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The Official Web Site of the State of South Carolina


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Agency Spotlight

S.C. Department of Natural Resources S

outh Carolina sells nearly 950,000 licenses each year to residents and out-of-state

hunters and fishermen. Unveils Innovative New Website


he Portal team unveiled a new, stunningly redesigned, the official website of the State of South Carolina, on April 27, 2013 that is a dramatic leap forward and redefines how government services

and information are delivered to individuals and businesses throughout the

In 2006, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) partnered with

Palmetto State. South Carolina is home to a unique blend of geographic and culturally-

to create a new hunting and fishing licensing

diverse areas, ranging from the coastal “Lowcountry” to the mountainous

system that allows customers to purchase licenses

“Upstate.” The distinctive beauty of each of these areas provides the ideal

online directly through, by phone, and

backdrop for a new, more visually compelling and user-centric

at authorized point-of-sale agents. There are 487 captures and engages users in a way that’s relevant to them …

authorized Internet point-of-sale agents across

on any device at any time. It now incorporates the use of responsive design

the state, including Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting

technology to automatically conform to the size of the user ’s screen, creating

Goods stores. The user-friendly licensing system

the best user experience possible for visitors on the go or at home. The site

allows customers to print recreational licenses

also incorporates striking user-provided imagery throughout the site to

instantly from any computer and provides

showcase the beauty of South Carolina.

enhanced reporting capabilities that save sales agents and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources employees’ valuable time. | continued on page 4 |

The new design provides users with enhanced functionality and a wide variety of new features, including: | continued on page 2 |

Focus on Solutions


he Portal team provides state and local governments

Palmetto Pay is the premier eGovernment payment processing option

in South Carolina three enterprise services that are the founda-

in South Carolina. In the state’s fiscal year 2013, citizens and busi-

tion of its self-funded business model: Palmetto Pay, Palmetto

nesses processed more than 1 million transactions through Palmetto

Site Builder, and Palmetto Event Registration. All three of these services

Pay, for licenses, fees, court fines, utility bills, property taxes, permits,

provide cost-effective eGovernment solutions to state and local govern-

and many other government payments.

ments in South Carolina with no setup fees and no maintenance fees. Palmetto Pay provides reliable, secure, and convenient 24/7 online

Through Palmetto Site Builder, provides a no-cost, userfriendly Web presence to state and local governments. Regardless of

payment processing for citizens and businesses, with the option

size, location, or technical expertise government entities across South

to pay with credit/debit cards or electronic checks. Palmetto Pay

Carolina can provide a Web presence to reach their constituents.

meets or exceeds Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, provides hosting, design assistance, training, and support at

providing peace of mind for government, businesses, and citizens

no cost to state and local governments, helping them to conserve

that their payment information is fully protected. With more than 113

valuable resources.

state and local partners processing more than 700 payment services,

| continued on page 4 | Unveils Innovative New Website | continued from page 1 |

attention, spark users’ curiosity, and encourage exploration

• Search-Friendly – The new search provides instant results

of the site. Information about the background images is

based on metatags, content, and descriptions as the user

provided as well as information about government initia-

enters text. “Best Bets” highlight agencies’ most searched

tives, seasonal events, and online services to help users

services and information. Based on statistical data, the top

discover something new on

five most popular searches, such as Jobs, Unclaimed Prop-’s search capabilities, ease of navigation, and capti-

erty, and DMV, appear below the main search field. • Citizen Interaction – The new “Connect with Us” page offers several ways to connect with state social media

vating and responsive design deliver the best possible user experience to better serve the state of South Carolina. To view the new website and explore its features, please

channels, state agency contacts, legislators, and constitu-

visit Also, check out the new

tional officers. The new Text4Help capability delivers


chat support using text messaging technology. Citizens can exhibit their photography skills by submitting pictures from across the state. • Centralized Information – collected agency information and has consolidated information about more than 160 online services through the A-Z listing of SC online services, 70 agency news pages, and a centralized listing for 200 agency social media pages. Information is arranged by subject and user group. • Hot Spots – Five “Hot Spots” appear on the new home page to attract


The new incorporates responsive design and is available on any device at any time.

Awards and Recognition for UCC Online


t’s exciting to see our agency

• Immediate filing confirmation

Merit Award was presented to the SOS by

partners praised in the media and

• Quicker UCC search processing time

the International Association of Commercial

industry and to see projects receive

• Immediate search results

Administrators for the partnership between the

Businesses can also file UCC documents elec-

SOS and in developing the UCC Online

awards recognition. No project generated more buzz in the past year than the Secretary

tronically by sending XML documents through a

of State’s UCC Online – online filing, search,

Web service API.

and document retrieval of uniform commercial code documents. “We are extremely pleased with the success

system. In 2012, the UCC Online system was

The Office of the SC Secretary of State (SOS) was able to accomplish two strategic

of UCC Online. Online filings and searches save

goals by providing this

time and money for both businesses and govern-

online service: reduce costs

ment,” said South Carolina Secretary of State

and provide the public with

Mark Hammond. “We look forward to working

effective around-the-clock

with to provide additional online

service via the Internet. UCC Online provides an

honored with a national Digital Government

services for our constituents.”

in-house filing and reporting system, document

Achievement Award, by the Center for Digital

and application management, and premium

Government and an Elite Achievers Award,

cation are banking institutions, law firms, and

bulk data service. UCC Online has significantly

sponsored by the South Carolina Chapter of

business owners.

reduced SOS staff time spent performing UCC

Government Management Information Sciences

filings and searches. The delay normally expe-

(SC.GMIS). Helping our agency partners earn

to file, search, and retrieve UCC documents

rienced by customers from having to mail in

the recognition they deserve is always a goal.

electronically at

filings is eliminated.

