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On Repeat BY Antje Klaster Article ADE BY Sonja Koeman

ON Repeat We asked a bunch of people, who make this years ADE happen at Trouw, for their ultimate dream line-up (funny to see how one Frenchman keeps on popping up). These line-ups will probably never be completely realized, but that is what dreams are for. Olaf Boswijk (Owner/Programmer, Trouw) Sunday Bloody Sunday dream line-up > Moritz von Oswald feat Tikiman (live) > Harvey (dj) > Melon (dj) > Dixon & Âme (dj) > Laurent Garnier (dj) Patrice Bäumel (Artist / Label Manager, 360 and Trouw) > Junior Boys (live) > Flying Lotus (live) > Aphex Twin (dj) > Isolée (live) > Laurent Garnier (dj)

Jobbe Strobsoch (Head Production, Trouw) > Vincenzo (dj) > Arto Mwambé (live) > Daniel Stefanik (dj) > Château Flight (live) > Laurent Garnier (dj)

Nick Sabine (Founder, Resident Advisor) > Depeche Mode (live) > Fever Ray (live) > Burial (live) > Ewan Pearson (dj) > Dixon (dj)

Sonja Koeman (PR lady, Trouw) > Minilogue (live) > Matthew Dear / Audion (dj) > Extrawelt (live) > Peter van Hoesen (live) > Marcel Dettmann (dj)

Volcmar Lammers (Promotor, Colors) > Mala (dj) > Coki (dj) > Loefah (dj) > Kode9 & Spaceape (dj) > Sgt. Pokes (dj)



guide are you a lightweight party person or do you consider yourself to be a ‘bring it on and hard to the core’ kind of party lover? or perhaps you are the easygoing type who just goes with the flow? whatever type of merrymaker you are, trouwamsterdam has the answer. we’ve assembled three different ways to spend your ade: a small, medium and large package, each of which offers endless possibilities to make the most of your ade experience. in this rough guide to amsterdam you’ll find what we consider the best parties and venues, restaurants, shops and of course a couple of survival items you don’t want to forget to bring to the ADE. WE20OCT On the first ADE day you are probably still fresh and well rested so we suggest, after a nice breakfast at the ‘Vlaamsch Broodhuys’, you check out one of the nicest little neighbourhoods in Amsterdam: ‘De Negen Straatjes’. Walk around and do some necessary shopping at for instance vintage and second-hand landmarks like Lady Day, Zipper and Episode or check out Velour, the VANS store and LockStock & Barrel for some new outfits. In the meantime, be surprised to see the ‘Brillenmuseum’ (yes, it’s a museum about spectacles) or the ‘Witte Tandenwinkel’ aka ‘The Smile Factory’ with a window full of toothbrushes and toothpaste. After this it’s time for a lovely table at Kagetsu where you can enjoy the best sushi and Japanese dishes. Care to see who takes a golden gnome home after the ADE? Check out the ‘Golden Gnomes’ award show at Paradiso. It started out as a big joke fifteen years ago with awards such as ‘Worst dressed DJ’ and ‘Most loveable agent’. Because the show gained a lot of popularity abroad, they now host the first international awards. End up in Trouw for Colors or go to the Melkweg for the celebration of 25 years of quality techno. TH21OCT Day two is here already, so you might want to take it a little bit easier today. Sleep in and go for the best bread there is in Holland at ‘Bakker Hartog’. After that, be sure to check out FOAM, museum for photography, where you can see expositions of Eva Marie Rødbro - Lone Star and Jim Goldberg – Open See. In the afternoon stop by at Rush Hour: this is one of the best record stores in Amsterdam that also functions as a meeting point for dj’s. We’re suggesting ‘Wilde Zwijnen’ for dinner; this is the new restaurant of our former chef Jamyz Pool. If you want to have drinks in a relaxed café where you can play board games, play the piano or just sit and chill in the

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