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Trophy Products & Concepts at Retail

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make Trophies symbols of all kinds of happy moments and accomplishments in people’s life and a way of expressing sincere feelings. We aim to be a preferred partner to our retail and b2b customers by offering a smart and complete solution with compelling, innovative and branded Trophy products. Just say it with a trophy.

Best mom of the world.


Trophies Trophy4You creates, produces, markets and distributes Trophy Products and Retail Concepts. Trophies is what we do, it’s who we are.

People Our International experienced team is passionate and multi-talented. From our different offices throughout Europe we work with a great sense of responsibility sharing one mission.

Creativity Creativity and thinking out of the box are one of our most important company values. It drives us to find innovative products and concepts and reinvent ourselves every time again.

Added Value We create products and concepts with a unique proposition that combines product knowledge, design and brands. To our retail partners our added value comes as tailor made retail solutions that make the difference.

Customer Intimacy We focus on our customers to understand their needs and demands. In order to achieve the best results for all parties involved we build close partnerships with our customers and align their objectives with ours.

International The products of our group are sold all over the world. We understand and appreciate market specific needs and aim to offer tailor made solutions based on our solid product basis which is our extended standard range.

Respect Everything we do is with integrity and high respect for our community. We are happy to be challenged by our partners to make sure we keep up our promises and live up to the expectations we created.

Our Product Ranges

Trophy4You brings trophies to a larger customer base through retail concepts and easy to understand personalisation. Our company identifies three distinguished product areas where we want to be a preferred partner.

Sport Trophies At Retail*

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Best grandmum

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Tennis Champion





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Our Roots

Trophy4You is a sister company of the Trophy Assets Holding/Biemans Group, market leader for years in the International Trophy Business. Our Headquarters are in Rijen, The Netherlands, where we have over 15.000 m2 offices, important logistic facilities and several compelling showrooms for parts and finished products.

We have offices in several key European countries as well as in China. All production facilities are spread over Asia and Europe and have continuous production for the group companies. Trophy4you is fully integrated in this professional platform and uses all of the in-house expertise on a daily basis.

Our Expertise

Trophies since 1980 For more than 30 years our group has been developing and selling Trophies and awards over the entire world. Everything we do and think is about trophies in all kinds of sports, disciplines and achievement categories. This includes parts, components & finished products.

Design We are proud of being at the leading edge of design & innovation in our business. Every year our design department introduces several new product lines and design directions that keep our ranges up to date and very appreciated by our customers.

Product Development & Quality Assurance Besides design also product development and technical product improvement is key, in order to guarantee low production and assembly costs and assure an impeccable product quality. Our professional Quality Assurance Department aligns the products with consumer, production and retailer regulations/legislation internationally.

Purchasing & Sourcing A team of specialists who all understand materials, production methods, technology and costing aspects does the procurement in our group. Our team in Europe and our production team in Asia work hand in hand to ensure products meet the quality standards and arrive in time in our warehouses and logistic platforms.

(Retail) Marketing & POS solutions Trophy4You is the marketing and retail company of the group. All of our Trophy Concepts are developed as an inspiring one-stop-shopping experience. We develop channel & retail specific solutions with fixed metres and displays, temporary and fixed.

Licensing & Branding Trophy4You is an authentic European Smiley licensee. Through its powerful “Express Yourself� baseline, we have a perfect match between our product and the positive values of the Smileyworld brand. Beyond Smiley, Trophy4You has other branding opportunities across sports and fashion lifestyle brands.

Operations & Logistics Every day our Logistic & Assembly platforms prepare, assemble and pack products, parts and displays to all countries in the world. With over 30 million parts in stock we can say we meet very high standards of delivery performance, reactivity and accuracy.

International Sales Besides professional retailers we have a network of exclusive distribution/sales partners for each country/channel who all have excellent reputation and extensive market knowledge.

Sport Trophies at Retail

Sport and Trophies are a natural match. Besides the well-established trophy business through specialised wholesalers and resellers, we are now aiming at organised Sport Retailers with a new specific approach. Research shows that sport trophies are not very present in sport stores but that customers are buying them when offered on shelf. It is a growing market with high potential for customers who did not buy trophies before. Trophy4you develops specific concepts for the Sports Retailer. Through predefined subjects and an easy to understand range with compelling packaging we make trophies very accessible for the consumer. “Everybody is a winner� also brings Trophies in the life of people who deserve one but never had the chance to win one. For retail we prefer to work with predefined sport disciplines and titles. Everybody can be a Tennis Champion or a Fair Play champion. We are however able to offer a personalisation service if requested by the retailer. Our range consists of small and large cups, resin trophies, special trophies and medals. The offer can be fine-tuned based on market and country specific needs. Everybody is a winner!

Small Sport Cups We offer an extensive range of small cups up to 20 cm high. The small sport cups are all mounted on a marble base and can be offered in both silver and golden look. They are sold in an attractive full colour see through box.


Large Sport CUPS The large sport cups range from 25 till 60 cm and are available in both silver and gold. Most of them are in real metal with a solid marble base. Sizes above 30 cm height are sold without a colour box on shelf.


Special Material Trophies Our special trophies are mainly 3-D trophies that are manufactured in special materials such as resin or ceramic. They create a versatile and interesting impact on shelf because of their specific shapes.

Mini footbal Champion

Cycling Champion

Resin Sport Trophies The “explode� 3-D range is our exclusive range manufactured in heavy resin and developed in a large number of sports. The 3D rendering is very attractive and the product is sold in a full colour compact display box. It is the perfect gift that appeals to a large group of customers.

Footbal Champion

Tennis Champion

Athletic Champion

Dart Champion

Keeper Champion

Judo Champion

Basketbal Champion

Swimming Champion

Cycling Champion

Karting Champion

Sport Medals Sport Medals are by far the most sold trophies. Gold, silver and bronze medals are a classic for winners. Also “participation� to an event often results into a medal for all participants. The medals are sold in an attractive transparent box.

Point of Sale and Packaging Our Sport Trophies are sold in an attractive full Colour packaging that values the product and captures the momentum of giving and receiving the trophy. Through clear point of sale signage we offer a full concept with fixed shelving as well as display presentations. The product, its appeal and the interesting price positioning attract the customer in no time. Everybody is a winner!










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Packaging sizes in mm.


Wooden display

He is my champion.

One meter fixed shelving

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