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Special Feature: Ecology begins at home

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march 2010

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Belgian entrepreneur Joost Boxoen, gave up racing rally cars to develop dream tropical properties. Keep abreast of Thailand’s luxury property launches, events and market reports.

Industry expert guides us through green certification for sustainable building.

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Green guru, Dr Singh is an inspiration, with his practical ideas for reducing waste.

The heat is on with this new range of dining products perfect for stylish parties.









march 2010

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Showcasing the latest interior news and must-have products for luxury living. Budji Layug presents his chic furniture made from local organic materials. Check out our selection of eco-friendly home ideas and funky cushions.

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Boating fans are on course for a successful show in Shanghai, China next month. Can uber-luxury yachts really be ecological? Hermes and Wally think so. Join us on a shopping trip to Baan Tawai, famous for local northern handicrafts. Tour around Chiang Mai’s organic restaurants for naturally healthy dining.









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Residences at Four Seasons Chiang Mai AD


STORY : Jim Algie PHOTOGRAPHY : Chavalit Kamolthammanon IMAGES : Vertuz Development, all images are retouched using computer graphics

Infinite Possibilities

As a former car rally driver, Joost Boxoen has lived life in the fastest of lanes, and it was his entrepreneurial spirit that took him from racing cars to steering a successful business. Harnessing his rally experience and competitive drive, he founded a development company, which specialised in creating entertainment and racing track venues. He built in excess of 275 sites across the globe, with clientele including well-known figures such as Steven Spielberg, before taking a detour into another class of real estate with the company he started: Vertuz.



The Discovery The Belgian, who is a self-made millionaire

The dream has been made into a spectacular reality

and adventurer par excellence, comes across

in the form of InfinitySamui, a residential apartment

as a Richard Branson sort of character. In 2006,

development, which will be operated as a five-star

when exploring Koh Samui by motorcycle for

hotel under the brand “Infinity Residences and Resort.”

months on end, in search of the ideal location

Joost explains, “The latest change in the local building

for a real estate project while investigating all

regulations works in our favour, as the neighbouring

the potential competition, he chanced upon a

land plots can no longer be permitted for commercial

verdant and unsullied corner of Bang Po, near

or residential development.” He further makes a bold

Mae Nam.

statement, reconfirming his strong belief, “We have a unique project concept, the rarest of its kind, and while

Joost, the 38-year-old CEO of Vertuz, says,

there is limited new supply of quality projects on Koh

“The unique combination of space and true

Samui, InfinitySamui could see its price escalate as much

sea views that InfinitySamui has to offer is hardly

as THB 250,000 per sq m in the near future.” Such an

matched by any of our competitors.” For Joost,

increase would account for a 75% rise from the current

the coastal plot inspired a vision of creating

price level.

luxury apartments that offer the exclusivity of a private villa, where every unit had a sea vista

Ahead of the grand opening in May 2010, only 13 of

and a wealth of open space: a place that

the 67 units are still officially up for sale. Many people

would function as more of a retreat than a

share the Vertuz CEO’s enthusiasm for the project: the

playground for the wealthy, but which would

world-famous tennis star Justine Henin was an early

still boast all the perks and amenities of urban

buyer; the project took the top honours for Best Condo

life except in a much more serene, tropical

Development at the Thailand Property Awards in 2009;

etting. A big plus was that the hillside was not

and the head of Claire Brown Realty gushed on her

too vertical, but steep enough to ensure

website, “Infinity Samui in my humble opinion is by far

panoramic views.

the best project in its class on Samui.”


Dream Team That’s a lot of hype to live up to, but the project does

of pastiche. “While most of the developments on Koh

that and more. Speaking with Porawan Piyakraivudh, a

Samui and Phuket have been built in either a very

partner with Vertuz in their Bangkok office, she explains

contemporary style or very Thai style, InfinitySamui is

how the design team wanted to go for subtle yet natural

truly unique in its personality” says Porawan.

touches that would complement the stunning environs. Recruiting fellow Belgians Julie Peeters as the consulting

Overall, the InfinitySamui design reflects a sense

architect, and Kurt Wallaeys as the interior designer,

of modernity that lacks the pretentiousness of the

both of them highly regarded in their fields, Joost has

avant-garde, or the ostentatious kitsch of “Thainess.”

remained in the driving seat and steered the team to

(The Belgians call this design concept “sober.”)

achieve his goals. Not only is the design an ultra-modern, Euro-vision “Joost had a lot of design input,” says Porawan.

but the design team wanted to ensure that the

“Basically, the design concept was inspired by the land

building materials and construction standards were

being so natural, it’s full of greenery, trees and the sea

of top-notch European standards. “Take the brick,

view is spectacular. So they wanted to create something

for example,” says Porawan. “The brick used in this

that blends in with the nature.”

development is much thicker than what is normally used in Thailand. It is very effective at preventing

Indeed, the design has achieved that precious


the heat from coming inside the unit. I was there last

balance between the natural and the human-made.

week showing a client a unit at around noon, the

Equally challenging was to come up with design

air-con wasn’t on, and the sun was out, but the unit

elements that had not been overdone to the point

was still cool.”

Porawan Piyakraivudh

Freedom of Space Another thing that makes the project stand out from

The floor to ceiling windows in the units provide

the glut of competitors is that “the apartment units are

waves of natural light, adding to the sense of airiness.

built to match an ambience of living in spacious villas.

No doubt, the warm, crystalline light of the tropics is a

We call them ‘apartments’ because of the leasehold legal

big reason why vacationers from darker and colder

structure, but they are no different to high-end villas in

regions descend on Koh Samui in droves. Infinity

terms of privacy and space while commanding unbroken

Samui has managed to capture that elusive light.

sea views. We were determined to exceed expectations of the holiday-goers and investors,” she explains.

Since human life evolved from marine creatures, and the human body is mostly composed of water,

“For example, our one-bedroom units are 167 sq m.

being close to the sea always exerts a tranquil and

At first you might think it’s too big, but once you go in, it

primeval influence on people. In this respect, the

completes your idea of a perfect holiday residence. It has

project chalks up another point of distinction; all the

a large living space and all the amenities that you would

units have been blessed with unhampered sea vistas

yearn for. You have your own kitchen where you can cook.

and water features figure prominently in the design.

And the bathroom and bedroom have sea views. The swimming pool at the front is about 10 metres in length.”

At the residence-cum-resort, privacy is paramount. This required a great deal of care in

Even the smallest units – two-bedroom duplexes along

laying out the units. Look at the eight one-bedroom

one row – are 151 sq m. As Porawan points out, in Bangkok

units along one row. What looks like a long infinity

it would be difficult to find something of a similar size. From

pool in front of them actually has dividers beneath

17 in total, only one remains available.

the surface to make them more private.



Personal Touches According to Joost’s plan,

Future Expeditions Talking about the concept and design of

InfinitySamui also functions as Infinity

the new Beach Club, Joost says, “It’s a trendy

Residences and Resort, an elite hotel

chill-out place developed under a hip concept

with five-star amenities. To accomplish

with maximum exposure to the ocean. The use

this they partnered with InVision

of white colours and unpolished wood enhances

Hospitality. Started by Kevin Beauvais,

the feeling of harmony with nature. There will

a veteran of Marriot International and

be a 20 metre swimming pool surrounded by

a long-term expat in Thailand, the

pavilions, featuring a bar and restaurant with

company provides a comprehensive

visiting DJs, gourmet food and designer cocktails.”

management programme for a number of five-star resorts. Kevin, the founder

True to his background as a rally driver and

and CEO, says InVision’s approach is

adventurer, the Belgian father of three is looking

“hospitality-led residential.” He explains

at moving into more emerging markets like China,

“Many great residential properties are

the Philippines and Borneo. Developing projects in

not managed very well, so they don’t

these countries, he says, entails hurdling a number

live up to their potential.”

of obstacles, from culture and language barriers to navigating labyrinths of legalese. But he

At the on-site restaurants, the beach club and the spa (replete with a Middle

clearly relishes those challenges and working on groundbreaking projects.

Eastern-style steam room known as a hammam), Kevin believes that owners

With InfinitySamui, Vertuz, InVision Hospitality,

and guests will receive more personal

and their other team mates have raised the bar

touches. “It’s not a huge place, so the

very high. The different units and penthouses all

service will be more personalised and

fit together so beautifully that a viewer might be

the aim is to create experiences out of

reminded of a perfectly designed puzzle box.

the norm.”

While the Belgian designers and CEO refer to this style as “sober” – read: stately and elegant –

For him working with Joost has been a treat. “It’s great to work with someone

there’s also a sense of playfulness and imagination at work here.

who wants to get the job done right, and never settles for half-baked. That

Joost concludes, “What is most important is

level of commitment to quality is rare,”

the fact that the residents of InfinitySamui will soon

the American muses.

realise that their properties are unique treasures, that are very hard to find and come with financial

Though some of the owners will be

returns that are even more satisfying.”

vacationing in their “apartments” this month, the grand opening, Kevin says, should be at the beginning of May. That’s when the restaurants, bakery, spa

For more information on Vertuz and InfinitySamui

and other services open for residents

development, visit For hotel enquiries,

and guests just like a regular resort.


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Branding for the asian Century

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LIVING NEWS Compiled by Rachel Williams

Sansiri Reveals Plans & Launches Baan Sansuk


ansiri recently released its 2010 plans, which include 70 diverse projects, and launches of 20 residential developments worth THB 27 billion. A pre-sale back log of THB 16.5 billion will help boost the company’s revenue, along with sales of eight condo developments in choice locales such as the central business area and along expanding mass transit routes. The first quarter will witness the launch of mid-range to premium projects with a combined value of THB 2 billion. The company also recently launched its latest resort condominium project in Hua Hin called Baan Sansuk. Showcasing a new design concept of ‘Impressive Nature’, the development also features eight show units in eight styles, reflecting new ideas in interior décor. The project has been well received by buyers; currently, 85% has already sold. Dusadee Tancharoen, assistant vice president of marketing and product development for condominiums of Sansiri Public Company Limited, revealed, “Sansiri has launched its newest condominium project, Baan Sansuk, in the Khao Takiab vicinity on Hua Hin Beach. The locale is one of the few remaining plots on the beach and it is also near many conveniences, making it fully able to fulfil residents’ lifestyle needs. Also, with rooms that are already furnished, the project displays new ideas in home décor, inspiring customers. If buyers are partial to any of these units, they can be purchased as well. We are confident that the project will be sold out shortly.”


Jarken Launch ‘MINE’ Luxury Homes Kuldej Sinthawanarong, managing director of JARKEN Group of Companies, an architecture and design firm, recently launched “MINE”, a series of high end residential homes. The properties are designed with the concept of creating genuine character where the architectural design is compatible with the area, allowing the owner to be in touch with the atmosphere of the housing and surrounding space.

Kitchen Solutions AD

LIVING NEWS Compiled by Rachel Williams

Baan Taling Ngam Resort

Wins Green Leaf Award I

n recognition of its ongoing efforts to preserve the environment and provide healthier surroundings for its guests, Baan Taling Ngam Beach Resort & Spa on the island of Koh Samui was recently awarded a Green Leaf Health Promotion Hotel Certificate at a special ceremony held in Bangkok at the Thai Government’s Public Relations Department. Accepting the prestigious award from the Minister of Tourism and leading environmentalist Dr Suvit Yodmani was the resort’s general manager, Nigel Tovey. As a Green Leaf certificate winner, Baan Taling Ngam is now recognised as smoke-free hotel. Founded in 1998, the Green Leaf Foundation launched its programmes with the aim of helping hotels to improve their efficiency in saving energy, water and other resources. It also encourages hotels to introduce healthy practices for the benefit of its guests.

Phuket Hotels Lose USD300 Million In Rate Plunge


ndustry-wide discounting by Phuket hotels cost the industry on the island USD300 million in room revenue in 2009, according to the Phuket Hotel Market Update report compiled by leading Thailand consultancy C9 Hotelworks. Room rate cuts averaged 20% across the board last year, leading to the loss compared to 2008 room revenue. Despite tourism arrivals rebounding back to 2007 levels, a key blow to hotel profit margins. C9 Hotelworks managing director Bill Barnett, author of the report, said “the 2 P’s - pricing and pool villas - represented dynamic drivers as average room rates and revenue available per room declined. Bottom lines have been hit as hoteliers scrambled to induce demand and meet increasing consumer pressure for lower rates. Virtually every chain scale tier was affected with the exception of the budget and economy segment.”

