful target identifica-

ers? Successful brands don’t turn them

Angelo Trozzolo

tion makes every aspect of branding so

away, though. They just attract more of

much easier to nail.

the right ones.

10 | Noteworthy

Marketers continually preach clarity

11 | We Believe in Winning Streaks

of message, but first a brand needs to be clear with its intentions.

Zero In Clarity does require sacrifice, however. You have to make a choice. Who is it you

Leave No Doubt At Trozzolo, we think it’s time to GET UP! It’s time to go to work for your brand. To stop counting on luck and start creating impact. To acknowledge what worked yesterday may not today. So get up. We know it’s hard, especially in today’s market – but the struggle is infinitely worse from the floor. Advertising | Public Relations | Branding

© 2011


really want to reach most? Refine your

One of my favorite TV characters

audience parameters. Then do it again.

growing up was Paladin of “Have Gun –

Any audience can be segmented, and a

Will Travel” fame. I loved how he was a

good brand position is not meant to be

West Point grad, a cultured gentleman

relevant to everyone.

who preferred to settle problems without

If you define your target in broad

violence yet, when forced to fight, took

terms (general contractors, 30- to

care of business. When customers called,

45-year-old women, insurance brokers,

he delivered.

seniors), why should any particular

Today I still admire his brand driver:

member of that audience feel anything

“Have Gun – Will Travel … Wire Paladin.”

special about your company, or relate

I challenge anyone to find a better one.

to it any differently?

High Re t urn troz

Several brands come to mind for truly identifying – sometimes discovering or creating – a particular segment on which to set their sights. • Las Vegas (not all tourists, just those who want to get in touch with their wild side) • Carhartt ® (the man’s man, but mostly the kind who identifies with the farm or construction site) • (the woman who lives to buy shoes and handbags – a wide target, but they find the center of the bull’s-eye) • Costco (not every warehouse shopper, just the more discriminating, socially conscious one)

Think hard about your choice of audience. The best brands are not for everybody. Often it’s a small degree of difference that makes a huge difference in how people view your position.

• Mayo Clinic (patients who need more than brilliant medical specialists; they want to see them in one place) Think hard about your choice of audience. The best brands are not for everybody. Often it’s a small degree of difference that makes a huge difference in how people view your position. Before doing anything else with your brand, recognize and refine your target. It demands a willingness to go through the process and resist the temptation to reach for everyone. Like with our friend Paladin, clarity is simplicity. In an increasingly complex marketing world, simple has never been more important. Bang.



Volume 23 | Issue 1 Ge t it. Toge ther .

It’s What We Do Clean Energy fights Big Coal. Manufacturer flushes brand parity. Municipality gets Google. Hospital hits the nail on the head. All in a day’s work (plus a few nights and weekends) at Trozzolo.

[Kauffman Foundation] Competing cities went all out to win the new Google Fiber network. We went all in with the Kauffman Foundation, working alongside the City of Kansas City and others during the courting process and culminating with the congratulatory announcement. Known inside the agency only by the team assembled for the job, this wasn’t our first top-secret project, but easily the most difficult to not talk about – until it was over. Huge win for KC!

High Re t urn troz

THIS BEAUTY IS A REAL BEAST. The TITAN MBR™ comes pre-engineered to provide end-users with the highest-quality treatment performance and minimal operational requirements. This burly plant isn’t just a thing of beauty. It doesn’t know when to quit. Which is why anything less than S&L submerged membrane technology simply won’t do. Take pride in your treatment system.

Try noT To sTare.

Share your S&L pride at

Smith & Loveless Inc. Above all others.

CALL 913.888.5201 VISIT


[Smith & Loveless]

You know the look. The one you get and the one you give when you’ve got the finest-engineered and best-built machine on the block. Thing is, when it keeps performing reliably year after year, it never looks old. And the feeling never grows old. You know what we mean. Take pride in your pump station.

Smith & Loveless Inc. Above all others.



safe EliminATE ConfinEd SpACE REquiREmEnTS & CoSTS

Share your S&l pride at

CALL 913.888.5201


Can wastewater pumps, treatment plants and associated equipment be considered sexy? Of course they can, to the engineers and operators who love them. Smith & Loveless wanted to reinvigorate a stale brand. To engage an audience drowning in data and battered by bullet point ads, we sought to tap the often-emotional bond between man and machine. Not exactly a new tactic, but a fresh approach for a campaign that’s been the talk of the industry.

