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TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010






The monthly party ‘Rauw’ has been touring around Amsterdam for years now. Looks like the man behind this success story, Joost van Bellen, likes to keep on moving. From Amuse to 11 to Melkweg… Next stop for Rauw? You’ve guessed it right, it is Trouw. For all you literary wiz kids there’s no need to tell that Rauw is the Dutch word for Raw. And that’s exactly the vibe Trouw has. A match made in heaven? Lets find out on the first edition on the 12th of November with: The Living islands (live), the Magician (exAeroplane), Joost van Bellen and more. For more info check: »»

What would you do if you were a graffiti obsessed, documentary making French immigrant living in L.A.? There are probably a hundred answers, but we’ll give you one. Thierry Guetta is the person we’re referring to, and his one goal was to find and film world famous graffiti artist Banksy. But once he did, the tables were turned and Banksy became the documentary maker. The outcome of this documentary is called ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ and is premiering in Holland September 30th. Besides the works of Banksy, the film shows works of other famous graffiti artists as well.

When in China, you’ll probably find yourself looking at a lot of posters and billboards stating you’re in the perfect country. But hell you’re not. Photographer Aram Tanis wanted to show us the other side of China by making the book ‘Blowing Smoke and Seahorses’. To really portrait this other side of China, he took pictures at animal fares, industrial area’s and a shelter for children whose parents are in jail. The book is now on sale at Athenaeum Bookhandel and Nijhof&Lee Amsterdam. The Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven has an exposition starting 16-10-2010 until 30-01-2010. But there will also be expositions in Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Breda and of course Beijing. For more info check: »»» » » »


Fashion: Well, its October and this means ADE is coming up for a lot of us. Five days of not coming home to sleep. So make sure to jump into an outfit that’s comfortable and looks nice as well. We recommend Chillp-wear by Roos Neeter, check out her collections on or go to Odd at Spui in Amsterdam to buy these partyproof clothes.

Art: Stedelijk Museum (half) open? Well, we’ve been going to the Appel for years now and must say, the Stedelijk Museum has been slowly slipping our minds lately. Since 1975 the Appel has functioned as a site for the research and presentation of contemporary visual art through exhibitions, publications and discursive events, as they say themselves on their site But we recommend skipping the internet surfing and get your ass over to the Ferdinand Bolstraat.

Music: Enough about dance music! What’s next? Chilling at home with some soothing classical music in the background. But you can also visit the rehearsals of orchestra’s performing at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Every Wednesday at 12.30 you’re free to come and check this out. Did we already mention it’s for free? »» colofon

“TROUWENS is a magazine made by Trouw, for the visitors of Trouw.” Editor in Chief: Antje Klaster Text corrector and creative force: Mirla Klijn- Editorial team: Antje Klaster, Aron Friedman, Job Jobse, Luc Mastenbroek, Mirla Klijn, Pepijn van den Wall Bake, Sonja Koeman Cover photographer: Patrick Oudman Spread photographer: Partick Oudman Photography contribution: Laura Luikens, Ronny Theeuwes Picture Prosumer (page 4): Sven Marquardt Design: 178 aardige Printed by: Nuance Is there anything you would like to show or tell, please do so. Mail your ideas, pics, tips&trics, opinion, love letters and such to: If you own a nice store or run another business where ‘Trouwens’ should be found, please call: 020- 4637788 We’re here: Wibautstraat 127, 1091 GL, Amsterdam

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 3

EDITORIAL Luc Mastenbroek photographer Ronny Theeuwes

Backstage always seems like the coolest place of the club. This is where the artists are hanging out, security is far to be found and the beers are always within arms reach. So, where else than behind the stage would you want to be? We asked six visitors of Trouw about their opinion on ‘hanging backstage’. Tom Duijkers

‘I think it depends on the club for me. I think the studio 80 wouldn’t fit my style, but here at trouw I imagine hanging out with the artists and talking about music for hours.’

Georgios Konstantoulakis

‘I like it to be in the audience. People hanging around with the artists backstage, they want to be a part of what’s happening.’

Derek van Beelen

‘As a stagemanager I was in backstage areas a lot and to me it didn’t have any charm. Okay, the beer is for free, but for real partying, you have to be on the dancefloor.’

Berend-Jan Bockting

‘You really mean backstage right? Not like: backstage in the dj-booth. As a journalist I sometimes have to visit the backstage area. But just to do the interview. No rock ‘n’ roll stories here then.’

Meredith Greer

‘The Dutch rappers ‘Opgezwolle’ once said it completely right: ‘Not in the V.I.P., but in the middle of the crowd. WE don’t cruise in a BMW, but on our BMX’s.’

Robert Genis

‘Chilling backstage is like hanging with your friends at home. Your relaxed, the beer is for free, but it’s not really partying is it? That’s where the dancefloor comes in.’

interview Job Jose and Alexander Roland Picture Prosumer Sven Marquardt

‘THIS IS NOT HOW YOU RUN A LABEL’ We are at possibly the world’s most famous nightclub, the home of the critically acclaimed OstGut Ton label; Berghain. The last time we set foot in this legendary building was during one of their infamous Sunday afternoons. The club was packed, the energy was intense. Now, on a Wednesday morning, the place looks nothing like it…

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 5

OstGut Ton ‘There is no secret.’ Nick Höppner (Label manager OstGut Ton) says. ‘It’s becoming somewhat of a cliché that I tell every interviewer that there is no master plan, but there really isn’t. There was no plan to become what we are today.’ The OstGut label started in November 2005 with Berghain 01. A mix CD by resident DJ André Galluzzi to display the sound of the club. Now, five years later, Ostgut Ton, with a catalog that holds about sixty releases, is one of the most respected labels around. ‘Actually we just wanted to do that CD. No follow-up plan, if it is successful maybe we do another mix, that’s it.’

‘So last year in October she came here and recorded the empty space for two weeks. She put microphones below the stairs and banged on them, caught the sounds of the fridges and doors.. After editing the sounds, she gave us 4GB of files that were all sorted after the rooms she recorded in. There was a cloakrooms section, one for the toilets and so on. Then we gave it to everyone and told them to do a track for our compilation without putting any restrictions on them how to use the sounds or to use them exclusively for this project. Now we have 26 exclusive tracks coming on two CDs or in a seven piece vinyl box, that even has sides M and N.’

The first 12inch came four months later, a collaboration between Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock, two other residents. ‘That was the only thing that became clear very soon, that the label had to be a platform for the residents of the club. Along the way, nothing really changed. Of course, now we are a bit bigger, we have to plan more things in advance. But the label still depends on the original artistic vision. That’s why I trust our artists to come up with what they really love and feel.’

‘One weekend she told me about how she noticed on Sunday afternoon that the building was vibrating, shaking, resonating and humming from the music being played and that she would love to come here during the week when it is empty to record the place. That actually gave us the idea to do the compilation.’

‘My previous experiences with labels rather scared me off, getting sent a contract, having to sign for the next three releases, that is not how I work.’