Architecture and Design Conference to Rock Shanghai


he groundbreaking conference that brought the world’s leading architects, designers and developers together is back with a bang from 31 March-1 April 2010. Relocating from Hong Kong to Shanghai’s new International

Expo Centre, this year the conference will be held in conjunction with the 18th Annual Expo Build China. The concept behind the event is “Building Cities for a Better Life”, the initial speaker line-up is headed by opening keynote and Japanese architecture legend Fumihiko Maki. Joining him on a wide ranging programme that spans design and business issues are Paul Katz, president of Kohn Pedersen Fox – the firm behind Hong Kong and Shanghai’s tallest buildings and green building expert Roger Frechette. Representing Hong Kong will be the city’s most renowned home-grown architect, Rocco Yim.


All with Full Ocean Views and Private Pools

Kata Rocks AD

34 Luxury Oceanfront Sky Villas in Phuket On a stunning headland between the two best beaches in Phuket, Kata Rocks takes oceanfront living to a new level. The unique sloping site gives the perfect, uninterrupted sunset view of the Andaman Sea and the picturesque Ko Phu Island. Set in a spectacular environment with a unique blend of design features, unit sizes unmatched on the island and a total commitment to quality and service, Kata Rocks makes a very sound investment.

Stunning Oceanfront Living Full Sea and Sunset Views Secluded, Private and Secure 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom Sky Villas From 134 sq m to 460 sq m All Sky Villas with Private Pools Latest Smart Home Technology

Award Winning Designers Architect: Original Vision Interiors: Kelly Hoppen MBE

Oceanfront Bistro and Sunset Bar Luxury Spa and Gym, Lounge and Function Room Management and Service at its best Minutes from the finest restaurants in Phuket All the benefits of being on Asia’s premier resort island

Kata Rocks

every day extraordinary

Kata Rocks Co., Ltd.

T +66 (0) 7628 4750-1 F +66 (0) 7628 4752

LIVING NEWS Compiled by Rachel Williams

New Standard of Luxury at St. Regis bedroom units and four duplex penthouses with swimming pool, when its opens later this year.


n a prime location along Rajadamri Road, in close proximity to the prestigious entertainment and business districts, St. Regis Hotel & Residences Bangkok will set a new standard for luxury living in Thailand. It will offer 227 guest rooms and suites, 53 exclusive residences comprising 45 luxurious three and four

With architectural design by Brennan Beer Gorman Architects (BBG) from New York and interior design by Brennan Beer Gorman Monk Interiors (BBGM) from Australia, natural materials will complement the high quality contemporary finishes of the hotel and residence interiors perfectly, with floor to ceiling windows making the most of the natural light and stunning views across the city. The landscape was designed by Bill Bensley, one of Asia’s most flamboyant and accomplished architects.

Construction by Thai Obayashi is proceeding on schedule and is expected to be completed by end of the third quarter of 2010. The topping-off ceremony has been held to commemorate the momentous milestone of completion of the core structure of the building and reaching the building’s top floor. Discerning prospects may visit for more information.

Plan Estate AD (Baan Suan Loch Palm)


“SA Water Office, Adelaide, achieving 6 Stars of Green Star rating, equivalent to LEED Platinum level-the highest level.”

LEEDing the Way to Sustainable Buildings As the issue of sustainability spreads throughout the global building industry, there has been a leading tool to help guide professionals achieve greener goals. LEED certification has now reached Thailand, and influenced a number of industries to build more sustainably for a greener future. We meet Ronachai Leopairojna, a senior associate at HASSELL, and an LEED Accredited Professional, to find out more.

What is LEED certification is and where does it comes from? “LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is one of the most internationally recognisable sustainable rating tools. This tool is created by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) in early 1990 and has been continually developed and improved. Currently the latest release version for LEED

received certified level about two-three years ago. The company pursued this certification because of their commitment to become a sustainable manufacturer across the globe. There are many international investors and corporations in Thailand, most of them are now committing themselves to being sustainable and green. And so, they will seek a rating tool which is acceptable worldwide, and therefore LEED is usually the preferred option.”

For more information refer to DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=1988

What are the requirements for residential properties to become LEED approved in Thailand?

When was it first introduced to Thailand, and why?

including home, new building, etc. The tool for large

is version three, known as LEED 2009.”

“LEED has different tools to rate projects scale buildings for LEED can be separated into a

“LEED has been adopted in many countries

new build project and an existing project. For both

outside the USA for its flexibility and continual

types, there are some minor differences in the tools

development. In Thailand, two projects are

but otherwise they mostly deal with five areas: site

currently certified by LEED, and there are many

selection, water efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor

other projects registered and in the process of

environment quality and materials. Any buildings

submission. The first LEED certified building in

that apply for LEED need to pass a certain level

Thailand is the InterfaceFLOR factory, which

of requirement in each of these categories.”


However, we see many developers now take this initiative of being green into their corporate policy and commit themselves to it. We believe that it will become more common practice for designers and developers in the near future when there are more demands in the market.”

What is the future of sustainable architecture and design in Thailand? “It first starts out as a trendy fashion in Thailand, but it will become a “MUST” design component of projects in the future. We have seen the same development like this in many countries such as Australia

Double Skin Concept: Sala@Sathorn Office

Is it difficult to obtain LEED certification in Thailand? Why is this? “It is more difficult to obtain LEED certification in Thailand because of the lack of knowledge of the design team and contractors, the certified products, and the additional cost of the construction, which is slightly higher than normal building. The owner is usually concerned with cost because there is no incentive or substitute from the government for support and therefore they are not happy to pay the extra cost.”

Is there an association within Thailand that can help guide architects and property developers to obtain LEED certification? “USGBC has certified individuals to guide the owners, designers, the contractors and other stakeholders. These individuals are called LEED Accredited Professionals or LEED AP’s, which are separated by their specialities such as building and construction, interior, etc. In Thailand, there are over 50 LEED AP’s register to USGBC to provide services to the various projects.”

Names of the registered LEED AP’s can be found on the USGBC website:

and USA. The question is how soon?”


Are steps being taken to develop Thailand’s own certification? - and how do you think it should differ from LEED? “There is now a pilot version of Thai Green Building Rating tool, which is called TREES. (refer 2010-01-21-TREES-NC-v1-2010-SentToASA.pdf )

The system was developed by a team of experts in many areas which have reviewed other known rating tools such as Green Star (Australia), Green Mark (Singapore), Breeam (UK) and LEED (USA). The content of this guideline includes some parts of LEED which has been modified to local Thailand conditions. Yet, this is only the first version, and there will be continual development of this tool, just like LEED when it was first introduced.”

What feedback do you get from local developers about building green? is it seen as a fashion or is it being take seriously? “For many developers, this is still a fashion because there is no real benefit for them financially.

Ronachai Leopairojna Ronachai Leopairojna joined HASSELL in 2002. He has wide experience in industrial and commercial projects in Thailand, Australia and other countries. His skills include project management of multiple projects, design and conceptual planning, and strong construction detailing. He has international experience in Thailand and Australia and project experience in the United Kingdom. He is an LEED Accredited Professional specialising in building and construction (LEED AP BD+C) and also a sustainability leader for Bangkok studio, where his role is to promote sustainability design and practice. Email: Mobile: +66(0) 899 203 160


Worldwide event calendar



Tropical Living magazine promotes Thai property, interiors and lifestyle around the world through these select events and trade shows, putting thousands of magazines in the hands of qualified investors, home buyers and industry professionals with an interest in Thailand. Make yourself visible on the property radar, promote your business worldwide through Tropical Living magazine.

March 23-24

Malaysian Land & Property Law Conference JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Land and Property Law 2010 Congress, offers the latest development in land use policies, financing and investment opportunities, critical issues related to new legislations and recommendations to avoid unforeseen violation of laws in land administration.

March 27-28 SMART Investment & International Property Expo SUNTEC, Singapore SMART expo is one of the longest running expos of its kind in Asia, where the organisers proactively generate potential buyers and investors for its exhibitors, through a well thought plan that benefits the whole industry.


April 8-10 China International Boat Show Shanghai Exhibition Centre, China CIBS is regarded as the largest comprehensive boat show in China, CIBS showcases the latest boats, equipment and accessories, manufacturing techniques, service suppliers and other industry related products.

April 9-12 Dalian Real Estate Spring Fair Dalian World Expo Plaza, China Dalian Real Estate Fair has successfully held 35 sessions, and is the largest and most influential property exhibition in northeast China. The event also showcases overseas properties to the local real estate market.

April 15-18 Boat Asia Marina @ Keppel Bay, Singapore Asia’s leading leisure boat and luxury waterfront lifestyle event, showcasing the latest sailing yachts, powerboats, super yachts and luxury lifestyle products.

April 30 – May 5 Architect ‘10 Impact Arena, Bangkok


The best place to get access to the growing architectural, building products, technology, equipment and materials industry. Over 300,000 visitors in 2009 with 800 exhibitors from around the world with more than 10,000 new products, expect more in 2010.

May 18-20 Cityscape Asia SUNTEC, Singapore Cityscape Asia is an annual networking exhibition and conference focusing on all aspects of the real estate development cycle. It is Asia’s largest business-to-business investment event celebrating real estate, architecture, urban planning and design from around the world.


Siam City Bank AD


INDUSTRY INSIDER STORY : Pattamaporn Kittipanachol images : Courtesy of OSISU



Tropical Living interviews Dr. Singh Intrachooto, one of Thailand’s leading lights in environmentally friendly design and innovative building technology in understanding the country’s environmental and waste management potential. “Thailand probably has the greatest awareness of environmental issues among the Southeast Asian countries, but Singapore may surpass Thailand this year, even though they just started,” says Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chair of Building Innovation and Technology programme (MBIT), and Head of Building Technology Department of Kasetsart University’s Faculty of Architecture. Besides being a lecturer, researcher and practicing architect, Dr. Singh is also co-founder and design principal of OSISU, Thailand’s pioneering eco-design company which manufactures furniture and accessories only from reclaimed materials.


State of the Nation “But it’s difficult for people to change their mentality from knowing to doing.” Statistics bear this out. In Thailand, approximately 90% of all waste is disposed of in landfills. A 2008 study provides us with an inkling of the magnitude of this problem. To produce a wood chair weighing 7 kg, 65 kg of raw material is used. Even something as light as foam manufactured in an average factory creates up to one ton of waste daily. Why is there so little effort to reduce waste? Because we do not “pay for the externalities”. We don’t pay people who get cancer or fine factories for releasing toxins into the air. So even if the cost of scrap is charged to clients, manufacturers can keep their prices low. Academic research and development can make efficient machines, but technology transfer is difficult. The private sector usually wants instant solutions. By the time we innovate, it’s long past the time manufacturers need it. That’s why I’m busy finding solutions designers and manufacturers can understand.” Transforming 60 million tons of agricultural waste a year is perhaps one area for change. Though mostly burned, agro-wastes can be made into excellent materials for interior and exterior use. “The problem is that we don’t have enough people who will use them.” Efforts have been made to transform agricultural waste into building material, such as acoustic boards from durian shells or netting for green walls. But more fundamentally, “the environment is not a priority of the Thai government. To deliver social benefits, we need the central government or a core governing body with clear policies and regulations to support a long-lasting system and create incentives, rather than relying on the private sector or just a few academics.”


