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Useful Tips for Presenting Corporate Awards Employees enjoy receiving awards, especially when you recognize that they have achieved something great. Before handing your employees a trophy or a medal, you need to establish the title for the award: Sales Over-achiever, 5 Years of service, Best customer service, etc. The awards that you give you to employees will make an impact on how they work for the rest of their careers, so make sure to give worthwhile awards that are meaningful. Here are a few useful tips to use when planning the ceremony.

 Set Goals – Before you buy trophies for your corporate awards, you need to set SMART criteria for people who are entitled to an award i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time-related.  Plan award presentation – You should make sure that you carefully plan the presentation of all corporate trophies and make sure that it is

in front of a large audience including the more senior members of the company such as the directors.  Plan each award to the recipient –All awards should be personal and memorable to the recipient, meaning the company shouldn’t make simple mistakes as mispronouncing their name. More importantly, remember to talk about their journey to achieving the reward: about how hard they worked; the extra hours they put in; the value they bring into the company, and the pleasure of working together with them. Don’t forget, the most important part of an award ceremony, is not the presentation itself! The ceremony is about celebrating each individual employee’s hard work, dedication & achievements with the directors.

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Useful tips for presenting corporate awards