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TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 23

You said you went home and started making tapes for yourself after that first time at Front. How long was it before you DJed in public? Three or four years, but I started buying records even before I went to Front. It’s funny, I was always thinking when I started doing my own music that it was stupid that I had never started DJing in clubs or producing music earlier. If I had started in ‘88, then that would have been like three years of producing. I’ve been around for a long time now, but in the beginning I was just looking around at the others who’d been around… Were you just scared in the beginning? No, I wasn’t scared. I just enjoyed being on the dance floor so much I didn’t want to become a DJ. What was the moment that made you change? It was definitely the summer of ‘91 in Ibiza, I had three months off and I suddenly thought, ‘Yeah, we should do our own parties.’ I think it was really important to have that time, to make yourself free from everything. I think if I had just continued my work back then, just going to the salon every week and maybe taking a week of vacation, I would never come to the point where I would say, ‘I’m going to do this.’ Sometimes I think about this with music too, that I’ve been doing it for so many years that maybe I already want to do something else without knowing about it because I don’t have the time. So is music still quite natural to you? Does it feel obvious that this is what you want to do? Yeah, working in music, working in the studio or playing sets somewhere, even the label work is quite natural and it feels right. It never feels like work. The only thing that feels like work is travelling. It’s sometimes really hard to just sit around in hotel rooms when you could be with your friends. That’s the part that feels like work. Someone once said, I don’t know who, ‘I’ve decided to get paid for the travel. I play for free.’ [laughs] And, in a way, it’s true. I think all of us would be playing if we were asked to play on a beach or on the river in Berlin; probably everyone would do it if wasn’t your proper job and you’re just happy to have a few days off.


AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT SPECIAL RESIDENT ADVISOR NIGHT With: Steve Bug, Tensnake, Radio Slave, Soul Clap, Hunee and Melon

Trouwens #05 - 'Backstage Issue'  

Trouwens is a magazine made bij TrouwAmsterdam for the visitors of TrouwAmsterdam

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