Kasetsart University is the country’s leading environmental institute “concerned with water issues, agriculture, soil, and fisheries. Even so, we do not have sufficient manpower, time, money, unity, database, and collaboration.” Cross-faculty collaboration has yielded products like lightweight bricks engineered from construction debris. Rigorously tested, some reclaimed products “surpass the requirements for conventional materials in some key indicators.” Given the abundance of material, Dr. Singh encourages budding designers to focus on “creating designs that respect the material and is sensible to the environment.” For instance, Thailand throws away 1.4 billion soft plastic milk pouches a year of which 10,000 are trashed monthly by Kasetsart Demonstration School. Today, these water resistant, anti-bacterial, food grade plastics are turned into stylish bags and rain gear by seamstresses and students.


tannery with aluminum. “Think of the possibilities that can arise by working and sharing mutually beneficial know-how.” Best of all, “no designer can compete because nobody knows what will be the result of this process!”

Green Architecture “All buildings are foreign objects that will have a negative impact on the environment. My goal is to reduce the “There’s no limit to what can

impact of every building I design.” To be

be made from scraps, as long as you

a green architect, “designers need to

think hard and experiment. The process

develop a position first. If your position is

trains you to think about the possibilities, given

to be sensible to the environment, you will

the materials and skills you have.” Dr. Singh’s team’s

start that way. If your position is to please

lectures and workshops on and off-campus have

the client, your designs will be different.”

garnered interest, and Kasetsart’s new Scrap Shop sells beautiful items made by his students. “More people

participation in a landmark project. As

their own shops. I’ve been helping 19 small companies

lead architect in designing Iris Thepparak,

in Chiang Mai, Nan and Lampang develop

IRIS Development Group’s newest 2,000

eco-products for the international eco-market.”

unit green condominium mega-project,

Innovation Ambassador Responsible for “helping private sector companies

Dr. Singh “successfully negotiated replacing 80 condominium units with green spaces, using solar power, green walls, and lightweight reclaimed bricks

think out-of-the-box, particularly in the eco-innovations

instead of paving, and the possibility of

front,” Dr. Singh observes that “manufacturing

using wind power. This will be the first high

processes have not changed significantly; one

density housing project with green

reason is the high investments.” By reclaiming scraps,

space. It’s going to be the most livable

“we hope the companies should make enough

condominium at its price.”

money within five to six years to upgrade to efficient machines that produce less waste.” Frequent factory inspections and handing out lists of recommended machines, solvents, treatments, and raw materials to replace conventional sources enable Dr. Singh to “see machines in one company that can use scraps from another company.” He subsequently initiated meetings to pair up disparate companies such as furniture with construction steel, and a leather


His outspoken views led to his

need to learn our design process so they can open

Osisu “When I design something, I like to give it an element of surprise, while maintaining the integrity of the material.” His favourite materials are currently construction steel - which he hopes to make more elegant - leather and plastics. Though primarily focused on design, sales are excellent: “developing countries don’t pay that much attention to the eco-market, but very few eco-shops don’t sell Osisu products.”

Dr. Singh Intrachooto “I would hate it if I’m gone and know that I did not leave anything behind that would help the world or society,” says Dr. Singh who balances his numerous responsibilities with great success. “Research and teaching is my full-time job from Monday to Friday. Saturdays are reserved solely for architecture. I work on Osisu every night.”

What are Dr. Singh’s aspirations for Osisu? “I want it to be a brand certifying eco-sensitivity. I even want to certify companies abroad, since I already consult for many overseas manufacturers.” This dream is aligned with his wish that Thailand will evolve into an ‘eco-country’

ACCOLADES 2009 • Asia Representative - the Copenhagen Climate Council Conference 2008 • Design Innovation Ambassador National Innovation Agency

“known for being sensible to the environment, with sensible products

• Top Environmentalist Award - Department

and services. But it takes time and a critical mass.” What is needed, are “people who think similarly, but at the same time are more innovative.

of Environment 2007 • Thailand’s Emergent Designer of the Year Designer of the Year - Elle Décor

I’m hoping that the younger generation will do that.”


As a child, Dr. Singh was neither a big dreamer, nor an outstanding student. Transplanted in a high school in Seattle, he flourished. “When you think that you’re not that dumb, you work hard, become more focused, and gain more confidence because you believe that you

2002 1993

issue. We should all play our part in improving the world just a little bit more every day.”

Master of Architecture, University of Washington


Diplomarbeit, Architecture and Urban Planning, Rheinish-Westfälische Technische

can do ‘just a little bit more.’” Expanding this can-do spirit to the global arena, he hopes that everyone “sees environmental issues as a global

PhD., Design Technology, Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hochschule, Aachen 1991

B.S., Construction Management, University of Washington


B.A., Interior Design; Architectural Studies and a Minor in Facility Management, University of Washington

For more information visit


Page 46 Page 56

Special Feature

Page 70

Dama zAmya, Phuket

Trisara, Phuket

Living Homes


Six Senses Resort and Spa



Begins At Home There is a world of difference between the climate and the weather. Those who decry and deny global warming cannot cite the recent extreme winter weather in China and Europe to support their case. Weather is brief and transitory. The climate is established over time. As the evidence of planetary climate change mounts and it becomes clearer that humankind is responsible for it, more people want to reduce their carbon footprint. But how?


n 1642, English physician Sir Thomas Browne, also a noted writer with an avid interest in witchcraft, mystical symbolism, religion, and philosophy, wrote his first book, Religio Medici. It was a not entirely successful attempt to unite science and religion. In this

work is, however, Browne’s famed comment on charity: “But how shall we expect charity towards others, when we are uncharitable to ourselves? Charity begins at home, is the voice of the world; yet is every man his greatest enemy, and, as it were, his own executioner.” Aboriginal and pagan spirituality around the globe would certainly agree that if the natural world is to sustain life as we enjoy it, ecology must also begin at home lest humanity destroy itself. A sentiment echoed by environmentalists who argue that with no strong political will or major corporate leadership, the responsibility lies with each one of us. This is also a view now being voiced by the mainstream religions. There is a clarion call to come to the aid of Mother Earth. We are now all familiar with solar panels, insulation, recycling, energy efficient lighting and latterly, the hybrid car but although every little helps, what about our houses? There is now a growing band of visionary designers and businesses challenging the very structure of our dwellings with new ways to build homes that are not just environmentally friendly but user friendly and, surprisingly, aesthetically pleasing too. Maybe it is now time for you to consider the real alternatives when you build your new ‘green’ house in Thailand.


La Colline AD

A Green House is a Gas! For some, a look back into the past will provide a glimpse of the future. The Japan Minka Revival Association was founded in 1997 and aims to restore interest in the traditional Japanese Minka house which was popular until the middle of the 20th century. The Minka was built from inexpensive and readily available materials; wood, bamboo, clay and straw. The earthen walls helped control moisture and were believed to make a room healthy because the surface temperature was lower than the temperature outside and could soak up moisture, keeping the house cool- no need for air-conditioning. Grass and straw formed the thick, rainproof, roofing thatch and for tatami mats placed on the floor. Sometimes, baked clay roofing tiles were used in addition to the thatch. The Minka house was so solid that it survived earthquakes. Sturdy wooden pillars prevented the house from collapsing and the main beams were curved which made them stronger. These wooden columns and crossbeams were skilfully joined without the use of nails or bolts so the house could be dismantled and easily reconstructed at different locations. Repairs were simple and parts no longer fit for purpose could be recycled or even used as firewood. Raised floors protected against floods during the rainy season and aided ventilation. The roof also featured a generous overhang to prevent the rain from wetting the walls and to protect from the sun. A porch outside the house served as a place to relax. These traditional Japanese houses built from natural materials were adapted to suit the climate and the nature around them. Eminently ecological, if such wisdom is used in the future of building, modern houses will harmonise with nature rather than compete with it and ultimately defeat it.


Living in a Box Here in Thailand, Bangkok based companies, Site-Specific and Buatalah Studios are forging an innovative new way ahead with their revolutionary modular designs. They have produced prototype homes made from recycled shipping containers that are not only sustainable and comfortable but also specifically designed to meet all the requirements of a modern Thai family whilst being friendly to the environment. Re-used shipping containers? It sounds so crazy that it just has to be a great idea and the truly remarkable feature is that these dwellings look so cool and trendy too. The interiors are decorated with bright colours and natural materials are used throughout. Tightly trimmed to capitalise on living space, there are plenty of built in storage cabinets. Large windows maximise light with sensible screens and shades to protect against the sun while the solar panels exploit this natural and renewable energy source. These fabulous prefabricated homes utilise and satisfy the eco philosophy of the 4 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle and renewable. They seek to make all facets of family life greener. Consideration has


been given as to how the family might grow its own food on a plot allocated for that purpose with greywater recycling for irrigation and lavatories. Eco waste systems are also incorporated into the scheme where four re-used shipping containers equal a two-bedroom home with more than 1,000 sq feet of contemporary living space. Is this where your family will be contained in the future? Site-Specific was founded in 2008 by Thai luminary, Chutayaves Sinthuphan and Prefab Company Ltd. is a new enterprise that has been spawned by this man who clearly thinks inside and outside of the box. A range of ready to site homes are available or you can

choose custom designs with full architectural and construction services- some of the techniques are so unique that it is impossible to find contractors who are up to speed. The buildings are completed in record time, industrial methods keep the costs down and the quality is maintained at a high level because 90% of the work is carried out in the company workshops where the fabrication can be closely monitored. Green credentials are present throughout the process. Eco-friendly materials are used and there is a high level of ventilation and insulation, which keeps these homes cool. Chutayaves says: “There is also less construction waste in our system and we keep our carbon footprint low because transportation is minimised.�


Bamboo is probably the most renewable green building material on earth and a number of businesses are now urging us to grow our own homes. It is the strongest woody plant on the planet with a tensile strength superior to mild steel and it grows at an incredible speed with some species increasing at an unbelievable rate of 1.5 metres a day. It releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees and some bamboo will absorb up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare. A bamboo grove was the favourite dwelling place of Buddha and tradition holds that it restores emotional calmness and stimulates creativity.


Six Senses Resort and Spa

More Fab Prefabs

Six Senses Resort and Spa

Six Senses Resort and Spa

Forward thinking architects David Sands and Jeffree Trudeau started their Maui based Bamboo Living business in 1993. They say: “After 14 years of research and development, we are proud to report that each 1000 sq foot Bamboo Living structure

two storey houses. The designs are notably

embodies approximately 20

sympathetic to a tropical style and would all

metric tons of CO2, thus creating

fit seamlessly into the Thai terrain. There are

an enduring, beautiful and

mortgage companies available for finance

efficient carbon capture system.

and all Bamboo Living homes enjoy fire and

This creates global, game

homeowner insurance. Proprietary processes

changing possibilities.�

are used to treat the bamboo to guarantee resistance to termites and beetles and careful

Bamboo Living have a

attention is given to indoor air quality and non

complete range of fabulously

toxic finishes, with the needs of the most sensitive

elegant prefabricated one and

and health conscious people in mind.



Six Senses Resort and Spa

“According to preliminary studies, our methodology and attention to detail give our dwellings a less than net zero carbon footprint,� is the proud claim and if further reason were needed to think about bamboo seriously, the mainstream adoption of bamboo dwellings would lift entire communities out of poverty. Bamboo is not just fast growing into the domestic market; it also has fresh green sprouts in some of the world’s most upmarket resorts. The Six Senses Resort and Spa group have numerous developments under the evergreen eye of CEO Sonu Shivdasani who envisions an eco friendly future that includes bamboo built villas with bamboo furniture, fixtures and fittings. Gone are the days when being green was boring and ecological structures ugly and utilitarian. These organic buildings are the very height of uber luxury and herald a new and exciting way to not just save the world but also make it a better and more healthy place in which to live and thrive. The future will, no doubt, celebrate these eco pioneers. These visionaries who are inviting us all to be a part of a fresh start where ecology really does begin with the very

Six Senses Resort and Spa

homes we inhabit.