Get back to living.

[Stormont-Vail HealthCare] The best part about excellent healthcare isn’t highly trained specialists or even advanced technologies. It’s when you go home. That’s what Stormont-Vail HealthCare’s patients told us. Getting back to enjoying life as quickly as possible is the end goal. As it happens, Stormont-Vail is uniquely equipped to help patients do so. Thus “Get Back to Living” was born – acknowledging healthcare’s small interruption and championing the joys of what makes life awesome. (Check out the broadcast work at

You’d hate to miss Grandpa time.

You don’t have to. Excellent specialists are right here. Amazing things happen when doctors, specialists and a hospital work together as one. Like designated specialty centers for heart, cancer, digestive health and more, right by the hospital. So you can drive right up. Here, you’ll find top specialists and a dedicated team focused just on you. So you can get back to living. Call or visit us on the Web to learn more. 785-354-5225 |

Get back to living.

[GPACE] When you’re up against determined opponents with deeper pockets, winning over the public is your only move. But if an issue is too complex for potential supporters to grasp, forget it. Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy wants to reach every Kansan with the story behind proposed new coal plants. The Trozzolo-built now presents GPACE’s compelling case in an accessible, entertaining format, with undeniable facts.



Volume 23 | Issue 1 Ge t it. Toge ther .

Likes are OK. Love Is Bet ter. | So c i a l M e d i a Str at egy I s A b o u t m u c h m or e th a n F r i en ds | By Sarah Davis


t’s been several years now since you

The answer isn’t more posts, more

proudly informed the world of your

often. Activity doesn’t constitute action.

presence on the social networks.

Social media changed the game, but it didn’t

Your business became a full-blown

change the fundamentals of marketing.

social media player, and now you have more friends, fans and follow-

Web hits don’t mean a thing unless people have a reason to stay on your site.

Is it awareness, sales, advocacy, loyalty? Focus on one. 2) What do you want your audience to know about you? Are you cultivating an image or fighting one? 3) Where do they hang out?

ers than your competitors. How’s that

Media placements are useless if no one is

Find out which platform(s) your

working for you?

watching or reading. The best creative in

audience prefers and direct your

Is business up? Is your brand stronger? If not, it’s time to stop worrying about

the world is wasted without the right message. So it is with social media.

efforts accordingly. 4) What’s the difference? A boring

Absent calibration with your overall

brand is still boring, no matter what

marketing goals, social media is a waste of

the Facebook page looks like. Focus

time – yours and your audience’s. Rather

the content around what makes your

marketing scene, it seemed everybody’s

than give up, or be there merely for the sake

brand unique.

goal was high volume. Build an audience

of it, try asking yourself five fundamental

and move the metrics, right? Today, smart

strategic questions. They may sound familiar.

numbers and start focusing on what really matters: engagement. When social media exploded onto the

organizations know it’s about high return, turning those connections into customers.

1) What’s the point? Determine why you are “out there” to begin with.

5) What does success look like? Whatever it is, it has to go beyond sheer numbers (unless you’re talking sales, of course). For most

High Re t urn troz

No Comment ? Really? Facebook makes it easy to compliment, congratulate, share things, wish people luck, express gratitude … you name the gesture. Because it’s so easy, however, it’s too easy to look like you don’t care. Even if social media is low on your list of priorities, making personal appearances – i.e., being present – is no longer optional for business leaders. Nor is it difficult. Three simple steps to becoming a better “friend”: 1) Find, friend, and set up your profile for the of us, social media success results

2) Be reasonable. Resist the urge to

people who matter most to your business.

in an elevated brand among clients,

over-post. Content from real friends

employees, prospects and prospec-

and meaningful people is probably

tive hires.

more important to social media

to their posts. Not every

users than content from your busi-

one, but enough to show

ness. Don’t push it. Remember, it’s

you’re interested.

Answers to these questions are the foundation of any good marketing strategy. Why would your social media objectives be any different? Clearly, the next wave of social media calls

2) Respond in some way

not a numbers game anymore.

