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About this trourist guide...

What you are going to discover in the following pages are minute treasures shared by travellers who form the community. Tucked away, hidden places, the kind you’d show a good friend visiting your city for the first time. Genuine experiences, inimitable in any other part of the world. Specially lived moments tatooed forever on your heart. Without a doubt, the aim of this guide is to live Berlin, not as a tourist, but as a trourist. Unquestionably, if you are planning to travel to Berlin this summer and are determined to avoid visiting typical tourist traps, this is your guide. Print it and take it with you, your holidays are way too important for you not to enjoy them to the max or allow chance and happenstance to deprive you of seeing some place special. Surely you know others who will fall in love with this guide, so don’t hesitate to share it with them. Have a good trip and ... keep travelling real.

Experiences in Berlin Eating out Frarosa Restaurant -by

Zionskirchstraße, 40

Full experience in:

Isabel Fernández

If you are planning a trip to Berlin, please visit this place. You pay as much as you want. You set the price. Food and drink. They have a webcam in the kitchen and you can follow how the new german food is being prepared. You have a menu. Please be generous if you go there as we want to come back there! scrounge forbidden, it runs on the honor principle.

Zum Nussbaum


Am Nussbaum, 3

Xabier Albeniz

Zum Nubbaum is nice place to taste a ham knuckle with potatoes and have beer. It’s close to the Alexanderplatz, in the city center but it’s in located in hidden corner, where you won’t arrive alone. The originally ham knuckle is from the area of Munich, but this one is the best of Berlin probably, if you find any other better than this one, let me know.

I due forni, the best pizza ever


Jokin Bereciartu

Schönhauser Allee, 12

They serve one of the best pizza I’ve ever had and the atmosphere is great too. If the place gets busy I recommend you to enjoy a glass of the excellent house wine while you wait for your pizza, it might take long. BTW don’t forget to take a marker with you!!!

Frida Kahlo, sunday brunch -by

Maria Agirre

Lychener Strasse, 37

A lovely place to have a brunch (breakfast+lunch) on a Sunday in Berlin. Wide variety of food served in a buffet style. Just perfect when shopping around the markets in Prenzlauerberg!

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Experiences in San Sebastián Experiences in Berlin Drinking with buddies Club der Visionaire -by

am flutgraben, 1

Maria Agirre

Full experience in:

Lying on the Spree, kind of minimal music and the coolest atmosphere. I loved to have a couple of drinks while making plans for the night!

Neue Odessa Bar -by

Gerrit Lamch

Torstraße, 89

One of my favourite bars in Berlin, relatively stylish with fantastic long drinks, especially gin tonic with hendricks as well as good whiskey based mixed but tends to be old fashioned with elemnts of swing...great crowd and always great before going out more seriously...

Trespassers Pinto & Bragin


Fehrbelliner Straße, 94

Jokin Bereciartu

This bar is located in the Mitte area and is well known for its vodka. You’ll find homemade vodka and special liquors from all over the world. I’d recommend you to go for the Trespassers nº 3. Enjoy your drinks!

Erdbeer, cocktail bar -by

Max-Beer-Strasse, 56

Jokin Bereciartu

The Erdbeer is a bar where the atmosphere is relaxed. Everynight a DJ puts some music while people lie on the chairs and drink Cocktails, long drinks or Smoothies. To keep the party going on I’d recommend you to go to Kaffee Burger which is on the other side of the street.

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Experiences in Berlin Visiting a cultural site Jüdisches museum -by

Lindenstraße 9-14

Full experience in:

Jokin Bereciartu

The architecture is fascinating, but the museum itself is completely worth visiting. It has a great collection to the history of Judaism in Europe, the history of anti-semitism and The Holocaust. It took me almost a whole day to see all the exhibits.

Urban art -by

Isabel Fernández

All around the city

Berlin promotes freedom in art and culture…definetely; it is difficult to find such amount of stencils, graffitis, stickers and so on in other cities. Just a walk around (specially in the east area).

Freiluftkino Kreuzberg -by

Adalbertstrasse, 73

Jokin Bereciartu

An open-air cinema organized from May to July in a park in Kreuzberg. Interesting films in subtitled original version . Don’t forget to take a blanket!

Ufa-Fabrik Café Olé -by Gorka

Viktoriastr, 10-18

Long ago, it used to be the place where films were recorded. During the 70s and 80s artists occupied the place and turned it into an International Center for Culture and Ecology. The Café Olé is located right in the heart of the ufaFabrik.

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Experiences in Berlin Clubbing Bar 23 (or bar II III) -by

Lychener Straße, 23

Full experience in:

Isabel Fernández

Its Very nice bar with dj’s. each day different. Excellent and dark atmosphere. Smoking allow ;) . Along the same street you may find more bars.