Home According to Nick, there aren’t many places around with such a high work ethos. ‘Here the motto is: Don’t cry, work. And everyone is very dedicated, passionate and precise. You can’t run a place like this without putting a lot of work into it. I think the people working here really take pride in what they do. The employees see that it matters what they do. Nobody sits on their ass and waits until closing time, but everybody creates in a certain way.’ ‘If you talk to cleaning people, they will tell you in the most passionate way how you can get the toilets nice and shiny.’ ‘There is a high level of identification with the place they are working at, because almost everyone who works here during the week can be seen at the weekend as well.. At nights when it is really busy here and workforce is needed, you see the guy who’s usually doing the finances checking people in at the door.’ ‘It’s really like home, also as a DJ.’ Achim says. ‘The crowd is amazing. They know us and we know them. I always bring a bunch of records to the club that I’m probably not going to play, because they are very special to me and the moment isn’t always right. But when it is... I remember Boris playing – and that was before the Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald reinterpretation of it –Boléro by Maurice Ravel at Panoramabar. I think in most clubs it would just be funny or absurd, but it was perfect.’ ‘Yes, it was an amazing moment,’ adds Nick. ‘On New Year’s Day, which is already a special night with huge expectations, he dropped the Boléro and everyone went nuts. People were even dancing on the bar. And it was not like: look at us, we are so special, we even play classical music. It was really genuine.’ Fünf ‘A year ago, I thought about our five year anniversary already. But I wasn’t too kind on taking the usual way to celebrate this. You normally do a mix CD of your back catalog with some exclusive new tracks by your artists as well. Of course this is fine, but it’s a little boring as well. Then I made friends with a girl from England called Emma. She moved to Berlin about two years ago and fell in love with the club, going there almost every weekend.’

Ibiza With the international interest for the label and the club growing every year, the requests to take it on the road also increased. ‘Usually our booking agents try to prevent event names like The Sound of Berghain/Panorama Bar, but sometimes it accidentally happens. The branding should be done as an OstGut Ton showcase.’ Nick explains. ‘We all agree that you cannot transport what Berghain is to somewhere else.’ says Achim. ‘It’s not just the DJs. It’s the building, it’s the people working here, it’s everything. Promising to deliver the experience of the club would only be faking it. We have to disappoint everybody, but we can’t take Panorama Bar or Berghain to them.’ ‘I do like taking OstGut on the road, because it’s more like a loose collective. Under that umbrella, different things can happen. But it doesn’t always work,’ Nick laughs. ‘We did a label night at Space on Ibiza last summer. That wasn’t a match made in heaven. But I’m the guy that rather tries something myself instead of listening to people telling me not to do it. I believe that for what it was it was not too bad. We weren’t implanted into an environment where there is just David Guetta and Carl Cox and the entrance fee is more than 50 euros. The GoGo girls were kind of weird though,’ Nick adds. ‘But they did a great job,’ Achim laughs. ‘If I ‘as a gay guy’ keep staring at a girl for 30 minutes because her ass is really amazing, that’s quality.’ Prosumer (Achim Brandenburg) Panoramabar resident ‘My artist name is a combination between producer » and consumer. There is a lot of my personality in » what I do, I produce what I consume mirrored on myself.’» Nick Höppner OstGut Ton label manager ‘When I offered my help to set up the label, I had some label » experience but I wasn’t an experienced label manager yet. » I never had such an amount of responsibility.’

On Repeat BY Antje Klaster Article ADE BY Sonja Koeman

ON Repeat We asked a bunch of people, who make this years ADE happen at Trouw, for their ultimate dream line-up (funny to see how one Frenchman keeps on popping up). These line-ups will probably never be completely realized, but that is what dreams are for. Olaf Boswijk (Owner/Programmer, Trouw) Sunday Bloody Sunday dream line-up > Moritz von Oswald feat Tikiman (live) > Harvey (dj) > Melon (dj) > Dixon & Âme (dj) > Laurent Garnier (dj) Patrice Bäumel (Artist / Label Manager, 360 and Trouw) > Junior Boys (live) > Flying Lotus (live) > Aphex Twin (dj) > Isolée (live) > Laurent Garnier (dj)

Jobbe Strobsoch (Head Production, Trouw) > Vincenzo (dj) > Arto Mwambé (live) > Daniel Stefanik (dj) > Château Flight (live) > Laurent Garnier (dj)

Nick Sabine (Founder, Resident Advisor) > Depeche Mode (live) > Fever Ray (live) > Burial (live) > Ewan Pearson (dj) > Dixon (dj)

Sonja Koeman (PR lady, Trouw) > Minilogue (live) > Matthew Dear / Audion (dj) > Extrawelt (live) > Peter van Hoesen (live) > Marcel Dettmann (dj)

Volcmar Lammers (Promotor, Colors) > Mala (dj) > Coki (dj) > Loefah (dj) > Kode9 & Spaceape (dj) > Sgt. Pokes (dj)



guide are you a lightweight party person or do you consider yourself to be a ‘bring it on and hard to the core’ kind of party lover? or perhaps you are the easygoing type who just goes with the flow? whatever type of merrymaker you are, trouwamsterdam has the answer. we’ve assembled three different ways to spend your ade: a small, medium and large package, each of which offers endless possibilities to make the most of your ade experience. in this rough guide to amsterdam you’ll find what we consider the best parties and venues, restaurants, shops and of course a couple of survival items you don’t want to forget to bring to the ADE. WE20OCT On the first ADE day you are probably still fresh and well rested so we suggest, after a nice breakfast at the ‘Vlaamsch Broodhuys’, you check out one of the nicest little neighbourhoods in Amsterdam: ‘De Negen Straatjes’. Walk around and do some necessary shopping at for instance vintage and second-hand landmarks like Lady Day, Zipper and Episode or check out Velour, the VANS store and LockStock & Barrel for some new outfits. In the meantime, be surprised to see the ‘Brillenmuseum’ (yes, it’s a museum about spectacles) or the ‘Witte Tandenwinkel’ aka ‘The Smile Factory’ with a window full of toothbrushes and toothpaste. After this it’s time for a lovely table at Kagetsu where you can enjoy the best sushi and Japanese dishes. Care to see who takes a golden gnome home after the ADE? Check out the ‘Golden Gnomes’ award show at Paradiso. It started out as a big joke fifteen years ago with awards such as ‘Worst dressed DJ’ and ‘Most loveable agent’. Because the show gained a lot of popularity abroad, they now host the first international awards. End up in Trouw for Colors or go to the Melkweg for the celebration of 25 years of quality techno. TH21OCT Day two is here already, so you might want to take it a little bit easier today. Sleep in and go for the best bread there is in Holland at ‘Bakker Hartog’. After that, be sure to check out FOAM, museum for photography, where you can see expositions of Eva Marie Rødbro - Lone Star and Jim Goldberg – Open See. In the afternoon stop by at Rush Hour: this is one of the best record stores in Amsterdam that also functions as a meeting point for dj’s. We’re suggesting ‘Wilde Zwijnen’ for dinner; this is the new restaurant of our former chef Jamyz Pool. If you want to have drinks in a relaxed café where you can play board games, play the piano or just sit and chill in the

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 7

Useful addresses and telephone numbers: Stores: Oldest record store in town, Concerto | Utrechtsestraat 52-60

Vintage clothes at Episode | Berenstraat 1 Designer outfits and other items at LockStock & Barrel | Hartenstraat 26 +31 (0)6 53263611 Vintage at Lady Day | Hartenstraat 9 Best records at RushHour | Spui 98

