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Online Recruitment Changes the Game Using the Web Can Lead to Valuable Resources

New 1,300-acre Intermodal Facility Signals Increase in Freight Traffic BNSF’s LPKC Supports Region’s Projected Growth

By Rick Honan, President


here’s no doubt the Internet has changed employee recruitment. For AT&S, using job-posting websites, LinkedIn and even Craigslist has had a dramatic effect on finding and hiring new employees. The World Rick Honan Wide Web has not only changed the way potential candidates search for employment, but it’s also changing the way businesses think about hiring and the overall culture of their company. When I write a job description, I consider what employees are truly looking for in a position. More than a list of responsibilities and required qualifications, many potential employees are searching for a position that will be a good fit for their personalities and goals. We use our core values and mission statement to craft a message about our | continued on page 2 |

hen BNSF began operations in its new $250 billion intermodal facility south of Kansas City recently, it signaled a strong commitment to a part of the country that’s already leading the nation’s rail systems in tonnage. Called the Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC), the facility covers 1,300 acres adjacent to Edgerton’s NorthPoint industrial park, a project that’s forecast to cover nearly 20 million square feet upon completion. The construction in and around the park, and the increased freight traffic by truck and rail, is good for many area companies, including AT&S.

Numbers Don’t Lie BNSF, which operates “more than 32,000 route miles of track in the western two-thirds of the United States and Canada,” valued Kansas City’s Midwestern location and proximity to four interstate systems (I-70, I-49, I-35 and I-29), multiple highways, and the Missouri/Mississippi River system, known as “the nation’s largest navigable inland waterway.” The Logistics Park is located south of Kansas City, in the town of Edgerton in Johnson County. This region is also the No. 1 rail system by tonnage and has more Foreign Trade Zones than anywhere else in the country. | continued on page 3 |


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Online Recruitment Changes the Game | continued from page 1 |

company’s culture. Think of it this way: Your mission statement is what your company does; your core values are the expectations of how work is performed. These are the ideals that will continue to shape your company. And, these standards are crucial in attracting the right employee. If you haven’t established these values, make it a priority! However, it’s not only a matter of knowing how to find future talent; it’s equally important to know where to look for it. There’s no one ‘best’ way to find all the employees you need to run a successful business. Use a variety of online sources to seek out new employees (and to help them find you, too). You’re able to cast a wider net for all the different levels and types of employment you need. Keeping all this in mind when hiring a new team member has proven to be a winning strategy, time and time again. I’m happy to say that AT&S has a strong, highly qualified workforce. And, we’re adding to it as our business grows. «


AT&S Culture Draws New Hires New Operations Manager and Mechanic Join Team at KC Location rowth at AT&S continues in 2014 as Operations Manager Robert Ray and Trailer Mechanic Nate Bailey begin work at the Kansas City location. Operations Manager Robert Ray manages the daily logistics of the fleet, including Robert Ray transportation and maintenance, and drivers and mechanics. Ray has been involved in the trailer and container industry

for more than 20 years. What impressed him most about AT&S? “The friendly staffers are always willing to take the time to teach their system and listen to suggestions to improve efficiency and increase company profitability. It’s a good fit for me.” Ray enjoys volunteering in his community. He is in his second term as a city councilman for Sugar Creek, Mo., and serves as the logistics chairman for the | continued on page 4 |

Contractor Appreciates On-Time Delivery and Pickup Shores Builders Say Punctuality Leads to Loyalty


hores Builders, Inc. Vice President Steve Shores lets his company’s work speak for itself. His diverse construction business does everything from general contracting to highly technical Earth Works projects, and is measured by the expectation that the job will get done right and on time. Shores expects the same from his vendors and partners at the construction site. “For a lot of renovations, we’re moving their stock, furniture and equipment out of the area we need to work in, and we need to trust that wherever we’re putting it will be safe from the elements and secure, too,” said Shores. That’s just one reason why Shores has used AT&S Conex

Using storage containers keeps job sites organized and secure. containers and storage boxes for three-plus years. Shores Builders, Inc. is based out of Centralia, Ill., but works all over the Midwest, a place where weather can be temperamental during any season. “The boxes are in good condition, and we know that we can depend on

them to keep equipment dry and safe.” But what keeps Shores coming back to AT&S? “In my business, it gets down to one thing: doing what you say you’re going to do. AT&S consistently drops off and picks up their containers on time. Punctuality is a big deal, and I appreciate theirs.” «

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New 1,300-acre Intermodal Facility Signals Increase in Freight Traffic | continued from page 1 |

BNSF’s former hub, the Argentine Yard of Kansas City, was averaging 346,000 lifts a year. LPKC is on track to its target of a half-million lifts a year and currently completes 1,000 lifts daily. However, LPKC was built with the anticipated ability to perform 1.5 million lifts a year if business demands. The park manages these numbers using impressive new technology. LPKC features five bright orange, 90-foot-tall and 276-foot-long electrical cranes. Each 1.6 million-pound crane moves containers on and off the trucks and trains. The sealed, secured containers are scanned (as are license plates and drivers’ thumbprints) for an identifying number, and possession to or from BNSF is recorded almost instantly.

