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Summer Ball By:Mike Lupica

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Rasheed Danny Will Tarik Tess Coach Powers Lamar Ty Richie Walker Ali Walker Nick Pinto Zach Scott


This book is about a boy named Danny Walker who is going to Right Way basketball camp. At the camp he is on a team with an old enemy Rasheed Hill. During the trip he decides he wants to go back home so he fakes an injury but cabin counselor Nick Pinto convinces him to stay. His team then makes it to the championships against Lamar’s team Lakers. Will Danny win the championship game.

Story Line

Rising Action: Danny has to go to Right Way basketball camp.

Rising Action: Danny goes to visit Tess on the other side of the lake.

Rising Action: Danny fakes his ankle injury.

Climax: Danny plays Lamar’s team the Lakers in the championship game.

Falling Action: Danny and Rasheed win the championship game.

Falling Action: Danny has to go home.


I would give this book a 5 star rating. I give it this good of a rating because it is about a topic I am interested in and also is full of action. If you enjoy reading about sports then you will enjoy Summer BallBy: Mike Lupica.

The Author Mike Lupica has written many sports books in his life including the Matt Christopher series and Last Shot.

Thank you for reading my, reading project for quarter 4.

Summer Ball  
Summer Ball  

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