Design clothes and furniture at SPRMRKT | Rozengracht 191-193 Sneakers at the VANS store | Runstraat 19-21 Affordable Scandinavian fashion at Velour | Huidenstraat 14 Vintage at Zipper | Huidenstraat 7

comfy chairs, go to café Brecht. They are located at the former TWSTD dj café. In the night, Trouw hosts 360 and Rejected, with a live performance by Elektro Guzzi and much more. Beforehand you can go to Bimhuis where Hyperrhythm takes place. And if you’re up for it, you can always end your night at Studio 80, as they are open till 9.00 in the morning where the guys from Secret Sundaze and Moon Harbour are taking over the joint. FR22OCT Day three. Grab a coffee and croissant at the ‘Koffiesalon’ and wake up while taking a nice walk at the Vondelpark. If you don’t have a pass for the official conferences, but need to do some networking, we advice you to go for lunch at ‘De Wolvenstraat’ (also known as ‘the café with no name’) for this is the place were you can find a lot of ADE-delegates. We would suggest a nice Italian dinner at restaurant the ‘Pekelharing’, where you can recharge yourself for yet another night of fun parties and the best electronic music. Resident Advisor hosts the Friday night at Trouw where Hercules and Love Affair will open with an exclusive live performance. Take a quick peak at Studio K for the NON-Records showcase, this venue is right around the corner from Trouw. And after that the night belongs to dj’s such as Steve Bug, Radio Slave, Melon and Tensnake (live) all at Trouw of course. SA23OCT Start your day with a relaxing massage at the Amsterdam Massage Centre because today is the start of the 24 hour plus party marathon, so you need to be loosened up. Continue your journey at Concerto, a record store founded in 1955 in Amsterdam with a wide range of quality music. Check out the beautiful clothing store SPRMRKT and their specials-outlet with frequent discounts. Studio 80 opens up early at 9.00 in the morning for another edition of 24HourPartyPeople or, if this is too much for your schedule, you can have a relaxing drink at ‘Brandstof’, a newly opened trendy bar in the west side of town. And grab the best pizza there is at La Perla. After that it’s partytime so, go check Kelis at Paradiso in the evening, hit Trouw for a Delsin and OstGut Ton labelnight that goes on till whenever, or visit Studio K where the 12 hour Vrijbuiters go Berlin Underground indoor fest takes place for the third time. SU24OCT Sundaymorning longs for a decent breakfast. Have an omelette, coffee and fresh juice at the ‘Ysbreeker’ and gain a lot of energy for the last and final day of the ADE. If you were at Trouw on Saturday’s, you are probably still there for the infamous monthly party ’Trouw on Sunday’s’, which starts at 08.00 in the morning and ends around 16 hours later. In between there’s some snacks to eat from our restaurant. No need for shopping this day and sight seeing is best to do at a boatparty, so ‘all aboard’ at Pure Liner and if you’re still standing the Circoloco party at Westerunie goes on until 06.00 Monday morning. Enjoy!

Venues: Get ready for some improv: Bimhuis | Piet Heinkade 3 +31 (0)20 788 2150 Where an old milk factory meets the galaxy: Melkweg | Lijnbaansgracht 234-A Sailors only: Pure Liner | Piet Heinkade 27 +31 (20) 494 01 88 Church converted into a musictemple: Paradiso - Weteringschans 6 We like to call it the black box: Studio 80 | Rembrandtplein 17 Cinema, bar and occasional club: Studio K | Timorplein 62 For all you sweeties out there: Sugar Factory | Lijnbaansgracht 238 Our house: TrouwAmsterdam | Wibautstraat 127 +31 (0)20 4637788 Get united at Westerunie | Klönneplein 4-6 +31 (0)20 6848496

Restaurants: Some like it hot, some like it cold, » we like it sushi: Kagetsu | Hartenstraat 17 +31(0)20 427 38 28 Pizza to go at La Perla | Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 14A (no reservations)

Eat whenever you want is their motto: Pekelharing | Van Woustraat 127-129 +31 (0)20 6790460

Wild enough to try Wilde Zwijnen | Javaplein 23 +31 (0)20 463 3043

Other: No happy endings here but that’s more than okay at » the Amsterdam Massage Centre | Weteringschans 121 +31(0)20 4278176

Wonderful whole wheat bread at » Bakker Hartog | Wibautstraat 77 Get fueled up at Brandstof | Marnixstraat 341 +31(0)20 4220813

DJ booth makes room for » coffeepot at Brecht | Weteringsschans 157 Plenty of spectacular at the Brillenmuseum | Gasthuismolensteeg 7 Photography museum of Amsterdam: FOAM | Keizersgracht 609 +31 (0)20 55 16 500 Coffee how we like it: Koffiesalon | Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 82

They’re serious about their pastries: Vlaamsch Broodhuys | Vijzelstraat 109 Always remember to floss: Witte Tandenwinkel | Runstraat 5 Too bad it’s fall, the best terrace is at Ys breeker | Weesperzijde 23 Check THE small, medium and large ADE guide on the next page


ADE large guides medium


SMALL Breakfast at Vlaamsch Broodhuys Shoppen 9 straatjes, Zipper, Lady Day etc Dinner at Kagetsu Colors at Trouw MEDIUM Breakfast at Vlaamsch Broodhuys Shoppen 9 straatjes, Zipper, Lady Day etc Dinner at Kagetsu Golden Gnomes at Paradiso Colors at Trouw LARGE Breakfast at Vlaamsch Broodhuys Shoppen 9 straatjes, Zipper, Lady Day etc Dinner at Kagetsu Golden Gnomes at Paradiso Colors at Trouw D25 at Melkweg


SMALL Breakfast at Hartog Foam RushHour Dinner at Wilde Zwijnen 360&Rejected at Trouw MEDIUM Breakfast at Hartog Foam RushHour Dinner at Wilde Zwijnen 360&Rejected at Trouw Hyperrhythm at Bimhuis LARGE Breakfast at Hartog Foam RushHour Dinner at Wilde Zwijnen 360&Rejected at Trouw Hyperrhythm at Bimhuis Secret Sundaze and Moon Harbour at Studio 80

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 9


SMALL Coffee at Koffiesalon Vondelpark Dinner at Pekelharing Resident Advisor Night at Trouw MEDIUM Coffee at Koffiesalon Vondelpark Dinner at Pekelharing Resident Advisor Night at Trouw LARGE Coffee at Koffiesalon Vondelpark Dinner at Pekelharing Trouw Herc Hercules and Love NON Records at Studio K Resident Advisor Night at Trouw


SMALL Massage Centre Concerto Drinks at Brandstof Dinner at La Perla Delsin and OstGut Ton night at Trouw MEDIUM Massage Centre Concerto Studio 80 24hPP Drinks at Brandstof Dinner at La Perla Delsin and OstGut Ton night at Trouw Vrijbuiters go Berlin Underground at Studio K LARGE Massage Centre Concerto Studio80 24hPP Drinks at Brandstof Dinner at La Perla Kelis at Paradiso Delsin and OstGut Ton night at Trouw Vrijbuiters go Berlin Underground at Studio K


SMALL Breakfast at Ysbreeker Trouw on Sunday MEDIUM Breakfast at Ysbreeker Inter Lab Sessions at Pure Liner Trouw on Sunday LARGE Breakfast at Ysbreeker Inter Lab Sessions at Pure Liner Trouw on Sunday Circoloco at Westerunie