PROPERTY PROFILE STORY : Marie Moon IMAGES : Courtesy of Dama zAmya



Sustainable luxury

Dama zAmya Dama zAmya, peaceful retreat, is an extraordinary stand alone property that mixes modern technology and ancient building practices to achieve a level of sustainability not seen before in Phuket.



roadly, sustainable

architecture is aimed at minimising the negative environmental impact of the built environment by augmenting energy efficiency and moderating the use of materials to be more ecologically sound. For Dama zAmya owners Dea Zoffmann and

Gary Dublanko, sustainability was essential. Ten years ago the couple invested into a popular Phuket development in Surin beach. Their elegant Thai-style villa was resplendent with an abundance of polished wood and floor to ceiling glass doors and windows. Although beautiful, the villa required extremely high-maintenance, costing the couple up to THB 200,000 each year. The energy costs for cooling the villa with air-conditioning were also very high, in the region of THB 30,000 per month. The eco-conscious couple soon found it hard to live with and decided to sell the villa and dive head-first into a new project: designing and building a sustainable Phuket villa that was low on maintenance and low on energy costs.




Studying Sustainability After a year of careful study Gary and Dea’s criteria for the new house included an open plan with merging of indoor and outdoor spaces, high energy efficiency, low maintenance, maximisation of natural light and ventilation as well as minimal disturbance to the natural landscape. Their research lead them to specialist architect John Bulcock. With 25 years experience working as an architect, John has accrued significant knowledge of sustainable development which is now central to his philosophy and approach to architecture. Gary and Dea found an exceptional location for their house; a two-rai plot on the north-east coast of Phuket overlooking Ao Goong. With an elevation of 65m the land has a completely uninterrupted sea view spanning 270 degrees over the island-dotted bay. On a clear day views stretch across Ko Ngam to Phang-Nga province. Backing the property is a leafy rubber plantation that connects to a National Park, Khao Pra Teaw home to Bang Pae waterfall and the gibbon rehabilitation centre.


Back to Basics While sustainable architecture may be a relatively new concept in modern Phuket development, as Gary explained, “it draws on ancient building practices that have been used here for generations.� Building orientation to minimise solar exposure of glass facades, window and door type and placement, insulation type, overhang depth, the effectiveness of lighting and other equipment, as well as local climate are all factors to be considered in passive cooling. Louvered windows help direct cool breezes inside. Flat grass roofs curb internal temperatures. All the floors are either slate, recycled hardwood, concrete or terrazzo. Timber decking allows the large area to cool rapidly at night. With all the passive cooling techniques employed there is little need for air-conditioning however for those hot and humid days the central VRF (variable refrigerant flow) A/C system expends 30% less energy than conventional split type units. All air-conditioned rooms are served by the one compact unit located away from the villa.




The villa stockpiles water wherever possible. The flat grassed roofs act as primary filtration for the rainwater that is collected and stored in an 80,000-litre underground concrete storage tank. Gary says this reservoir supplies all of the villa’s water requirements for eight months of the year. During the dry season, water from a 72m deep well drilled onsite supplements the villa’s requirements. All of the wastewater is treated before being released into the hillside as clean water. Solar energy is harnessed for water heating. One of the most interesting and artistic of all the eco practices applied in the making of Dama zAmya is the fair-faced or form-faced concrete that was used extensively for wall and ceiling surfaces both internally and externally. The natural grey walls help maintain cooler internal temperatures, are impervious to the wear and tear of everyday life and emit no chemical toxins from paint. The interesting textures and hollows in the concrete give spaces a rustic, yet chic appearance. “At night, Gary says, “the walls come alive when illuminated.” Local materials were sourced for nearly every aspect of the construction and a large portion of the wood used in the villa is recycled from a 40 year old house that was located on a rubber plantation in Surat Thani. This tropical hardwood is naturally termite resistant and very attractive when unvarnished and allowed to wear naturally. The 18m x 4m lap pool boasts a completely chlorine and salt free filter system, utilising technology designed by NASA. Smooth, charcoal-grey terrazzo covers the pool and with infinity edge on three sides you may feel your are floating and flying at the same time.



Owner / Contractor After a second year of intense research and working closely with the architect, ground was broken and construction began. Gary and Dea collectively took on the role of main contractor and were therefore able to control the quality of construction at every stage. Gary doesn’t advise this to everyone saying it was “a huge undertaking to learn all that needed to be known.” He also pointed out that some of the quirks and limitations of Thai construction practices proved very challenging throughout the process. Still, work progressed and in just 18-months Dea and Gary were ready to start moving in their unique furniture and artworks to add the exquisite finishing touches to their extraordinary eco-friendly villa. Being a professional photographer, Gary’s prints take pride of place on the walls; majestic Buddhas in their natural settings, African safari animals up close and personal, tropical blossoms, shadows and textures; the photography is superb, complementing the natural materials dominant in the villa decor.


Criteria Fulfilled With a total built-up area of 950 sq m with 560 sq m of open, yet under-cover living space, Dama zAmya has more than fulfilled Dea and Gary’s criteria. Annual maintenance costs have dropped by almost 90% and the electricity bills have decreased by more than two-thirds. Most importantly the villa is highly livable, and blessed with that ever-present gift of a spectacular view. The couple has plans of building Phuket’s first zero-energy building somewhere Gary described, “completely off the grid.” Dama zAmya villa is for sale through property agents Engel & Voelkers, Phuket, for more information contact Amy Koh on +66 (0)76 271 751.


PROPERTY PROFILE STORY : Phil Teese IMAGES : Courtesy of Hunter Sotheby’s International Realty PHOTOGRAPHY : Nakarin Banjerdjin



A Little Slice of Heaven in

the Top End of Paradise One of Phuket’s most exclusive villas is about to claim the record for the island’s highest priced property, so we couldn’t resist revisiting the Trisara resort for a second time this year, to witness this spectacular residence. The five-year-old villa, which was part of the original Trisara project in Naithon is on the market for a whopping THB 500 million, but it would be worth every penny to someone looking for absolute privacy and serenity.


et over a series of cascading landscaped

levels, this property is literally a little slice of heaven in the

Making an Entrance A small courtyard outside the mountain-top

top end of paradise. The entire villa is surrounded by its

entrance has a garage and parking for six or eight

own lush tropical rainforest, with amazing views over the

cars, but the real adventure begins at the entrance,

Andaman Sea and across to the picturesque beauty of

an ornate, Balinese–style gatehouse surrounded by a

Bangtao and Layan beaches.

lily pond and guarded by two large concrete dragons. As you walk through the gate, 40-metres above sea

Despite the hype, this really is a unique property in a

level, the most amazing vista opens up in front of you.

truly unique location. There are four bedrooms, each with its own spectacular ocean views, and the design is both


The view over the property’s carefully manicured

basic and simple, but this villa has everything anyone

garden and across the Andaman is breathtaking. The

looking for a perfectly private lifestyle could ever wish for.

top two bedrooms are on either side of the gatehouse,

with glorious views out to the ocean, garden

complete with a top-of-the-range Bang and Olufsen TV,

terrace, romantic bridge walkway and a carefully

and a work station, which also looks out over the sparkling,

crafted private rainforest. The villa’s four 12 x 8 metre

blue waters of the Andaman, the pools and the palm trees

bedrooms are identical but totally independent

on the terrace below.

of each other.

Comfort with Class They have an almost nautical feel about them with

The bedrooms are all air conditioned, but an impressive ceiling fan, set into a wooden ceiling alcove, adds to the tropical ambience. Twin walk-in wardrobes lead to a luxurious black-marbled bathroom. The bathrooms

polished teak floors, blue and white striped fabric wall

are glassed in with views over their own personal piece of

coverings, ornate wooden carvings, a lounge area,

rainforest, including a relaxing garden pool.






Telephones in the bedrooms – and their respective

The expansive kitchen is big enough to cook up a right

bathrooms – are connected to the main Trisara

royal feast, with huge freezers, a commercial cooker and

complex, and everything on offer at the resort,

an impressive island workbench. With windows looking

including full spa facilities, international and Thai

out onto even more manicured rainforest, this is, without

restaurants, a gymnasium, a well-stocked library,

doubt, one of the classiest kitchens in town. A full time staff

a private pier for superyachts, and a full concierge

of three keeps the villa running smoothly, but in the event

service, is only a phone call away.

of large parties, extra staff can be seconded from the

Al Fresco Dining

Trisara complex. From the pool patio, another stone staircase leads

The next level down is an open terrace with

down to the piece de resistance, a large sala set amid

even more spectacular ocean views, twin salas,

the tropical forest with stunning views of the ocean and

vast expanses of lawn, and some sensational

the rocky coastline below. A cool sea breeze makes this

water features. Giant black Balinese-style statues

a great spot to curl up on one of the twin day beds,

stand mutely guard over the view, and silvery

unwind, relax, and take in the best of nature’s infinite

wooden fences and railings, carved from aged

beauty. Serenity is the keyword here, and the only sound

teak add atmosphere.

you will hear is the nature all around, and the occasional gentle put-put of the long tail boats as they glide by

The terrace, which overlooks the private Trisara beach and the eight-kilometre stretch of golden sand that is Bangtao Beach, would be perfect for a garden gathering, or even an al fresco dinner party. The two salas come with generous-sized

beneath you.

Secret Spaces From the sala, paved stepping stones lead down

circular tables, large enough to seat seven or eight

through the landscaped jungle to a timber observation

guests, and each has its own revolving lazy Susan

deck, and the rocky shoreline. You can imagine ‘getting

centrepiece. It would be the ideal place from which

away from it all’ in this private little corner where even

to watch the orange-red sun sink into the sea.

the staff could have trouble finding you. A small cove just below the deck is wild enough to be the setting for untold

Twin carved stone stairways wind down to the

boys’ own adventures, but safe enough for a cool swim.

main living area, the 240 sq m blue-grey solid marble

And there are plenty of other places like it, just waiting to

swimming pool and the poolside patio deck. The two

be found where you could hide away from the hustle and

remaining bedrooms are on this level, along with an

bustle of the ‘real world.’

open-plan dining room and a lounge area. In the dining room, an antique carved wooden dining suite,

According to selling agent, Andrew Hunter, from Hunter

with settings for eight guests, takes pride of place,

Sotheby’s, this is one of the best properties currently on

and perfectly complements the polished teak floors.

the market. “It is certainly the most private,” he said.

Asian Antique Touches Both the dining and lounge areas are decorated

“It would be ideal for a film star or celebrity or someone who values their privacy and doesn’t want prying eyes watching them.” The villa sits on a spacious 6464 sq m of land, although there is extra land along the waterfront

with adorable antique artworks supplied by The

which is accessible only from the property, but not

Heritage Collection in Surin. Between the dining and

included on the title.

lounge rooms, a short hallway leads to the back-ofhouse areas, including the well-equipped modern

For further information about this stunning coastal

kitchen, the staff living quarters, a laundry, a second

property, call Andrew Hunter at Hunter Sotheby’s

kitchen, storage areas and the sound-proofed

International Realty on + 66 (0) 850 69 80 70, or visit

amenities room which is buried deep into the mountain.




Style News Showcasing the latest interior news and must-have products for luxury living.


Living Designer Budji Layug presents his chic furniture made from local organic materials.


Living Dining The heat is on with this new range of dining products perfect for stylish parties.


Living Essentials Check out our selection of eco-friendly home ideas and funky cushions.


Celebrities Choose Kevin Reilly Lighting


he designer Kevin Reilly is renowned for his work with lights. Taking a completely new approach, this artist of light uses candles to produce lamps that are both modern and old-fashioned. Working with a small staff of artisans, his source material is the wax candle. Carving out the inside of each candle and inserting a special bulb

that does not melt its high-temperature wax allows Reilly to make permanently burning sources of soft light. These distinctive wax pillars are embedded with unique electrical fittings enabling each fixture to emit a warm glow throughout the day or night. Because of

Hansgrohe Bathroom Fittings at the Burj Khalifa


this, the fixtures do not have the same look in the daytime as when night falls. As Reilly says, “A light during the day needs to be minimal and sculptural, but at night it should be magical.” This is exactly the transformation his works go through when the sun goes down. Celebrity clientele include: Jennifer Lopez, Michael Schumacher, Michael Douglas, Kennedy family, Salma Hayek, Briget Nielson, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and more. Kevin Reilly lighting is sold exclusively in Thailand by MOTIF, contact +66(0)2 250 7740-1.


ansgrohe AG is a supplier for the world’s tallest building and is expanding its activities in the United Arab Emirates. When the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa was officially opened in January 2010 in Dubai, Hansgrohe AG also joined in the celebrations as the German bathroom fittings and shower manufacturer supplied more than 5,000 fittings for the 828-metre skyscraper. “Hansgrohe was given a great deal of credit for not pulling out of the market in the face of the economic crisis, unlike other companies,” said Siegfried Gänßlen, chairman of the management board of Hansgrohe AG, in explaining the continuing success of the bathroom and sanitation specialist in the Middle East.


