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About this trourist guide...

What you are going to discover in the following pages are minute treasures shared by travellers who form the community. Tucked away, hidden places, the kind you’d show a good friend visiting your city for the first time. Genuine experiences, inimitable in any other part of the world. Specially lived moments tatooed forever on your heart. Without a doubt, the aim of this guide is to live Barcelona, not as a tourist, but as a trourist. Unquestionably, if you are planning to travel to Barcelona this summer and are determined to avoid visiting typical tourist traps, this is your guide. Print it and take it with you, your holidays are way too important for you not to enjoy them to the max or allow chance and happenstance to deprive you of seeing some place special. Surely you know others who will fall in love with this guide, so don’t hesitate to share it with them. Have a good trip and ... keep travelling real.

Experiences in Barcelona Eating out Restaurante Bo


Plaça Rius i Taulet, 11

Imanol Abad

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If you happen to be in the Gracia neighborhood, where most locals hang out, Bo restaurant is a cool choice to have dinner for about 10-15€: sandwiches, small dishes, and above all, very good atmosphere.

El jardí


Carrer de l’Hospital, 56

Xabier Albeniz

It is quite difficult to find, it is very quiet and it has calm terrace in a patio with a gothic garden. El jardí is close to the Rambla, so if you are tired of walking around the streets and you need a break, it is a nice place to stop. You can eat some “tapas” and you can have a beer, sometimes there is live music from local musicians.

Real japanese food @ Koyuki


Isabel Fernández

Carrer de Còrsega, 242

Koyuki is a small restaurant in Barcelona. Plenty of comics (manga) there you may find popular japanese food. It is one of the oldest japanese rest. at barcelona. Order the green tea ice cream!

Nou Candanchu -by

Xabier Balaguer

Plaça de Rius i Taulet, 9

One of the best bars in Gracia to eat tapas and rices. You should try the squids and the croquettes. It’s a great place to go with friends and taste the most typical plates in Catalunya. It’s worth a visit!

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Experiences in San Sebastián Experiences in Barcelona Drinking with buddies Oviso bar -by

Jokin Bereciartu

Placa George Orwell

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Located in Plaza George Orwell Oviso bar is a bohemian style café where the trendiest people in Barcelona meet to enjoy french food or have a few drinks before heading out clubbing.

Lletraferit -by

Mikel Cortés

Joaquín Costa, 43

Located in Raval neighbourhood, Lletraferit is a perfect place to have a Cocktail in a relaxing athmosphere. The local which is carefully-decorated, welcomes you to have a good conversation in one of their sofas. They also have an excepcional té list. Enjoy!

The Raïm (El Cubano)


Carrer del Progrés, 48

Mikel Cortés

If you wanna enjoy a original Cuban experience you should go to this place in Barcelona. Music, ambiance, drinks , decoration and much more.

Salterio tea shop -by

Sant Domènec del Call, 4

Isabel Martí

The Salterio tea shop located in the heart of the Barrio Gótico is one of my best kept secrets (it was). It’s a a warm and intimate local, perfect to meet someone special over a cup of Tea. They offer a wide range of teas, but I highly recommend the Nepal tea.

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Experiences in Barcelona Live Music Miscelania, concerts & art -by

Guàrdia, 10

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Laura Hernandez

Few galleries capture the essence of Barcelona’s art scene better. Apart from exhibitions from talented artists, Miscelania often holds workshops, concerts and screenings. The small bar in the upper floor is also a good option to have a drink before heading out bar hopping.

JazzSí Club -by

Imanol Abad

Requesens, 2

A very charming place for listening to live music (Jazz, Blues, Soul…). The bar is located in the Raval neigbourhood, around a music school. No free admission: you have to pay from 4,5€ to 7,5€ depending on the day (one drink included).

Big Bang Bar -by

Botella, 7

Miquel Hurtado

Big Bang is a big surprise. While some days you’ll listen to electro music, other days you’ll party hard dancing argentine tango. Hidden in small streets of the Raval neighbourhood, Big Bang is a good choice for those who wanna listen to good music (without paying for entrance). But the best is when there are concerts of alternative bands that nobody knows.

Harlem Jazz Club -by Miquel


Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8

Jazz concerts from Monday to Sunday (with really talented artists). The place is not very big, so go early if you wanna take a confortable position. Sometimes the bar is crowded and it’s too hot. But for lovers of jazz that should not be a problem : )

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Experiences in Barcelona Find out where to spend your € Vintage shops -by

Riera Baixa

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Mikel Cortés

If you love vintage clothes, definitely, Riera Baixa is your street. There, you’ll be able to find a lot of second hand shops where enjoy the designs of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Holala Ibiza, La Bella Maia, La Faralaee, Le Swing and Billie Jean are only some examples.

