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Brookies and Beer Log Volume 23 John-Paul Povilaitis

It was an early cold spring morning; the fog was thick on my way up the mountain. Creedence tapes playing in the background of my Toyota 4 Runner. Rocks bouncing off the tires as I navigate up the dirt road on public land in Pennsylvania. The sun is peeking through the trees, I have a great feeling about today. As I drive through the forest, I take it slow, always a good idea to scan the area for certain types of trees and the wild mushrooms that grow near them. I make it to my parking spot, not too far of a walk to one of my favorite fishing spots. Time for some action I put my Five Ten water tennies, Wetsox, and keiryu gaiters, grab my Zimmerbuilt sling pack. Oni Type 3, check. Tenryu Furaibo, check. Suntech Kurenai 30, check. Big canopy, low canopy, no canopy I’ve got it covered with a theatre of magnificent rods. Fly box, lanyard, sunglasses, good to go.


One last thing. 3 session IPA’s, 2 double IPA’s and my Sawyer Mini Squeeze. Gotta stay hydrated. I know I’ve got some beef jerky and protein bars in this bag somewhere. I’m set. Bases loaded. Watch out brook trout here comes the Mustard Tiger. I pounce my way down the trail, full of excitement. I know what lies ahead, cold water, beautiful native trout, and a darn good time! I’m here, first hole looks amazing. Soft eddy on the right, I know a trout’s in there. The current is circling behind a rock, I ask myself “do you even tome-zuri bro?” Why yes, I do! Flick of the wrist, stiff hackle kebari lands first right in the strike zone. BAM! Fish on, one in the net. A small native gem of the mountain. Back in the water you go. Tell the trouts. I use barbless hooks and keep my hands wet. He’s not bad. Next cast, another trout on. Time for a sip of sunshine. I’ve earned it. You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning! My adventure continues... Cheers!

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