However,’s top priority for initiatives

The primary users of the UCC Online appli-

UCC Online allows businesses and citizens


UCC Online Provides • Convenient 24/7 access and Secretary of State project teams showcase the DGAA and GMIS awards.

Over the last 12 months, UCC filing online

like the UCC Online project is simple: deliver a

adoption has grown to 47.5 percent and online

solution that helps our agency partner save time

UCC searches adoption to 97 percent.

and money while providing citizens and busi-

In May, The Outstanding Partnership

nesses better service. n Offers Award-Winning Mobile Payment Processing Solutions


ore than 110 state and local government entities partner with

through and resize payment screens, the application determines to use Palmetto Pay, a quick, easy, and secure method

the screen size of a device and adjusts the Web page accordingly,

for accepting online debit/credit and electronic check payments

providing a vastly improved user experience when making an

for more than 700 government services. These payments can be

online payment. Responsive Design works on any device whether

received through online e-commerce applications via the Internet or

a customer is using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

over the counter. This service authorizes payments, disburses funds

In 2012, more than 977,000 payments were processed through

to appropriate bank accounts, and provides government partners

Palmetto Pay, compared to fewer than 27,000 payments in 2006.

with enhanced reporting capabilities.

In August 2013, the Center for Digital Government awarded has enhanced the customer interface by adding a the Best Fit Integrator Long-Term Service Award for

feature known as Responsive Design. Users making payments are

Palmetto Pay. For more information about Palmetto Pay including

presented with a payment screen that automatically adjusts to the

features, benefits, statistics, and partner references, please visit

type of device they are using. Instead of having to manually scroll

SC.GOV PORTAL REPORT 2013 | 3 Cares – Commitment to Community


he team understands

Hope Food Bank – sorting canned goods,

the importance of investing in

boxed food, toiletries, and baby supplies and

improving the communities where

donated resources to provide holiday gifts for

we live and work. Our work – bringing

four children through the SC Youth Advocacy

eGovernment solutions to businesses and

Program. We have participated in local races

constituents – is just the beginning. We are

for charity, donated blood, read to under-

also very active with community organiza-

priveleged kids, and organized fundraisers

tions and initiatives.

for homeless and wounded veterans.

Members of the team joined with

Within the past year, as a team we’ve

Habitat for Humanity to unload trucks of

contributed more than 100 hours to our

donated furniture and helped build a Habitat

community efforts.

Home for a family with three young chil-

The impact we have as a volunteer team

dren by constructing the floor structure of

brings new meaning to partnering with the employees construct the floor structure of

the house. We have volunteered at Harvest

state of South Carolina.

a new four bedroom Habitat for Humanity home.

Focus on Solutions | continued from page 2 |

Palmetto Event Registration is’s newest enterprise

S.C. DNR | continued from page 1 |

Today, this multichannel licensing system is getting a complete overhaul. SC DNR and have been working together to

offering. Governments now have the ability to provide

create an upgraded DNR Online Customer Service Portal that will

customized, online event registration for any event they

replace the current online DNR licensing solution and the in-house

host, such as conferences, classes, seminars, and training.

sales system currently being used by DNR. The first service avail-

Palmetto Event Registration provides a wealth of features,

able through the new DNR Online Customer Service Portal allows

like a configurable registration form, early and late registra-

customers to apply for lottery hunts. The application is designed

tion options, name badge printing, and custom email notices

responsively, which means the application view conforms to any

to event attendees.

device: desktop, laptop, and mobile.’s enterprise eGovernment services allow citizens

The first lottery hunts to be accepted through the new application

and businesses the convenience of interacting with state and

were public alligator and Wildlife Management Area alligator. Addi-

local governments 24/7/365, whether it is to make a payment,

tional hunts will be added as the seasons open. South Carolina sells

visit a website, or register for an event. With’s unique

more than 6,600 alligator hunt applications each year to residents

self-funded model these services are offered at no cost to

and out-of-state hunters. “We’ve employed the latest technology

government entities, making a valuable resource for

to benefit hunters, anglers, and all those who enjoy wildlife-related

eGovernment solutions in the state of South Carolina.

recreation and activities. This latest advancement in customer service

For more information visit n

is part of our commitment to provide convenient, secure, and userfriendly online services to the public,” said Don Winslow, deputy director of Outreach and Support Services with DNR. n

Insights is published by South Carolina Interactive. Your questions and comments are welcome. Please contact us at:

© 2013

1301 Gervais Street, Suite 710 | Columbia, SC 29201 (803) 771-0131 | |

Sc gov Portal Report 2013  
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