PROGRAMMA Club - oktober 2010 VR01OKT

VIRAL RADIO CARDIFF EDITION The most cutting edge event in Amsterdam, hands down. DJ’s Stagga (Rag&Bone, Cardiff), Monky (Sonic Lodge, Cardiff), Don Leisure (Cardiff), Cinnaman (Colors, Viral Radio, Amsterdam), Juha (Viral Radio, Amsterdam) »» Entrée ¤13 »» Voorverkoop ¤12 »» Trouwe Honden ¤10 »»


OPTIEK Warme combinatie tussen house en jazz Live: Soulphiction (Philpot, Stuttgart) feat Suzana Rozkosny DJ’s Soulphiction (Philpot, Stuttgart), Bert de Rooij (8Bahn, Optiek, Amsterdam) »» Entrée ¤15 »» Voorverkoop ¤13 »» Trouwe Honden ¤12»


DISCO3000 Deep disco vibes, Detroit house galore and future sounds from the year 3000 DJ’s Mike Huckaby (Deep Transportation, Detroit), San Proper (Perlon, Rush Hour, Amsterdam), A Hunter


360 You heard it here first Live: Francesco Tristano (InFiné, Barcelona), DJ’s Patrice Bäumel (!K7, Trouw, Amsterdam) & Nuno dos Santos (Compost Black, Trouw, Utrecht) aka 360 // Visuals by Arnout Hulskamp (Trouw, Amsterdam) »» Entrée ¤15 »» Voorverkoop ¤13 »» Trouwe Honden ¤12 »»

(Disco 3000, Amsterdam)



»» Entrée ¤15 »» Voorverkoop ¤13 »» Trouwe Honden ¤12 »»

Timeless muscular house in all its glory DJ’s Willie Graff (Freerange, Circus Company, New York/Ibiza), Melon (Ratio?, Trouw, Amsterdam) »» Entrée ¤15 »» Voorverkoop ¤13 »» Trouwe Honden ¤12


SOURCE ADDITION Terug naar de Source Live: Daniel Stefanik (Freude am Tanzen, Leipzig), Ada (Kompakt, Köln), Legowelt (Crème Organization, Den Haag), Olene Kadar (Bla Bla, Amsterdam), Knobsticker DJ’s Roland Appel (Compost, München), Daniel Brandt (Tartelet, Köln), Tom Trago (Rush Hour, Amsterdam), San Proper (Disco3000, Perlon, Amsterdam), Dollkraut (The Universe, Amsterdam), Bert de Rooij (Optiek, 8Bahn, Amsterdam), Serge (Clone, Rotterdam), Melon (Trouw, Amsterdam), Nuno dos Santos (360, Trouw, Utrecht), Jorn Liefdeshuis (Squz, Amsterdam), Brent Roozendaal (Crackhouse, Amsterdam), Pitto (Rejected, Utrecht), Jorrit Weeda (Dekmantel, Amsterdam), Tom Ruijg (Bangbang!, Utrecht), Sven & Tettero (Earth, Amsterdam), Cinnaman (Viral Radio, Amsterdam), Olff (Lost Boys, Amsterdam), Efdé, Aron Friedman (Crackhouse, Amsterdam), Michael Jacques, Moraalridder // Cultuur en kunstprogramma met o.a. Skate Naked, Aardlek, Meester Moeilijk en het Bijzondere Gezelschap Info over kaartverkoop via

»» Deuren open van 16.00 – 03.00 uur »» »»


JUNIP Live: JUNIP feat José Gonzales, Elias Araya & Tobias Winterkorn (Mute, Goteborg)

»» Entrée ¤12 »» Trouwe Honden ¤10 »» Voorverkoop al gestart, ook via Concerto. »» Deuren open 20.30 »»


DE VERDIEPING Live: No Age (Sub Pop, USA) Support: Abe Vigoda »» Entrée ¤12 »» Trouwe Honden ¤10 »» Deuren open 20.30 uur »» Aanvang 21.30 »» »»


BAF & UNDER­COVER XXL EDITION We are now, we are free, we are anything we want to be Performances by DarkRaum & friends DJ’s Azari & III (Permanent Vacation, Toronto), BIN (BAF, Amsterdam), Cleo (Undercover, Amsterdam), Vance (Undercover, Amsterdam), Fraulein Z (Herr Zimmerman, BAF, Rotterdam), Daniel Sanchez (Bla Bla, Amsterdam) »» Entrée ¤15 »» Voorverkoop ¤13 »» Trouwe Honden ¤12 »»


ADE SPECIAL COLORS X NIGHT SLUGS DJ’s Bok Bok vs L-vis 1990 b2b (Night Slugs, London), Girl Unit (Night Slugs, London), Deadboy (Numbers, London), Cinnaman (Colors, Viral Radio, Amsterdam) »» Entrée ¤15 »» Voorverkoop ¤13 »» Trouwe Honden ¤12 »»

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 11




ADE SPECIAL 360 & REJECTED Live: Elektro Guzzi (Macro, Vienna) DJ’s Joris Voorn (Rejected, Trouw, Amsterdam), Edwin Oosterwal (Rejected, Amsterdam), Ewan Pearson (Partial Arts, Kompakt, Berlin), Craig Richards (Fabric, London), Patrice Bäumel (!K7, Trouw, Amsterdam) & Nuno dos Santos (Compost Black, Trouw, Utrecht) aka 360 // Visuals by Arnout Hulskamp (Trouw, Amsterdam) »» Entrée ¤18 »» Voorverkoop ¤16 »» Trouwe Honden ¤15 »» »» »»



»» Entrée ¤17 »» Voorverkoop ¤15 »» Trouwe Honden ¤14 »» Deuren open 20.30 uur »» Aanvang 21.30 uur »» »» »»


Live: Tensnake (Running Back, Hamburg) DJ’s Steve Bug (Pokerflat, Berlin), Radio Slave aka The Machine (Rekids, Berlin), Melon (Ratio?, Trouw, Amsterdam), Soul Clap (Soul Clap, Wolf+Lamb, Boston), Hunee (Permanent Vacation, Hunch, Berlin)

»» Entrée ¤20 »» Voorverkoop ¤18 »» Trouwe Honden ¤17 »» Deuren open 23.00 uur »»


ADE SPECIAL DELSIN & OSTGUT TON Live: Redshape (Delsin, Present, Berlin) DJ’s Marcel Dettmann (OstGut Ton, Berghain Resident, Berlin), Shed (OstGut Ton, Berghain Resident, Berlin), Quince (Delsin, Trouw, Utrecht), Delta Funktionen (Delsin, Ann Aimee, Leeuwarden), Newworldaquarium (Delsin, Amsterdam), Prosumer (OstGut Ton, Panoramabar Resident, Berlin), Steffi (OstGut Ton, Panoramabar, Berlin), Nick Höppner (OstGut Ton, Berghain/Panoramabar Resident, Berlin)

»» Entrée ¤20 »» Voorverkoop ¤18 »» Trouwe Honden ¤17 »» Deuren open tot 7.00 uur »» »»


