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ARTIKEL Antja Klaster

THE GOOD BOY Even though Patrice Baümel is brought up an Atheist, he will make an effort to be a good boy. We already think he’s been a good boy, delivering the unique sounding debut album Vapour on the Trouw imprint. Vapour is the first release of the label that is run by Jeroen Hofer (Melon), Nuno dos Santos, Olaf Boswijk and Patrice Baümel himself. We wanted to know a little bit about the album, but also what is next for Baümel, who’s always moving forward.

You were raised an Atheist, but are you still? Yes. I don’t feel the need for religion in my life, but the subject fascinates me though. It is interesting that almost every religion sells their truth as the only truth. Or how a believer of one religion sees another religion as a strange, almost ridiculous cult. So why put yourself with a bible, or what looks like it, on the cover of your album? Christianity from an outside view is just another (widely accepted) cult. There is a dark energy surrounding it - myths, rituals, worshipping of supernatural beings, secrecy. It is similar to what ‘Vapour’ feels like to me. It is night music, a winter record that seems a little like a fairy tale for grown-ups. Hence the bible reference. The cross is also a visually powerful symbol, which is never a bad thing in a photograph. You have been producing for over five years and Vapour is the closing product of this period for you. What’s next? I want to go more crazy, tear up the rulebook and come up with material that is really in your face and confrontational. Totally against everything that is considered politically correct at the moment. No references to the past, no dwelling in ‘deepness’. I want to go into the studio like a little kid and let loose, just twisting buttons, doing things that make no sense and let anarchy rule, not knowing what the outcome will be. Speed up my production process and worry less about perfection. Just find a very intuitive, non-intellectual way of

making music. Apart from that I want to start working with live musicians, produce a band or something like that. Work with microphones, real instruments, voices. There a many things I have never tried... Sounds great, but before this next chapter... it’s getting Vapour out into the world, make people listen to it. Any plans on touring, live sets or anything else? I will definitely prepare a live set for the ‘Vapour’ tour something I have never done before so i don’t know what direction this will go, combined with a lot of dj-ing all over the place. I am also hoping to convince one of our Trouw video artists to cook up a cool video clip for one of the album tracks. The remixes that will follow the album release are going to turn some heads as well. Can’t wait. ADE is one week before the official release date of Vapour, do you have anything special planned for the festival besides the 360 and Rejected night at Trouw the 22nd of October? I will try to be a good boy and get a lot of work done for the label and album - shaking hands, meeting people and scouting artists. Maybe I will treat myself to the Sunday ADE afterparty at Trouw... Vapour will be released the 27th of October 2010 » on the Trouw label

Trouwens #05 - 'Backstage Issue'  

Trouwens is a magazine made bij TrouwAmsterdam for the visitors of TrouwAmsterdam

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