Goodrich Open New Gallery L

eading interior furnishing supplier, Goodrich Global Co Ltd, has opened its new gallery at CDC Crystal Design Centre in Ekamai-Ramindra road, Bangkok. Similar to Goodrich galleries in other regions, it has been positioned as a one-stop solution for interior needs and is decorated in a ‘library’ concept to provide clients with ample personal space to browse and select wallpaper, fabrics, carpets and floorings. Goodrich believe their products are more than decorative materials but help make a home become a gallery of self-expression.

New Duravit Sauna Bathroom B

athroom manufacturer Duravit, has won a range of awards, confirming the innovative strength of the design concepts that the company has launched on the market. The new PuraVida bathroom range, the brainchild of Phoenix Design, has made an outstanding start and already scooped a number of awards including; the red dot award, the iF Product Design Award 2010 and the Good Design Award of the Chicago Athenaeum.


The decision of Duravit to use the ‘Inipi’ concept to take the sauna out of the cellar and place it in the bathroom and living area is also set to win multiple awards. EOOS and Duravit have invested four years in this project which involved researching historic-cultural examples. The original sweat lodge of the Lakota Indians was transformed into an award-winning modern designer sauna with impressive hidden high-tech features.

Silestone AD

LIVING DESIGNER STORY : Rachel Williams IMAGES : Courtesy of Design Zone Co Ltd

Naturally Stylish 86

“Design in whatever discipline reaches excellence when form and function coexist harmoniously but in ways that are distinctively elegant and timeless.� Budji Layug



udji Living is a furniture design and manufacturing company from the Philippines, that

produce beautifully stylish products from organic materials. The immaculate designs have made their way to the Thai market with two chic showrooms in Bangkok, in the trendy Thonglor area and the Crystal Design Centre. The founder is Antonio “Budji� Layug, an internationally-renowned designer of furniture and interiors. His extraordinary designs have graced the interiors of some of the finest hotels, offices and residences of the world since 1975. His designs epitomise his personal philosophy of maintaining a balance between grace, elegance, simplicity and nurturing of the environment. It is rare to find a designer who has a vision that is all-encompassing and fully realised as Budji Layug. He has perfected the art of integrating architecture, function, landscaping, and lifestyle to create beautiful living environments. His sense of scale and proportion produce designs in handmade furniture that provide as much art as function. They also create drama and harmony.


Movement 8 Movement 8, the design team at Budji Living, are a group of forward thinking designers with a common sensibility: clean lines, simple geometric form and the warm texture of natural materials. The alliance was formed by Budji Layug and government trade official Eli Pinto-Mansor in 1999, and are seen as a consortium of the Philippines’ most innovative in their field.

Meet Movement 8:

Budji Layug

Tes Pasola

“It is imperative that we make radical changes.”

“My agenda is to break set givens.”

Kenneth Cobonpue

Milo Naval

“My designs are reflective of the human soul.”

“My designs represent mentality, an attitude; not style.”

Ann Patimtuan

Luisa Robinson

“My creations are expressions of life’s raw elegance.”

“Understand the nature of things and create from within.”

Tony Gonzales

Renato Vidal

“Sensitivity gives me perspective.”

“I derive inspirations from my creative dialogues with nature.”



Organic Materials Budji Layug and his group of designers, use traditional and indigenous organic materials found in Asia’s tropical forests to produce modern and contemporary furniture and home accessories, blending east and west, organic and modern.


Abaca commonly known as Manila hemp, is a tree like herb resembling the banana plant. It is the strongest natural fibre in the world and is salt-water resistant. It is grown mainly in its native Philippines since the 16th century. It comes in two colours: the natural blonde colour comes from the inner part of the plant and the dark brown is from the bark.

Bamboo is the tallest and most primitive of grasses. Standing alone, the bamboo culm can grow up to one metre in a single night, and in the following month up to 20m. Thereafter development slows down, the stems lignify and reach the final height of up to 40m, depending on the species and rainfall. Easily flexible, stress resistant and inexpensive, bamboo is an endlessly regenerative source. Budji Living’s bamboo goes through several anti-pest treatments and is kiln-dried to minimise shrinkage and swelling.




Buri is the largest palm found in the Philippines. It is one of the most important palms next to the coconut, in terms of economical and industrial importance. The long and thick buri stalks that Budji Living use come from the main stem of the palm where fronds of the plant are attached. Buri can be bleached and dyed in different colours.

Lampakani is a course sedge about one metre in height belonging to the Seagrass family. They form meadows in estuaries and shallow coastal waters with sandy or muddy bottoms. The stems are distinctly triangular, and the leaves are broad and long. Natural lampakani is coffee-like colour but can be dyed darker. Bamboo



Rattan peel is the skin or surface layer of the rattan cane which contains silica, giving the poles and attractive shiny appearance. The company prepares the rattan strips by passing the cane through a machine which presses them against knives. Rattan peel is widely used in the designs because of its versatility, strength and abundance.

Rattan is the stem or trunk of a climbing palm that belongs to genus calamus, meaning swamp plants. The vine-like plant grows vertically for about a metre and then begins to climb to an adjacent tree. It reaches up to 200m and there are over 200 species, but only about a dozen are suitable for furniture making. It forms the basis of many of the structural frames and designs of the furniture.


Rattan Peel

Design Zone Co. Ltd are the exclusive distributor of Budji Living products in Thailand. For more information visit



STORY : Nadia Wilan IMAGES : Courtesy of Tepandine PHOTOGRAPHY : Chavalit Kamolthammanon

The Hottest Table in Town Sometimes a new product comes along that is so simple and yet so fresh and innovative that you cannot quite imagine why it hasn’t been around forever. Such is the case with the Tepandine cooking range that is about to become the hottest ‘must have’ when it comes to interactive dining in 2010 and beyond.


Richard Frost


Patricia Frost

f you have ever been to a teppanyaki restaurant, you will remember seeing a flamboyant chef throwing a myriad of tasty morsels into the air from a hot plate that is fitted into the table in front of where you

are eating. The food will undoubtedly have been fantastic but what really stands out in these Japanese restaurants is the fun of the show, the coming together and the shared dining experience.

Enjoy With Friends Tepandine is all about bringing people back to the table to not only eat together but to cook together. Asians, of course, are no strangers to communal eating, in fact the new range is inspired by the Japanese but designed and developed in Germany and imported to Asia by an Englishman who himself is the epitome of good taste. Richard Frost and his wife Patricia have lived in Asia for over 35 years and it was by searching for a home-style teppanyaki that they came across Tepandine, developed by a ground breaking inventor. Once they had discovered this unique cooking experience, they were hooked. Understanding how much Asians and expatriates living in Asia love communal style eating, they have been cooking up a lot of interest as the sole distributors in their newly launched venture to add a modern ingredient to the age old Asian recipe of dining together.


The Tepandine Choices The innovative range includes stainless steel plates that come in the form of portable cook tops, bistro tables, built-in cook tops, dining tables and marine versions. When the stainless steel heats up it causes a shallow dip to form in the cooking centre which is surrounded by a cooler area to keep food warm. The all important dip means that food does not slide around and sauces and marinades do not spill out. Tepandine is fun, interactive, innovative, convenient, and easy to use. There is no need for pots and pans, which make conventional stoves look like a thing of the past. The space-age, ultra-cool dining table has an unheated outer area, for the table settings, which seamlessly becomes a hot cooking area in the centre.


If chic and modern stainless steel doesn’t quite match with your traditionally furnished home, then the cook top can be fitted into your own table of choice or you can opt for the portable models. Dining tables come in a good range of sizes, up from two-seater bistro tables to an eight-to-ten seater, for a feast for many. The portable model can be moved from the kitchen, to the dining room, an outside deck, even to the garden and the beach. Of course they need to be plugged in but that is about as complicated as they get. There is no need for gas bottles or failed attempts at lighting charcoal for a barbeque. There are also marine models for yacht and boat owners too. Mariners can cook on their decks without having to fill their whole cabin with the aroma of their dinner and don’t have the issue of dealing with movable coals over moving waters, not to mention washing up and storing pans.

Tasty Results Tepandine sears meat and fish beautifully and offers an entertaining and innovative way of setting the taste buds alight. The dining tables can seat anything from four to ten people. Sitting round a dining table that is also the cooking table, talking, relaxing and watching over your sizzling skewers or succulent steaks is what eating is all about when it comes to social dining. There are no inconvenient interruptions as the host bobs up and down to run into a steamy kitchen and there are no long waits between courses where guests start to wonder where their next meal is coming from. Dining at home will never be the same again. Tepandine products are precision engineered and manufactured in Germany from the highest food grade, silk brushed stainless steel.

For more information, visit or for specific enquiries contact telephone +66 (0)2 634 1471 or email



green inspirations

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Metaphys Designer:

Chiaki Murata Collection:

Factory Planters

“We designed planters to enjoy the process of growing plants; from sowing to making them sprout and grow. With the picture planters you can enjoy the contrast between the plants and a background scenery picture. It can be positioned on the wall or placed on a table.�



Chiaki Murata


Picture Planters

Stockist: METAPHYS, Japan, 98


Stockist: Design Link

Kasthall Designer:

Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg Collection:

Moss Rugs “When you choose products from Kasthall you are taking active responsibility for the environment. Environmental responsibility strongly influences our production methods and the company’s future development. In our daily work it means that we make continuous improvements that benefit the environment, from creating a healthy workplace to helping preserve the beauty of nature.”


Stockist: Design Link

Ecosmart Designer:



Fire Outdoor Fireplace This attractive outdoor designer lighting range from Ecosmart is fuelled by denatured ethanol, an environmentally friendly, renewable energy.


Nymphenburg Designer:

Ruth Gurvich



Stockist: DesignLink, Hong Kong +85 (0) 22 838 8766


Nymphenburg consciously decided to continue to employ purely manual production methods and, since the 18th century, has refined them almost to perfection. They do not use any kind of automated process, no machines, no factories, no harmful by-products from waste that’s usually associated with factories.



Crazy About Cushions Cushions and covers are the easiest way to update any area as well as create comfortable spaces. Suniture offer a wide variety of ready-made products as well as have the option of any colour, shape, size, and choice of filling. With the wide range of SunbrellaŽ fabrics, it is easy for you to choose a colour and design that matches the property’s style.



SunbrellaŽ Fabrics SunbrellaŽ has been the leader in performance fabrics for more than 40 years, and guarantees unsurpassed colour brilliance. Created through a unique process that adds pigments during fiber production, making the colour and the fabric as one product, Sunbrella fabrics remain colour fast, water repellent, and fade and stain resistant. Sunbrella, is in fact the world’s leading fabric brand predominantly used for the outdoors, and is the industry standard fabric specified in particular for the hospitality, yachting, and leisure industries. Sunbrella fabrics come with a limited warranty of at least five years.


from your properties to your pastimes


Elite Event Boating fans are on course for a successful show in Shanghai, China next month.


Living Pleasure Can uber-luxury yachts really be ecological? Hermes and Wally think so.


Living Place Join us on a shopping trip to Baan Tawai, famous for local northern handicrafts.


Living Taste Tour around Chiang Mai’s organic restaurants for naturally healthy dining.


