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The monthly party ‘Rauw’ has been touring around Amsterdam for years now. Looks like the man behind this success story, Joost van Bellen, likes to keep on moving. From Amuse to 11 to Melkweg… Next stop for Rauw? You’ve guessed it right, it is Trouw. For all you literary wiz kids there’s no need to tell that Rauw is the Dutch word for Raw. And that’s exactly the vibe Trouw has. A match made in heaven? Lets find out on the first edition on the 12th of November with: The Living islands (live), the Magician (exAeroplane), Joost van Bellen and more. For more info check: »»

What would you do if you were a graffiti obsessed, documentary making French immigrant living in L.A.? There are probably a hundred answers, but we’ll give you one. Thierry Guetta is the person we’re referring to, and his one goal was to find and film world famous graffiti artist Banksy. But once he did, the tables were turned and Banksy became the documentary maker. The outcome of this documentary is called ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ and is premiering in Holland September 30th. Besides the works of Banksy, the film shows works of other famous graffiti artists as well.

When in China, you’ll probably find yourself looking at a lot of posters and billboards stating you’re in the perfect country. But hell you’re not. Photographer Aram Tanis wanted to show us the other side of China by making the book ‘Blowing Smoke and Seahorses’. To really portrait this other side of China, he took pictures at animal fares, industrial area’s and a shelter for children whose parents are in jail. The book is now on sale at Athenaeum Bookhandel and Nijhof&Lee Amsterdam. The Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven has an exposition starting 16-10-2010 until 30-01-2010. But there will also be expositions in Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Breda and of course Beijing. For more info check: »»» » » »


Fashion: Well, its October and this means ADE is coming up for a lot of us. Five days of not coming home to sleep. So make sure to jump into an outfit that’s comfortable and looks nice as well. We recommend Chillp-wear by Roos Neeter, check out her collections on or go to Odd at Spui in Amsterdam to buy these partyproof clothes.

Art: Stedelijk Museum (half) open? Well, we’ve been going to the Appel for years now and must say, the Stedelijk Museum has been slowly slipping our minds lately. Since 1975 the Appel has functioned as a site for the research and presentation of contemporary visual art through exhibitions, publications and discursive events, as they say themselves on their site But we recommend skipping the internet surfing and get your ass over to the Ferdinand Bolstraat.

Music: Enough about dance music! What’s next? Chilling at home with some soothing classical music in the background. But you can also visit the rehearsals of orchestra’s performing at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Every Wednesday at 12.30 you’re free to come and check this out. Did we already mention it’s for free? »» colofon

“TROUWENS is a magazine made by Trouw, for the visitors of Trouw.” Editor in Chief: Antje Klaster Text corrector and creative force: Mirla Klijn- Editorial team: Antje Klaster, Aron Friedman, Job Jobse, Luc Mastenbroek, Mirla Klijn, Pepijn van den Wall Bake, Sonja Koeman Cover photographer: Patrick Oudman Spread photographer: Partick Oudman Photography contribution: Laura Luikens, Ronny Theeuwes Picture Prosumer (page 4): Sven Marquardt Design: 178 aardige Printed by: Nuance Is there anything you would like to show or tell, please do so. Mail your ideas, pics, tips&trics, opinion, love letters and such to: If you own a nice store or run another business where ‘Trouwens’ should be found, please call: 020- 4637788 We’re here: Wibautstraat 127, 1091 GL, Amsterdam

Trouwens #05 - 'Backstage Issue'  

Trouwens is a magazine made bij TrouwAmsterdam for the visitors of TrouwAmsterdam

Trouwens #05 - 'Backstage Issue'  

Trouwens is a magazine made bij TrouwAmsterdam for the visitors of TrouwAmsterdam