Big Impact “While efficiency is a driving force behind the park’s design,” said SmartPort President and Kansas City Area Development Council affiliate Chris Gutierrez, “BNSF aimed to be green, too. The new park minimized environmental impact with the cranes and also with reduced mileage for trucks. The environmental measures taken by BNSF are a great example of the railway’s good stewardship for the area,” said Gutierrez. While the environmental impact was structured to be small, the economic effect of LPKC is much larger. “Job

“T he growth potential that BNSF now provides is a huge benefit. It will bring more warehousing and distribution to the area for importers.” – David Nickell, president of the Terminal Consolidation Company/Kansas City Piggyback

creation, industrial real estate, construction in and around the park – it’s all raising the bar for the local economy,” said Gutierrez. Many businesses in the region have seen an uptick in business since the park opened. “Companies from all over the world can see the increased value the park has added,” said AT&S president Rick Honan. “The growth potential that BNSF now provides is a huge benefit. It will bring more warehousing and distribution to the area for importers,” added David Nickell, president of the Terminal Consolidation Company/Kansas City Piggyback. “Being centrally located in the middle of the U.S., Kansas City enables customers to service their accounts in a timely manner, whether going east, north, south or west from KC.” «

School District Succeeds With AT&S t’s a common problem for school districts across the country. Their construction projects get put on hold because they have nowhere to safely store classroom equipment. Another issue? Inventory getting lost during renovations. Many districts have found that the solution to these problems is found by using portable storage units. For more than 10 years, Bruce Hultman, superintendent of supplies, services and logistics at the Shawnee Mission Unified School District, has used AT&S trailers and containers. “Construction is pretty much ongoing for school districts. New developments or upgrades occur regularly. Something is always happening,” Hultman said.

The Shawnee Mission School District, located in Johnson County, Kan., educates approximately 27,418 students at 33 elementary schools, five middle schools and five high schools. “When it’s time for a renovation, a lot of the projects involve interior work. We have to move all the equipment and supplies out of the classrooms, and we typically pack it in reverse order for efficiency,” said Hultman. “The trailers and storage containers are a great way to do that. They’re temperature-controlled and secure. And, they’re safely out of the way of construction crews, too.” With custom shelving systems, monthly or annual rental rates and 20-′ or 40-foot units available, some districts are now using storage units year-round. « 888-765-7771

They’re an affordable solution for excess recreational or sports equipment, and have even been fitted to become an easyto-move, easy-to-use concession stand. Hultman has worked with many other companies throughout his 36 years at Shawnee Mission. “We need a lot of their inventory throughout the year, and AT&S always finds a way to make it work. They work hard to make the rubber hit the road.” Quick service is something Hultman appreciates, but he also likes straight shooting, too. “AT&S make it easy. They’re punctual and show up when they say they will, which makes all the difference. Same with their billing. No fine print, just upfront invoices and a handshake.”


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AT&S Culture Draws New Hires | continued from page 2 |

Sugar Creek Slavic Festival. Recently, Ray and his wife were recognized with the Truman Heartland Award for Citizens of the Year. In his free time, Ray enjoys spending weekends at the family house at the Lake of the Ozarks, gardening and working on home improvement projects. Trailer Mechanic Nate Bailey, who began his career in mechanics studying aviation, found he enjoyed the tractor-trailer industry more and made it his focus. He has worked at multinational corporations such as Wal-Mart but found Nate Bailey AT&S through social media, and the match of his talents and the AT&S culture has been a good fit. “It’s a nice change to personally know the owners,” said Bailey. “Your work is recognized on all levels, from the supervisors, to the managers, and on to the owners. It’s important to me.” In his free time, Bailey enjoys singing, playing basketball and spending time with his children. « « 888-765-7771

Now Offering Trailer Maintenance and Repair Service


now offers preventive maintenance and repair services for semi-trailers and shipping containers. Also included are Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections, including a complete assessment of tires, brakes, air and electrical systems, and suspension.

Other services include: u u u u u u u

Perform electrical and lighting repairs. Replace or adjust brakes. Patch holes in roofs or sidewalls.  Repair f loors.  Repair/replace doors. Repair and replace semi-trailer tires.  Replace hub seals.

These services are both mobile and available onsite and are performed by mechanics with an average of 14 years of semitrailer service experience. Call David Brennecke at 888-765-7771, ext. 101 or email to learn more about how AT&S can help you. «

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