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Merry Christmas

December 2010

From the Keaton Family Our Life in 2010

The Keaton Family 2010 Troy & Janel Natalie -19 Allyson – 17 T.J. – 14 Trever - 11

Merry (Facebook)Christmas and Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! Janel the kids and I Want to wish all of you a most wonderful Christmas. Our relationships on facebook range from immediate family and friends, to long lost elementary friends, to friends of friends who want to know what their friends, friends look like. Whoever you are we wish you a Merry Christmas. This past year has been a year of great blessing for us. We currently pastor

It’s Jesus!

EastLake Community Church in Moneta VA. We have seen unprecedented growth and blessing during 2010, including occupying a new building. We praise God for all He has done. Where ever and whoever you are may God be your God and Christ be more than a baby in a manger to you. May 2011 bring you the blessings that come with following God.

The lights, the trees the bow.

So many things we love to love,

In every light the Christ-child shines!

The question that resounds today,

In every gift he is concealed!

Are they from earth or from above?

Unwrap and see this Christmas time

What lights the tree we decorate?

Messiah is, at last revealed,

What fills the stockings hung with care?

It’s Jesus Christ, and Him alone

What’s in the gifts we bear? To know for sure the source of these, We must look to long ago, There’s more behind the revelry,

Natalie graduated from H.S. in June, graduated with here Certified Nursing Assistant certificate in July and now attends God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio. We vacationed in NY City! We added a dog to the family, ALEX. Allyson went on her 3rd mission trip, This time to Alaska in June 2010. T.J. and Trever entered the 9th and 5th grades!

Troy Janel and Kids

Christmas comes with lots of charm,

What’s really in the packages?

Troy and Janel celebrated their 21st anniversary in July.

That makes the carols ring, Let’s celebrate now once again, The reason that we sing!

TDK 2010

Troy and Janel Keaton 800 Wysong Mill Rd. Hardy, Va 24101 Facebook @Troy N Janel Keaton Twitter – troykeaton

Christmas 2010 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● The Keaton Family ●

Merry Christmas  

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Merry Christmas  

Facebook Friends newsletter