ADE SPECIAL TROUW OP ZONDAG Zolang de voorraad strekt DJ’s Dixon (Innervisions, Berlin), Prosumer (OstGut Ton, Panoramabar Resident, Berlin), Melon (Ratio?, Trouw, Amsterdam), Boris Werner (Remote Area, Trouw, Amsterdam), San Proper (Rush Hour, Amsterdam) and surprise international guests »» Entrée ¤15 »» Voorverkoop ¤13 »» Trouwe Honden ¤12 »» Deuren open vanaf 8.00 uur – 23.00 uur

Live: Ion Ludwig (Quagmire, Resopal, Deventer) DJ’s Boris Werner (Remote Area, Trouw, Amsterdam), William Kouam Djoko (Thirtyonetwenty, Trouw, Amsterdam) »» »» »»

Entrée ¤15 Voorverkoop ¤13 Trouwe Honden ¤12


YOUNG TURKS LABELNIGHT DJ’s Jamie XX (The XX, London), Bullion (Young Turks, London), Sampha (Young Turks, London), Kwes (London) »» Entrée ¤15 »» Voorverkoop ¤13 »» Trouwe Honden ¤12 »»


IMPRINT DJ’s: Sandwell District aka Regis & Function (Sandwell District, Berlin), Sandrien (Imprint, Amsterdam)

DE VERDIEPING DJ’s De Man Zonder Schaduw (GZG, Amsterdam), Patrice Bäumel (!K7, Trouw, Amsterdam), Mirella Kroes (earthbookings, Amsterdam)

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Entrée ¤15 Voorverkoop ¤13 Trouwe Honden ¤12»

Volgende maand in de club: !!!, Jus Ed & DJ Qu, The Field & Walls, 360, Joost van Bellen, The Magician, Living Islands, Deetron, Melon, Les Savy Fav, Antal, San Proper, Dimitri, Caribou, Steffen Bennemann, Sandrien, Peter van Hoesen, The Heykids Kaarten voor alle avonden in TrouwAmsterdam zijn online te bestellen via de volgende sites:

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BAF 21 augustus 2010

Programma de Verdieping - oktober 2010 (de culturele benedenruimte van Trouw)




Reeks filmavonden waarin steeds één stad wordt uitgelicht vanuit het perspectief van underdogs en outcasts. We dwalen door de underground, scheren langs de rafelranden en betreden no-go areas. Hoe (over-)leven mensen in de marges van steden? Plegen ze verzet of verroeren ze zich niet? We vertonen o.a. La Haine (Parijs), Dark Days (New York) en Cidade de Deus (Rio de Janeiro). »» Entrée ¤ 2,50 »» Aanvang 20:00



In this first edition of Visible Cities after the summer break we focus on checkin services like Foursquare, Facebook Places and Speakers will be announced on the website. Past editions saw architects, designers and scholars talk about the effects of digital networks on the city. »» Price ¤ 2,50 »» Start 20:00




Tijdens Leve de Leegstand maken we de ondoorzichtige wereld van de leegstand helder voor mensen met plannen, zonder contacten. In een serie interviews met krakers, oud krakers, antikrakers, vastgoedontwikkelaars, locatiescouts voor films en ambtenaren verkennen we deze wereld. Hierin worden de beweegredenen, manier van werken en de geschiedenis rond leegstand besproken. Zodat je weet wat er mogelijk is met leegstand. »» Entrée ¤ 2,50 »» Aanvang 20:00

Seeing Sounds, a film night on music culture. In the spirit of the Amsterdam Dance Event this edition of Seeing Sounds is dedicated to the history of ‘Vogue dancing’ and the underground dance culture in New York in the 80’s. A time where gay, straight, black & white all met on the dancefloor of clubs such as The Loft and Paradise Garage. Introduction with fragments of ‘Maestro’, main film: ‘Paris Is Burning’. 
‘Jennie Livingston’s documentary about gay black and Latino men who compete in drag balls is a beautiful piece of work— lively, intelligent, exploratory.’ - The New Yorker about Paris Is Burning »» Price ¤ 4 »» Start 20:00



BEAMCLUB #15 Beamclub #15 will be hosted by Amie Dicke. Amie first got wide acclaim for her cuttings of fashion magazine photos from 2004 onward but has been exploring the (absence of) depth of the visual image ever since. What fascinates in Amie is her very personal, emotive and intuitive approach to things that are so common they’ve almost lost meaning. Even in fashion photographs, but also in sugar, nails and painters-plastic Amie manages to unveil unforeseen layers. For the past year De Verdieping has kindly invited the Beamclub to host a night every fourth Wednesday of the month at Trouw. Past speakers have included Nicoline van Harskamp (Prix de Rome winner 2009), Hans Aarsman (Volkskrant columnist and photographer), Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Evi Vingerling. The Rijksakademie Beamclub is a monthly night where former resident Sarah van Sonsbeeck invites artists that have an exceptional working process, and asks to present a series of sort videos that truly inspire them and their work.   »» Price ¤ 2,50 »» Start 20:00


OPEN HAARD OpenHaard is een maandelijkse Amsterdamse inspiratieavond die plaastvindt in de Verdieping. Elke editie delen twee bijzondere gasten uit de culturele en creatieve sector hun inspiratie met het publiek. »» Entrée gratis »» Start 20:00

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 15

column PAF

DE BACKSTAGE IS VOOR HOMO’S Er is een plek waar smerige dingen gebeuren die nooit hun weg naar buiten zouden mogen vinden. Terwijl de massa staat te dansen in een club, moet deze ruimte gebruikt worden voor seks, kotsende groupies, flauwvallende artiesten en ongegeneerde roddelsessies over iedereen die er eigenlijk niet toe doet. Het liefste allemaal tegelijk met in de hoofdrol een BN-er. Deze plek wordt ‘de backstage’ genoemd’. Het is in feite dus een soort uitvergrote plee in een club, maar met beperkte toegang. De laatste keer dat ik iets van een ‘smerige’ actie in de backstage heb meegekregen, is echter al zo’n zes jaar geleden. In de Escape nota bene. In die tijd verdiende ik wat bij als ‘danseres’, wat vaak inhield dat ik tijdens de Las Vegas avonden in het Holland Casino achter Lee Towers stond te dansen met veren op mijn hoofd en uit mijn billen. Maar deze betreffende avond stond ik dus op het podium van Amsterdams oudste club op een feestje waar Jody Bernal kin d aan huis was. Het waren mooie tijden. Naast de kwartiertjes dansen op het podium, bracht ik mijn tijd door in de kleedkamers, oftewel de backstage. En dat deed Jodi ook. Ik dacht dat hij daar misschien was omdat hij hoopte de man van zijn dromen te vinden, maar na mijn laatste dansronde die avond kreeg ik de schrik van mijn leven. Op het moment dat ik de deur van de backstage opende zag