3) Give the random shout-out

Yes, analytics are important. We have

to a client or prospect in

to know people are listening. Numbers are

your own posts. Five minutes, well spent.

for a new strategy. Whatever form it takes,

required, but the goal is changing behavior.

remember two important rules for building a

To do that requires engagement, and that

If it came down to two equally

more engaged, less annoyed audience:

means coming up with content that con-

qualified vendors or employees,

nects and compels.

whom would you hire – the one

1) Be human. Social media hinges on passion and curiosity. We may follow

At the end of the day, social media is

who liked your son’s graduation

companies, but it’s people that really

another interruption in our distracted lives.

photo, noticed you in the news,

interest us. Put more human faces to

If you’re not interrupting with relevance,

or checked in for no reason at all?

your organization, from the CEO to

step back from the keyboard. If you need

Or the one who gave no reason to

the most junior associates.

help, you can find us on Facebook.

think he cares?



Volume 23 | Issue 1 Ge t it. Toge ther .


here does an engineer fit in

One absolute certainty was the uh, shall

at Trozzolo Communications

we say, “detailed” progress reports he

Group? We put him in charge

delivered each month at agencywide

of the biggest branding project

staff meetings.

we’ve done to date. More than 18 months and $6.5 million big. Joe Davidson was involved at every

passion and downright giddiness were

step in the design, construction and

palpable every time he talked about the

move to our new home at 811 Wyandotte.

new, old building.

He is living proof that, here, imagination

courses of bricks in the walls … You just

smart strategy is behind more than

don’t find structures like this anymore,” he

our campaigns.

says. Nor do you find many people willing

istrative officer, Joe builds and maintains the agency infrastructure, ensuring our

Our VP/CAO Engineers a Monumental Effort

“The columns, the tin ceilings, the five

isn’t limited to the creative team and

In his normal duties as chief admin-

Hip to Be T-Square

Always a skilled orator on all things finance, HR and office technology, Joe’s

to look 25 years of dilapidation square in the eye and see wonderful potential. “I’ve got to hand it to Pasquale and

systems are as good as our ideas. He holds

Angelo,” Joe says. “They found space that

bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engi-

would help our team be more effective,

neering, but it had been nearly 30 years

provide for future growth, put us ahead

since he’d sniffed a construction site. At

of the technology curve, and be both

a marketing agency, that means he was

functional and impressive to everyone

perfect for the job.

who uses it.”

Since late 2009, you never knew where

Now that it’s complete, the project has

you’d see him next – behind a desk covered

not left some giant void in his life, Joe says.

in AutoCAD ® drawings, or under the

“There’s more to manage now. We don’t

hard hat, covered in construction debris.

have a landlord anymore.”

Masterpiece at the Factory On Oct. 27, more than 300 people clocked in for the night shift at the Gee Whiz Idea Factory. They came for a party and a painting broke out. Our official Grand Opening was immortalized by artist and Kansas City native John Bukaty, whom we commissioned from New Orleans to put the night on canvas. As you can see, he had plenty of muses.

High Re t urn troz

The Passing Lane

By Angelo Trozzolo

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.


The past three years have not been

It isn’t like we

Hollywood versions. Like the one deliv-

easy. For anybody. Yet most of our clients

can ignore the other

ered by Coach Eric Taylor in DirecTV’s/

are stronger now than at any point since

economy. There is

NBC’s Friday Night Lights. It ends with

love locker room pep talks. Real ones and

2008. For the most part, those that stayed

plenty of uncer-

his high school football team chanting the

aggressive and took chances are much

tainty to go around,

above headline. What a great mantra, and so

stronger. We’re seeing more forward

but I can’t worry

applicable to the current business climate.

movement, more risk-taking and more

about meteorites.

At least that’s the way it feels here on

successful clients every day.

