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Wading Small Streams Making A Case For Wet Wading By Adam Klagsbrun

Fishing small streams with a tenkara rod takes specific form for some, as the “long rod and short line” approach allows for the less-glamorous casting methods needed to present flies to small targets and in tight quarters when there’s no room to back-cast at all. But beyond presenting a fly, there is an issue at hand that many anglers don’t seem to consider quite as readily… that there’s a better way to present themselves on these streams, one that promotes a more comfortable and versatile approach to crawling around the banks and walking through the water. There are two main reasons to consider a


wet wading setup. The first relates to the reality that you are not going to be stepping in water much higher than your knees in a small stream, because you don’t need to. Second, instead of using your expensive waterproof waders that will get torn, poked with thorns, scuffed on rocks, and generally abused while sweating profusely as you get a real work out navigating the stream; rejoice in the knowledge that you now have shin and knee protection, thorn protection, and will generally just experience less discomfort. Enter the Japanese-inspired idea of wearing a neoprene gaiter on top of a high neoprene sock. This system has a few

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