Positive Signs for

Yacht Market The event’s long established and regular customers joining the show include many international brands, such as The Bénéteau Group, nine brands of The Ferretti Group, The Azimut-Benetti Group, Brunswick, Sunseeker, Princess, Aicon, Bavaria, Heesen, Tricon; as well as domestic giants Shanghai Double Happiness, Changzhou FRP, Wuxi Dongfang, Zhuhai Sunbird, Zhuhai Jianglong, Xiamen Hansheng, Shanghai Yihong, Foshan Poly, Guangzhou Minhua, Qingdao Nauticsta, and many more. The official on-water display

The China (Shanghai) International Boat Show 2010, taking place at Shanghai Exhibition Centre on April 8-11, has received a great response from the market, with exhibition space selling out far quicker than the previous 2009 edition. This positive feedback is seen as a result of improving economic conditions and increased marketing budgets from more boating brands after the downturn period.


venue, Shanghai Yacht Club, is expecting more than 15 luxury yachts on display including a French brand catamaran, which will be the first-ever shown on the Huangpu River. With more than double the yachts on display than last

round 400 domestic and international brands will be present at CIBS2010,

year, the downtown marina

approximately 50% being boat and yacht exhibitors, equipments and

and club is now ready to host

accessories at 40%, while lifestyle and relevant services occupy the remaining

VIP buyers at its classy facilities.

10%. Visitors are also paying more attention this year as online registrations are 36% higher when compared to the same time last year.

For more information visit

Some of the new faces attending CIBS 2010 are Ocean Alexander Marine, a Taiwan manufacturer who exclusively supplied VIP shuttle boats for 2010 Shanghai World Expo; Shanghai Choisi Yacht, who will bring their creative yacht interior designs supported by French designers and Shanghai Senhuan, a quality wooden material supplier who has just started their business in the yacht industry by producing teakwood decks.


Show: Venue: Date:

China International Boat Show Shanghai Exhibition Centre April 8-11, 2010

are media partners, pick up your free copy at the show.


Wally Hermès Yachts

Combining Super Luxury and Ecology department “Intérieur & Design,” with the


collaboration of several companies such

yacht brand named Wally. Who formed an equal

After Hermès established its new design

as Bugatti, Smartcar, and world leading helicopter manufacturer, Eurocopter, the company has progressed to the next aspect of luxury living, the Wally Hermès Yachts (WHY). 110

is the result of the joint-venture between the iconic Parisian

house, Hermès, and the world renown Monaco partnership to develop and redefine the new art of living on the sea. Its layout design of 58m length and 38m beam which offers the total living space on sea of 3,400 sq m is beyond comparison. Complete with one master suite, five junior suites, a multimedia room, a gym, a spa, four sundecks, and a 25m long forward

swimming pool, this floating penthouse can comfortably fit 12 guests and 20 crew. The concept of the Venetian blind-like roof, opens to let the natural light flood generously throughout the yacht’s interior. WHY, not only has an unprecedented level of comfort and luxury, but the Hermès artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas intends that WHY should also have the least environmental impact. With the power of the diesel-electric propulsion motor system and the 900 sq m photovoltaic panels on the yacht’s surface, WHY requires less power at cruising speed than any boat of equal size. This makes WHY more ecological than any other regular yacht.


LIVING PLACES STORY : Kirstie Flood IMAGES : Courtesy of Italian Connection

Baan Tawai

Shopping Guide Located in Chiang Mai, Baan Tawai has secured a reputation as the definitive place to shop for Asian antiques. A trip to Baan Tawai also provides those looking for authentic reproductions a chance to pick up a very impressive looking bargain. Whether you’re after a world-class antique or simply shopping for a stylish inexpensive piece then a browse through the Baan Tawai village should prove fruitful.


What to Buy The range on offer is unique, original and vast. Zen art can be found alongside precious antiques and dynamic contemporary pieces. Popular products to purchase include intricate wood carvings and decorative items such as silver ware, lacquer ware, hand-woven textiles and earthen ware. In addition larger furniture items crafted from traditional natural resources are also on display. The northern part of Thailand is well known for the wealth of teak. Historically teak logs were transported to Bangkok while the ‘cut-offs’ were left for the villagers in Chiang Mai to use, therefore teak carving quickly became synonymous with Chiang Mai. During the old days, a Chiang Mai wood carver would go into the forest with the necessary tools to work on a big trunk of teak. Woodcarving is now so popular that the wood carvers now purchase wood for their work.


Natural Art  Wood carving : typical woodwork at Baan Tawai, Chiang Mai  Wood texture polishing : polished in order to bring out the beauty of the wood texture  Crackle paint wood : a paint that produces a crackled effect on the wood  Wood antiquing : new wood made to look antique


Take A Break


Take your time to meander round Baan Tawai with an array of food and beverage facilities there’s no need to rush your shopping trip. When the midday sun strikes head to one of the following dining options.

Gini Restaurant Slip away from the sun into the quiet, cool and relaxing atmosphere of Gini Restaurant in the middle of Baan Tawai where Thai and western cuisine is served. Huaen Ga Lhong Open everyday from 10.00am to 3.00pm. Buffet style Thai cuisine including Pad-Thai and Thai fruits. Khow Soi Faham Hang Dong Branch Request a lunch box serving up northern Thai delicacies, great for larger groups. Paen Kred Coffee Corner Located diagonally opposite the Siam Commercial Bank on the second floor, guests can enjoy traditional Thai dishes served quickly. Pongchan Art & Coffee Coffee and cake are available at the terrace on the banks of the canal.

Getting There Located in Hang Dong, Baan Tawai is easily accessible from the centre of Chiang Mai. For a map and more information visit or call +66(0)81 882 4882.



Going Back to Organics

When human beings began eating, the food they consumed was free of sweeteners, colouring, pesticides and nanotechnology. It was pure and fresh, and grown from natural soil. So there’s nothing new about today’s growing trend of producing untreated fodder; we are simply going back to organics.


mankind ate nothing but organic food


Quality Low Food Input study, organic food has

up until the 20th Century, when synthetic

higher levels of desirable vitamins, antioxidants and

chemicals came into play with pesticides, fertilizer

poly-unsaturated fatty acids, not to mention, lower

and artificial additives. Antibiotics and fattening

levels of undesirable heavy metals, mycotoxins,

materials have been fed into the meat that we

pesticide residues and glyco-alkaloids. The UK’s

eat, and the recent advent of nanotechnology, or

Food Standard Agency also believes that organic

genetically modified produce, has been met with

fruit, vegetables and meat are more nutritious than

heavy criticism; so much so that Britain’s organic

other food. On the other hand, the London School

certifier, the Soil Association (UK), implemented

of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found no good


evidence of organic food’s greater nutrition.

quick look through history reveals that

Organivores argue that according to a


Why not start your meal at The Salad House with pumpkin cream soup, followed by a choice of salad – tuna, chicken, Caesars, egg and many others? An appropriate conclusion would be fresh fruit roadside tables. To find sanctuary

salad; and what about drink – iced

judging nutritional values, but

in the middle of town, the huge

ginger tea, carrot shake or

nevertheless, the organic market

wooden door at TianZi Tea House

cucumber juice? The menu here

is rising faster than any other in the

leads to a tropical garden, where

also includes Thai and international

food industry. Worldwide organic

encircled by leaves, diners can sink

dishes such as pasta, steak and

food sales rose from USD 23 billion

into comfy cushions around rustic

curries. Or try nam prik num

to USD 52 billion between 2002

teak tables.

accompanied by carrot, bean

The jury might still be out on

and 2008 – a growth in the market of 20% per annum since the early

and makuhah, and crunchy The Salad House is part of the

purple lotus stems.

1990s. Future growth rate estimates

Suan Paak restaurant complex,

range from 10% to 50%, depending

located near Chiang Mai Airport.

on the country.

This barn-style eatery has wooden

care in a homely atmosphere

rafters, shuttered windows and

inside The Salad House, or out in the

simple décor; and its tropical

garden, where thin shafts of sunlight

uptake, with only 0.04% of total

garden backs onto an organic

filter through the bushes and trees.

farmland devoted to organic

farm, where all vegetables are put

As nightfall approaches and the

agriculture. While showing

through a hydroponics system.

sky turns pink and orangey blue,

Thailand has been slow in the

favourable signs of interest, the

Meals are presented with artistic

shrubs and flowers are bathed in

Thai government has yet to offer

Hydroponics is an age old

lantern light, and for anyone scared

a subsidy for organic farming. So,

method of growing plants using

of mosquitoes, every table is armed

here in the north, small farmers

mineral nutrient solution in water

with repellent made of natural

have taken up the initiative and

instead of soil. This creates greater

citronella grass oil.

capitalised on the budding

control of pests and disease,

number of local organic food

nutrient concentrations, yields

shops and restaurants.

and environmental factors. The technique not only benefits

Eating in Town Organic food has a sweet, fresh taste and it tends to melt in the mouth; and Chiang Mai is an ideal place to sample it. Eat on the terrace at Café Pandau, or binge at Bon Kitchen – a tiny bistro with


consumers, but also the economy.

Rejuvenating Retreat Twenty three years ago, Guy from America met Toi from Isan, Northeastern Thailand. He had studied at the Redwood College of Holistic Health in California and she, traditional Thai massage, and when they married, the union led to formation of The Spa Resorts; natural health centres now located on Koh Samui, Koh Chang and at Mae Rim near Chiang Mai. It’s a 12 kilometre stretch of duel carriageway from Chiang Mai to Mae Rim, and another six through country lanes to Huay Sai and The Spa Resorts, with its

hilly sprawl of Lanna-styled dwellings, salas, spa and restaurant. Climb the slope to Cloud 9 Sala – where yoga and meditation are practiced – and look out on the Mae Sa Valley. From 400 metres above ground, the view takes in a spread of paddy fields, distant forest and grey shadowed mountains on the horizon. Looking down from the sala, a sloping farm of 20 acres grows organic produce for the in-house Radiance Restaurant – deemed one of the world’s top 50 eateries by International magazine. There are vegetables familiar to western ears

The Spa Resorts also offers to cleanse

such as cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage

the system by detoxification. Its liver

and spring onions, and more exotic

flush programme comprises fasting,

names like dragon fruit, sugar cane,

with a follow-up intake of raw fruit and

papaya and lemon grass.

vegetables, and plenty of liquid: water, smoothies, juices, coolers and herbal

The open-walled Radiance

tea. As the body readjusts to eating

Restaurant, with dark wood décor,

again; raw food and brown rice can

blends in well with the natural

be added to the diet, and protein can

environment, and the menu

be gently reintroduced with eggs, nuts, tofu, chicken and fish. is enticing. From around the world

There may be a question mark

there are amazing multi-national

hanging over organic food’s nutritional

salads, Vietnamese spring rolls

benefit over conventional fare, but one

and Mexican taco’s burritos and

thing’s for certain – organic food is tasty

tostadas. Sample raw delights such

and healthier.

as gazpacho, garden burger and raw energy food. Finish off with raw apple pie or zen of chocolate and

Café Pandau Organic Restaurant

wash it all down with a rare juice

Bon Kitchen Restaurant Tel: +66(0)87 800 5410

TianZi Tea House

The Spa Resorts Chiang Mai

combo, Goji berry smoothie or a wheatgrass pina colada.


The Salad House Suan Paak Restaurant Tel: +66 (0)53 202 222

Hafele AD

The Gallery If you have a property for sale or rent which you would like featured in our gallery then please contact


Deva Yama Phuket

Deva Yama is an exclusive development of truly luxurious villas located atop a hillside in Phuket’s millionaires mile. From your lofty perch you will enjoy billion dollar views of pristine Nakalay Bay. Meaning ‘divine sanctuary’ in sanskrit, Deva Yama offers a perfect retreat from the pressures of the world. Deceptively simple design soothes the soul, drawing the eye to fabulous sea views. Deva Yama comprises of six superlative villas. Set within 6,000 sq m. (almost two acres) of wooded hillside, the elevation of the site drops by 25 metres (approx. 82’), meaning that each exquisite property enjoys superior privacy and unique vistas. Find your own piece of paradise on the last prime cut of land on Phuket’s west coast. Phase A villas are ready to move in by December 2009. | +66 (0) 76 271 333 123



Stylishly Thai Phuket

With an elevated Surin beach hillside location, this substantial, modern Thai influenced pool villa affords picturesque west coast ocean views. This quality villa is presented over three stories and features five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms designed to a spacious professional standard, fully fitted kitchen that adjoins the formal dining room on the upper floor. The middle floor includes two well designed bedrooms. The upper floor houses features two master bedrooms overlooking the ocean with an oversized living room. All rooms here have vaulted ceilings and shiny wooden floors. On the same floor is also the 16 metre pool with two covered salas.

