Tenkara Angler - Fall 2019

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Acoustic Vibration = Fish by Brian Lindsay


I was born into a fishing family. My father was an avid Fisherman and took repeated reel-based lure and fly fishing road trips in southern and northern Michigan and Canada, with our family before and after I was born. He eventually taught all three of his sons to fish, while my mother peacefully sat and watched us all enjoying our summertime fishing fun. When I was one, he took us all on a grand Canadian fishing expedition up to Flin Flon, Manitoba. At the time it was the farthest north you could travel by car in Manitoba without shipping your car by train up to the “polar bear� town of Churchill on the western shore of Hudson Bay.


In Flin Flon (a historic copper and zinc mining town), I was told there was not much interest in recreational fishing. So ironically, in the middle of the summer the campgrounds were empty. The lakes were empty of fishermen, but full of local, indigenous, mature, giant, walleye pike, which hit on any lure or fly tossed into the water. My dad caught more walleye pike each day than my family could eat, but we enthusiastically ate all the deliciously pan-fried fish anyway, and I am told they were the best fresh fish that my family ever had. When I was two or three, I was on a more local weekend fishing trip to a lake in southern Michigan, when as my dad told the story for years after, we

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