Medewerker van de maand Floris (Chauffeur) Doordeweeks studeert Floris Media & Cultuur aan de UvA, maar op vrijdag en zaterdag zit hij achter het stuur en staat hij in Trouw. Floris is de vaste chauffeur van Trouw en de afgelopen tijd heeft hij alle internationale artiesten die in Trouw hebben gespeeld opgehaald en weggebracht met ‘de Kanarie’ - de naam van de vuilgele auto waar deze artiesten in vervoerd worden. Het ritje Schiphol – Trouw- Lloyd Hotel – Schiphol kan hij inmiddels met zijn ogen dicht. En dat is goed, want zo hoeft hij zijn aandacht niet bij de weg te houden, maar bij de mooie verhalen die de passagiers te vertellen hebben. Dat is dan ook het leukste van chauffeuren vindt Floris. Vooral wanneer hij de artiesten de ochtend na het optreden weer naar Schiphol brengt hoort hij de beste anekdotes uit het dj-roddelcircuit. Een artiest die hij niet snel zal vergeten is Moodymann. Die zegt net zulke maffe dingen in echt, als in het befaamde RBMA filmpje. Zo zat hij, samen met Anthony Shake Shakir, bij Floris in de auto toerend door Amsterdam op zoek naar ‘weed and some hot pussy’. Iedere keer als er ‘happy seed’ (Detroitse term voor lekker wijf) gepasseerd werd, drukte beide mannen hun neus tegen de achterruit en begonnen gekke geluiden en gebaren te maken. Ook The Gaslamp Killer heeft een aardige indruk gemaakt. Voor ieder optreden is hij hartstikke zenuwachtig, vooral vorig jaar tijdens ADE, want toen wilde hij zichzelf echt bewijzen. Voordat hij in de auto stapte dronk hij zich wat

ik daar een meisje naakt op een tafel liggen terwijl iemand met zijn hoofd tussen haar benen zat. Toen ik zei dat ik graag even mijn make-up eraf wilde halen, kwam het hoofd van Jodi tevoorschijn. Blijkbaar vond hij de pannenkoek aan Maybelline make-up op mijn gezicht prima staan, want hij ging rustig verder met waar hij mee bezig was. Ik daarentegen, stond te trillen op mijn beentjes; Jody Bernal bleek hetero te zijn, met een voorkeur voor ietwat dikke en ordinaire vrouwen!!!! Sinds die ontmoeting hoop ik bij iedere entree van een backstage op een vervolg: Frans Bauer met zijn broek op de knieën en lurkend aan een crackpijpje, Yvon Jaspers in een benauwde situatie omringd door twaalf boze boeren, of liever nog Winston Gerschtanowitz in een benauwde situatie omringd door twaalf naakte negers. Maar mijn hoop is tot dusver tevergeefs. De activiteiten in de backstage lijken vandaag de dag meer op de zondagse theedrinksessies bij je familie. Met een kleine tik van het één of ander in de thee welteverstaan. Maar zelfs die kleine tik wil het smerigheidsgehalte maar niet doen opkrikken. Oersaaie gesprekken over de feestjes die bezocht zijn, make-up perikelen voor de spiegels en geen blote bil of tiet te bekennen, leveren mij keer op keer een slaapsyndroom op. Ach ja, dan gaat er tenminste nog iemand out in de backstage.

moed in om vervolgens tijdens de rit joelend en briesend uit het raam te hangen ter voorbereiding op zijn set. Nog zo’n charismatisch figuur was Seth Troxler, echt een ‘mafklapper’ volgens Floris, met zijn opmerkingen, grappen en typetjes die hij nadoet. De kanarie gooide hoge ogen bij Troxler en Shaun Reeves toen zij in juni 2010 werden opgehaald. In het Lloyd Hotel wilde Troxler niet slapen, zijn kamer kwam naar zijn zeggen ‘straight out of the Blair Witch Project’, maar na zijn gig is hij er gewoon in bed gaan liggen. Waarschijnlijk een geval van één jointje teveel gerookt denkt Floris. Als dank voor deze mooie verhalen zullen we Floris een notitieblok geven, zodat hij iedere uitspraak van de artiesten kan noteren. Het wachten is dan op de memoires van Floris, die vast en zeker gretig aftrek zal krijgen. Shaun Reeves en Seth Troxler zijn blij met de kanarie

INTERVIEW Aron Friedman Picture Prosumer Sven Marquardt

Trouw Cooking No Bullshit, Just Great Food Chef Henk-Jan van Valkenburg and sous-chef Olav van Ark don’t believe in conceptual cooking. Nothing beats a good piece of meat, some fries and veggies, as long as the ingredients are selected with great care and the dishes are prepared properly.

Can you tell us something about yourselves? HJ: ‘I’ve been a chef for many restaurants. I also used to have my own restaurant called Summum. Before Trouw I was working as a freelance chef, but when the former chef Jaymz left, he asked me to take over. I’ve been working here for a couple of months now.’ O: ‘Before Trouw, I was working at a place called Goudfazant in the North of Amsterdam. After three and a half years I was looking for a something new, and that’s how I became the sous-chef here.’ Who’s in the kitchen doing what? HJ: ‘We’re with the three of us. Me, Olav and Dimitri. When I’m not there, Olav is in charge. Me and Olav do most of the work during the day, and Dimitri is the new face of the restaurant during the night.’ What’s the main idea behind the restaurant? HJ: ‘Before, Jaymz Pool was doing a lot of street food here. I’ve done that before in other places, but now I’ve decided to keep things small and simple. We use the grill a lot. We focus mainly on the quality of the products, without making it too pricey. We’re trying to have as many biological products as possible.’

What are the pros and cons of a place like Trouw? HJ: ‘The good thing is; there’s a lot of people hanging out, which is of course nice with a place so far away from the centre. But those who come for the club aren’t exactly the ones to spend a lot of money on food. When you’re in your early twenties, you generally spend more money on booze and partying. But I think we’re well on our way to becoming a known restaurant around town.’ How do you offer uniqueness in a town that already has so many restaurants? HJ: ‘I think what’s most unique about Trouw is the location. You can’t keep on reinventing the wheel. And you don’t need oysters and caviar. You just need to offer quality: a good organic steak is a lot tastier than the beat up thing the butcher on the corner serves. If you go to a place where the interior is as expensive as the neighbor’s new car, they’ll charge you for it. You end up paying shitloads for food that isn’t bad, but isn’t great either. I’d rather go out every once in a while eating something great, than going out every week and eating a load of crap in shiny place.’ O: ‘Honest and affordable food doesn’t need the most expensive ingredients. A good piece of meat, some fries and some nice veggies can also do the trick.’

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 17

So what’s the idea behind the menu? HJ: ‘Well, there really isn’t much to it except good food. Once you provide quality, the word starts spreading. People definitely come back if they’re satisfied. We’ve got some Dutch food, some Mediterranean dishes. Everything is prepared with great care. I guess that’s how you could sum it up, yeah.’ What’s your favorite dish from the menu? O: ‘Grilled lobster!’ HJ: ‘Grilled steak. A great piece of meat from a beautiful cow.’

Dishes seem to come in hypes, too. One season it is rocket, the next it is spinach. What’s the Amsterdam dish of the moment? HJ: ‘Sausage! Everyone is making their own sausages, I noticed. Lots of restaurants are putting sausage on the menu. I’m serious! Then the organic thing is really hot. But I think it will stay. Organic food is still hard to find, but once it’s more common and prices drop, it will also become more popular.’ Where do you go out to dinner if you’re not working? Both: ‘Restaurant As on the Prinses Irenestraat.’

Where do you get your products? HJ: ‘We only work with a handful of suppliers. People who know their profession. Our meat man is called Frans. Our vegetables come from De Lindenhof. They deliver0 organic products to restaurants all over town.’

HJ: ‘Foods really good over there! And it’s as affordable as you want to make it.’

Does Holland have a backwards culinary culture? HJ: ‘Frankly? Yes. Not that France is leading or anything. But I do believe kids over there learn to recognize quality. I don’t think your typical Amsterdam family is accustomed to good quality food.’