Tel: +66 (0) 81 892 9495 124


Coastal Living Phuket

Style and Convenience in a Prestigious Location

As part of the Ayara Surin residential development, this villa for sale offers privacy, modern style and convenience in a prestigious location. Nestled against the steep slopes of Surin Hill featuring wonderful views of Surin beach, the Amanpuri headland and the Andaman Sea. This villa has been painstakingly maintained and is ready to move in for those buyers looking to buy a prestigious Thai style residence at an attractive price.

Tel: +66 (0) 81 892 9495 125



Land for sale Phuket

Everyone wants to sell you plans for “The House of Your Dreams” or “The Land Plot of your Fantasy”, well - put them together and you have this! That is…as long as you don’t want a sea view, which can become somewhat black and boring once night falls, or a

residence “close to where the action is”. If you want either of these, don’t read on. However, if you want a magnificent and unblemished view of nature at its very best and the occasional passing golfer to ridicule; or if you want tranquility both during the day and night and free life membership to one of the best golf clubs on the island so you too can be cheerfully ridiculed; oh… and if you’d like to have complete drawings of a splendid house ready to give to a builder to get on with the job


on this unique plot (it really is unique!), then this may be yours, but it isn’t a give away. So, put your hand in your pocket and come up with THB 12 million and we’ll seriously think about passing all the above bounty to you. We’re not really interested in offers, but if it makes you feel better we’ll let you have it for 11,999,999 ! We’ll reduce it by a further million if you can show us a better plot on any golf course on Phuket island! Contact Tel. 081 892 9495 (Eng/Thai)


Thai Royal Residence

West Sands

Khanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat


An investment opportunity in a stunning ‘yet to be discovered’ beachfront paradise on the Gulf of Thailand. 34 villas - three, four and five bedrooms lie on 25 rai of land along a 200 metre stretch of Nai Phlao Beach. Living space ranges from 155-300 sq. m with prices from THB 15.5-25 million. All villas are sold turn-key, designed with superb quality, featuring five-star luxury furnishings for those seeking only the best. 50% of the villas are currently under construction with completion expected in December 2009.

West Sands resides directly on the unspoiled Northwest coast on Mai Khao beach, a straight 17 km of golden sand. West Sands covers 121 rai and comprises of 450 prestigious pool villas and spacious condominium residences from one to five bedrooms. Aside from the pristine beach, five-star facilities will include a beach club, private clubhouse, free-form swimming pools and five-star PADI dive centre. The development’s other star attraction is it’s state-of-the-art water park.

Additional amenities and services include a private reception area, daily housekeeping, a 300 sq. m infinity pool, full service restaurant, pool bar, beach service, fitness centre and five-star spa. Easily accessible from two airports and within close proximity to Koh Samui.

Prospective buyers will benefit the first fully flexible guaranteed rental return program called “Mix & Match” which offers guaranteed returns from 6% to a spectacular 7.5% for the first five years. | +66 (0) 2 126 8099 | +66 (0) 76 372 002



Rd .

Inter. School Inter. Hospital Big-C Central Festival Island Furniture The Courtyard t es W

Lotus Phuket City


Bang Tao Beach Kamala Beach


Patong Beach

Karon Beach Chalong


Kata Beach

Phuket City



Updated every month. Call 081-892 1337 to list.



Deloite Touche Tohmatsu Jaiyos Tel: 02 676 5700 25-26th Floor, Rajakarn Bldg. 183 South Sathorn, Bangkok

Childlife Maesai Tel: 053 732 947, 089 191 2947 Fax: 053 732 947 Post Box 35 Maesai, Chiang Rai

Pricewaterhouse Coopers Tel: 02 344 1000, 02 286 9999 15th Floor, Bangkok City Tower, 179/74-80 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok

Phuket Animal Welfare Society Tel: 076 264 504 Kwaang Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket


WWF Thailand Tel: 02 524 6168-9 Fax: 02 524 6134 104 Outreach Building AIT, Klong Luang, Pathumtani

KEEHIN Tel: 076 261 450 Fax: 076 261 456-7 108/2 Moo 5, Chalermprakiat Ror 9 Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket Yip In Tsoi & Co, Ltd. Tel: 02 639 0200-14 523 Mahaputharam, Bangkok

ARCHITECTS Able Architects Tel: 076 248 135 Fax: 076 304 172 38/5 Moo5, Bang-Yai Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket Aka-Aka Head Office: 35 Rattanakosin Road, Wat Gate, Muang, Chiang Mai Bangkok Office: Tel: 02 300 6409, 081 629 8585 Fax: 02 300 6410 1/3 Seri 5 Road, Suanluang, Bangkok Architects 49 Bangkok: Tel: 02 260 4370 Fax: 02 259 3872 81 Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok Phuket: Tel: 076 213 949 Fax: 076 213 804 77 Deebuk Road, Muang, Phuket

CLEANING SERVICES 8/2 Sukhumvit 63, Ekamai soi 2, Wattana, Bangkok


Whitespace Tel: 02 252 2900 Siam Square, Bangkok

Laser Definition Tel: 662-1294411-3 201A, 2flr Siam Paragon Rama1 Pathumwan Bangkok

Roof Company Limited Tel: 076 261 995, 076 261 999 100/999 Moo 5, Muang, Phuket

Nam Sang Hi Fi Tel: 076 219 406, 081 892 2807 Fax: 076 220 127 61,63 Rassada Road, Muang, Phuket

Chem - Dry Tel: 076 254 332 99/32-33 Moo 5, Chalermprakiat Ror 9 Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket Cleanstat Technology (Thailand) Tel: 02 531 0040-9 11/112 Gp 5 Phaholyothin, Bangkok

COMPUTER & SUPPLIES Apple 3rd Floor, Central Festival Phuket 74-75 Vichitsongkram Road, Muang, Phuket Phuket Ink Supply Tel: 076 254 050 15 Phuket Villa 1 (Samkong), Yaowarat Road, Muang, Phuket Phuket Progress Computer Tel: 076 523 235 Fax: 076 523 236 369/60 Yaowarat Road, Muang, Phuket


Design By Design Limited Tel: 081 787 9241 49/6 Moo 5, Chalermprakiat Ror 9 Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket

DHL International (Thailand) Tel: 076 258 500-2 61/4,Taladyai, Muang, Phuket

Fenn Designers Tel: 02 714 0710

Thai Cargo Tel: 076 234 500

Mae-luan Road, Muang, Phuket Airport: Tel: 076 351 226 Phuket International Airport Phuket TNT Express Worldwide Tel: 076 220 799 12 Nimit 1 Road, Muang, Phuket

EXTERIORS Aluzat Tel: 02 727 8030-1 Fax: 02 727 8032 441 Ladkrabang Road, Ladkrabang, Bangkok Casa Emporium Tel: 076 522 716-7 65/54 Virathongyok Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket Finestra Bangkok Office: Tel: 02 615 1900 226 Visessiri Building 4th Floor Phaholyothin Road, Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok Hua-Hin Showroom: Tel: 032 537 095 147/1 Soi Hua Hin 91, Phetkasem Road, Nongkae, Hua Hin, Prachuap-Khirikhan Phuket Alloy Tel: 076 219 545 105/4 Thepkrasatri Road, Muang, Phuket Phuket Awnings Services Tel: 076 234 938 Fax: 076 234 939 33/3 Moo 5, Vichitsongkram Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket Sunparadise (Thailand) Tel: 081 753 1109, 076 527 548-9 326/3 Prabaramee Road, Kathu, Phuket

INSURANCE AGENTS QBE Insurance (Thaiand) Tel: 081 893 2652 Mr.Jan Jacobs, Muang, Phuket

INTERIORS Absolute Kitchen Tel: 076 377 759, 076 377 907-8 65/29 Moo 2 Dalaaburi, Thepkrasatti Road, Koh Kaew, Muang, Phuket

Artisan Lighting Products Tel: 076 376 101-3 Fax: 076 262 028 100/364-5 Pracha U-thit Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket Asia Cucina Thonglor: Tel: 02 365 0838-42 Fax: 02 381 6590 888 Sukhumvit 55 Road, Klongton Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok The Promenade Decor: Tel/Fax: 02 655 1665 2/4 Room 20 Ground Floor, Wireless Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok AVIVA Décor Limited Main Office: Tel: 02 685 3661-3 Fax: 02 685 3660 1004 CRC Tower, All Seasons Place, 87/2 Wireless Road, Phatumwan, Lumpini, Bangkok Furniture Showroom: Tel: 02 685 3676-8 Fax: 02 685 3679 215-6, 2/F, All Seasons Place Retai Center, 87/2 Wireless Road, Phatumwan, Lumpini, Bangkok B & B Italia Tel: 02 392 5460-2 125/1 Soi Thonglor 10, Sukhumvit 55 Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok Bitec Holding Co., Ltd. Tel: 02 376 0990 Fax: 02 376 0910 34 Bitec Holding Building, Soi Ladprao 101, Kittichit, Lapprao Road, Bangkok Casa Nine Tel: 076 248 980, 076 221 286 Fax: 076 248 980 21/4 Chaofa West Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket Ceramics of Phuket Showroom 1: Tel: 076 326 870, 230 328-30 Fax: 076 202 087 71/3 Vichitsongkram Road, Kathu, Phuket Showroom “Clay house”: Tel: 076 272 151 Fax: 076 273 038 185/6-7 Moo 7, Srisoonthorn Road, Thalang, Phuket

Decor Mart Tel: 02 365 0789-93 Fax: 02 365 0779 Park Thonglor Tower, Thonglor 19, Bangkok EAST (Phuket) Office / Factory: Tel: 081 370 2409 Fax: 076 264 023 19/28 Moo 2, Vichit, Muang, Phuket Showroom: Tel: 076 288 024 8/21-22 Moo 4, Rawai, Muang, Phuket Franke Thailand Bangkok Head Office: Tel: 02 236 9777 Fax: 02 236 9775 Ground Floor, K.C.C. Building, 2 Silom Soi 9, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok Phuket Service Center: Tel: 076 612 711 Fax: 076 612 712 Central Mansion Building #102 14/1 Vichitsongkram Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket Gaggenau Thailand BSH Home Appliances Limited Tel/Fax: 02 715 5727 Issara Place 1st Floor 2974 New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok Hafele (Thailand) Limited Tel: 02 741 7171 Fax: 02 741 7272 57 Soi Sukhumvit 64, Sukhumvit Road, Bangchak, Prakhanong, Bangkok Island Furniture Furnishing island homes since 1997 Complete quality home furnishers Tel: 076 263 707 Fax: 076 263 708 By - Pass Road 2.4 km South of Central Festival Jim Thompson Thai Silk Bangkok: Tel: 02 632 8100 Main Store 9 Surawong Road, Bangkok Phuket: Tel: 076 270 957 Canal Village, Laguna Phuket Cherng Talay, Thalang, Phuket Kings Spa Andaman Jacuzzi Tel: 076 239 731-2, 076 239 879-80 Fax: 076 239 738, 076 239 887 30/15 Moo 2, Thepkasattri Road, Koh Kaew, Muang, Phuket




Take a Step and Be Part of Asia’s Premier Expo SINGAPORE 27 - 28 March 2010

SUNTEC Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

HONG KONG 5 - 6 June 2010 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre


Join Vogue Condos, Phuket Ocean Villas, CMC PLC and many more! TESTIMONIALS

Packed SMART Seminars

Luxurious Thai Condomiums

"We were pleasantly surprised that the number of actual sales & reservations exceeded our most optimistic forecasts." - Graham Bibby, MD, Richmond Group Asia Pacific Ltd.

Asia's Premier Property & Investment Expo!

Eager Investors at SMART Expo!

