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This charity appeals to a more mature audience because of the more sensitive material. And they appealed because of the things that they do and the fact that they change the lives of thousands of people. They don’t want to change laws and behaviors but I guess they want to make more people aware of the situations of life in other countries and educate people on cultures and other things. The British Red Cross crossover into mainstream media in many ways. For instance, they have a Facebook page, a Twitter page and they have quite a few adverts on sites like YouTube, not to mention their webpage. As well as that, they also have adverts on TV that show sometimes. The charity has had a lot of impact because they are known world wide for helping people and offering aid any way they can. They have shown me to have some sort of fundraising scheme and introduce a shop, so if people don’t just want to give away money, then they can buy things and we give them some kind of reward.

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