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Why do you need to be happy?

Everybody knows being happy is a fantastic thing not only for you, but also for the whole world, but you know why happy is so important for us? Some people may say “Happy can make me feel comfortable.” exactly it is, that is what your feeling when you are happy. The reason why happiness is so important for us is that happiness can help you to stay healthy, not only physical part, but also good for your psychology health. Stay happy also can makes you become more creative. If you are wondering why happy can make you healthy and creative, please continue to read.

Being happy is good for you physical health, happiness can give you nearly infinite power when you are working or doing other things. In addition, happiness also can give you a great push when you are tired. The reason happiness can make you feel power is happiness can increase your hormone secretion, which makes you feel excited and give you energy. “some studies have been suggested that states of happiness maybe associated with lower stress-related hormones and better immune function.” Moreover, Dr. Malissa Wood of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston noted that “Women in a happy heart study become happy and content while improving heart risk.” Those information all shows that happiness can influence your healthy.

Happiness can make you become more creative. If your productivity depends on being able to design some cool things like cars or clothes, then you need to be happy while you are working.

According to the research of Teresa Amabile, she says “If people are in a good mood on a given day, they are more likely to have creative ideas that day, as well as the next day, even if we take into account their mood that next day.” You can have a positive mood when you are happy, positive mood can help you come up with lots of amazing ideas.

Being happy is also good for your psychology health. This is pretty important for everybody, especially for disabled people, because disabled people need their psychology to be healthy to support them. They need their belief and strong heart to make them face horrible things positively. Also have a health psychology you won’t get any psychology illness like depression. Dr. Deborah Park says “Just being more positive can help you increase concentration and perform better on tests.” That’s how important it is, it also related to your success or not.

Some people say sadness also have several benefits for human. Like if you are sad, you may want to do some exercise like running or kickboxing to abreact your stress emotion, it’s good for your physical health too. Another opinion is you can clam down to think when you are in sorrow, clam down to think can make you think things more clearly. Those are good points, but if you doing exercise with bad emotion, you may just want to abreact your bad emotion, and become over exercise, it can hurt you body so hard. I agree that calm down to think things can make things more clear to see, but not in bad emotions. Because if you are in bad emotion to think, you may think it negatively, it’s a high odds to got psychological illness, so those two ways are too dangerous. Happiness is the beat way for you to keep your health. Finally, I think if you finish read this essay you must know how important happiness is. But in fact happiness still have lots of “Functions” like can make you have more friends; can make world a better place to live, etc. But most importantly it’s good for your healthy, so stay happy, and try to live longer in this beautiful world.

Finally, I think if you finish read this essay you must know how important happiness is. But in fact happiness still have lots of “Functions� like can make you have more friends; can make world a better place to live, etc. But most importantly it’s good for your healthy, so stay happy, and try to live longer in this beautiful world.

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Advice Column

Dear Dr. Whatever: My girl friend break up with me tonight, but she said s he loves me forever yesterday. I don’t know why she want to break up with me. I’m very sad now, I can’t live without her. I love her very much, she is like a member of my family. How can I do now? Can you understand my feeling now? Dear Mr. who: I’m sorry to hear that you girl friend break up with you. I can understand the feeling you have now, I have experienced it before full of sorrow and despair right? But I have to mention you one point that is you are not live for her, you are live for yourself. If she must have some reasons. Find her and talk to her peacefully, let her know how you feel, and how much you love her. If her still love you she will come back, if she don’t care about you anymore, just let her go. You are a man! You have to be strong! Have a strong heart! Another point, you should think about yourself. If you did anything wrong, just apologize to her. She will forgive you if she still loves you. ut if she tell you leave her alone, then don’t badger with questions, just let her go, and give her some time to release herself. Let herself to think about it, it’s will be better. Life is like this, full with sorrow, pain and sweet. Try to release yourself, life it’s still beautiful. What doesn’t kill you can make you strong. Be strong!! Dr. Whatever D

Dear Dr. Whatever: I and a big fight with my best friend today. Because he broke my camera and he don’t want to pay for it. That’s make me very angry. But he is my beat friend I still can forgive him if he apologize to me. But now we’re very embarrassed to see each other, what should I do? Dear Mr. Who am I: It’s a usual thing that two best friend are have a fight because some little things. But if he is you guys are best friend then you guys should understand each other. No doubt he is important to you, so don’t be embarrassed just go find him and talk to him. That’s the best way to solve problems.