Keen Investors for Thai Villas

Relaxing Thai Beach Resorts

“On behalf of the Banyan Estate & Golf Club Hua Hin Thailand, I would like to thank the organization of SMART Investment & International Property Expo for their professional & well organized exhibition. To us the exhibition attracted a lot of serious interested people with a nice mix of investors & retirees looking for a second home, which has gained our project in terms of brand awareness & sales.” - Mark Smits, General Manager, Banyan Estate & Golf Club Hua Hin Thailand

Please visit For more information call +852 2944 6430 or email Organizer: Media Partners:

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Kitchenette Boutique Phuket Showroom: Tel/Fax: 076 232 375-6 76 Thepkrasattri Road, Muang, Phuket Sukhumvit Showroom: Tel/Fax: 02 711 6995 115 Thonglor 10, Sukhumvit 63, Wattana, Bangkok Head Office: Tel/Fax: 02 252 0622, 02 655 0426 #27.34&52, 2nd & 3rd Floor, The Promenade Decor, 2/4 Wireless Road, Bangkok Kitchen Solutions Bangkok: Tel: 02 390 0499 Fax: 02 391 0696 58/3-5, 1&3 Floors, Sukhumvit 63 Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok snaiderosales@ Phuket: Tel: 076 239 259 Fax: 076 239 083 25/7 Moo 2, Thepkrasattri Road, Koh Kaew, Muang, Phuket Hua Hin: Tel: 032 442 135 Fax: 032 442 548 1342/11 Petchkasem Road,

Cha-Am, Petchaburi Seasons Living Tel: 02 715 0845 Fax: 02 715 0844 342/1-2 Soi Ekkamai 20, M.C. Home Design Sukhumvit Road, Wattana, Bangkok Tel: 076 234 892, 081 535 7456 info@seasonsofliving 52/18-19 Vichitsongkram Road, Muang, Phuket SHADES (THAILAND) Tel.: 076 204 120 Boat Lagoon Marina, PANINI Custom Lighting 9/1 Moo 2, Thepkrasattri Road, Custom Manufacturer of Koh Kaew, Muang, Phuket Decorative Light Fittings for Hotel & Residential Projects Tel: 02 392 9116-7, 081 616 6033 Fax: 02 392 9118 So On Co,. Ltd. 113/1 Ekamai soi 5, Tel: 02 731 4726 Sukhumvit Road, Fax: 02 731 4725 Wattana, Bangkok 671 Ladprao Road, Wangthonglang, Bangkok RS Venture Bangkok Head Office: TEKA (THAILAND) Tel: 02 539 7364-66 Tel: 02 652 2999 BizTown Ladprao, 2521/68 Ladprao 4th Floor, Golden Pavillion Building, Road, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 153/3 Soi Mahardlekluang 1, Phuket: Rajadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok Tel: 076 352 018 245/44 Moo 3, Srisoontorn, Thalang, Phuket The Courtyard Home Show Centre Adjacent Island Furniture Tel: 076 263 992 W.O.L.F. World of Luxury Furniture Tel: 032 537 042 146/37 Phetchkasem Road, Hua-Hin, Petchaburi Zee Zee Interior Tel: 076 326046 424,426,428,430,432 Srisoonthorn Road, CherngTalay, Talang, Phuket, Thailand. 83110 Zee Zee Interior. OLD JAVA AGENT, THAILAND. (reclaimed teak) INDONESIAN PRODUCT SUPPLIER. Zee Zee Furniture Warehouse Tel: 076 620 088 131/34, 131/35, 131/36 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn, Thalang, Phuket, 83110 Thailand. Zeyco (Thailand) 101/46, Bypass square Moo 1,Chalermprakiat Rama 9 Road, Kathu, Kathu, Phuket

Full range of exquisite Blends of colours and textured

Arts into livings

Designed, painted and crafted in Phuket

Showroom 1 : 71/3 Moo 1 Vichitsongkram Road, Kathu, Phuket Phone : (+66 76) 326 870, (+66 76) 203 328-30 Fax : (+66 76) 202 087 Showroom ‘‘Clay house’’ : 185/6-7 Moo7 Srisoontorn Road, Talang, Phuket Phone : (+66 76) 272 151 Fax : (+66 76) 273 038 E-mail :,


50/27 Moo 4, Chaofa West Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket

Belmont Limcharoen Phuket Office: Tel: 076 342 882-4 Fax: 076 342 885 4/1 Prabaramee Road, Kathu, Phuket Bangkok Office: Tel: 02 635 5071-3 Fax: 02 635 5074 39th FL., 3904 A United Center Bldg. 323 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok Samui Office: Tel: 077 246 185-7 Fax: 077 246 188 23/30 Moo 4, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani Mc Evily & Collins Law Office Phuket Office: Tel: 076 279 921-4 Fax: 076 279 925-6 100/208-210 Moo 3, Kamala Beach, Kathu, Phuket Bangkok Office: Tel: 02 305 2300 Fax: 02 653 2163 Two Pacific, Suite 2100, 142 Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok Samui Office: Tel: 077 484 510 Fax: 077 427 686 15/49 Moo 6, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani PENSIT & LAWS Tel: 076 271 770-1 3/10-11 Moo 5, Srisoonthorn Road, Cherng Talay, Talang, Phuket Tilleke & Gibbins International Phuket Ltd. Tel: 076 318 251-5 Fax: 076 318 256 Plaza Del Mar, Units 205-209, 1 Moo 1, Pasak-Koktanod Road, Cherng Talay, Thalang, Phuket

LEISURE BMW Barcelona Motors Tel: 076 236 669 9 Moo 6, Thepkrasattri Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket Land Rover Tel: 076 236 240-3 9/17 Moo 6, Thepkrasattri Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket Skydance Helicopters Co., Ltd. Mobile: 081 787 2700 Head Office:

Deva Living Tel: 076 271 333 Fax: 076 271 332 3/12 Moo 5, Srisoonthorn Road, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket Horisun Ville Tel: 076 224 622, 081 397 2175 Fax: 076 244 491 67/14 Soi Sermsuk, Chalong, Muang, Phuket Karon Hill Tel: 086 470 9072 7/9 Moo 7, Chaofa Road, Chalong, Muang, Phuket Kata Rocks Tel: 7628 4750-1 Fax: 7628 4752 Suksan Place, 214 patak Road, Karon, Phuket 67/27 Moo 4, Rawai, Muang, Phuket Operation Center: 62/31-32 Moo 3, Sa Khu, Thalang, Phuket Toyota Pearl Co., Ltd. Tel: 076 215 066 16/1 Moo 6, Thepkrasattri Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket

PEST CONTROL DE.Land Housing Service Tel: 076 244 789, 081 397 3454 Fax: 076 244735 5/9 Moo 2 Chaofa Road, Vichit, Muang, Phuket Seven Pest Control Service Tel: 076 221 740, 081 607 2390 17/1 Chaofa Road, Muang, Phuket

PROPERTY DEVELOPERS Anuphas Pirom Resort Tel: 076 202 189, 076 321 815 94/7 Moo 7, Vichitsongkram Road, Kathu, Phuket Baan Ratchamaka Tel: 076 383 291

Mobile: 085 488 6577, 085 488 6578 Fax: 076 383 298 66 Chaofa(East) Road, Chalong, Muang, Phuket Baan Rommai Chailay Tel: 076 240 991 75/5 Moo 6, Ruamphatana Road, Rassada, Muang, Phuket Baan Sawan Tel: 089 652 1951 96/28 Moo 7, Soi Samakkee 4, Rawai, Muang, Phuket Baan Suan Loch Palm Tel: 076 202 792-4 32/1 Moo 2, Thepkrasattri Road, Koh Kaew, Muang, Phuket Baan Thai Surin Hill Tel: 076 325 879 92/5 Moo 3, Cherng Talay, Thalang, Phuket Boutique Golf Villa Tel: 081 628 5166, 086 952 7142 Fax: 076 248 473

La Colline Bangkok Office: Tel: 02 714 3901 - 4 Fax: 02 714 3905 45/1 Soi Sukhumvit 59, Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok Phuket Office: Tel: 076 271 770-1, Fax: 076 271 783 3/10-11 Moo 1, Cherngtalay, Srisoontorn Road, Thalang, Phuket La Flora Tel: 076 344 241 Fax: 076 344 251 39 Taweewong Road, Kathu, Phuket Layan Tara Tel: 076 224 622 Mobile: 086 682 1277, 081 648 1505 Fax: 076 244 491 25/2 Moo 2, Soi Phasuk, Talad Nua, Muang, Phuket Le Bua Tel: 02 624 9999 State Tower 1055, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok

Le Raffine Tel: 02 261 9339, 089 963 9963 54 Sukhumvit 24, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok L’Orchidee Residences Tel: 076 290 404-5 13/2 Soi 4, Prabaramee 4 Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket Millennium Residence Tel: 02 663 7555 Fax: 02 663 7698 40th Floor, Exchange Tower, Asoke, Bangkok millenniumresidence@cbre.coth Modena Tel: 084 908 4888 283/64 - Home Place, Unit 1207, Sukhumvit 55, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok Mövenpick Residence Tel: 076 396 146 Fax : 076 396 145 509 Patak Road, Karon Beach, Phuket

Serenity Terraces Tel: 076 383 789 Fax: 076 383 978 14 Moo 5, Rawai, Phuket Siraya Tel: 081 634 7177, 089 204 4852 Rassada, Muang, Phuket Siri Sathorn Tel: 02 266 2345 27 Soi Saladaeng 1, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok Sivana Hills Tel: 032 514 007 71/5 Phetkasem Road, Hua Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan Songland Tel: 02 437 5555 88 Pimarn Chaopraya Building, Soi Charoen Nakorn 11, Klongsan, Bangkok

The Lantern Tel: 085 211 1107, 081 877 9292 28/9 Moo 2, Soi Bangkoo1, Thepkrasattri Road, Koh Kaew, Muang, Phuket The Rajdamri Tel: 02 252 8855 Fax: 02 252 7070 Soi Mahardlek Luang 2, Rajdamri Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok The Samudra Residences Tel: 02 260 3060 13F BB Building (1314,1315) 54 Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke), Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok The Trees Residence Tel: 083 708 8008, 081 878 2199 The Two Villas Tel: 076 289 900 ext. 12 081 676 5165, 081 970 0743 100/999 Moo 5, Rassada,

Muang, Phuket The Village Coconut Island Tel: 076 239 724, 087 888 8082 20/12 Moo 2, Thepkrasattri Road, Kohkaew, Muang, Phuket Tropiculture Tel: 077 430 043 4/3 Moo 4, Bangrak Beach, Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani View Talay Marina Tel: 038 706 355-8 19 Moo 1, Najomtien, Sattaheap, Chonburi

RESTAURANTS Anna’s Phuket Tel: 076 210 535, 076 210 536 13 Rassada Road, Muang, Phuket Cucina Tel: 076 338 000 JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa 231 Moo 3, Mai Khao, Thalang, Phuket

Nai Harn Baan-Bua Tel: 076 383 136, 081 893 5411 24/28 Moo 1, Rawai, Muang, Phuket

Ratri Jazztaurant Tel: 076 333 538-9 74/1 Patak Road, Karon, Katu, Phuket

Phuket Pavilions Tel: 076 317 600 31/1 Moo 6, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket

Salvatore’s (Italian cuisine) Tel/Fax: 076 225 958 Phuket Town 15 Rassada Road, Muang, Phuket

Q Langsuan Tel: 02 255 1999 7th Q.House Lumpini Bldg., I South Sathorn Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok www.

Sala Bua Restaurant Impiana Phuket Cabana Resort Tel: 076 340 138 ext. 8301 41 Taweewong Road, Patong Beach, Phuket

Saratta Tel: 038 412 888 Fax: 038 723 953 399/9 2nd Floor Room C202, Nongphur, Banglamung, Chonburi Sea Pearl Villas Tel: 076 342 733, 076 342 477 Fax: 076 342 389, 076 342 736 12 Prabaramee Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket

Siam Indigo Exotique Bar & Restaurant Tel/Fax : 66 076 256 697 8, Phang Nga Road, Muang, Phuket Watermark Restaurant Tel: 076 239 730 Fax: 076 239 078 The Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket 22/1 Moo 2, Thepkasattri Road, Kohkaew, Muang, Phuket

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