Mercat de Sant Antoni -by

Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 1

Miquel Hurtado

Every Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00, people of all around the world come to have a look at the large variety of books, DVDs, computer games, old magazines, posters… in other words, tons of freaky and interesting stuff that is sold in the Sant Antoni flea-market. The place is worth visiting. Unfortunately, closed in August.

Alternative shopping -by

Carrer dels Tallers

Isabel Fernández

It is a street lined with shops. What was once the street of people working in iron and wood workshops, is now a place to do alternative shopping. You will be able to buy there from second hand clothes to most fashioned shoes. There are also very old businesses hopefully not closed with the modernization of the neighbourhood.

Ras Gallery, more than books -by Imanol


Doctor Dou, 10

This book shop is a perfect mix between art and street life. The staff will be glad to guide you through the vast collection of books, magazines, gadgets, posters… A section of the store is devoted to street art, from books on graffiti to stickers, stencils and skateboard art, as well as a growing supply of silk-screened posters and other original artworks.

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Experiences in Barcelona Special events Gandules, independent films


Miquel Hurtado

Montalegre, 5

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The cultural activity is an important part of Barcelona. In spite of the fact that most of the time you need to pay to enjoy this cultural activity, there are also free options for travelers who have left his wallet in nightclubs, restaurants and special shops. Grandules is an independent film festival in the CCCB. Enjoy outdoor good cinema (for free).

Summer breeze + Short films + Barbacue


Xavier Balaguer

Barcelona’s International Short Film Festival and Poble Espanyol started last summer a series of outdoor short film and sushi evenings. It took place at “La Plaça del Baluard del Poble Espanyol”, a great place to chill out whilst enjoying a selection of short films..When: Every Friday from June to September. How much: 5€, 2€ with flyer

Cinema a la fresca al Castell de Montjuïc


Montjuïc Castle

Imanol Abad

Live music and films from around the world fill the annual program of this unique cinema. The days of projection are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 July to 6 August 2010. Doors open at 20:30, at 21pm the concert begins, and the film follows at 22h. Don’t forget to bring your picnic and something to sit down: this is an open-air cinema! 5€.

Picture by: loungerie

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Tips by a local trourist

Francesc Balagué

trourist and blogger at:

The best way to enjoy a Trourist-like day in Barcelona is to enjoy its fine climate and numerous sights on bicycle. You can easily pick one up at Calle de Cervantes, (http://www. leave the city-center and pedal over to Mar Bella (literally, “Beautiful Sea”), along the maritime walk, Barceloneta and on to the Olympic Port… On the way back, let’s do Avenida Diagonal, stopping off to see the diverse offerings at the Mercado de los Encantes (here you can buy and sell all kinds of used goodies), and continue on to the Ensanche neighborhood. A perfect stopover to get to know Catalonian gastronomy can be found on the tranquil street of Enrique Granados, 9. Here, the Orígens restaurant offers a wide variety of popular dishes. It also features a shop where you can purchase premier culinary treats. In the afternoon, make an escape to Collserola mountain and discover Barcelona from above, taking Carretera de les Aigües (go up to the Tibidabo funicular and continue along the road till it turns into a highway). This is an ideal spot to relax and contemplate a breathtaking panorama of the city. Sunrises and sunsets will introduce you to a Mediterranean color spectrum heretofore unseen. Once back in the center, allow yourself be taken in by the cozy atmosphere of the tiny Café Lilipep (Calle del Pou de la Cadena 8), very near the Picasso Museum, where you can take a load off your feet after a day of sightseeing. If you feel like picking up something for someone back home, or even for yourself, nothing better than an exquisite selection found at the Japanese pastry/sweets shop, Takashi Ochiai, (we highly recommend the tea/strawberry-flavored rice pastries, daifuku mocha, or green tea and red bean (azuki) ice creams and the sake/green tea-flavored truffles. For a different, relaxing and amusing way of spending time indoors, let us suggest something special just an hour outside of Barcelona: wooden cabins situated atop large trees which offer a charming, romantic re-definition of the term lodging We’re convinced there are many Trourist-like experiences that you’ll be able to find by yourselves in Barcelona. These are just a few to get you started … don’t forget to share yours!


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Barcelona Trourist guide  

What you are going to discover in the following pages are minute treasures shared by travellers who form the community. Tucked...