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Nice to meet you, we are‌ The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

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About AIESEC About AIESEC : •

AIESEC is recognized by UNESCO as the largest youth-run organization which presents in over 124 countries and territories with over 86,000 members from over 2,400 universities.

AIESEC focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships both volunteer and management, experience leadership, and participate in a global learning environment.

AIESEC has 64 years of experience in developing high-potential youth into globally minded responsible leaders as the change agents to create positive impacts to the societies.

Together, the network manages relationships with well over 8,000 partners, facilitates more than 5,000 International internships, 15,000 International Volunteer Experiences, 24,000 leadership experiences, and organizes over 500 conferences each year.

Our Vision : “Peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential ”

So What is AIESEC?

 Youth-Run Leadership Organization

 Exist in 7 top universities in Thailand running Exchange Program; both voluntary and internship inbound and outbound

 Present in 124 countries (2,400 Universities ) and territories around the world  Our vision “Peace and fulfillment of humankind potential”

AIESEC Thailand in numbers

250+ Members


Alumni in Connection




Annual conferences + Events

Chulalongkorn University Thamasart Uniersity Bangkok University

Assumption University

170s In connection Universities in Thailand

Kasetsart University


University Presences

Mahidol University International College Thai-nichi institute of technology


Years in Thailand

AIESEC Thailand Board of Advisor

Our Activities for Youth and Society

HIV Project

ASEAN Project Sawasdee Project Each year we have over 200 international volunteers giving cross-cultural education to unprivileged schools in Chaiyaphum, Ayuthaya, and etc. Around 100 Thai youths go aboard to impact the society around the world with us as well.

Our Activities for Youth and Companies

Global Internship Program “Source of Global Youth Talents”

Our Activities we offer for Youth to Youth Proactive Learning

Business Mindset Leadership Development

Youth Conferences& Events “Where top companies meet future leaders�

Partnership Possibility

Partnership Possibility with 1. Student Scholarships: –

Award Unprivileged Student to volunteer aboard

2. Teacher Fellowship: –

Sponsor each international volunteer to the unprivileged school

3. AIESEC Social Project Partner –

Sponsor our program as the package

Social Project Partner Package (noted AIESEC in not-for profit and all of our income will go the operation and foundation for future generation )

Gold 600,000 THB

Silver 450,000 THB

Bronze 300,000 THB

Partnership Launch in Conference and Event

Big con & event

Small con & event

Logo on AIESEC in Thailand Online Channel




Logo printed on Conference’s materials




Logo printed on Exchange Participant T-Shirt

Sponsor Unprivileged Students to Volunteer Aboard




Sponsor International Volunteer to Unprivileged School




Sponsor International Teacher to Unprivileged School



One International intern to coordinate project



Marketing Channel

Partner’s Benefits

How can you partner with AIESEC

Employer Branding We offer our partner organizations a number of ways to engage

AIESEC provide young, passionate in our global talents that bring

with our high quality domestic talent who are students from top

unique and refreshing perspectives to your company. The cost-

universities and AIESEC Thailand’s leaders

effective way to access a unique pool of global talent and fill short- and medium-term HR needs.

Global Talents Sourcing Diversity, hard-to-find skills and a fresh perspective? The best talent from over 100 countries around the world - we can provide! AIESEC has facilitated 18,000 internships worldwide in 2013 for MNCs, start-ups and NGOs alike. We are unique because our organization is run by the young people you will ultimately look to recruit. This makes us the premier way to interact with the best talent in the 2,100+ campuses we operate out of worldwide.

Type of Program: Economic & Management Traineeship Educational Traineeship

Our Service : Talent Screening

Pre-working preparation Work-Permit Provision Evaluation Service

Opportunity to engage with

Global Talents


“Not only are these students highly competent but they are also motivates, engaged, they have good problem solving, leadership and communication skills and work very well in teams. Its difficult to find that combination in a lot of people. Houston Spencer

VP Solution & Marketing Europe

Employer Branding

Be part of 21th Century Youth Leadership

Employer Branding

Employer Branding


Access highly motivated, highly engaged students from top 7 universities in THAILAND

“Employer of Choice”

Through our Activities :

National Conference

Thailand Youth to Business Forum

Benefit to your organization : •

Engage with unique talents In Thailand

Branding your organization among high potential youth

Branding your organization as corporate social responsibility

AIESEC Exchange Award

Campus Hiring Event

Unique Talents •

Global Mind set with English speaking

environment •

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Proactive Learning

Employer Branding

“Local Potential Leaders” To be part of your company

We Recommend:

National Conference Meet AIESEC Thailand’s Talents •

Global Mind set with English speaking environment

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Proactive Learning

Experience in team cooperation

After conference Channel

If you are looking for

In conference Channel

Partnership Possibility

Meet potential leaders in every conference of AIESEC Thailand through the related topic workshop

Workshop Set a booth to promote your new product in the space that we provide for you

Promotional booth Get opportunity to talk and get opinion from AIESEC leaders directly in lunchbreak of our conference

Networking Lunch Access to youth opinion through evaluation form to develop your company in the future

Evaluation Let the AIESEC leaders get the news update about your company’s campaign or career opportunity via email

Email Access

Facebook Promotion

Let the AIESEC leaders get the news update about your company’s campaign or career opportunity through AIESEC Thailand facebook channel

Employer Branding

National Conferences and Summits Each year AIESEC Thailand organizes and delivers over 5 national conferences where members have the opportunity to receive training sessions, develop strategies for the future of the organization, discuss mattering world issues and engage with the partners from the

corporate world. It is a fantastic chance to elaborate on your skills, widen your personal network, demonstrate active leadership and have lots of fun at the same time.

