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Product Description  Steel prefab Villa  Specifications  Life span: More than 70years  High seismic performance­­­­­maximum protection more than 8 scales  Wind­proof­­­­­ can safety face maximum typhoon of 70 meters per second  Fire resistance­­­­­duration about 4 hours depends on different design.  Snow resistance­­­­­a maximum snow load of 2.9KN/M2 as required  High water and heat insulation­­­­100 mm in thickness can match that of brick wall more  than 1m thickness.  High acoustic insulation­­­­­ 60dB of exterior wall 40dB of interior wall  Insect prevention: Free from the damages by the inspects, such as white ants, and so on  Ventilation­­­­­a combination of natural ventilation & air supply keep the indoor air fresh  and clean  Layout:  Villa materials  (1) Steel Structure  Galvanized steel frames: 0.8­2mm thickness light steel gauge  (2) Flooring  A. Prefabricated Deck panels+ cement+ steel bar  B. Light steel gauge frame +OSB board  (3) Foundation connection  Reinforced concrete + Standard embedded anchor bolts  Whole or strip are all ok  (4) Windows and Doors  Windows: Double glazing plastic­steel or aluminum alloy thermo­insulating frames  Doors: Steel security gate doors; Wood or molded doors  (5) Composite Wall System (thickness: 150­250mm)  Plaster board + steel framces + glass wool + OSB board + anti­moisture foil + foam  insulation board + facing decorations  ­­­­Facing decorations materials:  A. Cement fiber board  B. Metal embossing composite insulation panel  C. PVC wall panel  D. Stucco  E. Artificial stone  F. Paint  (6) Roofing System  Roofing tile + SBS waterproof sheet + Fiber cement board (OSB board) + roof joist +  rainspout 

­­­­roofing tiles  1. Asphalt tile  2. Cement tile  3. Clay tile  4. Color steel tile  5. Glass fiber tile 

Light steel structure house/Container house  Roof: Steel Sheet PS: The same as the shipping container  Ceiling: Color­coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mmEPS) PS: The thickness can be  chosen by customers.  Wallboard: Color­coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mmEPS) PS: The thickness can be  chosen by customers.  Window: Plastic Steel Window with the fly screen  Door: Color­coated Steel Sandwich Panel (50mmEPS) PS: The thickness can be chosen  by customers.  Doorframe: Aluminum Alloy Doorframe  Floorboard: Can be chosen by customers Technical Data Item



Standard Accessories

Ground Main  Beam

H248X124X5X8,material: Q235

Roof Beam

C180*70*20*3.0, material: Q235

Wall Column

square tube 70*70*3.0,material: Q235

Corner column

pressured angle steel sheet, material: Q235


wooden floor


colored steel sandwich panel door, size:  750mm*2000mm


plastic­steel window, size: 600mm*800mm

Roof Live Load


Wind Load

wind scale: 10, wind pressure: 0.5KN/sqm,  designed wind speed: 28m/S

Heat Transfer  Coefficient

wall: 0.30~0.18 w/sqm.k   ceiling: 0.28~0.13  w/sqm.k   floor:0.33~0.15 w/sqm.k

Design Parameter

Earthquake Resistance

7 degree

Suitable Temperature

suitable temperature range: ­50~+50 degrees  Celsius

The house can be used as office, meeting room, dormitory, shop, exhibition center... In the fields of building, railway, highway, water conservancy project, electric power, business, tourism and military use. The houses are all air-tight, heat-tight, warm-keeping, water-proof and anti-corrosive. Features:

Attractive design- -the whole house looks beautiful and elegant. The inner, outer walls and the roof boarding all use the color steel sandwich panel, the material is polystyrene foam.

Light weight and convenient in shipping.

Easy to assemble and dismantle: the house can be rebuilt for dozens of times. The assembling only requires simple tools: plugs and screw.

Firm structure- the house adopts steel frame structure ans sandwich panels.

Our houses are completely waterproof.

The house can be customized. The roof, wall, door, windows can be chosen by the customer.

Durable--the steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating and can be used for as long as 20 years.

Components: 1) Wall panel: sandwich panel with color steel two sides and EPS foam filling width:1200mm 1k=1200 2) Column: C style steel, H shape 3) Floor beam: C style steel,200*40*2.0mm 4) Floor: light magnesium board (our patent) 5) Stair: metal 6) Roof truss: angle steel 7) Purling tube metal

8) Roof panel: corrugated sandwich panel with color steel two sides and EPS foam filling 9) Wave height: 35mm 10) Trim of tile: color steel sheet 11) Door: aluminum frame with panel same as wall, with lock 12) Window: 63 series sliding window with glass 13) Rust-proof way of building: painted or GI. Remark: this list is for your reference but the elements can vary. Primary Competitive Advantages:

Well and High Quality Control

Prompt Delivery

Customer's Designs and Logos are Welcome

Competitive Prices

Earth-friendly Products

In a Variety of Designs

Small Order Acceptable

OEM Accepted

light steel house description  

High seismic performance-----maximum protection more than 8 scales Wind-proof----- can safety face maximum typhoon of 70 meters per second...

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