How is working in a club/restaurant compared to working in a normal restaurant? HJ: ‘I think I would have liked it better when I was younger, haha! Now I mostly go home after work, maybe drinking a few beers, but never staying till the end. I mean, Trouw is a great club. When it’s at full capacity and the mood is right, it really makes sense. But I have to start working at twelve, so if I only get three hours of sleep, it kills me.’

O: ‘The Dutch are generally raised frugal. Saving money for one’s mortgage is considered more important than spending it on proper meals.’ But hasn’t food become more important to the Dutch these last decades? HJ: ‘Yeah, but the Amsterdammers are extremely hype-sensitive. Everything comes in phases. First the soup ‘n juice bars became popular, and suddenly a soup ‘n juice bar would pop up on every corner. ’ O: ‘Yeah, and there’s only two left now, haha!’ HJ: ‘Then came the Wok & Go hype. Then there was the bagelfad. These things come and go. One moment, the whole city is flooded by the same type of restaurants, and the next moment they’re all gone.’

O: ‘I also love Nam Kee on the Zeedijk. Can’t beat their peking-duck…’

O: ‘A normal restaurant is empty once you finish. But here, that’s just around the time when the place starts to fill up. It’s a lot more dynamic that way.’ Usually the deejays eat here before playing. Any funny stories? HJ: ‘Well, it’s not like we get weird orders or anything. But we did have this one guy, I think it was on Viral Radio… Yeah, Joker, that’s the one. Man, this guy was such a fussy eater; he didn’t like anything on the menu. Ended up eating dry couscous for dinner. But generally dj’s are extremely happy to get a good meal before playing.’ Trouw restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday » from 18.30 till 00.00.

ARTICLE Pepijn van den Wall Bake PictureS Laura Luikens

A day in The life of a club Any juicy club night is like a finished product, meticulously assembled, well-wrapped and presented to the clubbers as a thing of beauty. My mission? Unwrap and disassemble a very special night in Trouw. What went down behind the scenes, will I be able to get that interview? How much beer can one steal from the backstage area? This is a special report on my attempts to get my very own Almost Famous moment.

14:00 – Trouw on a rainy Monday afternoon, after a weekend filled with sunshine and festival fun. Unrelenting daylight of the palest kind shines through the windows and puts everything in a very un-club like atmosphere. I have been in clubs on strange moments, and believe me, also on Monday afternoons, but this is definitely the strangest. Everything is squeaky clean, and the only people around are some sweaty blokes trying to lift a crate on the stage. There is no music, and it smells like cleaning agent and coffee. As I said; the strangest moment. It’s another seven hours before the South African white trash rap spectacle goes down here, but already all the lights and the splendid Function One sound system are up and running. I’m wondering whether Die Antwoord’s ‘next level beats’’ are going to sound any good tonight. 15:30 – I try to find the man in charge, and it turns out his name is Lenny. A name that suits the guy in charge I think. ‘I was here since 9 this morning my friend. It’s always a day’s work to get this shit going, but when it’s done, it’s done!’ Tonights act has already arrived, but is apparently still recovering from previous gigs in their tour bus parked out back. Lenny already went outside and saw one coming out the bus. ‘He looked really rock ‘n roll. A real homeboy...’ 17:00 – I wander backstage to see whether any of the artists have arrived. This is not the case. The dressing rooms are empty. Bowls of fruit and nuts covered in household film fill the table. The fridge is giving a friendly buzz, almost inviting me to open it. I feel like a kid left alone in a room full of candy.

Which actually is the case, if your replace candy with rows of delicious looking Becks beer. I resist my budding alcoholism and close the fridge. Do you know what makes Becks so awesome? That aluminum foil around the neck. Peeling it off is a great activity while drinking. I’m telling you, somewhere in Germany, people thought of this. I continue my stroll, now joined by my partner in crime and photographer, to the dressing room belonging to the support act. We look around and take some pictures. Awesome graffiti. They have stupid Belgian Jupiler beer instead of glorious German Becks. 25 centiliters instead of 33. That must mean they’re 8 centiliters less awesome. And also, no foil to peel off! There has to be a difference I guess. I steal some chocolates and one of those totally inferior beers and we continue our shrewd raid through the backstage areas of Trouw. 17:30 – The first soundcheck begins. The sound guy is making neanderthaler-like noises into the microphone, but doing so with a totally serious and professional look on his face. It’s very hard not to find that hilarious. 20:00 – Some noises from the backstage area, apparently, our South African guests have arrived. We don’t hesitate and make our way downstairs to take some pictures and maybe even a quick word with the artists. Before we can even get close to the dressing room where I previously drooled all over their fridge, we are stopped by an extraordinary little man with a quick temper and a shapeless t-shirt. He’s got this fanatical look in his eyes. ‘No-one is allowed in this area, you have to leave!’

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 19

Behind him the door to the dressing room opens and we stretch our necks to peep inside, just in time to be granted a look upon Watkin Tudor Jones (aka the Ninja) and the fabled Yo-landi Vi$$er enjoying a beer (fabled because her voice sounds like she just inhaled a bunch of helium) Dj Hi-Tec (He owns a PC computer) is nowhere to be seen, but before we can look for him we are reminded once again of our unwantedness by the tiny English bloke. It now occurs to me this man must be their tour-manager. Surely, he must be part-midget. A normal person can’t be this small and still have a temper. Who would hire a midget tour-manager? That’s just silly. But hey, Die Antwoord featured pregoria (a super-fast aging disease) patient Leon Botha in their video clip ‘Enter the Ninja’, so that must mean they have a thing for people with disabilities. 21:30 – Aux Raus, the support act begins their show. One guy plays the guitar and the other one screams hysterically in a microphone. Lovely tunes indeed. Meanwhile, we sneak backstage to see what they did to their dressing room. The music they play implies they drank a bottle of vodka each and they just totally trashed the room. We expect total mayhem, a small fire, passed-out strippers and drugs everywhere. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, a bottle of vodka is on the table but they maybe drank two glasses. The apple juice on the other hand is almost finished. Pussies. I check the fridge. The only beer missing is the one I stole previously. I am so disappointed in rock ‘n roll right now. As a punishment I steal two more. Our second attempt to get into the main dressing room is once again thwarted by the evil British midget. O! How I hate him.

22:15 – Finally, The South African phenomena mounts the stage in Trouw for their show, and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. Yo-Landi totally makes up for her size with spectacular raw rapping power and some dirty moves, and Ninja, it turns out, possesses amazing crowd-surfing skills, which is impressive for a guy who looks like the gangsta-rapversion of miss Twiggy. They changed clothes four times, and for the last song they all wore bunny suits. You can’t argue with bunny suits. As a result the crowd goes insane. Ninja screams something about multiculturalism with his adorable South African accent. The crowd loves him for it. Admittedly, it would have helped if they actually had a black person in their group, which is not the case except if Yo-Landi turns out to be an albino. That would be sick. And it would fit their disabilities-fetish too. 23:30 – Afterwards, we try once more to sneak some pictures, and maybe a quick interview. No luck. All we get to see is a now seriously annoyed and worryingly red-faced tour manager. My Almost Famous dream just bursted: No doing cocaine with Dj Hi-Tec for me, no backstage pictures of me chillin’ with the crème de la crème of the South African hip-hop scene. We decide to go home. Ah well, we got some free beers out of it. Plus I got to see Yo-Landi’s ass. Totally worth it.