How to control your emotion and keep healthy mood We all have sorrow or sadness sometimes in our life, but some people just can not get out from these sadness things. They become condescended, they start to hate this society, this world. Now here comes a problem, the reason why these problems happened is some people can not control their emotion very well. So what should we do to keep our mood healthy and control your emotion? I will teach you some ways to control your emotion and have a healthy mood. First of all, if you want to control your emotion, the key word is control. Everyone use their brain, their head to control what they does. So here comes step 1: before you do things, just take a deep breath and send the message to your brain, think about it first. Lost control is you do something without thinking. Try to think before you lose control. .

Step 2: relax when you are mad with something or want to have a fight with somebody. Try to clam down and persuade yourself, sometimes forgive can bring a better result for you.

Step 3: you can not control your emotion is because you haven’t experienced something. So try to experience more things, try to do more thinking when you do things. It’s also can help you to develop a healthy mood.

For develop healthy mood, I also can teach you some ways to help you to be a “sunshine girl” or “sunshine boy.” Step 1: When you get up in the morning, try to open the window and take a deep breath, fresh air and sunshine will light up your world.

Step 2: Try to smile, smile is the best communication to everybody. It is show your attitude and you are happy, happy is a kind of communicable disease. If you smile to other people, they will smile back to you. Peaceful world, isn’t it?

Step 3: Always encourage yourself and person who is in sorrow. Try to give them a high five. Encourage also can give you confidence.

Those are my ways for control emotion and have a healthy mood. Try to learn some ways, it can really help you.

Why emotional health is important?

Some people always ask me a question. “Why emotional health is very important?” I think the answer is pretty easy and simple, your emotion is the master of your movement, can influence your whole body. For example if you are feeling sorrow, you may don’t want to eat anything or even don’t want to move. A health mood can make you be more active, be more happier than before and be more confident. Why emotional health can make you be more active? Just like the example that I just give you. If you are upset, you may do not want to do anything. But if you have a healthy mood, you may want to go outside to breath some fresh air and play basketball with friends. Healthy mood can also make you be active during the class, you may want to answer questions and create more creative ideas. These things all can help you to improve your study and be more active. For happy, everybody knows be happy is the hardest part in our life. Lots of people can not be happy all the time, it is a usual thing. A healthy mood also can help you to be happy, say it in another way,

A healthy mood also can help you to be happy, say it in another way, a healthy mood is the foundation of being happy. A deep mood can never be happy. You may think something that is not positive, if the problem is serious, you may suffer from depression, this depression have another name, it is called melancholia. It is a kind of psychological illness. So this is the reason why you need to be happy everyday.

Making you become a confident guy, there are some connections between what I said. If you are happy now, you must full of confident. It is a inevitable thing, if you are happy, you smile to everyone, this confident is in your smile. To be more specific, happy is the foundation of confident, a happy person must full of confident. So try to be happy. I also have lots of reasons like healthy mood can make you more friendly, then you can have more friends. It is also a good example, isn’t it? If you do not know how to do, I also have a instruction for you in this magazine.

Invincible Soul

I am me . There will never be anyone like me . I am special because I am unique . I am stardust and dreams. I am light, I am love and hope . I am hugs, and sometimes tears. I am the word “I love you.� I am swirls of blue , green , purple , and colors no one can name . I am the sky, the sea, the earth . I trust, yet I fear. I hide , yet I don’t hold anything back . I am free . I am a child becoming an adult. I am me , and me is just right.

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