Tenkara Angler - Spring 2018

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The Legendary Yuzo Sebata Paul Gaskell

The man who solidified the use of the term “tenkara” in Tsuribito (Fisherman) magazine in the 1980s has dedicated his life to developing and promoting a philosophy and practice of tenkara. That philosophy is one that retains and honors many of the values and skills prized by the mountain professionals that include the “Kijishi” (foresters and wood craftsmen), “Matagi” (winter mountainforest hunters) and “Shokuryoshi” (professional tenkara anglers). It is a mission that he has been on for almost 60 years now.


Photo: John Pearson

Perhaps he is most well known in the West for his sugegasa conical bamboo hat, mischievous twinkly grin and his electrician’s tape/pantyhose thread handtied flies (!!). Rest assured, though, that there’s an avalanche of other factors that have created his legend in Japan. For instance - the epic rescue tales involving broken limbs and marathon descents from mountain-sides (you can read more details and stories in the Sebata-san page on discovertenkara.com). Beyond that, there is his incredible