Step Up Conference 2014 Target Audience : 100-150 AIESEC Thailand’s members Objective: AIESEC’s presidential election and motivating current members to have more realization to become the AIESEC leaders in the future

Time Line : Late of January 2014 Interesting Point : Access to the local potential members from 7 university presences of AIESEC in Thailand

We have


Commit Members

Join Our Conference annually

Employer Branding

National Conferences Kick Off Conference 2014 Target Audience : 40-60 AIESEC Thailand’s Leaders Objective :

First preparation for elected executive board of every university presences of AIESEC in Thailand, in term of 2014/2015

Time Line : Early of April 2014 Interesting Point : Privileged for top local and national management board

National Leaders Summit 2014 Target Audience : 100-150 AIESEC Thailand’s Leaders Objective : To make young leader to be more proactive and striving to have professionalism

Time Line : May 2014 Interesting Point : All active leaders of AIESEC in Thailand are gathered in this conference

Employer Branding

National Conferences We-Lead Conference 2014 Target Audience : 100-150 youth in Thailand Objective : To guide our leaders and motivate them to be a good a professional leader

Time Line : Late of July 2014 Interesting Point :Gathering of potential middle local and nationa leader of AIESEC in Thailand

Spark Conference 2014 Target Audience : 300-400 Thai and international youths

Objective :

Provide youth platform to develop and build u their skill and competencies, exchanging ideas that are powerful enough to shape their society

Time Line : Late of November 2014 Interesting Point : Active young leaders from international entity who are willing to develop themselves and their society

Innovation & Entrepreneurship 700 screened participants 19th – 20th April 2014 @Sasin

Youth to Business Forum is an event powered by AIESEC around the world; bringing top young leaders together with business leaders, thought leaders, and experts for a conversation around pressing global issues with the aim to generate new, but

most importantly, actionable ideas to that will impact the world and its future.




Forum Track Keynote Speech 90-minute workshop which is designed to showcase the corporate partner’s expertise, opinion and practice in entrepreneurship skill for youth to be able to understand how do efficient business.

Innovative Talents Competition 60-minute Partner Workshop is designed to showcase the corporate partner’s expertise, opinion and practice in Sustainability, Globalization, or Innovation to provide delegates with an insight to the topic.

30-minute exclusive Keynote Speech is designed to address the importance and relevance of connection and collaboration between youth and business.

Entrepreneurial Skill Workshops 120-minute session for company to guide and create competition between participant to show their innovative ideas and you have opportunity to continue with the top talents after the event.

Closing Panel Discussion

Activities Timeline Youths-Experience Conference AIESEC-Leaders Conference

|-----------------------------------------| Global Community Development Project

|-------------Sawasdee Project-------------|






|---------HIV Project--------||-------------Sawasdee Project-------------|





|---------------ASEAN Project---------------|








AIESEC AND ELECTROLUX “AIESEC adds tremendous value to Electrolux, in many different ways. It brings diversity, which is crucial for us. AIESEC also provides a valuable and flexible talent pool, and many AIESECers have been retained and have pursued excellent careers at Electrolux”.

In this section you will find how some of our partners cooperate with AIESEC. By participating in both our program of Global Sourcing Talent and Employer Branding, AIESEC supports these companies in their global HR strategies.

Ann Gardmark

Global Talent Manager

AIESEC AND UBS “In our experience AIESEC students possess exactly the qualities we are looking for; international and intercultural awareness, integrity, intuition and communication skills”. Peter Wuffli

Group CEO (20071-2007)


 43 year partnership  37 trainees in in the HQ during the last 3 years  UBS and AIESEC share the dedication towards value driven leadership and upholding our values is the primary responsibility of all our employees at every level.  Sponsor of the UBS Global Excellence Awards handed out annually during The AIESEC International Conference

 7 year partnership – 160 trainees from 46 working in 46 different countries,  AIESEC is the only structures way we recruit new graduates on a global level for short term assignments.


The United Nation has recognized that the imagination, ideals and energies of young men and

women are vital for the continuing develop of the society in which they live. AIESEC has contributed to this development by serving as an agent of positive change through education and cultural exchange to develop a broader understanding of cultural, socio-economic and business management issues

MR. Kofi Annan

Former Secretary-General, United Nations

Getting an honor or high degree will be just a piece of paper if we cannot

apply that knowledge to our lives or society. Since I attended Spark conference as a guest speaker, I see that AIESEC is one of the platform for youth for practical

experience learning and leadership development .

Professor Dr. Chira Hongladarom

Secretary General Foundation for International Human Resource Development

It is Impressive to see that youths nowadays are willingly responsible to our society We, Rak Keaw foundation, are willing to cooperate for

Thailand society with AIESEC in Thailand.

M.L. Pariyada Diskul

Board and Secretary of Rak Kaew Foundation

Contact Us

and learn more about us

Takarn Ananthothai (Troy) External Relation & Business Development Director (+66)8 – 48664016 www.

f AIESEC Thailand

AmCham Community Engagement Presentation AIESEC in thailand  
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