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NIC Technologies – FEC report 2012

INSIDE NIC Technologies Provides a Powerful System to Manage the Federal Agency Rulemaking Process............ 2 NICT – FEC, By the Numbers...................... 2

NIC Technologies Provides Innovative Campaign Finance Mobile Applications A Political ‘Ringside Seat’ in the Palm of Your Hand

NIC Technologies Pioneers Federal Self-Funded Contracts GSA Can Deliver More


Technologies helps agencies provide more services to constituents, without being beholden to the cyclicality of budget appropriations.

Federal agency budgets are likely to face significant reductions in the next few years as the federal government addresses the challenges of a rapidly growing deficit. Yet, the need to provide more services will continue at an increasing pace. In addition, often new services are mandated, whether funding is provided or not.

M when you need it, wherever you happen

NIC Technologies provides the option to use a very popular business model

to be. NIC Technologies has developed Apple

delivers high value to the government and no cost to the taxpayer – the no-cost

and Android apps to deliver immediate access

contract model.

obile applications bring the power of data

to campaign finance information for all federal

to help address these budget challenges and deliver more services. This model

NICT brings to the federal market the leverage of the no-cost contract approach

and Michigan state offices, and political

used by more than half the states in the country for more than 20 years. It is a

committees. The applications are:

proven contracting vehicle for enterprise-level delivery of electronic government

• FEC CF$, and

services. The transaction-based no-cost model can be adapted to deliver tangible

• Michigan CFS

benefits in a variety of circumstances, including: | continued on page 2 |

| continued on page 3 |

NIC Technologies Provides a Powerful System to Manage the Federal Agency Rulemaking Process SERS Supports End-to-End Rulemaking Processing


ore than 150 bills have been passed by

NIC Technologies Provides Innovative Campaign Finance Mobile Applications | continued from page 1 |

Users can use a simple search to find the most recent information on state candidates and/or committees. Information includes committee type, reporting waiver status, office sought, district sought, and election period. It also delivers the most current financial data such as contributions received, including in-kind contributions, expenditures made, and debt owed. Click once to see a list of contributors and the amounts they contributed. The app allows advanced searching as well; search by election period, party affiliation, committee type, or the office being sought. n

Congress and signed into law. Many of those

laws require agencies to make the rules associated with the newly enacted legislation. The Dodd-Frank

Act alone required 240 new rulemakings across 10 federal agencies within one year of enactment. Federal agencies work hard to: • Provide easy public access to the rulemaking data and documents • Simplify public participation and accessibility • Post and administrate rulemaking data quickly and efficiently • And, do so with limited resources The Searchable Electronic Rulemaking System (SERS) created by NIC Technologies helps agencies do just that. Currently used by the Federal Election Commission, SERS creates an effective e-rule-

FEC CF$ gives basic campaign finance data quickly

making process that allows your agency to: • Immediately upload information online for real-time agency and public access | continued on page 4 |

NICT – FEC, By the Numbers Total Page Visits

17.9 million

Total Transactions

29.5 million

Total Presidential Contributions Reported

$1.3 billion

Total Congressional Contributions Reported

$1.85 billion

Data Transfer Support

5.67 terabytes

2 | NIC Technologies – Fec REPORT 2012

The Michigan CFS also provides contributor data

NIC Technologies Pioneers Federal Self-Funded Contracts | continued from page 1 |

no-cost model is best applied to transaction-based programs,

• For agencies of any size

such as filings, permits, renewals, payments, and similar services.

• To meet the unique business requirements of any agency

This approach saves the government millions of dollars on

• In any economic climate

individual programs.