I looked at the

Main Street. Wall Street is chanting some-

Ad Club’s job board

thing else. It’s almost like we’re living in

the other day. It

parallel economies. I think we’re all fed up with the continuous fear and loathing from the big banks

Let the markets do their thing. We’ll do ours.

was full. We’ve been hiring, and apparently other agencies are as well. I could tell you client success stories all day long. Meanwhile, all we hear is more talk of crisis in

and corporations sitting on piles of money yet scared to death about the solvency of

Angelo Trozzolo

What happens on Wall Street affects us.

the eurozone. I’m no economist. I just believe that, unlike

economies that haven’t produced anything

It doesn’t define us. I think, eventually, we

since the catapult.

can define it. Because where is the optimism?

last time, whether we go back into recession is

It’s not in Washington or Lower Manhattan.

largely up to us on Main Street. We can allow

reflection of the true economy, at least

It’s in the entrepreneurs and innovators and

the euro to take us down, or we can open our

our corner of it, where companies actually

doers here on Main Street.

eyes to real opportunity and fill our tickers

The markets are very real, but not a

create and do things rather than sit around and speculate.

Let the markets do their thing. We’ll do ours.

with defiant determination, not fear. Think about it. We can’t lose.



Volume 23 | Issue 1 Ge t it. Toge ther .

Noteworthy New Associates

Melissa Kopp

John McEown


MELISSA KOPP, account manager:

ROSS WUETHERICH was promoted to

Melissa comes to Prairie Dog | TCG

senior art director. Now in his seventh

with four years of experience gained at

year with the agency, he has done valuable

marketing positions in Kansas City and

work for brands like the Kauffman

Chicago. She holds a bachelor’s degree from

Foundation, Polsinelli Shughart and the

the University of Illinois and is completing

KU Edwards Campus, among others.

a master’s from the University of Kansas. JOHN McEOWN, associate creative


director: John joins the creative team with decades of experience amassed at agencies


large and small in Dallas, Los Angeles and,

GROUP claimed “Best Small Adver-

most recently, Washington, D.C., where he

tising Agency” honors in Ingram’s

was an art director and associate creative

magazine’s annual “Best of Business”

director for Adworks, Inc. Tom Patten

Ross Wuetherich

TOM PATTEN, senior copywriter: Tom brings his storytelling talents to the agency after 10 years spent at agencies

awards. Readers have voted us in for

such as Campbell LaCoste, Cole &

each of the award’s five years, something

Weber, and Bohan Advertising, working

no other agency can claim. One day

with clients like Nike, Bausch & Lomb

someone else is bound to win, and

and Lotaburger.

someday we’ll shake this “Small” thing.

High Re t urn troz

(Left) Kickin’ it at LIVESTRONG, sporting all 17 pieces of PRISM hardware. (Right) One of five teams we sent to Riverside to “Do Good.” Well done.

We Believe in Winning Streaks Recent New Clients Include:


Community SErvice

Camp Fire USA

OF AMERICA’s Kansas City Chapter held its annual PRISM Gala and awards


banquet in October, and Trozzolo

our client, celebrated its 60th anniversary

Communications Group once again

in admirable fashion over the summer,

stole the show. We took home 17

with a big

awards, earned from work performed

hand from

for clients including Missouri Bank,


the Kauffman Foundation, KU Edwards

staff. Rather

Campus, the City of Riverside, Hocken-

than blow it on an anniversary bash,

bergs and Missouri Credit Union.

the city asked us to contribute time

Cobalt Ventures Cooley Dickinson Hospital Gift Card Impressions Kansas Health Institute McCownGordon Construction

and treasure to simple acts of caring, THE AMERICAN ADVERTISING

which we knew would spread citywide.

FEDERATION of Kansas City held

Riverside is no ordinary community;

its annual ADDY Awards Show at

it is people and places worthy of this

the historic Midland Theatre, where

rewarding “Do Good” campaign.

Metro Health National EYEPA Coalition Orbis Biosciences, Inc.

Trozzolo Communications Group was called to the stage for six ADDYs,


including a Gold award for the first

FOUNDATION, another client and

video in our Gee Whiz Nice Building

longtime corporate cause, held its

series. Other award-winning work was

annual Walk to Cure Diabetes in

submitted on behalf of clients GPACE,

October. Team Trozzolo contributed

the Kauffman Foundation, Christiana

once again, raising more than $ 5,000.

Care Health System and Northern

We topped our fundraising goal too –

Berkshire Healthcare.

17 years and counting.

Ransom Memorial Hospital Salem Health Verizon Wireless Wagner Industries


PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID IMS, INC. 64012 811 Wyandotte Kansas City, Missouri 64105


High Return | Vol. 23, Issue 1  
High Return | Vol. 23, Issue 1