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She is loved. Show her...

Mother’s Day 2014

Message of Love

Say it with beautiful

flowers in bloom.

On bracelet: The Messenger, Engraved Fuschia, Mom’s Bouquet, Flower Lock, above from left: Rose, Forget-Me-Not, Fantasy Flower

She has room to embrace it all. In this heart, put a symbol of your affection.

Lavender in her heart

Left and above: In Your Heart, Limited Lavender Facet, Fantasy Black Onyx

A Mother’s Hug

The precious ruby on the

rock. Just like the relationship between mother and child. Caring and hugging.

On bracelet: Hugging Heart, Ruby Rock, Plain Lock, above from left: Cherub, Penguin & Baby

Beautiful Mother

Beautiful and chic, fashionable. Simply the

On bangle: White Pearl, Limited Lavender Facet, Silver Stopper, above from left: Poppies of August, High Heel Silver


Caring Mother

Best wishes for my mother. Because she cares - always!

On bracelet: Freja Knot, Magical Lamp, Maternity, Silver Mountain, above from left: Sandstone, Cherry Blossom Bead, Heart Gold

Pink and Delicious Show mother your

love with a pink and delicious fantasy necklace.

Left: Rose, left and above: Blue Desert, Fantasy Necklace with Pearl

Mother of Three

Happy Mother’s Day from all of

On bracelet: Hydrangea, Purple Prism, Pebbles, Three Siblings Gold, Flowers on Indigo, White Pearl, Water Lock, above from left: Amethyst, Expectation


My Mother

Mother and child in joyful

play, showing eternal love. Mother - I luv U.

On bracelet: I Luv U, Lavender Prism, Maternity, Limited Lavender Facet, Onyx, Gold Heart Lock, above from left: Labradorite, Whirling Adventure, Friendship

Mother of Newborn

With love

and pride, taking care of a

new beginning and bringing new life to the world. This is she - the

mother of a newborn.

On bracelet: Plain Lock, White Pearl, Baby Buggy, Daylight, Whirling Adventure, above from left: Blue Desert, Lucky Knot, Jugendpearl

Elegant Mother

Oh so elegant - mother of

On bangle: Triple Pearl White, Silver Stopper, above from left: Purple Armadillo, Faith, Hope & Charity


World’s Best Mother

She is loved… Tell


On bracelet: Plain Lock, Caring Light, Limited Lavender Facet, Daylight, above from left: Aqua Edge Pumpkin, Green Jasper, Thumbelina

Grandma Love

Her footsteps are short like mine, her time is present, her eyes see possibilities with wisdom of life, and her heart shows me that people’s hearts grow with age. I love my grandma.

On bracelet: Origami, Grandma’s Favorite, Grandma, Lavender Stripe, Ball of Yarn, Pink Pearl, Buttons, above from left: Gold Bougainvillea, White Pearl, Hawthorn With Pearl

To be continued ‌

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Mother's Day Gift Guide (UK)  

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