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TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 3

EDITORIAL Luc Mastenbroek photographer Ronny Theeuwes

Backstage always seems like the coolest place of the club. This is where the artists are hanging out, security is far to be found and the beers are always within arms reach. So, where else than behind the stage would you want to be? We asked six visitors of Trouw about their opinion on ‘hanging backstage’. Tom Duijkers

‘I think it depends on the club for me. I think the studio 80 wouldn’t fit my style, but here at trouw I imagine hanging out with the artists and talking about music for hours.’

Georgios Konstantoulakis

‘I like it to be in the audience. People hanging around with the artists backstage, they want to be a part of what’s happening.’

Derek van Beelen

‘As a stagemanager I was in backstage areas a lot and to me it didn’t have any charm. Okay, the beer is for free, but for real partying, you have to be on the dancefloor.’

Berend-Jan Bockting

‘You really mean backstage right? Not like: backstage in the dj-booth. As a journalist I sometimes have to visit the backstage area. But just to do the interview. No rock ‘n’ roll stories here then.’

Meredith Greer

‘The Dutch rappers ‘Opgezwolle’ once said it completely right: ‘Not in the V.I.P., but in the middle of the crowd. WE don’t cruise in a BMW, but on our BMX’s.’

Robert Genis

‘Chilling backstage is like hanging with your friends at home. Your relaxed, the beer is for free, but it’s not really partying is it? That’s where the dancefloor comes in.’

Trouwens #05 - 'Backstage Issue'  

Trouwens is a magazine made bij TrouwAmsterdam for the visitors of TrouwAmsterdam

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