ARTIKEL Antja Klaster

THE GOOD BOY Even though Patrice Baümel is brought up an Atheist, he will make an effort to be a good boy. We already think he’s been a good boy, delivering the unique sounding debut album Vapour on the Trouw imprint. Vapour is the first release of the label that is run by Jeroen Hofer (Melon), Nuno dos Santos, Olaf Boswijk and Patrice Baümel himself. We wanted to know a little bit about the album, but also what is next for Baümel, who’s always moving forward.

You were raised an Atheist, but are you still? Yes. I don’t feel the need for religion in my life, but the subject fascinates me though. It is interesting that almost every religion sells their truth as the only truth. Or how a believer of one religion sees another religion as a strange, almost ridiculous cult. So why put yourself with a bible, or what looks like it, on the cover of your album? Christianity from an outside view is just another (widely accepted) cult. There is a dark energy surrounding it - myths, rituals, worshipping of supernatural beings, secrecy. It is similar to what ‘Vapour’ feels like to me. It is night music, a winter record that seems a little like a fairy tale for grown-ups. Hence the bible reference. The cross is also a visually powerful symbol, which is never a bad thing in a photograph. You have been producing for over five years and Vapour is the closing product of this period for you. What’s next? I want to go more crazy, tear up the rulebook and come up with material that is really in your face and confrontational. Totally against everything that is considered politically correct at the moment. No references to the past, no dwelling in ‘deepness’. I want to go into the studio like a little kid and let loose, just twisting buttons, doing things that make no sense and let anarchy rule, not knowing what the outcome will be. Speed up my production process and worry less about perfection. Just find a very intuitive, non-intellectual way of

making music. Apart from that I want to start working with live musicians, produce a band or something like that. Work with microphones, real instruments, voices. There a many things I have never tried... Sounds great, but before this next chapter... it’s getting Vapour out into the world, make people listen to it. Any plans on touring, live sets or anything else? I will definitely prepare a live set for the ‘Vapour’ tour something I have never done before so i don’t know what direction this will go, combined with a lot of dj-ing all over the place. I am also hoping to convince one of our Trouw video artists to cook up a cool video clip for one of the album tracks. The remixes that will follow the album release are going to turn some heads as well. Can’t wait. ADE is one week before the official release date of Vapour, do you have anything special planned for the festival besides the 360 and Rejected night at Trouw the 22nd of October? I will try to be a good boy and get a lot of work done for the label and album - shaking hands, meeting people and scouting artists. Maybe I will treat myself to the Sunday ADE afterparty at Trouw... Vapour will be released the 27th of October 2010 » on the Trouw label

Oldschool Collage by Mirla Klijn Illustrative impression on Aloe Blacc I need a dollar (Tensnake remix)

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 21

ARTIKEL Todd Burns BEELD Resident Advisor

I Was There:

Steve Bug If it seems like Steve Bug has been around forever, it’s because, well, he basically has. The Berlin-based producer has been involved in electronic music since the late ‘80s. Headlining at this year’s Resident Advisor party during the ADE conference along with Radio Slave, Tensnake, Soul Clap and more, RA’s editor Todd L. Burns caught up with the Poker Flat label boss to talk about his early clubbing days in Bremen and Hamburg—before he ever got backstage. If it seems like Steve Bug has been around forever, it’s because, well, he basically has. The Berlin-based producer has been involved in electronic music since the late ‘80s. Headlining at this year’s Resident Advisor party during the ADE conference along with Radio Slave, Tensnake, Soul Clap and more, RA’s editor Todd L. Burns caught up with the Poker Flat label boss to talk about his early clubbing days in Bremen and Hamburg—before he ever got backstage. What was the music scene like in Bremen when you were growing up? When I first started going out, clubs were playing everything. Mostly commercial music, but we didn’t know better. After that, we went to more funk and black music clubs as well. But then I went to Hamburg’s Front Club where Klaus Stockhausen—and later on Boris Dlugosch—used to DJ. After my first night at the Front club, I started DJing at home and making tapes and stuff.

Klaus seems to be a touchstone for a lot of German DJs. What was it about his DJing that was so inspiring? The funny thing about Klaus is that he doesn’t really understand why people care about him, which I think is really nice. So many people get a big head because they’ve just released a record and one of them has been charted in Groove Magazine. To be honest, though, I don’t remember the way he was playing and, unfortunately, I don’t even have a tape of the way he was playing. For me it was more the music and the fact that the music wasn’t stopping. At all the other nights I had been to before, there was one track and then it stopped. And then the other track.

I was selfish. I left them outside. I had to go in! I wouldn’t do the same anymore, but back then I was so in love with the music I really had to be there.

What else made the club special? Front back then was, I’d say, 95% gay. For me, being a hairdresser, I was used to having gays around me. But I wasn’t going to full proper gay clubs. I was probably the only straight guy in there apart from Martin Landsky. It was quite an experience. The whole way they did partying and the music and the lights was completely different from everything I had known before. It was like if you’d only been to more commercial clubs these days, and then you suddenly walk into Berghain or Panoramabar. It was a culture shock. There was a door policy too right? How did you get in? Easily! I don’t know. They seemed to like me. We were always wearing crazy outfits anyway, so after a while they knew me. Sometimes we would drive over with random people from Bremen and they wouldn’t get in because they were too normal looking.

TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 23

You said you went home and started making tapes for yourself after that first time at Front. How long was it before you DJed in public? Three or four years, but I started buying records even before I went to Front. It’s funny, I was always thinking when I started doing my own music that it was stupid that I had never started DJing in clubs or producing music earlier. If I had started in ‘88, then that would have been like three years of producing. I’ve been around for a long time now, but in the beginning I was just looking around at the others who’d been around… Were you just scared in the beginning? No, I wasn’t scared. I just enjoyed being on the dance floor so much I didn’t want to become a DJ. What was the moment that made you change? It was definitely the summer of ‘91 in Ibiza, I had three months off and I suddenly thought, ‘Yeah, we should do our own parties.’ I think it was really important to have that time, to make yourself free from everything. I think if I had just continued my work back then, just going to the salon every week and maybe taking a week of vacation, I would never come to the point where I would say, ‘I’m going to do this.’ Sometimes I think about this with music too, that I’ve been doing it for so many years that maybe I already want to do something else without knowing about it because I don’t have the time. So is music still quite natural to you? Does it feel obvious that this is what you want to do? Yeah, working in music, working in the studio or playing sets somewhere, even the label work is quite natural and it feels right. It never feels like work. The only thing that feels like work is travelling. It’s sometimes really hard to just sit around in hotel rooms when you could be with your friends. That’s the part that feels like work. Someone once said, I don’t know who, ‘I’ve decided to get paid for the travel. I play for free.’ [laughs] And, in a way, it’s true. I think all of us would be playing if we were asked to play on a beach or on the river in Berlin; probably everyone would do it if wasn’t your proper job and you’re just happy to have a few days off.


AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT SPECIAL RESIDENT ADVISOR NIGHT With: Steve Bug, Tensnake, Radio Slave, Soul Clap, Hunee and Melon


Trouwens #05 - 'Backstage Issue'  

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