• To integrate with any legacy IT system In addition to providing solutions without the use of appropriated

An example is the deployment of the PSP system for the U.S. Department of Transportation FMCSA. PSP provides effective delivery of

tax dollars, under the no-cost funding model, federal government

safety-enhancing federal information to the transportation industry; it has

agencies also can receive:

won awards at the agency and department level for quality, effectiveness,

1. Dedicated Focus: Each agency benefits by having NICT team

and innovation; and it has not cost the government a penny. PSP was

members who are dedicated to your eGovernment needs and work on site. 2. Enhanced Self-Service for Citizens and Businesses: NICT partners

delivered using the no-cost model. NICT can deliver and agencies can receive these benefits through at least two contract vehicles. The first is a federal direct no-cost contract.

with government to improve service delivery for citizens and businesses

This is a direct contract between the agency and the service provider.

by bringing services online. In addition, these automated online services

The provisions of FAR are not applied. However, all necessary

help streamline agency processes and create efficiencies.

provisions for contract protection, operational direction, and security

3. Rapidly Deployed World-Class Online Services: We have built

are clearly stipulated. The term of this type of contract is flexible

thousands of applications for government during our 20-year

and based upon agency needs. For example, the PSP contract is for

history, many of which can be customized and deployed rapidly.

five years. This transaction-based no-cost model can be adapted to a

This dramatically reduces the typical cost and cycle times of

variety of circumstances, including:

bringing services online.

• Support for high-demand Freedom Of Information Act disclosure

4. Increased Usage: NICT creates custom marketing plans to make businesses and citizens aware of the government services that are available online. Our partner agencies experience some of the highest adoption rates in the industry, and often see doubledigit adoption rates within the first few months after launch. 5. Good Governance: Many government partners that use the no-cost funding model establish a governing board to oversee the

requirements, where the information contains personally identifiable information (PII) • To meet the unique business requirements of any agency that can be supported by the no-cost model • To provide solutions that are not dependent upon ongoing appropriations Another approach is through the GSA Schedule 70 contract. This pro-

electronic services, prioritize the development of new services, and

vides a hybrid approach that includes no-cost as part of the solution Key

approve the transaction fees for select services. Some are looking at

staffing for the contract would be provided through a standard GSA

implementing it to:

Schedule 70 project. Self-funded transaction support is provided as a

1. Increase value delivery on key projects

no-cost, commercial item, value-added offering for the contract. This

2. D eliver effective systems when there is no budget allocated,

approach provides the convenience of standard GSA procurement and

but a mandate for delivery 3. Maintain control of operations, IT security, and data while outsourcing IT solutions 4. R eceive superior-quality delivery with low agency budget outlays The proven availability of this approach comes at a time of significant

prenegotiated GSA rates for startup and a portion of ongoing management. NICT is the leader in delivering this high-value service delivery at the federal level. It has proven its value to: • Lower direct cost to the government. • Reduce agency costs as paper processes and legacy systems are replaced or updated.

pressure on federal budgets, and increasing expectations for federal

• Deliver high-quality systems and services.

agencies to improve service, provide greater access to citizens, and move

• Align the interests of the government and the no-cost provider.

processes to mobile-friendly platforms. A recent congressional letter

• Provide services and access at a lower cost than through any

strongly encourages the no-cost model for use in federal agencies. The

other means. n NIC Technologies – Fec REPORT 2012 | 3

NIC Technologies, LLC A member of the NIC family of companies

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NIC Technologies Provides a Powerful System to Manage the Federal Agency Rulemaking Process | continued from page 2 |

• Allow the public to securely provide comments and documents online • Have complete moderation of comments and control over Web publishing, including redaction controls • Automatically integrate all rulemaking comments, data, documents, and forms and publish them to the Internet • Tag every word on every document, delivering the public an easy-to-use, transparent, and fully searchable information base • Provide online access to current and past regulations in a fully searchable form • Those within your agency will appreciate the ability to merge/publish rulemaking documents and data, online, as well as review and approve submitted rulemaking comments SERS offers the public the ability to provide their comments, request to participate in a hearing, and easily search rulemaking documents. With SERS your agency enjoys efficiencies, provides superior customer service, and increases public satisfaction. n

Highlights of SERS Capabilities

NIC State Report 2012 FEC  
NIC State Report 2012 FEC  

NIC State Report 2012 FEC