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TROUWENS | Backstage - Amsterdam Dance Event special | Issue #05 | oktober 2010 | Pag 17

So what’s the idea behind the menu? HJ: ‘Well, there really isn’t much to it except good food. Once you provide quality, the word starts spreading. People definitely come back if they’re satisfied. We’ve got some Dutch food, some Mediterranean dishes. Everything is prepared with great care. I guess that’s how you could sum it up, yeah.’ What’s your favorite dish from the menu? O: ‘Grilled lobster!’ HJ: ‘Grilled steak. A great piece of meat from a beautiful cow.’

Dishes seem to come in hypes, too. One season it is rocket, the next it is spinach. What’s the Amsterdam dish of the moment? HJ: ‘Sausage! Everyone is making their own sausages, I noticed. Lots of restaurants are putting sausage on the menu. I’m serious! Then the organic thing is really hot. But I think it will stay. Organic food is still hard to find, but once it’s more common and prices drop, it will also become more popular.’ Where do you go out to dinner if you’re not working? Both: ‘Restaurant As on the Prinses Irenestraat.’

Where do you get your products? HJ: ‘We only work with a handful of suppliers. People who know their profession. Our meat man is called Frans. Our vegetables come from De Lindenhof. They deliver0 organic products to restaurants all over town.’

HJ: ‘Foods really good over there! And it’s as affordable as you want to make it.’

Does Holland have a backwards culinary culture? HJ: ‘Frankly? Yes. Not that France is leading or anything. But I do believe kids over there learn to recognize quality. I don’t think your typical Amsterdam family is accustomed to good quality food.’

How is working in a club/restaurant compared to working in a normal restaurant? HJ: ‘I think I would have liked it better when I was younger, haha! Now I mostly go home after work, maybe drinking a few beers, but never staying till the end. I mean, Trouw is a great club. When it’s at full capacity and the mood is right, it really makes sense. But I have to start working at twelve, so if I only get three hours of sleep, it kills me.’

O: ‘The Dutch are generally raised frugal. Saving money for one’s mortgage is considered more important than spending it on proper meals.’ But hasn’t food become more important to the Dutch these last decades? HJ: ‘Yeah, but the Amsterdammers are extremely hype-sensitive. Everything comes in phases. First the soup ‘n juice bars became popular, and suddenly a soup ‘n juice bar would pop up on every corner. ’ O: ‘Yeah, and there’s only two left now, haha!’ HJ: ‘Then came the Wok & Go hype. Then there was the bagelfad. These things come and go. One moment, the whole city is flooded by the same type of restaurants, and the next moment they’re all gone.’

O: ‘I also love Nam Kee on the Zeedijk. Can’t beat their peking-duck…’

O: ‘A normal restaurant is empty once you finish. But here, that’s just around the time when the place starts to fill up. It’s a lot more dynamic that way.’ Usually the deejays eat here before playing. Any funny stories? HJ: ‘Well, it’s not like we get weird orders or anything. But we did have this one guy, I think it was on Viral Radio… Yeah, Joker, that’s the one. Man, this guy was such a fussy eater; he didn’t like anything on the menu. Ended up eating dry couscous for dinner. But generally dj’s are extremely happy to get a good meal before playing.’ Trouw restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday » from 18.30 till 00.00.

Trouwens #05 - 'Backstage Issue'  

Trouwens is a magazine made bij TrouwAmsterdam for the visitors of TrouwAmsterdam

Trouwens #05 - 'Backstage Issue'  

Trouwens is a magazine made bij TrouwAmsterdam for the visitors of TrouwAmsterdam