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Carp Fishing in France Holidays If you are looking for a fun fishing holiday, you should take a look at carp fishing in France. Carp fishing is becoming more and more popular throughout Europe and the world, and France is one of the go to destinations when you are looking into this sport. Why Catch Carp? Anglers who have focused on more palatable fish in the past might wonder why you should bother with carp. While it is true, carp are not the tastiest fish out there, they still have a lot going for them. For example, carp can be huge! They are some of the largest freshwater fish around, and they can grow to be over 50 lbs in size. Due to their large size, they are quite strong. As a result, they are a challenging fish to catch. So, while carp might not be your dinner of choice, they will definitely challenge your angling skills! Where Can I Fish? There are carp fishing locations located throughout France, but one of the best is called Etang de Planchon. This intimate fishing locale is a great place to spend a quiet, relaxing holiday. Etang de Planchon is a ten acre facility that features a four acre carp lake. In the middle of the lake, you will find an s-shaped island that is a superb casting feature. The stocking limit is set at two tonnes, and the lake features pike, common carp, and mirror carp. You can fish any time day or night, and the lake features very high quality water. It’s actually classified as a fish farm, and this means that the fish are large and healthy. It’s naturally fed by two streams and an underground spring. What Else Do They Have to Offer? In addition to a picturesque lake and large, healthy fish, Etang de Planchon has a variety of amenities to offer. You can stay by the lake itself and camp out in your own bivvy, or you can rent out the two bedroom gite, which features a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room with a TV, a patio, and more. In addition to a bivvy, they provide all of the equipment you need including your rods, reels, carp weighing equipment, and more when you sign up for their All Inclusive package. They provide almost everything that you need to catch the carp safely, and you will have to supply your own end tackle. If you forget any of your end tackle, they do offer it for sale on site. Also, when you sign up for their All Inclusive package, you will be provided with two home cooked meals every day. Really, you cannot go wrong with Etang de Planchon! If you’re

travelling on a budget, they offer a Drive and Survive package too where you provide all of your supplies, and they provide the lake, though you can add equipment and meals as a supplement. If you want to learn more about this carp fishing in France location, you should contact them today and book your next carp fishing holiday!

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Carp Fishing in France Holidays  

If you are looking for a fun fishing holiday, you ...

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