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Materials handling: 5 basic equipments you need to know about

Material handling as the name suggests, is related to handling of materials, products and different types of goods in industries. The handling part includes but is not limited to – movement, transportation, sorting, control, distribution and protection of these aforementioned materials. But since the goods or materials are in bulk and can weigh up to tons, there is a need for various equipments to handle them. These equipments constitute materials handling system in different factories, stores, warehouses et al. Let us take a look at some material handling equipments and how are they useful: Electric pallet truck: An electric pallet truck is used to transport heavy pallets. Powered by electricity, these have sturdy bodies and can be operated by pushing a few buttons. Goods cages: Goods cages are huge box like structures, which can be used to lift goods to higher altitudes. These have a strong base and have nets on all four sides. Sometimes these can be used along with cage lifters. Hand truck: A hand truck is manually pushed trolley type, which can be used to transfer objects or tools that are light in weight. Mainly, these are used in small scale industries where heavier goods are not dealt with. Towing tug: A towing tug is a battery or electricity operated entity, which may consist of a platform. Goods are loaded on this platform and is towed away effortlessly by the person handling the tug. Trolley cart: Another simple equipment on this list is the humble trolley cart. It can be used to load and transfer different types of goods and materials within the work place or outside. To Conclude These are some of the basic equipments used for material handling. Apart from them, there are many other equipments like scissor lifts, pallet lifters, conveyors and wheelie bin lifter to name a few. If you are looking forward to buy any of these, do some research about them and then take a decision. All the best!

5 basic materials handling equipment you must know about