// Picknick // a truely fantastic club //


Dorotheenstraße, 90

Gerrit Lamch

Stowed away from the street, the derelict remains of a vacant brick building space was revived into this improvisational playground for adults. The building holds two dancefloors plus during summer a fantastic outside area in the backyard that offers some of the best moments when the sunrises and the music keeps coming on strong. music:electronic but playful.

Watergate -by

Falckensteinstraße, 49

Jokin Bereciartu

International cutting edge underground DJs play at Watergate every week. It’s one of my favorite clubs in Berlin, nothing beats the view of dawn over the river against the silhouette of the Oberbaumbrucke.

Weekend -by Jokin

Alexanderplatz, 5


This club occupies the twelfth floor of the Alexanderplatz skyscraper and every summer the roof terrace offers breathtaking views over Berlin at night and day. The club has a small but cute dance floor to go wild with cutting edge djs playing techno and electro. I’ll never forget my 22nd birthday at this club.

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Experiences in Berlin City hoping Bohemian city -by

Anna Virgili

Oranienburger Straße, 53

Full experience in:

Kunsthaus Tacheles is a former department store occupied by a collective of artists. Don’t be afraid to go inside, the garden is a must-see and ont he top floor there is always an exhibition. The Kulturbraurei is an former brewery with restaurants, clubs, theater. It’s worth to go at night. Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg boroughs, with lots of cafes and bars.

Soviet War Memorial


Iñaki Rodriguez

Treptower Park

The Soviet War Memorial (sometimes translated as the Soviet Cenotaph), is a vast war memorial and military cemetery in Berlin’s Treptower Park. It was built to the design of the Soviet architect Yakov Belopolsky to commemorate 5,000 of the 80,000 Soviet soldiers who fell in the Battle of Berlin in April-May 1945.

Schlachtensee lake


Jokin Bereciartu

This is a gorgeous lake that is wonderful to swim in and it doesn’t get as packed as other lakes in the area. Schlachtensee is located in the south west of Berlin and you’ll just need a little jaunt on the S1 line to get there.

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Tips by a local trourist

Bernard Berus

trourist and blogger at:

Berlin, the historic melting point between Eastern and Western Europe is nowadays also a global melting point. You can best discover the cultural and ethnic diversity of Berlin during the yearly “Carnival of the Cultures” in the end of May. Enjoy cuisine, music and culture from all over the world in the stuffed streets of “Kreuzberg” district. Berlin is also a heaven for art lovers. Plenty of galleries and museums are scattered throughout the city. A must visit is the “Museums Insel” situated between touristy “Hakescher Markt” (where you can find many flagship stores from fashion brands) and the public transport hub “Alexander Platz” (here you can climb the iconic TV tower “Fernsehturm”) where you find some of the best museum (“Alte Nationalgalerie”, “Bode Museum”, “Pergamonmuseum” …) pooled together. One of my favourtite spots to lie on the grass and chill in downtown berlin is the “Lustgarten” besides the “Berliner Dom”. From here you can continue to walk down the historic “Unter den Linden” Street (“Humboldt University”, “Staatsoper”, “Neue Wache”…) until you reach the posh shopping street “Friedrichstrasse”. From here it is only a short walk to the “Brandenburger Tor” and the “Bundestag” (Parliament Building) at the River Spree. At the other side of the river you can see the most modern railway station in the world “Berlin Hauptbahnhof” from where you can catch a train to nearby tourist magnet “Potsdamer Platz” where you should buy a ticket for the famous “Berliner Philharmonie” with one of the best acoustics in the world (or take the 5 hour train ride to Warsaw and continue to the medieval city centre of beautifull Krakow). If you prefer groovy electronic beats instead of classical music Berlin can offer you one of the liveliest and most creative party scenes in the world. And public transport is going the whole night so you can be sure to get back to your hostel before dawn; if you want to. Otherwise go to the many after-parties which usually start in the morning and which smoothly warm you up for the next party at night, following the refrain of a famous Berlin electro song: “Drei Tage wach” (“Three days awake”)( or check my calm-down beat @ In order to relax from heavy party nights go and discover Berlin´s different districts “Prenzlauer Berg” (once hip now becoming kind of established, some bars, small shops, nice Saturday hippie market at “Mauerpark”), “Friedrichshain” (great Sunday market at Boxhagener Platz, great eateries around Simon-Dach-Str., nice small independent shops with fashion and more), “Mitte” (many galleries, touristy restaurants, must see is the “Tacheles” art house in Oranienburger Strasse with many events and exhibitions). Go and rock Berlin! 8

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What you are going to discover in the following pages are minute treasures shared by travellers who form the community. Tucked...

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