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Inspiration Bracelets

Every story has a bead

MORE IS MORE Ultimate luxury jewelry for the ultimate luxury look. Inspiring beads include:

Ruby with Gold Core, Heart Gold, Bouquet Gold, Ruby with Silver Core.

MORNING LIGHT The sun is rising and the world awakes. Welcome to a new day. Inspiring beads include:

Large Berry, Spirit Light, Cosy.

RIO DE JANEIRO City of samba and the festive, annual carnival. Inspiring beads include:

Endless in gold, Heart Chakra, Blue Fizz, Dew Drops.

CHAMPAGNE Celebrate the highlights in your life with sparkling Champagne. Inspiring beads include:

Siblings Gold, Endless, Diamond Bead with Gold Core, White Paper Fold.

GARDEN STROLL Lovely scents are in the air and beauty is all around you. Inspiring beads include:

Sun Circle, Amethyst, Bouquet Gold, Peach Flower

NEW YORK High fashion from the city that never sleeps. Inspiring beads include:

Gold Bougainvillea with Diamonds, White Pearl, Silver Whorl, Angel & Demon |

RED CARPET Bright lights and glitz on the Red Carpet. Inspiring beads include:

Stay Positive, Four Seasons, Stars, Black Armadillo.

PINK EXPLOSION The color of love. Inspiring beads include:

Diamond Bead Pink, Bright Red Prism, Organic Hearts, Lotus.

SPICY EVENING An evening to remember – with your dream date, perhaps? Inspiring beads include:

Cells, Green Jasper, Lucky Knot Gold, Caramel Sunset.

LESS IS MORE For those who truly believe that less is more. Inspiring beads include:

Feather, Green Wave, Forest Flowers, Frog.

AFTERNOON TEA Enjoy a wonderful cup of tea while looking at a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Inspiring beads include:

Teacup, Cherry Blossom Bead, Fantasy Flower, Grandma’s Favorite.

TWILIGHT HOURS The time between day and night, showing you the most beautiful shades of blue. Inspiring beads include:

Porcupine, Traces, Diamond Bead Blue, Blue Petals.

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