Tenkara Angler - Summer 2018

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One Fly for Warm-Water Fixed Line Fishing


Tim Bete

When I first heard about tenkara, I immediately loved the concept. I was seduced by the simplicity of a fixed line with one fly. My many overflowing fly boxes and western fly rods were not as enamored with the idea. But they didn’t keep me from jumping in head first with the decision to fish tenkara-only for an entire year. I quickly realized that decision would require me to actually buy a tenkara rod.

At 27-inches, this channel catfish put a huge bend in Tim’s tenkara rod. Many people believe you need bait to catch channel catfish but they are very aggressive and will often hit a fly.


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Watching YouTube videos of tenkara fished on beautiful trout streams is fun but that’s the only place near where I live that I was going to see a beautiful trout stream. I needed to adapt tenkara to my nearby warm-water ponds and rivers.

One Rod

Finding the right rod was easy enough. After extensive research, I bought the Hellbender Adjustable Zoom Rod from DragonTail Tenkara (DragontailTenkara.com). I wanted a rod that was long and would handle large fish. I liked the fact that I could fish it at either 11 feet or 13 feet, too. In the places I frequent, you can catch